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"Why are they allowing you to stay on Youtube?"

Cosmic Agency, Gosia November 09, 2022

I see this question/comment repeat itself sometimes, so I thought I would answer in the post. The comment is: "How is the Cabal allowing you to stay on Youtube? You must be the Cabal yourself if you are promoted by Youtube". My answer: 1. If we were taken off the air, it would give so much more credibility to our story. They know what they are doing. They let us be (for now) so we remain in the realms of "fantastical Youtube stories". 2: I have TONS of videos taken off this channel, they are all on my Non Censored Odysee channel. 3: I had strikes many times and very close to losing a channel a few times. I react fast and remove all the content they might want to shut me down for. I have a secondary channel COSMIC AGENCY 2 as a back up in case that happened. 4: Youtube does NOT promote me at all. In fact, I feel I am shadowbanned as when I type in certain titles for my videos, I can´t find them. 5: The controllers can´t just take everyone off the air, not all at once at least. 6: I do feel there is more to it, and that I am in some way protected, being a Taygetan myself (for them up there it doesnt matter if you are in a human suit), and Toleka team having some sort of leverage here towards Federation or Cabal´s attempts to eliminate me. Like, for example, "If you take her down, we will show our ship and let her film it, details and all". This is my theory only, but I know something along these lines was talked about before, so I would not be surprised. Having said that, I am feeling blessed for every new day I am still here. And you should be too. Who knows what tomorrow brings. Greetings to you all! :)