Alfratan (Centauri) Ship Attacked - Weapons - Aneeka of Temmer explains the Incident

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
February 25, 2022

Alfratan (Centauri) Ship Attacked - Weapons - Aneeka of Temmer explains the Incident

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Anéeka: Because of the Valery, Alfratan spacecraft, incident, Toleka will move to high orbit temporarily. Estimated height 400,000 km, which may disrupt telecommunications with the surface and with you. Repositioning the spacecraft in 40 min 0200 UTC. Confirming effective connectivity from altitude 420,000 km, high orbit. Toleka stable at half a million km.

Incident report:

Today at about 0100 (1 am), one of the main or "mother" Alfratan spacecraft was attacked with directed energy from Earth. It pierced its primary and secondary shields and severely damaged the hull in two places. No injuries are reported fortunately, lucky that no one was there at the impact site when it occurred.

Damage to their ship included hull and systems overload causing them to lose all of their onboard computers. The ship was left adrift. They are now towing it to higher orbit to repair what they can.

What concerns us is that this large Alfratan ship was passing only a few kilometers from Toleka, being that the weapon or group of energy weapons (many small ones) from various focal points come together to form a single larger directed energy beam. That is, the weapon beam basically skimmed past us.

Now Toleka, and as of yesterday, is on condition 2 or what you would call yellow alert. And we are anticipating possible attack. Avyon01 is also on condition 2 yellow alert since the incident. Avyon01 is the Urmah mothership escorting us.

Robert: Do you think you can withstand one of those attacks?

Anéeka: Toleka is far superior in all kinds of technology to the Alfratan ship Valery.
It is noted that the attack was complex, each individual beam fired from different points of the Earth had a different frequency, which, when joined into a single main beam, makes an energetic frequencies sweeping effect.

Nothing new, but it is known that it was a faction of the same Cabal fighting against another faction of the same Cabal and although we do not understand why, it seems to be a settling of scores against those specific Alfratans. Because for sure they have to do with one side of the Cabal. And the other one felt attacked or offended.

Robert: And how did you know about the damage to the Valery ship? Who informed you? The Alfratans themselves or the Viera?

Anéeka: The Alfratans themselves reported the damage to us, they sought us out and we talked to them.

We were never the target. But yes, we were kind of in danger, so we moved to high orbit. We were at 490km, now we are at 420,000km. That's farther than the moon, which is 360,000km. This is high orbit. For safety. It is temporary.

High orbit but since we triangulate with the Viera servers and it's by Muon, I don't see a difference (in internet), so it doesn't concern you.

Kaal'el went to see the damage to the Valery ship, he was there in person. He went there to show solidarity from us and from Alenym.

If it had been an attack on the Federation, Toleka, or Avyon01, they would have been easier targets. Given that Toleka was only 490km high and 1734 meters in length. Or the Avyon01 which was at 600km altitude and measures almost 2 kilometers, compared to the Valery which is 1km long and was at 5000 kilometers altitude when it was hit. Just look at the difference in targets.

Robert: In what language did Kaal'el speak to them?

Anéeka: The Alfratan language is a mixture of terrestrial languages, plus the main ones as if blended in a blender. In itself we see it as a destruction of the beautiful human languages as they are. The Alfratan is a mixture of all but mainly Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, English, Russian, French, Portuguese and German.

So it´s irritating because when you hear them speak it's like they jump from one language to another and just when you are about to understand something, they say something else that you don't understand, annoying.

Robert: So the Alfratans wouldn't use telepathic language like you and other star races?

Anéeka: They have it but they are more... lazy, so they are very talkative. They hardly use telepathy when they could, but that's cultural.

Robert: It must be something to see Kaal'el go into that mothership with his ship and everything.

Anéeka: He used shuttle only.

Robert: Shuttle? That sounds like NASA like the shuttle Columbia. What does the shuttle look like? Do you have any pictures of anything that looks like it?

Anéeka: Yeah, it's like a van. The Star Trek ones are almost the same.

There are various sizes. Yes, it's as big as a small bus.

Robert: I could camperize that ship.

Anéeka: It is possible, it opens at the back with a ramp and a car can fit inside. It can be used for extractions, but it is not recommended, since these shuttles are not combat ships, so they are vulnerable. That's why we use fighter craft that are powerful and well equipped for combat.

Robert: And what kind of power do they use? Plasma engines? And antigravity?

Anéeka: Generally, they use only gravitational. The big ones do have plasma turbines, powered by one or two small zero-point reactors. The big ones yes, they have interstellar capability.

Robert: Yes. That ship is more for going around Taygeta's solar system.

Anéeka: They're used for that, yes, a lot of traffic on Taygeta with those kind of small ships. They are everywhere.

The discoid ones are not used so much because they are not practical and they are even seen as old technology since they still need the disk shape to distribute the magnetism through the hull evenly, which is no longer necessary today with the advances in engines and propulsion.

Robert: Yes. Those already look old. They're the kind of ships that maybe the human elites use to get around the Earth. And some people see them and think they are ET craft.

Anéeka: It looks nice but it's old:

This is what is used today:

Robert: Do they have command panels and all that? Or are all those panels holographic and tactile? The screens on the ship.

Anéeka: They have holographic panels and actual controls, as well as holographic and thought command controls. Yes, that's the most used here in terms of holographic controls. But they still have joysticks and pedals.

Robert: And to think that all that technology is already on Earth for only a few, it's irritating.

Anéeka: Yes, it is. And no. The mind-computer interface on Earth is very poor and invasive, not like here. A lot of things are similar but not the same. Because the way to get the results is different. For example you use WIFI, here we do not. But the result of having an internal network is more or less equivalent.

For example, your holographic controls, I don't know how they work, on Earth. Here you basically generate or materialize or manifest a part that you touch or move when you are doing whatever, the knob, the handle that you touch. And that part, whether it's apparently solid, it's just a telepathic projection computer mind, and it's just there as an image, or a solid piece that's temporarily in your hands. At the end of its use the computer dematerializes it, so to speak.

This is convenient because if a large pilot such as Kaal'el or Raguel arrives, the controller is the right size for his big hands, and the very ship or mechanism would adapt to a small hand such as Athena's, or Yázhi's, even smaller.

Robert: Yes. It's super practical. Telepathic computer mind projection, wow. For that you need to have the use of telepathy, right?

Anéeka: Yes. So, for example, the Alfratans who have telepathy but for cultural reasons don't use it as much as we do, have a lot of problems if they try to drive or pilot a Taygeta machine. You would have to either drive in manual mode with the joysticks and physical pedals or leave the ship entirely on autopilot.

The panel off looks like a table, slightly tilted or not, made of black glass. Like the one I'm leaning on right now, I have it under my digital keyboard.

Robert: That's why a lot of your technology here on Earth is incapable of working. That's why there are technology trade limits as well.

Anéeka: Yes, but also because certain things or technological aspects are for or adapted to the needs of one species or race and do not apply to others. And also because other technological aspects are kept secret, for the security of the race that invented them.

As for Taygeta, for example, there would be the ship's shields of multiple harmonics and changing polymorphs that absorb both kinetic and energy impacts only getting stronger with each impact. That is, the more you hit it, the very energy of your weapon becomes what feeds and potentiates the shield.

Robert: What a detail, "the black glass panel"... those are the ones I like. Those kinds of points.

Anéeka: Yes, for example, our "table", of Holographic and Holistic Computers use, you can see it as a piece of black opaque glass when it is off. If you found it turned off on Earth, you would think it was something inert or part of a random opaque window. But there are also elastic ones.

Robert: Yes. I think it's a very good idea to keep all that technology secret for Taygeta.

Anéeka: Yes, for example, in 2009 this ship, the Toleka, absorbed a direct hit by a thermonuclear missile. There was only minor damage from relay overload and vibration. And it is the only ship in the Taygeta fleet to have "eaten" a direct hit by a nuclear weapon in the 40-megaton range, that is 80 times Hiroshima.

This incident on Earth is known and happened at the same time as the well-known lunar missile impact. The one that caused the Moon to rumble like a bell, well known. That was part of an attack against the fleet under Asket's command at that time.

Robert: And the Toleka didn't notice anything with that impact? The missile didn't explode? You didn't return the missile to its starting point? And what were the consequences on the Moon? Big damages?

Anéeka: Yes, everything shook, dishes broke, lights went out, overloaded relays, melted computers, broken lamps, broken objects, some minor injuries, no structural or ionizing radiation contamination. It was repaired soon after.

But you have to take into account that a ship like this has several levels of shield power, and it was hit when they were in medium power or SQ-02 condition as I am now, compared to SQ-01 or Red Alert condition, but for that condition the big plasma engines must be running "burning", as we call them. That is to power the shields to the maximum. If at the time of impact the Toleka had been in SQ-01 condition, there would have been no damage. Nothing.

Robert: All thanks to the shields absorbing the impact. But wasn't there a flash? Like an explosion visible from Earth? Didn't you return the attack?

Anéeka: Yes, there was a flash, and it was visible from Earth. Yes, they repelled the attack, there was a lot of movement at that time, Space Wars movement. But remember that it was Asket in command back then, with a different mentality, and the Tayegta fleet was the Federation's strong hand, what the Alfratans and the Antareans do today.

Taygeta today has another philosophy, ever since Alenym is in command. And it is worth mentioning that this Asketean psychology was only during her presence and did not dominate the Taygeta culture, but only the local movements around Earth.

Robert: "If at the time of impact the Toleka had been in SQ-01 condition, there would have been no damage." Yes I understand, because otherwise you would always have those shields at full power, yes.

Anéeka: We can't have the big plasma engines on all the time. Plus, they're so big that you hear their afterburners on the ship like a huge jet turbine present all the time.

Robert: I can imagine, yes. But it is logical to defend oneself Anéeka. That's why I would leave that area where that missile came from... totally charred.

Anéeka: The problem is that there are civilians around all the time. And that missile came out of a submarine. It was an ICBM from an American Trident Submarine, I think. I don't quite remember.

Robert: Who gave the order and all that?

Anéeka: Obama and his Pentagon.

That missile strike leaves a lot of questions for us, Robert. Because it was a missile and the CIC command bridge of this ship would have detected that approaching the Toleka well in advance. Also, for a missile traveling at Mach 10 or 12, that's like seeing one wanting to hit you, you just get out of the way.

Robert: Also, how could it go out into space and not be disintegrated by one of those "energy waves"?

Anéeka: Yes, they can go out, they have that capability, they just don't tell the people. But those missiles are slow for all the space dynamics. I mean, that missile, it took about 17 hours to get to the Toleka. And the Toleka could have detected it at launch. A lot of questions.

Robert: Strange, yes. Capability and targeting, I imagine they go by the heat given off by your ships.

Anéeka: In the vacuum of space it would not be detected, heat is not seen as such. You see radiation, or light.

Robert: Ah, thank you. And on Earth do they have a record of all the Federation and non-Federation ships that are around the planet?

Anéeka: The governments, of course they do.

Robert: But what exactly is that?

Anéeka: Directed energy weapon of great power.

Robert: A beam weapon?

Anéeka: Yes. With several of those firing at the same point, the Valery, it makes a very strong beam because it combines the power of several ships equipped with that.

Robert: This is already high technology. And what kind of energy does that work with?

Anéeka: That's top secret on the part of the humans, but we suspect it's being powered by a zero-point reactor or a plutonium charge.

Robert: Zero-point reactor? Is that free energy? I mean inexhaustible?

Anéeka: Yes, it is free energy, but most likely, in my opinion, it is a plutonium charge. Zero point is the same as free and clean energy.

Robert: Ok. But now your pilots cannot be very calm and relaxed knowing that those people have that type of weapons and others.

Anéeka: That´s why, back to the shuttles, they are small and handy, but we can't use them to Earth. That's what fighter craft are for, which do have energy absorbing weapons capabilities and so forth, but that makes all atmospheric flight a whole military operation having to take into account factors like these, like locations or emplacements of guided weapons on ships and in fixed military installations or in armored and wheeled vehicles, like the Russian guided weapons models.

Robert: It is increasingly dangerous to be ET and walk the Earth. Do they use plutonium to achieve zero-point energy?

Anéeka: No, it is one or the other. Plutonium is re-dirty energy.

Directed weapon energy impact:

Directed energy weapon mounted on the side of a Seahawk:

Robert: And does it have recoil?

Anéeka: No recoil. Same or similar system on wheeled mobile unit:

If it penetrated the hull of an Alfratean combat ship 5,000 km away, it can sink a battleship or an aircraft carrier easily. It depends on the power of each weapon. But the beam can be combined among several by adding up the power, as they already did.

All the latest generation weapons are already going in that direction.

That is in the case of a zero-point reactor powering it, not if it's a plutonium charge, but it turns out that each charge is probably enough for thousands of shots. It can also be powered by a nuclear reactor such as on an Aircraft Carrier or a Submarine.

Robert: They also seem to be very clean. They don't leave traces of any material. They don't leave residue like gunpowder or things like that. They don't leave radiation?

Anéeka: This Stryker has a small one on top in sand color:

Generally no, but it depends on the weapon that produces it. Yes, they can leave radiation traces contrary to popular belief.

Robert: They wouldn't leave traces of plutonium?

Anéeka: Not plutonium but it does ionize the impact site (radiation).

This M-977 HEMTT has a big one:

Mounted on a small, cheap vehicle like this Humvee chassis:

Robert: And what is the range of that?

Anéeka: The range depends on the power of the weapon and the distance. Laser and guided weapon tend to blur and lose focus with distance.

Robert: And what is the speed?

Anéeka: Speed is close to that of light or light.

Robert: And is it only the US that has that or more countries? I imagine the Russian Federation has that too. And the Chinese?

Anéeka: Russia, USA and China, India, Japan and several European countries have it, but also Israel has great advances in this area. Also in defensive energy weapons that destroy a projectile before it reaches a battle tank or an armored vehicle.

Robert: So if you are attacked with this type of weapon, and at the distance you are from Earth, it is easier to be hit.

Anéeka: Yes, that is why I am telling you that it is no longer easy for "ET" to walk on Earth.

Israeli Merkava tank with defensive toroidal shield:

System on a US M1A2 Abrams:

On a Bradley M2A2:

Robert: Is that real or CGI:

Anéeka: I don't know if the image is CGI, but I know those systems are real and working.

Robert: So you can't walk across those energy domes? Would you get burned or what would happen?

Anéeka: You walk through and you don't even feel them, but a missile can't get through.

Robert: Wow, why doesn't the missile go in? Because of frequencies?

Anéeka: Focuses a beam of directed energy on the missile and detonates it. It uses a system of sensors and radars that guide the guided weapon in fractions of a second and destroy the incoming missile or anti-tank projectile.

In the case of the shields, it is a high energy toroid that is not at frequencies of the human body and others but yes at speeds of a projectile. It is an effect similar to that of water, that if you enter it at low speed it yields, but at high speed it becomes like concrete. That is why kinetic bullets do not penetrate the water, or only centimeters, being that the more power and higher the caliber the less it enters the water. But a simple elastic bow arrow can penetrate water. The movies lie, once underwater a diver is immune to anything shot at him, as long as he is one meter or more deep. The only movie that actually observes this phenomenon is John Wick.

Robert: Because it loses a lot of strength you mean? When it enters the water?

Anéeka: A bullet enters the water with too much velocity and doesn't give the water time to separate to let it pass. The water tries to compress at the tip of the projectile and because the water does not compress it becomes an impenetrable solid. The factor is velocity and time of the projectile. An arrow, on the other hand, is slow so when it enters the water it separates its molecules penetrating deeper than a large caliber bullet.

Also a person who dives into the water can dive at a low altitude, but at a higher altitude which translates into terminal fall speed, which for the human body is about 225 km/h, when reaching the water it is the same if the person falls on concrete or on water.

This same principle applies to toroidal energy shields for the protection of spacecraft and armored vehicles and even of personnel on foot with the equipment.

For example, on a ship like this, the Toleka, you open the hangar doors to let a ship or shuttle in or out. The shields are not removed to let it through, simply the approach speed is slow relative to the Toleka which allows it to enter through the shields as if they were not there.

Of course it's a little more complex in the case of an advanced shield system like the Toleka, which also observes frequencies and IFF identification of the incoming ship and adjusts the specific shield frequency at the location where the smaller ship is approaching the hangar area.

Robert: So you can be in the hangars with the "doors" open but it's okay because those energy shields won't let you out unless you're going at high speed against them.

Anéeka: That's right, the hangar area can have the huge sliding doors open and you're just looking at the empty space outside. The shields contain the air because they vibrate at exact and specific frequencies to prevent decompression, and to contain people or objects that come too close to the edge.

This is because it is not a single shield, but several in different frequencies (harmonics) one on top of the other placed like layers of onions. Each with a specific use.

Robert: Interesting. Only non-terrestrial minds can come to know all that.

Anéeka: It is cultural, you grow up with what I am telling you today. It's natural and everyday. A person like me has to deal with those shields on a daily basis.

What happens is that since I know my shields and they are more advanced than the ones humans have, it is easy for me to draw conclusions on how they achieve that. Since I know how those systems work.

For example, I know that for a large human-made energy weapon, a plutonium charge would be the simplest form of power. But I also know that quite a bit is accomplished with just a capacitor charge or similar powered by a conventional electrical system from a warship like an Arleigh Burke class Destroyer as in the one in the pictures that is powered only by gas turbines.

I notice my Andromedan internet much better than I had at low altitude. That's not fair. It is faster. I can even send heavy images that I couldn't at low orbit. I haven't had internet this good in months! The opposite of what I expected at this altitude. It's just that from here to Earth it's Muon. Whereas in low orbit it was all digital signal direct to satellite.

Robert: Do you have any pictures of what the Alfratan spacecraft looked like approximately?

Anéeka: It's discoidal like Victor C. Like a dinner plate but big with details at the equator. About a thousand meters. More like this one, it's almost the same:

Another day

Robert: Athena, do you know anything more about the incident itself? Why were they attacked?

Swaruu X (Athena): The whole area is full of warring factions at all levels. The dynamics are complicated. That is to say that there are subgroups fighting for power, both within the Federation and on Earth among the direct controllers. We could say that even Taygeta with the Urmah and Alcyone are one of those groups or factions.

So when something goes against one's interests, they can strike when the dialogue breaks down. This indicates to us that there are fractures within the high Cabal itself, the part that talks with the extraterrestrials. But it is very difficult to know what the motive for the attack was or exactly who it was.

Robert: But what could the direct controllers want with the Alfratans?

Swaruu X (Athena): It could be a local grudge, a settling of scores as Anéeka says. The truth is that we can't know exactly.

Robert: Besides, it seems that these Alfratans are tight-lipped about why they were shot.

Swaruu X (Athena): They claim they don't know. Or that they are the parties that do not want them to help. Or the Cabal parties that cooperate with regressive Reptilian factions and the Alfratans are the 'cops' who prevent them from flying or circulating on and near Earth with their ships hindering their particular agendas.

Robert: I understand yes. But what do the controllers want? More power? What are they asking for now... the Moon?

Swaruu X (Athena): The entire solar system, to be exact. I mean it. And beyond that for sure, since it is also known that they want to take Cyndriel, since according to them it belongs to them, and if we go in that direction, Taygeta, and the rest of M-45 has always been their target. Cyndriel or Aldebaran - 02. Since the Nazi era, they wish to take that planet. And on the way, to take Taygeta. Hence the manufacture of the Haunebu ships. According to their ancient records, Cyndriel is the cradle of the Aryan race. But it connects to Taygeta for the same reason, and it's easy to see why, just look at Anéeka's face, what she looks like. She couldn't be more Aryan!

Robert: What planets are there?

Swaruu X (Athena): Several planetoids, about 8 to 10 depending on how you catalog them, but only one has life comparable to ours and that's Cyndriel.

Anéeka´s update:

Anéeka: Toleka descending to low Orbit again. February - 07 - 2022. Height and orbit will remain CLASSIFIED for safety.

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