Anti-Gravity, Enriched Mercury, and more - Extraterrestrial Tech - Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
November 11, 2023

Anti-Gravity, Enriched Mercury, and more - Extraterrestrial Tech - Yazhi Swaruu

Originally in English - December 2022

Question: How are the fields moving in anti-gravity technology (counter rotating fields?) What is the easiest way to achieve it?

Yazhi: Rotating super conductor fluid inside a sphere or a toroid in a counter rotating manner, one in each direction, at least one per polarity and direction of rotation inside the same toroid. Enriched Mercury or Red Mercury is adequate enough to start with. The fluid has to be immersed in the high power current.

Question: What is the best protection field against harmful & stealth frequencies?

Yazhi: On Earth, distance and/or Faraday cage.

Gosia: Humanity does not yet have the general tech to achieve all this, I don´t think.

Yazhi: They do not because to be able to achieve one technology you need others before. So, to be able to use electromagnetic fields to counter gravity you need to know the frequency of flow of that gravity you want to neutralize. Or else, you are just generating a mess of frequencies that not only wastes energy, but you are only working by chance, as in just by chance you could counter some of the frequencies of the gravity field around you. So you need to know the frequency of flow of gravity in any determined spot. For that, you need a really good interferometer. And on Earth, interferometers capable of that are this big:

When here, these ships use interferometers this big:

So, in order to have a useful compact enough interferometer, you need... material technology, materials, and for materials you need mathematics, and that cannot be done with base ten so you need to fully understand and use base 12 math. And so on. You need to walk before you can run.

Question: In one of the Cosmic Agency videos, you place magnetism at the low side of a frequency spectrum with gravity on the other high frequency side. Does the creation of such fields with electricity correspond in spectrum to high amperage low voltage to the magnetism side, and low amperage high voltage to the gravity side?

Yazhi: In a way, magnetism can emulate gravity so well it is even used to create artificial gravity for starships with no need for clumsy centrifugal force layouts.

Corresponding: Gravity would be akin to: Low voltage, very high amperage.

Electromagnetism would be just about everywhere in the spectrum depending on its frequency and characteristics.

Question: Is there anything you know about metallurgy that can help us to create room-temperature superconducting materials and non-magnetic metal-ceramic alloys?

Yazhi: Enriching Mercury is the only feasible way for you and your circumstances on Earth. It does have room to high temperature full superconductivity. Of course, what Taygetan and other types of starships use is not only Enriched Mercury, it also contains super metal alloys within the formula.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you such a formula, not because I don't have access to it, but because that would be a serious violation to Federation rules, rules I do believe in, because for now if I give it to you or to anyone else, it will end up harming you and it will end up in the hands of the Cabal. So that is beyond limits, I insist, for now!

Question: About Otis Carr’s OTC-X1: Carr suggests using Mercury or Bismuth for the center Utron of the OTC-X1 that, while spinning, creates the magnetic field due to the rotation of its mass around a central axis. Carr also wrote a poem book “Dimension of Mystery” of which he says that it encodes the operation of his engine. In one of these poems, he mentions a mixture of copper, feldspar and Mercury. Feldspar is the name given to a group of minerals distinguished by the presence of alumina and silica (SiO2) in their chemistry. Is this a metallurgy hint for enriching Mercury for anti-gravity purposes? Are there better chemical components available to enrich Mercury?

Yazhi: I see it as a good try to enhance the conductivity capacity or capability of Mercury, that is not really enriching it from the strict chemical, or element point of view, but those components like copper and silica combined in the formula are moving in the right direction to create a composite liquid super conductor substance. The presence of feldspar, as you call it, also stabilizes capacity to withstand high temperatures without degrading its chemistry to much. I cannot give you the components for the very valid reason I just gave above.

Question: Do you recognize the glyphs on the device and the accompanying operation flowchart? Do you know what language it is and which race made the device?

Yazhi: That gives me shudders. It's clear Draconian. Not Alpha-Draconian, just Draconian, reminding that they are two different species. The drone is regressive.

Translation of the two main glyph: W.V. A Draco faction that operates near Earth and on Earth. Clear Drakonian, as in evidently so.

I can't read it directly, it looks more like identification codes or maintenance data for the drone itself. They are data placards like those seen on aircraft. They indicate maintenance requirements, tolerances and so on between and on the parts they are engraved on. I mean I can't just simply read that because it´s not a text, it has values and numbers in the same line, so it's technical-technological language in Draconian. It's like Dale and I talking tech. But in Draco.

Gosia: So better stay away from studying it?

Yazhi: No. But if you have it in your hands, beware that its owners may want it back, and they are all but kind.

Question: About the Taygetan plasma turbines used in warp drives and tractor beam generators. You said that the counter-rotating cylinders are filled with Mercury and have an opening that releases the high frequency plasma vortex. How do you prevent the Mercury from leaking out if the cylinders have an opening?

Yazhi: The turbine cylinders that counter rotate are hollow and the Enriched Mercury is highly pressurized inside. No hole or only the opening to service the turbine. Never during operation. As the material of the turbines themselves is also a high temperature superconductor, the plasma generated by the internal Mercury-based super conductor fluid passes through the turbine blades as if they weren't even there. So, from the point of view of pure electromagnetic and plasma flow vortex, the turbines are made up of only of the spinning super conductor fluid.

The physical metal super conductor poly-alloy turbines and the material they are made of are basically a container for the fluid, and also serve to shape the flow of such fluid, and also modulate the frequency of the final plasma flow by changing the relationship and distance between the cylinders, much like an AM-FM radio tuner internal component, the one the dial moves in an old 1960's radio set. And now I feel I´ve said too much!

And the pressurized Mercury based super conductor fluid inside the turbine cylinders fills the internal space in full. With no space for temperature caused fluid expansion.

To achieve this, you need super strong high temperature materials because the pressure inside a working blade is huge, and if an engine is badly serviced, or the turbine cylinders are out of center or it receives direct damage, they can explode violently, and that has happened more than once.


Yazhi: I just came back from engineering where I was talking to Zai'kira. Each counter rotating turbine is hollow and it has a parabolic shape at the rear. In the case of a very large ship such as Toleka, the entire engine assembly consists of nine turbines, one inside another all rotating on a common magnetic bearing shaft.

The Mercury based super conductor fluid is pressurized inside each hollow turbine. Think of a glass, like the ones you use for drinking water, but that is hollow inside its walls, much like a thermos:

Where the space in the thermos is a vacuum, it would be filled with Red Mercury based liquid. Yes, that fluid is highly pressurized, but expanding-correcting what I said above, Zai'kira explained and showed me that the pressurization system is computer controlled and stabilizes the pressure keeping it in its optimal point, with its pathway entering each turbine layer through the magnetic hub.

The Mercury based fluid rotates at high speed inside each turbine layer forming a liquid vortex when it is fed a large amount of electricity. How much? I don't know how to convert the data because it is all in Pleiadian-Taygetan but it is safe to say that each turbine cylinder is fed an electric current in order of several trillion volts and amps.

This would have to be so, just observing the turbine's feed cables in Toleka. They are one meter or three feet in diameter at the core and are made of super conductor materials that even at that caliber of cable need to be super cooled with a special liquid that is more thermically stable at low temperatures than liquid nitrogen.

And even then, it needs an additional cooling system that uses water that in turn transforms into steam and it is used to turn auxiliary generators located at the front of the engine bay (not the main generators). And this cooling system is not to make the cables be superconductors, they are to cool super conductor cables because they are under so much current stress.

Obviously, this means that their super conductor qualities are not 100% because they heat up because of the residual electrical resistance in them. But I must stress out that no material can be 100% super conductor. Even if many allegedly are said to be.

There is one of these three foot in diameter cables for each turbine blade, so each hyper drive engine has nine power feeds, each one three feet in diameter, that go into the engine's electric feed distributor at the rear of each assembly. Needless to say, each engine assembly unit is huge and Toleka has eight of them plus another four slightly smaller ones. I hope this helps.


Yazhi: Just an important correction. It has been said at some point that positive race engines do not use Mercury. In reference to regressive or antiquated Zero Point reactors that use Mercury. Modern reactors of advanced civilizations do not use Mercury, they are basically just crystals. But the engines of all spacecraft of the counter-rotating turbine class, do have to use Enriched Mercury, because it is necessary for it to rotate as a superconducting fluid at high temperature which, when forming a vortex, when rotated at high speed in opposite directions and when injected with electricity at many volts and amperes, will produce electromagnetic plasma.

So the reactors of civilizations like the Taygetan one do NOT use Mercury. But plasma-Jet counter-rotating turbine engines DO use Enriched Mercury.


Yazhi: These subjects are dangerous for us to go into. Because people think we can just give some formulas and then bam, you have anti-gravity. That would be Gigs of information about things you need to know before. And so, if they don't like my answer, they tend to think that I don't know and that I'm false. But there is only so much a 10-year-old girl can give with a keyboard! There is too much! You need to talk about materials, about conductivity, about sensors, about field modulation, about high power computers, about nano servos, and so on.


Yazhi: For society to be changed by the med pods, the entire power and financial structure must first be changed. That is to say, that if the system of medical pods could be implemented in today's society, it would mean that its entire structure has already changed to the extent that it is now allowed.

For example, the medical pods will solve physical problems, basically all of them, eradicating most, if not all, diseases, which in turn will cause an increase in the longevity of the population. Needless to say, this goes against the current primary objectives of the controlling Cabal, which wishes to eradicate the human population and reduce it to only about 750 million for the purpose of easy control.

In the same way, the medical system is not interested in curing people because a cured patient does not generate income and profits for the pharmaceutical companies. So, what they want is the maintenance and control of diseases in order to exploit the human population as much as possible. The medical pods go against both of these agendas currently present on Earth.

Gosia: So do you see the system coming down at any time?

Yazhi: I don't see that occurring any time soon, that's the truth! The reasons why that is so difficult are not even on Earth.

Gosia: Maybe not soon, but in 30 years or so?

Yazhi: There is no data to support any time frame conclusions.

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