Astral World - Soldiers in the Astral - Astral Banking, Animals, and more - Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
September 29, 2023

Astral World - Soldiers in the Astral - Astral Banking, Animals, and more - Yazhi Swaruu

Originally in Spanish - August 2023

Conversation between Yazhi, Robert and Gosia

Gosia: Ok. Now, I have an important question for me. Mari said, and you also say, that everything is generated from the astral. That is where it starts and then manifests here. My doubt is... we have also said that everything is manifested and created by us and then with that an astral world is created, like a caricature of the world here. With that I had understood that we create the astral world with our consciousness and not the other way around.

Yazhi: Yes, the caricature of the real world, that´s from a point of view of the real world, or from the understanding of someone alive on Earth. But, in general, the astral only is and only manifests according to each person's perception - point of attention.

Gosia: Okay, exactly, it manifests according to each person's perception. So it manifests with our consciousness. And why then what happens there generates the world here? Isn't it the other way around?

Yazhi: Since all that exists is the astral, including the physical world, of course, yes, they are mutually generated. It is mutual. All thoughts and ideas that form the physical, from philosophical ideas to plans for a building, are generated from the astral. What is thought is astral, and that forms the physical world which is only a reflection of the limitation of the senses of the body. But the astral is particular to each person, therefore it is always subjective and impossible to define with precision.

Gosia: "Thoughts are generated from the astral". Are you referring to the etheric world?

Yazhi: There is no difference between the etheric world and the astral, they are names for the same thing. If someone defines them differently, that is their perception, which is also valid, but only from their point of view.

Gosia: Ok, but if the astral is subjective to each person, then what do you mean by saying that from there global events are generated on Earth? If in my astral world they do not exist, for example. That's why I thought that individual astral worlds where I create, for example, the blue elephants etc., are a little different from that astral plane where military go to fight and then that is reflected in the world.

Yazhi: Because just as it happens in the world of the living, although they are all personal astral realms, they are also physical. And astral or physical people come together when they have more or less the same perception, that is, agreements of perception are generated and that is when and where complex astral realms are formed. Like the material world that is also a complex astral world.

Gosia: So, how do the military find a frequency in common where they go to the astral and meet if they are personal worlds and each one will have its own frequency there? Surely the bad astral guy doesn't have the same frequency as the good one. There is no match. How do they find him then to astral project there and fight against him?

Yazhi: Because they have the same frequency, two sides of the same coin form the coin, there can be no murderer without a murdered. And since many go there artificially, it's easier since the immersion pods are programmed with similar frequencies to meet there. It's artificial, mostly. They meet because the machine programs them that way. The lower astral is a complex realm that has pre-established frequency ranges as much as the material world, so a machine can be instructed to get there.

Gosia: So it's not so individual anymore, is it? There are elements in common and things that will be found there for everybody equally? If I generate a blue elephant in the astral, and a soldier goes there, he will not see it, right? Then why are some things there common for everyone and others individual? And what are the things in common for everyone?

Yazhi: It is the same as in the world of the living. It is generated as a product of the perception agreements of the individual worlds.

The part in common is the part that is more similar to the material world, and it is more similar because it is "very close" in frequencies, and that is because the souls-points of attention that generate it are also there or went there when discarnating, therefore their attachments to the ideas that form everything in the physical world are also passed to the astral where a shared world is generated between the discarnate (dead) and others that hold the same ideas.

From the physical world, it is seen strange or inexplicable that they are always colliding on a certain bridge. But if you see the astral you can understand why, since there you can clearly see the entities that cause the accidents and how they cause them, as if it were a group of spoiled teenagers throwing stones, rocks and banana peels at passing cars. But from the physical world you only see the unexplained accident.

Gosia: Ok, so there is a common astral world for all. And then from this "base" everyone adds their blue elephants?

Yazhi: Yes, even if it sounds crazy, if the belief in blue elephants is strong enough, yes. I have a plastic blue elephant, by the way.

Gosia: Yes? it came to my mind. But I'm sure it's just a coincidence because you must have a thousand things.

Yazhi: Yeah. I'm just saying because I have it, but it's plastic.

Gosia: Ok. And going back to the initial question, how do you generate the physical world from there, if I understood that each one of us with our perception manifests for ourselves the astral world?

Yazhi: The astral world is generated in exactly the same way as the physical world, they are the same, opposite sides in duality, if you will, but the same. And from points of view like mine, they are not even opposites in duality, it's just another realm and another frequency. And one side defines the other, generating each other.

It is simple to understand if you see it as being the same as in the material world, only there it is "astral".

Gosia: Okay, thinking. And another question, when someone goes to do the astral military mission, whatever, and wakes up in the middle of it, he just disappears there? The fight wasn't accomplished?

Robert: Or he doesn't wake up until he finishes his "job"?

Yazhi: It is part of what is accepted and defined in the astral, that people disappear because they returned to the body's point of attention. So, it is halfway through, yes. However, in the astral, time is even more malleable, so there is a significant time lag.

Gosia: What do you mean?

Yazhi: I mean that the soldier may have woken up and gone to bathe physically but he is still there in the astral, until, like a computer buffer with lag, he fades away, but out of time, not always synchronized with what is happening in the physical world, that as a time reference. And I say that because I have seen it.

Gosia: So he loses strength?

Yazhi: Yes or no, depending on how marked that lag is.

Gosia: But what exactly did you see?

Yazhi: That nothing is synchronized. And if so, it's just coincidence. The concept of having to be only in one place and not in two at the same time also vanishes in the astral.

Gosia: The feeling of not being at all here, in this plane (something common I feel), can it be because of that? Like I am not 100% here, only a part of me is. Could it be because my "remnant" does things astrally?

Yazhi: It is because you are too aware that the physical world is not all there is, far from it, it is only a small part of the whole that you can experience. I mean, when you leave the filter of the body, either by dying or with perception control, as in my case, what happens is that you perceive much more besides the limited physical world.

So many things that have no explanation from the point of view of the physical world are easily explained if you look at what is happening in the more expanded context that includes the astral.

Gosia: Ok. Now I have a curious but important question. Do animals also astral travel when they sleep? Do they astro project? Do they come out of their bodies? Have you encountered animals in your astral travels?

Yazhi: Yes, of course, they are people, but they only live what corresponds to them and to the limits of their perception. But it is not that they "leave" their bodies, they simply have their attention elsewhere, since the astral is everywhere and no one travels anywhere or only from the point of view of the rules and laws of the world of the living.

Gosia: Have you found them there?

Yazhi: It's just natural, of course I have. I have found pets there in life and those who are no longer alive as well. Everyone does it, they just consider it as "dreams".

Gosia: Wow, what kind of pets? Terrestrial or yours?

Yazhi: All of them.

Robert: Do pets also have attachments like humans?

Yazhi: In their own way, of course they do, since they are just more people.

Gosia: What makes animals not to incarnate on Earth, but elsewhere?

Yazhi: Letting go of their ideas.

Gosia: And how do they do it not having access to intellectual knowledge? Not like us. How do they learn about other existential options?

Yazhi: An animal is just another person but in the context of its species, with its ideas and the aspirations of its species.

Gosia: But what makes them expand?

Yazhi: Their desire to survive, to know more, like any other soul. Simply because of the way they are, because of what defines them, they don't need to intellectualize like humans, and many animals do intellectualize, like cats.

I can't describe how each animal sees it, just what I imagine how they see it.

Gosia: And Yazhi, in the astral where you meet them, is it easier to talk to them telepathically? What do they say?

Yazhi: Yes, but not because of me, but because non-telepathic people in the astral become telepathic, just because of that, as a difference with the living who are not sleeping.

Gosia: I understand. But you talk to them?

Yazhi: Yes, sometimes you talk to them, like any other person who is in the astral, nothing strange.

Gosia: Yes, but what do they say?

Yazhi: They are conversations as complex as in the physical world, or more. It depends on the situation. But if you mean they are surprised, no, and that's interesting. People who are asleep but in the astral perceive everything very natural, since that is their natural state precisely. So, the telepathy and the astral is only seen as surprising when they are awake in the material world. On the astral side, everything is normal and common even for them.

Gosia: But I am referring to animals.

Yazhi: It is in the form of emotions, non-verbal. Concepts. It's very difficult to explain. In the astral it's more like the presence of the animal. It tells you things in a similar but stronger or clearer way than in the world of the living. It is what I perceive. Its affection, that it misses you, that it is well. Its joy. That is transmitted very strongly and clearly.

Gosia: So they are not really intellectually complex conversations.

Yazhi: It depends on the animal. I have to go eat now.

Gosia: Ok, Yazhi. Before you go, I have a present for you.

Yazhi: Are they Legos?

Gosia: Haha, unfortunately not. It's from Darek's friend, the Polish guy from the Polish channel. It's a drawing his friend made. I took a picture of it, look.

Robert: A roadrunner, wow. It's very well drawn.

Yazhi: OHH. How beautiful hahaha, what it says there.

Robert: I see the Pleiades there too.


Gosia: What do you see in the drawing?

Yazhi: Well, because of my speed and stubbornness, the Cabal, trolls have fallen and now the Federation will fall, that's what I see there.

Gosia: Yes, I think that's it!

Yazhi: Tell him thank you very much. That I liked it very much. I am going to print it here. They are already yelling at me. Bye! I love you very much. I loved my gift.


Robert: Question from a follower: I was always intrigued to know what I was dreaming and I always wonder if that is the astral or memories from other lives or a parallel experience/timeline?

Yazhi: You dream what you have in your day more in your mind, you go to the astral and manifest it all there because it's fast, nothing weird.

Robert: But they are also fragments of another timeline?

Yazhi: It all comes together in the astral like a blender.

Robert: Ok. I have another one: What is the difference between the lower astral in 3D and the lower astral 5D (one would be 4D matching the Reptilian consciousnesses and the other, 6D, not matching)?

Yazhi: No difference, it only refers to the place-point of view, because in itself all definitions are arbitrary and do not reflect what is experienced empirically as the astral.

Gosia: But in the so-called 6D, Taygeta's astral, the Reptiles wouldn´t be a match to that, right? I think that is what the question refers to.

Yazhi: That classification would be valid only from the context of Taygeta, and it would be a subjective astral coming from that collective unconscious that generates it. Even so, it is an arbitrary classification.

Robert: I understand. To make an astral travel, what do I need besides predisposition? Is there a procedure?

Yazhi: It is something very personal. Each person should do it as it serves him or her best. It is basically deep state meditation. What you can do is practice in deep meditation walking around your apartment. Or the room you are in. Use your imagination in doing it, don't try to detach from the body like that without practice, because it will only frustrate you. But enjoy walking around your floor, room or your streets, the forest, whatever you do in solid life, do it with memory, it works. It's just practice.

Suddenly you'll realize it's no longer imagination because you get the sharp images of the places. It just takes practice. Then you don't even need meditation, like me who can do it in seconds wherever I am, sitting at the table etc.

Reverse the idea that you are something solid, body, and become more like your body follows you because you are soul, spirit and energy.



Gosia: Mari said, and you too, that a lot is going on in the astral, and what goes on there reflects in the physical. The question is, what goes on then now in the astral? What´s happening there now to be reflected in the physical globally?

Yazhi: This is what's going on. There are factions in the astral, organized beings there, of all kinds, some were human, some never were. They fight one another and that reflects onto the humans, as some want to protect the humans, others want to protect the humans from others so they can exploit them, and not the others. And vice versa.

Everything that goes on there will reflect on the real world as something more ordinary and with a logical excuse when in the astral it´s all set up to cause suffering in the people, as factions fight for control over the real world from there. It´s extremely complicated and functioning on multiple levels. Even I cannot know the whole bigger picture of the Earth's astral. But I don't need to.

It´s all that and variations of that. Factions, clans and gangs working against one another to control the supply of energy coming from the people in biological bodies. And it´s all basically the old fight of good against evil and also from where the myths of angels and demons come from. Because it´s that exactly, only without the religious load as it's nothing more than an oversimplified version of the truth designed to control the human population.

But the fight is real and few have noticed that not fighting, but frequency managing, is the way to go. Even there they still think conflict is good for something. You can see this point with Mari. No one bothers her, because she bothers no one directly, and she is untouchable. Again, frequency management.

But in the astral, as it´s the lower astral, beings are not at that level. They just go banging one against the others for control. And that reflects as the chaos in the real world, but knowing that the ideas and the attention focused on those conflicts from the real world are what manifests the astral as well. Meaning that ultimately the human population is the ultimate controller of their lives and of whatever happens on Earth. But they still haven't learned that.

Gosia: Fights between angels and demons. But isn´t this something that has always been going on? Is there anything in particular that makes what goes on there now different from what went on there before?

Yazhi: Simply more fighting, for control, the ones on one side or area of the planet want what the others have, basically everything. For example, the New World Order is precisely that. It's not a bunch of mummified old rich men, like Soros, wanting to dominate the world. That's only the visible part and it´s nonsense. The real problem is in the astral, as the New World Order is nothing more than the lower astral working to take over the real world. That´s what is under everything.

It´s the astral and their egregor bad beings and demons who want to take over the world of the living to control it as much as possible or completely, with one purpose, to make it an even more efficient farm of human suffering. Where they do not need any wars to make people suffer, they just grab the farmed humans and make them suffer systematically.

But, in order to achieve this, they must remove the good entities that do not want that, and those good entities are those super soldiers who are working and fighting in the astral, mostly the humans themselves and their loved kin who is disincarnate.

But it´s also about the fights those bad entities have against one another to impose what they want on each other. That´s the problem with bad guys, they always want to be the ultimate demons, so they go fight other demons.

And that is reflected on wars like the one in Ukraine. Where much of the mess is only in the astral. Yet, the news brings up astral things as if they occurred in the real world. Making it all a mess that is difficult to understand as it has many layers to it.

Gosia: Wow, ok. Now, you said no one bothers Mari because she bothers no one directly, so she is untouchable. But, as someone might point out, you are all bothering the Federation, exposing their ways and lies, and for years. How does it relate to frequency management being THE way, without bothering anyone? Aren´t you entering into the conflict now too?

Yazhi: I mean bothering other people there on Earth but the Cabal and the Federation are bothered, yes.

Gosia: So when you bother the Cabal and Federation, us all, aren´t we prolonging the conflict?

Yazhi: It´s waking people up, because those are the only ones who truly control what goes on on Earth.

Gosia: Yes. I know, just wanted to get your answer. Thanks. I have another question about what Mari said in one of her videos about the astral entities. She said that entities feed of feelings of anxiety etc. And that´s why they feed off people in churches. But people who go to churches usually go there to experience peace, love, unity with higher realm. That´s what they feel there, those that do, like my mom. So they go there to soothe their anxieties. How can the entity feed off it then?

Yazhi: It all depends on who is each person. Yet, people are usually in such a low state of mind and vibration that even a church is an elevating place for them. But they are a pit of low vibration for other people. Some of the high vibration people can filter away the bad things, the bad vibe, and remain there only enjoying the art, if you can call a dying man on a cross bleeding and suffering, art.

It all depends on the point of view and what each person is filtering with their awareness and mind.

Gosia: Yes. But also, many evangelical churches or Baptist are full of happy people clapping and singing. Demons wouldn´t like that, right? That´s higher frequency.

Yazhi: They feed from that as well because it´s channeled to them, it elevates them. Besides, they need people to be in high vibration sometimes so when they suffer, it´s stronger. The greater the happiness the greater the suffering. It´s like tending the chickens with good food and shelter before roasting them.

Matias: Can you be killed in the astral? I mean your physical body is in bed when you astral travel, but when you are in the astral and fighting... what is the worst thing that can happen to you? Also, if there´s "death" there, the entity will cease to exist or will it just "spawn" back?

Yazhi: In short no, but you can be destroyed. You cannot be killed as such, but who you are can be altered by beings there, and by what happens there. In other words, it´s like selling your soul to them. All what defines you gets lost in exchange for something, so you become more of them, the entities, because you chose to adopt how they think. It´s like getting Matrixed and getting lost in the Matrix on Earth.

And you can eliminate something there with energy weapons but yes, as you said, they re-spawn, but that gives you time to manage a more permanent way to keep them away from you and what you want to protect. In the astral, everything is more energy. What you can do is protect more than simply eliminate.

Gosia: So if you get "killed" in the astral... nothing happens to you here, right?

Yazhi: The first problem here is that the very definition of "killed" changes with the realm where you are in. In the material world, biology gets "killed" and it´s easy to see. But in the astral planes, it will all depend on the ideas and the concepts associated with "kill" that there may be in each one, and they change all the time depending on where you are and at what level you are in the astral.

In some lower astral places you may still have the concept of killing and dying much as it is known to be in the material world.

Gosia: Are demons killable in the astral?

Yazhi: Yes, but then again, it all depends on how. For example, in the astral (as well as anywhere else but it´s more accentuated there), a group of ideas and attachments to them are what creates a person. Someone which is not someone else. When you break that, then you kill the astral being, demon or whatever. In other words, a person is defined by the group of ideas that define it. When you break them, then that person no longer "is" and therefore is killed. That´s why when you use a book of spells, you can kill the demon.

Gosia: So spells work in the astral?

Yazhi: Yes, because they can break up the belief system that defined and formed the demon as an egregor. You cut off its egregor food, in other words.

Gosia: Why would the spell do that to the demon? Why would it break up the belief system that formed the demon? It´s just a spell... some words.

Yazhi: For you perhaps. But if they are the correct ones, they can trigger other parts of the belief systems that make up the demon. It´s like triggering someone into anger and then telling them why they are terrible persons, you make them collapse into despair. It´s like confronting a psychopath psychologically. He cannot withstand the knowledge of why they truly are.

Gosia: But that belief system that formed the demon is not within the demon itself, it´s in the mind of whoever person/group of people formed it. So you would need to break that up in the minds of the people, not in the demon itself, no?

Yazhi: Yes, the effects can be only temporary on the demon, that's why they can re-spawn.

Gosia: In other words, they cannot be killed that way.

Yazhi: Depending on what is feeding them, each one specifically, and what is keeping it alive. Some can be neutralized removing what feeds and manifests them. Some can be destroyed if they are being self-manifested due to their actions, for example causing and feeding from the fear they cause. If it is the case.

Gosia: So you do not fight there with swords and weapons, but spells?

Yazhi: Yes, they do work sometimes, and in some cases if they are within the belief system of both the one with the sword and the demon, as in it believing that a sword can hurt it. Most in the lower astral do believe that because, as I said before, the lower astral is only a reflection of the same principles which form the material world.

Gosia: Ok, I understand. And can you get physical bruises in your body from astral work?

Yazhi: YES. Because what you believe manifests. And you can also think yourself into being invulnerable as well.

And remember, the astral bleeds into the material world, as it´s just under, so yes, it can be something that also crossed over and hurt you.

Gosia: Ok, last question for now. It is about astral banking.

Yazhi: I don't know much about banking and money.

Gosia: I am referring to the astral and resource trading that goes on there, as some people claim. Is that true?

Yazhi: Ah, that's something else. That´s part of what I'm talking about here above. Those resources are what they are fighting for, and they are mostly whatever the human population is manifesting, as those are the creators. And the most wanted resource is suffering and lush that results from fear.

Energy is formed with consciousness and then it´s shaped into things with thought, but you need a soul to do that. And humans have what lower astral demons do not, a soul!! Astral beings trade with this, yes.

Gosia: Perhaps that´s what´s reflecting in the physical as physical money too.

Yazhi: Yes, it does, but the trade is mostly for attention and creation manifestation power that is "milked" from humans. And this is why mind controlling them is so damn important for those lower astral entities because if it were only suffering, well torture and executions would be enough. Yet, they need more than simple suffering, as they need the creativity of people with souls so those can manifest the things, stuff and the reality those entities want. That´s why they need to guide human perception so much and why they spend so much time, money and energy mind controlling the population with the media and with false historic narratives.

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