Crop Circles - Main Purpose - Short Chat with Swaruu of Erra

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
January 03, 2023

Crop Circles - Main Purpose - Short Chat with Swaruu of Erra

Swaruu (9): As expected, the crop circles are not due to a single reason. Many are made by pranksters, but most, which is pretty obvious which ones are the most complex, are from various extraterrestrial races, including Andromeda, Antaria, Dieslientiplex, Centauri and Taygeta.

Robert: What is the significance of most of them?

Swaruu (9): Some are symbols of an idea embedded in the human subconscious that resurfaces when they see the symbol in the media, it activates the memory within the DNA, others are nothing more than "hellos" from other races, an "I'm here, get used to it". It is part of making ourselves known little by little.

Robert: Why are there some farmers who quickly remove those drawings, they get paid by the government? And why do the ETs choose certain areas to make those agro glyphs?

Swaruu (9): I don't know, but it is possible that they say it to justify, that is the truth. They don't want more onlookers because they destroy the rest of their crops. And the main reason for the circles I haven't said yet - it's communication between ETs, they are signals left by a ship's crew as time markers.

Robert: Between different extraterrestrial races?

Swaruu (9): Like an X in a cave, to know that they have returned to the same timeline, I have used them myself. Between different races, for the same race and for themselves. I would leave a mark and when I returned, I would look for it. How fresh the mark was would determine how long I have been gone or missed to return to the baseline. I and other crews do them so we can navigate, they teach that in the academy or elite line pilot school at SandClock. They are finite, those circles, that's why we make them.

Robert: Thank you, interesting. They are almost always in Britain, why there?

Swaruu (9): Because Britain is full of portals where ships come in and out of.

And by custom it is a known navigation point, as Montserrat also is, among so many other places. Ships use navigational corridors like airplanes do. The circles are printed with a ship's tractor beam, the same "apparatus" that serves to mount cargo or people on board, the beam with gravity manipulated inside.

Robert: Do you have any drawings that you use a lot? They are very geometric and three-dimensional drawings.

Swaruu (9): Yes, they are unique to each crew. Only humans and their ego would suggest that that's just for them, but it's not. It's extraterrestrials communicating with extraterrestrials.

Robert: How interesting. There are some that sometimes seem to warn of something that will appear in the future. Like predicting something that is going to happen with the Sun or some lunar cycle.

Swaruu (9): As with everything, they can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the point of view. Yes, it is possible, but I have not seen those. I have only seen the markers, the jokers and the DNA activation ones.

Robert: Is this one real?

Swaruu (9): That one is and I know it well and the message inside. It's Reptilian and it has a key point to confuse. It doesn't say whether they should watch out for the one in the picture, or the one in the picture is the one saying the message. Neither. The message is Draco and the being is a negative Maitre.

Robert: What about this one?

Swaruu (9): Sassani. The one with the Mars mask, I don't know who put it on.

Robert: Sassani, what is that?

Swaruu (9): But the answers to the human message are Sassani, race of a small positive humanoid. They are like children, and as adults they are like 8 or 9 year old children, but they are adults. They also have a very childlike mentality, but they are very wise as well. They look more natural as children in real life, they are not gray.

Robert: You mean the adults look like 8 or 9 year old children because they have the rejuvenation technology?

Swaruu (9): No, that's how their race is, they live about 900 years. They are never more than 4 feet tall. They also joke and play a lot and it is typical for them to react like this, with this response.

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