Deep Federation, Etorthan detachment arriving, And Urmah vs Etorthans (English)

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November 30, 2023

Deep Federation, Etorthan detachment arriving, And Urmah vs Etorthans (English)

Mari Swaruu: Hello again, thank you for being here with me once more. I hope you are all doing very well today. My name is Mari Swaruu.

For further information, please watch my video about Federation auditory. I will leave a link to it in the right part of your screen and another at the end in the suggested video rectangles. This is mainly an update of that first video, but I will share with you a little more context and part of the history the Urmah cat people have with the Etorthans.

The date of arrival of the Etorthan detachment, which represents the galactic quadrant level Federation, is set to arrive in Earth's orbit come December 31st of this year, 2023. Their starship, or starships, will land or dock inside the large Andromedan biosphere ship Viera, which is permanently stationed in Earth's high orbit using the Moon as a shield so as not to be detected by people on the surface of the planet. Once there, they will meet with the welcoming Andromedan and Centauri detachments who will guide them through the auditory process they are here for.

It is said that the Etorthans will be here from four days to a week, although this is not certain. But what is important is what they came to do and what directives or orders they may leave behind because, as I explained in my first video, historically important changes in Earth's society usually follow their visits. Although I must also point out that those changes also occur whenever deep Federation representatives arrive and not only when those are from the Etorthans race.

I'm including next a small extract from my video about Etorthans as a reminder of who they are. The Etorthans are long 6 to 8 foot tall gray alien race also known as big nosed Grays. They have been Galactic Federation members since a long time ago and participate in councils for Earth mostly by remote presence using advanced 3D holograms. They are also from the Orion region, coming from planets orbiting the large red star Betelgeuse, which is also called Alpha Orionis, or Ori 58, some 642.5 light years away. Betelgeuse is the second brightest star in the Orion constellation after Rigel.

This species is highly advanced in ethics and spirituality and therefore are considered to be very positive in nature. At least, that is what the Federation officially says about them. They are considered the ultimate gardener species as they do the same as the little Grays from Zeta Reticuli and often are found working with each other. They are also said to be helpers of other races, healers, and experts in genetics. They are known to terraform far away planets to seed them with all kinds of plants, animals, and even with other races, some of them humanoid, who need a new home and who are suitable to the conditions in each one of them. They are creators, healers of biology and of the soul, and their mission is to help other species and other individuals to evolve, grow, and advance. And they do so because that is in their nature and, as they themselves explain, they do it because that's what they exist for and because that is the way it has always been.

They wear gray uniforms or flight suits in spaceships, and their elders in leadership roles wear long black robes. They do not talk as they do not have vocal cords. They only communicate telepathically among each other and with other species. They do not have genders; they can only reproduce artificially in special medical pods of their own design and construction. And they have extremely long lifespans.

Although they are called large nose Grays, they breathe through openings in the sides of their heads through the ear canals, and what appears to be a nose is not a nose; it is a flat part that has a gland that makes a noise for echolocation as dolphins do. They are serious, stable, and nearly impossible to move or change. They are emotionless, stable, and convinced that their logic is the best.

The problem with this information is that it is coming from the Federation itself as it is official data about the Etorthans. And, as most of you know, the Galactic Federation at this dense material biological existential level we all live in is basically more government, like than the one on Earth, one being the mirror reflection of the other and with the same bad habits.

It is officially said that the Etorthans, being a race of Grays from Orion, became positive in nature a long time ago, although the Federation never specified exactly when and always uses the difficulties of calculating time in space as an excuse to hide this piece of information, which could be described or shared using time on Earth as a reference, as they have done countless times before.

Although I have nothing against any member of this incoming detachment, there are some shady things that do worry me quite a bit because they simply don't add up. So I'm sharing them with all of you for this to be known.

The first of the shady things is the simple fact that they are doing this behind human backs, which only continues their lies not knowing who or what is controlling their society. The official version of why the Etorthans joined the Galactic Federation is because they grew a consciousness and no longer agreed with the invasive politics of the old Orion Council, which was the political organization that looked after the interests of the civilizations in the Orion constellation and which was later dissolved and then renewed sometime in the past 500 to 1,000 years Earth time, which is quite recently when calculated in star dates, and after many internal problems and conflicts, including one allegedly with the Etorthans themselves.

In short, the Etorthans changed sides back then, leaving the Orion Council to join the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Although later on, they rejoined the new Orion Council of which they are active members to this day.

The problem with this story is that it conflicts with the one the Urmah cat people from the star Vega shared with me through one of their communication officers called Arishah, or Ari in short, with whom I am in contact. The Urmah people state that the Etorthans were the head of a multi-race invasive task force which repeatedly was attacking their deep space settlements and bases in the Taurus and Eridanus constellations which border the Orion constellation to the north-west and to the southwest respectively, after staging a trojan horse takeover attempt on the cats.

The Urmah state that the Etorthans can be tricksters and liars who make up elaborate stories to confuse and manipulate other races to impose their interests, including over-exaggerated drama to manipulate emotional star races. This Etorthan drama can include the emulation or exaggeration of emotions they do not have, which they use to further shady invasive agendas.

The Urmah people claim that they attempted to use that emotional drama on them, knowing that the cats are heavily emotional, but it did not work as they do not hesitate to protect their own before being over-empathic with unknown foreign races. The Urmah stated that the Etorthans made up a story about how they were at the border of extinction so they would be let into the solar systems that were under Urmah control, but once settled there, they immediately started to bring in other Orion gray races that were not part of the deal and of the treaty they had.

When the Urmah asked all of them to leave because they broke the treaties between Etorthans and Urmahs, the cats were met with a strong military aggression against them which the Grays were preparing in secret, which quickly escalated into a fuller Orion gray invasion which tried to forcefully remove the Urmah from such occupied solar systems. The Urmah, which are well known to be heavily armed, swiftly repelled the Orion aggression with their superior firepower and military tactics, squashing the Orion takeover attempt in a very short time.

This conflict quickly escalated into a full-scale war between Urmah Avyon Council and the old Orion Council, a conflict in which the Etorthans participated heavily and in great numbers, exposing the lie about them being in danger of extinction as they suddenly were everywhere, according to what the Urmah say.

It is clear that the Orions badly underestimated the Urmah military power and response capacity, which managed to push them back into the depths of the Orion constellation where they came out from while also decimating their multi-race Orion´s alliance´s military, which suffered heavy losses and which was no match for the felines.

This battle is considered to be part of the last stages of the infamous Orion Wars and it is called the Battle of Rigel 7. This battle is taught in military schools of countless stellar races as an example where a few well-armed Urmahs could fend off a force which was vastly superior to theirs in numbers and only sustaining minor losses while the other side was totally decimated.

The Urmah in Earth's orbit right now state that the Etorthans are not to be trusted and have only joined the Galactic Federation as a tactic to gradually gain control over all the star races in it. The cats state that they see it as very difficult to impossible for an emotionless race to develop high ethics as the Etorthans claim to have, as ethics cannot only have logic as a basis for everything and whoever claims it can be would be falling into being non-empathic with whoever does have them as it would inevitably cause emotional neglect.

It is clear that even though both races, the Urmah and the Etorthans, are officially Galactic Federation members, they couldn't be more different and they obviously don't get along. Therefore, that deep Federation detachment cannot expect any cooperation from their feline counterparts as they don't even recognize the Etorthans to have any rank nor political power over them.

The Urmah state that they do not believe the new Orion Council to be anything positive, rather it would only be more of the same but with a new manipulative mask, even though it is on good terms with the Galactic Federation, also having the Etorthans as their ambassadors. The cats also state that they don't see where the Federation would repetitively appoint the Etorthans as their representatives over innumerable other much better qualified star races.

This inevitably leads us to ask uncomfortable questions such as whether the Federation has been infiltrated by regressive races or not, even though other Federation authorities such as the Andromedans claim to see that possibility as impossible and even ludicrous.

Before ending today's video, I must say that I'm well aware that many positive starseeds on Earth are channeling the Orion Council which is seen as a super positive entity, and I don't doubt it, removing all the charlatans first, of course. But, as I have said before, it is all a question of frequency and vibration as we would have to see what part or level of the Orion Council they are accessing, and most probably it would have to be the higher aspects of it, those parts and higher densities where evil dissipates as love and integration rises.

After all, all physically incarnated souls, those of us who dwell in lower material realms, are only in a play, in an illusion of separation. This place we call the material world is nothing more than a school and a playground to further our soul's expansion through learning experiences. The Orion Council, evil or not, and the Federation, also evil or not, are only part of that elaborate play as from well above we are all positive, loving beings. We are all one.

Yes, yes, very nice, very nice, but while we are down here, we still must take care of ourselves and repel all bullies or they will walk all over us. We must be more like the space cats, loving, empathic and emotional, but also fierce and strong, and with a very clear mind and healthy self-esteem so we can decide for ourselves what is right and what is not and be able to stand by our choices using both logic and emotions, which also contain a lot of logic in them.

We don't know what is going to happen with this deep Federation auditory, but chances are that they will come and go and things will remain exactly the same. Probably nothing will happen, or we will feel its effects down the road and when we no longer can connect events to their visit.

The Urmah´s Avyon High Council has cooperation treaties with the Pleiadian Alcyone High Council and with the Taygetan people directly as well. They have been good friends throughout the ages. Who do you choose to believe, the official Federation version of how the Etorthans became positive or the Urmah version? I stand with my feline friends.

Thank you for watching my video and for liking and subscribing. I appreciate it a lot, and I hope to see you here next time. Take care.

With much love.

Your friend,

Mari Swaruu

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