Destruction of the Matrix and Manipulation of History - **NO VIDEO**

ATTACHE, english
September 01, 2020

Destruction of the Matrix and Manipulation of History - **NO VIDEO**

Yazhi: Earth has experienced the rise of an advanced civilization, then it flourishes, decays and is destroyed over and over again in cycles of about 5000 to 10,000 years. The Earth is much older than they calculate and the human being too, I speak of the Lyrian being. Just as on Earth, on countless planets there are traces of civilizations of people with Lyrian morphology, long before the Great Expansion and before what happened on Lyra. Civilizations are born, grow and die, in an eternal cycle.

On Earth this varies from 5000 to 10,000 years, as I said, but on other planets it changes. You also lose track because time is not linear. The age, the when, if it was before or after what event is impossible to calculate, so it centers on the idea that I hold - that there was no formation of species such as humans, but that they have always been. However, it is difficult to understand something that has always been and eternal, without beginning or end, and, although it is a digression, I could talk about why on another occasion.

Here I must mention something else about the framework of all this, more so today when there is talk about global reset, mostly referring to the economy. Civilizations are constantly rising, flourishing and declining for many reasons. But this time, today, it is very intentional. Nothing stays static for long, but this time it is very artificial, under ideas and values against the world population.

The controllers though, (complex here), believe they are doing the right thing. They always destroy everything with catastrophes or simply by imposition of new paradigms or a new idea of how the world should be and function. You can see this in the destruction of historical buildings. It is attributed to other causes and it is true that there are, but the fact that those in power are guided to destroy buildings and other things that link people to their past is not just a coincidence.

An example of this is the game, false flag, against Notre Dame and its remodeling plans that does not include leaving it as it was but more modern, and with this altering the history books for generations to come. And this leads us to the fact that history books today are controlled lies with agendas. In fact, I dare say that everything is a lie, everything is manipulated.

Even if they are things that do not matter to them as something cultural, even there, there are agendas of control, of brainwashing, of guiding the people' s mentality. But as far as history is concerned, nothing happened as they tell you it did, and I am giving you another perspective here today, with non-human records of mine that I have corroborated and supplemented with what I have found on Earth, as it concerns Earth. With the little that is left there, that is why they burn books. From the conquerors of the new world through the Romans, Nazis, to today. I am giving you yet another perspective but still, there is no one past, there are multiple ones, like futures.

The problem, so to speak, of timelines is very real. It affects everything, leaving no single historical linearity, that's why so much debate as well. But it proves incomprehensible to most, as they only see time as an arrow. Besides the old axiom that history is written by the victors, only with that they can see that it is all garbage.

We have the added problem of data being lost for whatever reason, but mostly on purpose. The burning of the Library of Alexandria at Roman hands, of the Cabal, is one of the best examples of this. Although little do people know that the Romans, the Cabal of whatever epoch, know that knowledge is power.

I guarantee that at least most of the books and papyri from the Library of Alexandria and other places where they burned records over time, are today in the library of the Vatican. And they say they were burned so that no one will look for them. For example, they have no guarantee that there is a copy of something sensitive and if they destroy the copy they would be at a disadvantage. Of course they keep it, of course they burned books, records and papyri, but mostly they burned the copies.

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