Do unicorns exist? - **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

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August 16, 2020

Do unicorns exist? - **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

Information from Anéeka and Yazhí Swaruu

In the "sixth density" there is an animal that belongs to the equine family and its appearance is similar to the description of a unicorn. Its name in Taygetan, with Navajo base due to lack of phonemes, is: Naki bide'taa'ii. But, unlike the unicorn, this equine is bicorn, that is to say it has two horns. The horns are placed close together on the forehead of the animal, not on the sides of the head, so seen from the side it would be easy to mistake it for a single horn.

Nature tends to seek symmetry in everything so, with few exceptions, most animals with horns tend to have two. The horns are long as depicted on unicorns and serve mainly as defense, as in elk or antelope.

The colors or coats are the same or similar to other equine species, not purple or pink. There is a very common coat in the Naki bidee'taa'ii, where some specimens show very noticeable large freckles around the base of the neck, withers, back and forearms.

The hoof is split in the middle, in the same way as the linhas (?) in Taygeta. But, unlike other equines such as the lin that inhabit 5D planets, the Naki bidee'taa'ii is a semi-multidimensional, semi-etheric animal. Although they are sixth-density in nature, they move or have the ability to move between various densities. As multidimensional creatures, they do not stay in one density, and this means or brings metaphysical implications. They are beings that show themselves and disappear when they want to. It should also be noted that they are indomesticable.

The Naki bidee'taa'ii live in very small groups and move at will between what could be said to be steppe and forest. But the peculiarity is that the 6D is very plastic and they can change places quickly at the will of the group, so it is difficult to perceive the area they inhabit as something fixed, like a steppe or a forest, which is something concrete.

Sixth density is very changeable, from a third density perspective. It is a very dreamlike world, but do not think of it as unreal because the dream is indistinguishable from reality, it is only perceived as less real from the memory position of someone who is already awake, using the 3D or 5D definition or concept of awake-asleep.

The Naki'bidee'taa'ii are found on many planets, they are very prolific. It has been said that they have been seen on Jupiter in 6D, but also on Alfrata, Alpha Centauri, on Vega, on the planets Lyra and Avalon, on Cyndriel, Aldebaran, and in several worlds in the constellation of the Hyades.

Being a semi-dimensional animal, they appear or disappear from the point of view of a lower density. And Earth, like anywhere else, contains all densities, so there is no reason to think that they are not on Earth as well, or it is likely that they will be seen at some point giving rise to myths and interpretations.

Interviewer: But then, do unicorns exist as they are depicted on Earth with one horn?

Yazhi: If you can think it, then that is and that exists somewhere because nothing is created, everything already is, and information or knowledge is only remembered and comes to you from elsewhere where things already are. Nothing is destroyed or created, everything exists and is always there, from the point of view of the higher densities. If you have your intention about something, you will always see more of that something.

The unicorn is an idea. If you take it objectively, it is just a symbol, a horse with a spiral horn. Its name in Navajo-based Taygetan is Bidee'taa'ii. But, by definition, it is something of high densities. An idea is equivalent to a truth, there is no objective material world, truth versus lie. That is to say that in high densities by the simple fact that you imagine something, whatever it is, like, for example, a strange animal with fins for legs, colorful fur and an open umbrella for a tail, or a horse with a horn, if you imagine it, it exists. There is no difference between the real world and the imaginary world.

Why? Because it is through imagination that everything that exists or can be seen or taken for reality comes from. From the perspective of low and slow densities, slow manifestation such as 3D or 5D. That is, everything there is was first imagined by something or someone. But what characterizes these low 3D or 5D densities is that the manifestation is slow, that's why they are said to be doughy, clumsy and heavy. But as you move up in your consciousness and, therefore, in densities, then things manifest progressively faster and faster. Also because of the factor that time becomes more and more malleable and plastic too.

So, from higher densities, a unicorn exists and is, simply because someone has imagined it, whoever it is, it is reality, because in higher densities everything is reality, it is instantaneous imagination, what you think, is.

Now, from that plane, the unicorn or any other mythical being or my colorful animal with an umbrella for a tail, if it is required to have a purpose on the part of whoever holds that form as their own, they can be projected at will to whatever density they want. Because from above, say 9D, you have access to first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth density, all equally, with just the intention of letting yourself be seen.

But since you are aware of what is going on, then you decide what is or is not convenient to project downward. What I mean is that any animal, creature or thing of high densities, automatically becomes multidimensional because it is not isolated to its density specifically but dominates it and those that precede it below. Because, in the end, it is only one Whole and to assign numbers to it, densities and all, that is only a way of understanding it, or a crutch to understand something complex. It is a unit, a whole, and it is the mind of each person or soul that determines what it will see of that whole, what part, from where to where.

So, from that angle, yes, unicorns exist as they are imagined. That's where all the animals considered real come from too, it's the same thing. The unicorn is a person, consciousness, soul, that has chosen that form to manifest as sometimes a message to or for the densities below it. It manifests this way because it has a specific reason that allows it to carry out its intention to communicate with those who inhabit a density below it, and for the experience that allows it to grow and expand as a soul. It is not limited. And it is the same reason why each person expresses themselves in whatever physical form they have today.

As an explanation, as you go up in densities, the physical body dissolves from being something very fixed, slow and material in appearance, as in 3D, and transforms into something more and more like energy, more dependent on the ideas that its owner has.

Because a body is a manifestation of who someone is, of a soul. It is the shadow of who you are above. It is said that you are not a physical body having a spiritual experience, but you are a spirit having a physical experience. I tend to disagree with that and it would only be used as an explanation for someone at the beginning of their awakening. You are spirit always and the body is part of that spirit, inescapably together, manifestation of a held idea.

So, the higher a consciousness goes, the greater the degree of control and capacity to alter its physical body that dissolves more and more until it is only energy.

With all this, I see the possibility that on some planet unicorns live as such, I just can not say for sure, I have not seen or heard anything similar, or not yet. So we could affirm that unicorns exist somewhere in the ether, taking into account that in the ether there is neither space nor time.

Anéeka: The Pegasus. There are no records of horses or equine species that fly like this. I only know of a few species of small mammals with a semi-equine shape, very small, about the size of a bat that live on other planets, specifically on Cyndriel, Aldebaran. But they are not quadrupeds, they are white in color and are more like something that looks like a horse without being a horse, like a seahorse.

I think it's more symbolism. The wings represent lightness of soul, as it is also interpreted in the Taygetan symbolism with the same wings in the anthropomorphic figures. 

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