Extraterrestrial Races: Urmahs -Feline Race (Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Communication)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
August 18, 2020

Extraterrestrial Races: Urmahs -Feline Race (Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Communication)



A feline dominant species, one of many, uncountable feline species. Just as the dominant Alpha Dracos is the dominant reptile or reptilian race, the Urmah is the dominant feline race. Place of origin: The star VEGA, planets Lyra and Avalon. But the same as the Alpha Dracos they have colonies all over the galaxy, especially in this quadrant. Note that they come from the same planets as the Lyrians. They coexisted and cooperated among themselves. They are friendly to each other. Peaceful symbiosis, with a large colony on Sirius. They have colonies on thousands of planets, but the colony on Sirius is especially large, second only to Vega.

Alpha predators. Before they were very invasive, today they are pacific and spiritual. They are members of the Federation of United Planets. Very militarized and exaggerated in everything. Hyperbolized cats, everything is gold, everything is magnificent, everything is exaggerated ornamentation as the music of Richard Wagner itself. All metal, trumpets, everything with them is epic! They are lions or tigers on two feet. The same exact size. Short legs, long spine, tails with a ball of hair at the end sometimes. They dress in many ways and have an affinity for fashion. Everything ultra-ornamented. The males use high-tech armour, but also ceremonial, as the Romans. All gold with long red capes.

The language is mainly telepathic, but they talk even though they do not pronounce well. They purr a lot. They are very loving with other species and allow themselves to be hugged. They are carnivorous but make synthetic meat. They no longer hunt, just as the Alpha Dracos with whom they have good communication. Huge homes, stylized very much as those of the Romans as a reference. Everything is cat for them, statues, sphinxes, paintings, carved in wood and metals. Many internal pillars in enormous halls with torches on the walls.

Political system: Patriarchal/Matriarchal Holographic. Andromedan model, like us. Craft shape: Difficult to explain. It is like a long and solid U. Highly polished, metallic. Few exits, only at the back for the engines. Total warp capacity. Very interstellar. They have vast quantities of starseeds on Earth. In itself, the small and large cats and the domesticated ones are their starseeds. Or so they tell us. They are very united and help/respect other feline races. They are progressive with high spirituality. Extremely loving and empathic. Despite this, fierce warriors. So fierce that even the Alpha Dracos fear them.

Gosia: And how is their spirituality? How does it differ from yours?

Swaruu: Very much in accordance with ours. The relation with them is excellent. Present near here is a "cat" ship. Leader of the Earth expedition, Ruhr of Avalon.

Gosia: So, all the races see the spirituality in a similar way? Here on Earth there are so many differences, there are alchemy schools, meditation schools, metaphysics schools, devotional ways and so on.

Swaruu: Yes, we all see it in a similar manner, only with a "taste" specific to each one. On Earth they differ a lot because they are all basically false. Spirituality itself in the end gets to be perceived in the same way and that in itself corroborates that they are on the right track, race after race finding out the same thing. The Urmah have a concept that differs from ours, a sort of deity of theirs ... "The Great Cosmic Cat," but in itself, when you study it closely you see that it is just a version of Original Source. Only that to them it is represented as a cat.

Gosia: Wow, great cosmic cat!

Swaruu: It is the source, the all.

Gosia: There are people who say that the cats on Earth are introduced by the extra-terrestrial races. Is it true? Can it be that the Urmah did it?

Swaruu: Yes, the cats were introduced on Earth, not by the Urmah but by Taygeta, in the times of ancient Egypt, before the classic one phase. Not as gifts ... They went down the ramps of the ships, because for thousands of years cats have been companions of Taygeta. It could be not exclusive to Taygeta though. They came down the ships, from the open ramp ... they are very prolific when they aren't watched against that. Without birth control the cats would invade the whole ship in little time. There are no reliable records of the existence of domestic cats before some 8000 years ago (on Earth, of course).

Gosia: Wow, ok that is super interesting. Thanks. Were the Urmah too on Earth one time, influencing the cultures? Did they have colonies?

Swaruu: Yes, once more in ancient Egypt, ca. 10 000 BC, 10 000 to 8000 years ago.

Gosia: Did they have colonies here? Or only interacting?

Swaruu: Only interacting, not in colonies, only multicultural. From what I know, they didn't have colonies on Earth, or minor ones. But apart from Earth, yes, they are everywhere.

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