Flat Earth - Conversation with Athena and Aneeka - Extraterrestrial Contact

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
September 27, 2021

Flat Earth - Conversation with Athena and Aneeka - Extraterrestrial Contact

(Originally in Spanish)

Robert: What agenda is that of the Flat Earth?

Swaruu X (Athena): The control of the population on Earth, what they should know and what they should not know, what, when, and how it is controlled by the CIA and their friends and their interests worldwide. They have everything compartmentalized. So Flat Earth's agenda is one more level of its disinformation apparatus. In other words, flood the networks with garbage so that people do not know who to listen to or who to believe.

It creates conflict and it is what they want, because it drains people and does not let them focus on anything, because nothing is ever clear to them.

With the Flat Earth agenda, they control conspiranoids who do not believe NASA's lies, because that´s what they base themselves on. NASA lies, so the Earth is flat. Then they create conflict and quarrels between those who believe one thing and those who believe another. That conflict is what they seek because it buries the truth.

They can't stop the truth from somehow leaking out to people. What they can do is throw in countless contradictory stories that give alternative explanations to the narrative, or to alternate narratives. So they hide any truth among a ton of garbage, always with the same design, grab something that is true and then use it to justify a lie.

I don't understand what flat earthers have in mind simply because I've never heard them answer the big question: What's on the other side of the "coin"? On the other side of the Earth.

That's what they do, create confusion, use what each group of people wants to hear to give them more of that and keep them in control. And for that they need population meta data, which explains one of their reasons for constantly spying on ordinary citizens and their tendencies on everything from clothing, music, to religious and political ideas.

Being that the mechanism of religion and politics are its main instruments. And the New Age is religion controlled by them.

Flat Earth theory conflicts with the concept of ETs, because if the Earth is flat, there are no other planets. Therefore there are no ETs and whatever is extraterrestrial, they make it into demons and interdimensionals. But it is more of the agenda of confusion and of creating conflict to keep the population separate so that they do not unite since when united, they create problems.

Anéeka: Flat Earth ideas... I think they are already consuming too much Fluoride in food and toothpastes.

Robert: They get together and among themselves they sustain that false reality.

Anéeka: Yes, and they feel accepted among themselves.

Robert: One of the things they say is that there are explosions recorded, I don't know what kind, as something atomic, and that the explosion reaches a point as if it collapsed or collided with some dome. And that they have launched missiles at that dome. Obviously I don't believe any of that. I have not seen those videos but that´s what they argue.

Anéeka: The only dome are the Van Allen Bands. It is not a dome like metal or solid. Again, it is ignorance, because a shock wave, radio signals, even light, collides with different atmospheric strata, and against the magnetospheric Ionosphere, Van Allen bands, depending on the frequency and nature of what is sent as a wave, and it bounces off as if it was against something solid. This phenomenon was used a lot when ships used normal radio over long distances, atmospheric bounce.

Again it is just ignorance and phenomena explainable with basic physics, which flat earthers use to prove their theories.

An explosion also happens when... at high altitude due to the lack of atmospheric pressure, it will take a form of expansion like an extended mushroom. This also happens when an explosion or its expansion hits another denser atmospheric layer, known as thermal inversion, creating the illusion that it hit something.

As for thermal inversions, that also explains why they sometimes take photos of two suns. It is just a reflection, like water on a hot asphalt road. It´s not that there are two suns, it is just a common optical effect.

It is the same effect with all explosions that take the shape of a mushroom. It is only accentuated at high altitude by low temperatures and the lack of atmospheric pressure.

Robert: Yes. In the same way, when they launch a mini camera into space, amateurs, with a balloon, there comes a moment when the balloon explodes and they say it´s because it touches the dome. All the balloons explode more or less at the same height.

Anéeka: Yes. Another argument with which they sustain themselves is that they see that the ships in the sea do not disappear at the correct distance, on the horizon, which would be calculated according to Archimedes, according to the diameter of the Earth.

This does not happen all over the world, only in certain parts. And it is because the Earth is something natural, it is not a perfect sphere made in a factory. It is a geode. It is imperfect and has areas that are more flattened than others. It is not much noticeable to the naked eye or it is not noticeable from space, but it is measurable and so are all planets to one degree or another.

Robert: They say that a stone formed the Earth. They base that on ancient cultures, evidently the cultures that the Cabal was interested in not eliminating. Surely the cultures they eliminated used to tell something else, like that we were interstellar citizens.

Anéeka: It is part of the agenda to make the human mentality go back to times of the middle ages, for them not to understand anything as real.

That is closer to reality (image provided). That is the shape of the Earth but exaggerated. Not so deformed but measurably irregular. As expected with something natural.

Let's see, what logic is there in that drawing? None. What generates that? What sustains it? What dynamics are there?

This IS the truth, only that the deformation is exaggerated so it´s understood better.

If this whole Flat Earth thing seems absurd to you, imagine what it is to me, looking at everything from up here.

Robert: They mention the ancient cultures, the vision they had about the Earth.

Anéeka: They knew very well then that it was round, since before Archimedes.

Perfect, exaggerated but yes.

At first glance it looks round. Also note that the bumps and recessed parts do not match the pictures. It is only an approximation. It is not the actual measurement.

Robert: Yes. It is an illustration, an interpretation so that it is understood.

It is a geode?

Anéeka: Yes, a potato.

Robert: Are they all geodes?

Anéeka: In one way or another, or to one degree or another, yes. The only ones that are quite round are the gas-based ones, the ones with no obvious solid surface. Like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Also the suns. Although there they have eruptions that deform the visible surface. So not even the suns. And the gaseous planets are not perfect spheres either. They bulge at the equator and flatten at the poles. They are toroids.

Robert: That is why the moon is artificial because it is spherical-metallic and the sun appears from our perception as "a sphere of gas".

Anéeka: Yes, the moon is a "perfect" sphere because it is artificial, and even the moon has deformities because the construction is not perfect either.

Robert: They also talk about the lunar eclipse which shows that the Earth is not flat. I think it refers to this image. It is not exactly this image. But there you can see the shadow of the Earth.

Аnéeka: They also say that it is flat because the airlines do not pass over the South Pole, that they should since it is the most direct flight, the shortest distance between two points, and they do not understand why those flight routes are not used.

First, the airlines evade dangerous areas for airplanes in case they have to make an emergency landing, and secondly, Antarctica is a no-fly zone because it is a militarized area, that is why airplanes do not fly above the South Pole.

Robert: Although they say that there is a treaty that denies that it is a militarized zone, I think. But it is understood yes, it is a dangerous area.

Anéeka: They also denied that Area 51 existed, but even without it "existing", civil planes couldn't pass through there. I know that treaty with the South Pole, but it is far from being the reality. They do not pass through there because the area is militarized.

The Earth is a non-uniform sphere. And the fact that it is not a uniform sphere but a potato also explains the magnetic and gravitational anomalies on its surface.

Robert: And it also explains ocean currents in some way? Or it has nothing to do with that?

Anéeka: Yes, everything is related. But it is not its only cause.

I have always thought that the agenda of pushing that Flat Earth theory is to discredit all UFO and ET contacts. Because if the Earth is flat then there are no other planets. And they throw in all things extraterrestrial, UFO´s and all that, into two categories:

In what would be demonology, with a strong religious load, and this translates to a return to the mentality of the Middle Ages… or they say that aliens are inter-dimensional. And the latter is partially true.

Robert: Right. It is a return to the mentality of the Middle Ages. That is, each time we move further away from reality outside of Earth and we self-sustain ourselves with more false things. Denying the geodesic shape of the Earth implies many things. Like space travel. Interstellar citizenships and all that. And what does the Federation have to do with the Flat Earth?

Anéeka: Although I feel like they have their tentacles into everything, I don't see an obvious direct connection to it.

For me the agenda behind Flat Earth is more than anything to confuse the population to the point that they cannot know what is real and what is not. This also makes them more docile because they have fewer ideologies to defend.

Another very obvious thing, but it must be mentioned, is that the flat earthers hide behind the fact that NASA is lying. And this is true. NASA not only lies, its real purpose is to lie to people to cover and serve as a cover for other real space agendas, that is, the SSP.

But just because NASA lies all the time does not mean that the Earth is flat, as it has been proven to be "round" for thousands of years before NASA was created.

I feel that people fall into believing in Flat Earth because they have only woken up to realize that NASA is lying, and they do not have the necessary background or understanding to understand what is behind it or what other agendas there are, because they do not understand or believe in other things called conspiracy. They are simply not yet at the level necessary to understand all the lies and agendas, and that is the same with the coronavirus.

Gosia: Excuse me, Anéeka, but I didn´t understand what you mean that if the Earth is flat, there cannot be other planets or ET´s? As I am imagining a Flat Earth is that it is floating in space, flat, and there are more planets around but also flat, haha. In this sense, yes, ET life can continue outside. Unless they deny space outside of Earth as well.

Anéeka: That is yet another theory, without physical support, of how it can be that the planets are flat. The most widely accepted theory of the Flat Earth states that the other planets do not exist, but are projections like the moon and the sun, in a vault or dome. But yes, we observe that there are infinity of variants of that Flat Earth theory.

Gosia: They say they don't exist? I did not know that. And what is outside according to them?

Anéeka: Yes, it is the strongest trend within the Flat Earth model, the most accepted one. They say that the stars do not exist, they are only projections on the dome, and that the edges of the flat Earth are the ice walls of Antarctica, as seen in this image.

Robert: Flat earthers also excuse themselves by saying why the rainbow is shaped like a curve?

Anéeka: That's a lens effect with atmospheric water.

Robert: Refraction?

Anéeka: Yes.

Robert: I can't find how the flat Earth moves.

Anéeka: This is how it moves, that is consistent with the navigation data of the ships.

What is not seen in that GIF is that the other stars around the sun also move with it at the same speed and in perfect synchrony, which produces the illusion that the sun and the surrounding stars that form constellations are not moving. This speed of progression through space is not so appreciable, and that is because it is the entire arm of the Galaxy that moves as mass only with small differences between the stellar objects that compose it because of dynamics of movement particular to each zone.


(Originally in English)

Additional questions from the public:

Gosia: Please address all the things we see in the distance which should fall beyond the horizon but don't.

Anéeka: As far as I know all things fall below the horizon, none don't! Sometimes they may take a longer distance, depending on the location, due to the fact that the Earth is not perfectly round, it is an uneven rock.

Over exaggerated shapes, of course, for clarity. It still looks quite round from space. But it's not.

Gosia: Someone asks me: "Ask if Earth atmosphere is supposed to spin along with it and where would the demarkation line be between Earth and 'space' because the whole of the galaxy can't possibly spin along too".

Anéeka: The Earth's atmosphere has several layers depending on temperature and humidity levels among other factors, these move along in different directions generating wind. They move in different directions due to several factors like for example temperature changes on the surface and on each level that generate a pressure differential observed as changes in atmospheric pressure as part of a weather system that includes the formation of clouds.

So although there are several layers of atmosphere that are physically differentiated and moving in different directions, as a mass it does move along with Earth's rotation.

There is no clear physical demarcation between atmosphere and space as in reality the top layers of it get thinner and thinner as you ascend, so even in places that are officially called "space" like the level the ISS orbit's in, and many other satellites, and even us here, we can still measure some atmosphere. The only demarcation between atmosphere and space is by artificial agreement.

Gosia: Someone says: "Also, the lack of star parallax is a major red herring".

Anéeka: There is Star Paralax, but it is slight and only measured in Arc Seconds (shifting in their position in the night's sky along the year and with Earth's rotation, and can be used to triangulate its position). As explained why in detail in next questions.

Gosia: Another question from the public: "What about the idea that water always finds its level? If the Earth isn’t flat water sure is! Water is supposed to be sticking to a ball that’s spinning at 1000 miles per hour, that is".

Anéeka: Water does find its level and it has on Earth. But finding its level depends on gravity, on water temperature, and on salinity levels as those change the density of water and produce different layers in it as well.

Water is atmosphere as well, and as with air, in the oceans it also has several layers and ocean currents moving in different directions with different salinity levels and different temperatures, all this also affecting weather as part of a complex system. There is also a factor of gravity pull from the Moon that along with all the other factors I just mentioned will produce tides. Giving the illusion that water has not reached its level.

This is a simplistic excuse for Flat Earth as it's quite obvious that water in movement is not the same as still water, and in the case of Earth's oceans water is in constant movement.

Earth as a spinning ball does produce inertia that would expel objects and water, and it did and still does. But it also has a force that is cancelling inertia, and that force is gravity. The result of the combination of inertia and gravity will produce a zone where there will be an equilibrium between both forces creating a still.

That still area is where you all live, the surface, water (hydrosphere) and air (atmosphere) around you. All objects or things that are out of balance, because they have too much mass or any other factor, will end up being expelled from Earth, as many artificial satellites, orbital debris and even asteroids and meteors simply will fly off if that is their movement dynamic, or fall to Earth by gravity if their movement dynamic is set to be influenced more by gravity factor.

Gosia: Someone asks this: "Then the Earth is spinning at 66.6 thousand miles an hour (yes, THAT IS the ‘official’ speed) around the sun, then the sun and Earth are spinning around the galaxy, and then the sun and galaxy is shooting out from the Big Bang at another crazy speed! That’s at least four directions of movement at various speeds (none of which we can feel or see any effects of). Yet, every night for thousands of years the stars in constellations rise and set in the exact same clockwork fashion in the sky never missing an inch".

Anéeka: There was no Big Bang, that's Astrotheology inserted as science and sustained by a mathematical model to represent it but that does not reflect the outside world.

So the galaxies, even though do move, are not expanding or moving away from one another. The way Earth's science measures this expansion is using light. When light from a distant object is in the red spectrum or towards the red, it is said that the object is moving away, and when it's towards the blue it is getting closer.

So as astronomers see more red in the light coming from distant galaxies, they deduce that they must be moving away.

What Earth science does not see seriously, only as a fringe theory, is that light is not a constant as for measuring things and objects that way because space is not empty. It is a fluid at very high vibration, like water, you can also call it Ether. Nicola Tesla accepted this, but official science does not accept the existence of Ether.

As light traverses through hundreds of light years, if not thousands as well depending on the object being observed, it loses not only intensity but its higher frequencies as well, due to refraction or friction as it passes though the Ether. This gives way to light getting "tired" (see tired light theory on Earth) giving way to the illusion of an object moving away. But it's only an illusion.

Sometimes it is possible to measure the movement of a far away object observing what the light it emits is doing, but due to this other tired light factor to be considered, this method is very limited and prone to errors.

When you are moving or spinning in perfect synchronicity and equilibrium with what surrounds you, you do not feel your speed because you do not have any reference points. Best example of this is while on an aeroplane, your drink is not spilling, and you can walk along inside without feeling any speed. You can observe this in a car as well, same thing here, you do not feel the speed because you are moving with all what surrounds you. That is why you do not feel any effects.

Same with the Earth and same with the illusion of lack of paralax as asked in the previous question. Paralax is very slight, (measured movement of stars in short), because all the stars, constellations, and basically all this arm of the Galaxy is moving along with the sun, the Solar System and everything inside it. That's why the distance to other stars and their position in the night sky through thousands of years remains almost the same (there is difference and movement).

This is again as with the example of a person inside an aeroplane. Just because large constellations, stars, solar systems and everything in them, are moving along at the same rate of speed coordinated and in perfect harmony with one another, so the effects of speed are not felt as those are relative.

Gosia: Great! Thank you. Last question from a viewer: "How is it possible to see Mercury and Venus in a night sky from Earth?"

Anéeka: This is simply because Venus and Mercury are not directly towards the sun, but only in that direction, so what you see of them is sunlight being reflected from their surface. So even though they are in the direction of your sun, you can see them well because they are to one side of it or another depending on their orbital position in the solar system.

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