Hashmallim - Taygetan Pleiadian Military Special Units - Archangels in Action

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
April 11, 2024

Hashmallim - Taygetan Pleiadian Military Special Units - Archangels in Action

Originally in Spanish

Gosia: By the way, what do these names mean - Shinonim and Hashmallim?

Anéeka: These are Special Forces units. They are equivalent names on Earth to "Navy Seals" or "Delta Force".

Gosia: Where does this word "Hashmallim" come from? In the Wikipedia it says that the Hashmallim are angelic entities in Judaism. And to think that they are flesh and blood, Special Forces people, wow!

Robert: Is it from the Taygetan?

Anéeka: The base origin of the word does come from Taygetan, as in Hash'Mall, or "those who shine". From there, it was introduced into Hebrew/Judaism. They ARE archangels. Yes.

Dhor Káal'el: They rotate, they not always correspond to the archangels portrayed in the Bible and elsewhere. Some are missing and others were not included yet as they are more recent. Same beings, other bodies.

Also, contrary to what the Bible says, there were at least two females among the Hashmallims. In reality, they were Shinonim girls or D´jedi working among them temporarily, as cooperating during a mission.

Gosia: And are the Hashmallim different from the "normal" men there? Apart from their tasks.

Anéeka: No. "Archangel" here is a military rank given to someone for their abilities. For people on Earth to pray to an archangel is as absurd as for you to pray to a Sergeant.

Gosia: Haha. So it is not someone higher in consciousness? Many here see them as guards.

Anéeka: They are not more elevated. They are just military. They are trained, VERY trained. That's like asking Lieutenant Colonel "Tom Smith" to watch over you at night. But guards, that's what they are too. For example, Shinonim are the royal guards of the royalty of Taygeta. In this case, of HRH Alenym of Temmer.

Gosia: But I imagine that in other densities beyond 5D there will be some entities that would be like spiritual guardians/guides, no?

Anéeka: Yes, but that would be imposing the attribute or name on a higher density being. Okay, but the basis of the concept of "archangel" in Judaism comes from Taygeta units exclusively.

Those guys have placed everything on the line for people through the ages, dying multiple times there, many times horribly. Yet they fight on! They are a very special breed!

ANOTHER CHAT - Originally in English

Gosia: But all Hashmallims are archangels?

Dhor Káal'el: It is a military honorary grade or rank. But to be a Hashmallim, you need such a rank, so all Hashmallim are archangels as they are elite forces, not regular Taygetan military.

Notice our friends here, they all have been on Earth before. Delta Force Army Rangers, Navy Seal, Spetsnaz Russian Special Forces, and so on. Hashmallim have been at work on Earth for thousands of years. There is nothing new about this. But they no longer wear gold armour, red capes, shields and sandals, having a spear and a sword as a weapon. Today, they adapt to the times, and they dress army ACUPAT digital camo, full harness and Earth military gear, having M16 and AK47U as primary weapons, and not a spear. But the sword still remains with them. Some do wear capes here, nevertheless. It is a symbol of high rank and power.

Every conflict in the history of human kind has had Hashmallim intervention. Infiltrating, taking control from within, working alone or in conjunction with other races. Turning the tide for a better ending. Protecting civilians, the weak. Diverting the course of the conflict or preventing civilian harm. Counteracting negative operatives. Legion, as described in the Bible. They are there, defusing it all.

Gosia: Wow. But in the old times, did they still use technology?

Dhor Káal'el: Concealed technology does not have to be overt. The shield, for example, is actually a force field. It produces a toroidal force-field surrounding the warrior making him look invincible.

Gosia: I didn´t think the high technology was applied in disguise. I thought they basically went all raw in there, haha.

Dhor Káal'el: All the time, all the time. And around you.

Gosia: Around me?

Dhor Káal'el: For example, some airplanes are not "exactly" airplanes, as you know. Submarines are not all submarines either, and I mean the human ones.

Gosia: And what do they do when they are not in operations?

Dhor Káal'el: Training. A lot of running and shooting at static and moving targets, immersion programs as well with theoretical scenarios, of top difficulty of which few emerge alive, if any at all. They feel the need to be top notch all the time. Even though they are already highly trained, they still train.

Coca-Cola Machine - October 2022

Yazhi: The Hashmallim went down for supplies and brought up a machine that we all here freaked out about. We all laughed about it. Just because according to the Hash that's "art". They brought up a Coke vending machine, one of those red ones, and put it in the lounge for decoration. Hahaha. Just because they can. They liked it and that's "art" here. But, as it was said here, of all the things on Earth, they had to bring .... THAT?

Gosia: Haha I'm telling Matias now. He asks if there was Coca Cola inside.

Yazhi: Yeah sure, but nobody is going to drink it, it's just a souvenir, art. If you could see how hard we all laughed here about it. You better keep this for yourselves. But it's just that... these are those guys' ideas. And if you could see how easy it was, they say. They carried it between two of them. And they put it on one of the vans that then went up to a awaiting ship that brought them here.


Robert: But why don't these elite groups come here to do their jobs inside other bio-suits? Or with Matrix created bodies?

Anéeka: Because they do, but not these, these here are direct, they operate like Delta Force or like Navy Seals. Highly trained small groups.

Robert: But isn't that too risky?

Anéeka: They see it the other way around, the bio-suit means a lot of pain in the neck for them, immersion pods or reincarnations, all that, whereas if they go down as full Taygetans, they can use high-tech armored suits and gadgets that they couldn't use if they were just humans. Those suits repel bullets. With a human bio-suit they would not be able to use those high-tech suits. Nor would they be able to use the instrumentation that gives them an advantage, like having this ship looking down from orbit, 110 cm drones, assault craft and all that. They prefer to go down this way, with equipment.

Plus, they like the feeling of adrenaline and doing something. They do more and feel safer operating from here. They find it more practical and more in control to just put on a high-tech suit and climb into an assault craft. Get down and do their thing, get out again.

ANOTHER CHAT - Originally in English

Khila: Should anyone see my outfit here, my team, we would be the last thing they, as New Agers, would deem as Pleiadian. All tough, military, boots and bad smells! (Figure of speech). They look more like a military elite strike unit.

On Earth, military are mixing boys and girls. We think that is part of the extinction programs. Girls and boys, when in a team where physical work must be done, do not work well together. Because we are different with different capacity and strength/endurance ratings. We work well together as pilots or in other circumstances. Not running around with a 20kg backpack, two weapons, in a mosquito infested jungle at night and in the rain with enemy soldiers in hot pursuit.

What occurs is that the girls tend to slow the boys down and they get overprotective towards them, they also make them lose focus. It is dangerous. These guys are not green. They are veterans, they know their stuff and how they must work. On Earth and elsewhere.

Last operation - Venezuela. Some months ago, boots on the ground. Chasing and being chased by Navy Seals and CIA operatives: Declassified incident. Strike against power plant.

Gosia: Did the people there know you were from Taygeta?

Khila: They never knew we were there or who we were, that's the point.

Gosia: Ok. And how did you get in there? I mean, were you a part of the Earth military group?

Khila: No. We go down in a ship, we jump off as others would from a helicopter. We use helicopters because we come down and need to function as humans. That's the way it's always been. And they are safe. Then we are dusted off with a ship as well. Extracted.

Gosia: Another example of what you do here for Earth when someone asks: why aren´t they helping?

Khila: We are. No one knows it is us.

Gosia: But how do you justify your presence? As what Earth unit?

Khila: No Earth unit, although two of us here have been infiltrated in Earth units. Delta Force and Spetsnaz. In general, we do not. We are a unit. We work alone. And the fact that we are there on Earth sometimes, does not make us less stellar, using your terms familiar to you.

Gosia: And you get this idea of coming here in Taygeta? Of doing this?

Khila: When you are a member of a perfect society, where everything is given to you, all your needs are met, and you are a guy full of testosterone, you tend to get bored. And then you enlist. Each one has their own reason to be here, boys and girls.

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