HIDDEN SYMBOLOGY IN TOYS - **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

ATTACHE, english
March 29, 2021

HIDDEN SYMBOLOGY IN TOYS - **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

Yazhi: What's wrong with me is that sometimes I can't stop myself and I start to see agendas in toys as well. As symbology of: blue (MK ultra) on wings and butterflies and pink hair. Although, looking at it all in isolation, it's all very beautiful. I can separate what I know from what I feel without going any further, but it does make me angry to see how they impose their ways of thinking everywhere contaminating everything beautiful.

The first would be: The forbidden tree of wisdom with fruits of gold.

It is the tree of life symbolized there with the forbidden fruit of gold for its value because everyone wants it. Wisdom which means power, and which naked humans, without wisdom or self-knowledge, should not have.

The second would be: Butterfly wings or dragonfly. It is related to slavery MK ultra. Demented people ready to act out the pre-programmed orders of their masters.

The third one: Pink hair. That means slave of the satanic Cabal and it is sexual in nature, mostly.

The fourth would be: The sacrificial owl. The owl would not be interpreted this way were it not for the fact that it is among the others. Baphomet.

Interviewer (narrating): Yazhi told us that, looking more closely, the owl is standing on a tree of life, more precisely. In the center of the tree. So, she shared this image with us so that we could see that, in the center of the image, that is: 'a tree of life'. That is its representation.

If we look at the image where the toys are, we see that where the owl is, it's basically a very similar tree.

Yazhi: Finally: The unicorns as phallic symbolism combined with the figures of feminine innocence. For the madmen of the satanic Cabal, the unicorn is a symbol of masculine sexual energy, where the horse is the strong energy and the horn is the masculine member that they always place near feminine figures with overtones of extreme innocence. Again, sexual sacrifices.

Interviewer: Here it would represent Adam and Eve?

Yazhi: Yes.

The constant use of teddy bears in movies and video games symbolizes ritual sacrifice. In the movies, if you see a girl or boy carrying a teddy bear, it is because he or she will later suffer an accident or be killed. They place teddy bears in the homes of ritual sacrifice victims before they make them disappear. Giving a teddy bear to a child indicates child exploitation of all kinds. But it is also used as indicating a place of sacrifice even for adults as seen in video games like "Call of Duty". However, again, filtering out the sick meaning, it's just a beautiful teddy bear.

In this film, it depicts pedophilic ritual.

The bear in this scene is a symbol of ritual sacrifice that appears in the game "Call of Duty", in the zombie part. Note that in this game, if you don't know it, a player goes in there and must defend himself from wave after wave of zombies. Where at each level the difficulty rises to the breaking point. So, even if the player is very good with his weapons to defend himself from the zombies, sooner or later they will get him, because the game is unwinnable.

Notice how, as you progress through the game, the player will have the illusion of winning over the zombies because he eliminates them efficiently with his weapons, and the characters even laugh at them. But, in the end, they will win. Symbolizing that, whatever the humans do, the satanic Cabal wins in the end. And the bear is everywhere.

The player in that game is the sacrifice. People will say that it's just a game, but it goes beyond that, because what it does to the player is cause an enormous frustration after having fought, say, 12 levels, only to be trapped in the next one. Generating unconscious programming of futility of the fight, of helplessness and low vibrations. So, it is training the players with micro ritual sacrifices when playing that game.

It goes further, because in another chapter of the same video game series, the player must go about collecting hidden artifacts, as well as killing zombies, to survive wave after increasingly difficult wave. And, with those artifacts, he must be putting them in a ritual room with pentagram below to complete the ritual, where he brings to life a satanic Cabal butterfly. But they openly say in the game chamber that this is a sacrifice and that it is a satanic ritual. They do not hide it. Place of the ritual in the game is this image (above).

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