HIDDEN SYMBOLOGY - TIAHUANACO - SUMER - EGYPT **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

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September 19, 2021

HIDDEN SYMBOLOGY - TIAHUANACO - SUMER - EGYPT **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

Interviewer: You said that Tiahuanaco was an Atlantean city. What is the Sun Gate? What does it represent?

Yazhi: It is a portal. They were indicating that the portal is in the Sun and that portal opens cyclically. That's why it's square.

Interviewer: What exactly do you mean?

Yazhi: That, according to my information, the portal opens every solstice, which is when the Sun passes through the Sun Gate in Tiahuanaco. The Sun Gate is an indicator of when the portal opens, as well as the other Sun gates in other sites.

Above the gate we find this.

Again, it indicates that it is related to the double portal of the Owl Nebula.

The being holds in its hands two feathered birds. They are not snakes, it indicates two ships, as seen also in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Some data indicate that the being is made structured as a chip, indicating the need for artificial intelligence to handle a ship with precision. Although that part doesn't quite convince me.

Here is the portal again, but in Sumeria. Again, the same symbol above the portal, indicating starship, being or person in a ship.

Here again, also in Sumer. Below, the so-called "tree of life". It is actually a portal in the constellation with the same name.

The flowers are stars.

The arch here also represents a portal. It means passing through the portal. It has wings because it flies. It holds hands to the constellation of Orion. One side as seen from Earth. The other, mirrored, as seen from space.

Interviewer: Why is it called "the tree of life"?

Yazhi: It's called "the tree of life" because that's where they came from, that's where life came from, their life.

The tree of life again. But since the hippie movement is controlled by the Cabal, it is inverted, thus creating an anti-tree of life. It is inverted.

Interviewer: Wow, thank you Yazhi. I didn't know that the hippie peace symbol was inverted. And what does the bag that the Anunnaki carry in their hand represent?

Yazhi: The small bag carried by the Anunnaki and also present in the giants of Tula, in Mexico, represents seeding. But not just actual sowing as in crops, but in sowing wisdom. Starting with the knowledge on how to turn a nomadic, basic and primitive civilization into a sedentary one with agriculture. With that, boosting their whole culture in a very strong way, because they have their livelihood mostly worked out.

Interviewer: And what does the key "Ankh" mean?

Yazhi: The key "Ankh" carries other deeper and more diverse meanings. It is said to be the key of life and, in part, it is true, since it is also a representation of the tree of life. But it is not only that.

For example, here Ishtar carries two. Here, in this image, she only carries one. It symbolizes that she has the command over something that flies, that's why it is combined with the wings. It is a joystick of a spaceship. Which means that it is a sign that this person, represented in stone, could fly and was a being from another world.

What bird do you know that flies sitting down? None. One flies sitting alone in a ship or airplane. That is why here, in this representation, the wings are not in flight, but in a resting position.

Her feet are falcon feet because of her association with Horus, because it also flies. She is standing on two lions. The lion symbolizes Egypt. Two lions symbolize Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. The owls again are the portals of the Owl Nebula, which came out of there, went through Egypt and came back that way. It has nine serpents on the head, each one representing wisdom coming from, and in ship. Nine serpents, nine stars, the Pleiades M45.

Interviewer: In this image you said that the arch meant that it was going through a portal. Is it on top of a bull because it indicates that it came out of the constellation Taurus into Orion through a portal?

Yazhi: Exactly, as represented in the case of Ishtar over the lions. I am in Taurus and I go through the portal to Earth. And Orion there could also be argued to refer to the three pyramids, to Egypt again.

It doesn't go with the thread of the conversation anymore, but I will still share it. Inside a flying machine. The astronaut of Palenque.

And yes, it is what it looks like. They have a full size replica of that in the Taygetan ship. They have a little museum there, as you already know. Nice pieces, many originals. But the replica of the Palenque astronaut is not only full size, it has every last detail of the original with cracks, grain of the stone and everything.

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