How to become the best version of yourself - Enhance your light

Za'el and Arien - English
April 20, 2023

How to become the best version of yourself - Enhance your light

Za´el: I welcome you. Thank you for your interest and for coming to listen to me. I hope you are very well. If not, I hope I can help you, at least to feel like you are in company.

A few weeks ago, I talked about the light and the dark within us, and how we all possess both to some extent within us, and that is not a bad thing. I also talked about how that is connected to one's shadows and traumas, and will continue to be closely linked. I will try to explain in as practical a way as I can and that you can apply it when you have the opportunity. I'm afraid that it'll most likely be soon.

Based on how we define our light and how we define our darkness, we could label one as positive and the other as negative, as one represents good intentions, attitudes, and emotions towards certain situations, and the other represents just the opposite, respectively.

However, in the end, we talked about wearing that mask or that casing that, from the outside, might appear to be darkness when, in reality, it was about defending oneself with wisdom, with wit, and without losing respect. Because being a being of light does not mean giving up taking care of yourself in the face of attacks or darkness from others.

So, how do you enhance the light in you when the world you live in tends towards hostility? Well, being the best version of yourself does not necessarily mean exposing yourself to danger. As Marie said in one of her last videos, maybe it's better to maintain a certain level of mystery or caution for your own safety.

But of course, you can. There is never just one path, but I do believe that it always involves a process that begins with knowing yourself 100%, and to know yourself 100%, it is necessary to locate your shadows, locate the things that make you feel bad, that cause you problems, that bother you, that hurt you, and look for where they come from, why they are there.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to find it because we tend to bury those things as a defense mechanism. But you should never give up or resign yourself to saying, 'I can't find it, I don't know, it's too hard, how can I know, I can't, I'm not capable,' because you're going to tend to say it and give up. Oh, that's the most common thing. You have to go on and be as honest as you can be with yourself. Be brave. Have the courage to be objective and coherent and use logic to answer your questions. Above all, when you have already found where that shadow comes from, because then you will have to have the courage to accept it, to know that it's there and that it's okay.

You are a person. Relax. It's all right. Once at this point and depending on what it is, you will have to assess whether changing those things is within your control, whether you want to change them or not, the consequences of your decision, and learn to truly accept and integrate the resulting situation and the answers you find. The goal is to go through this very hard and time-consuming process with each of those things that bother you or make you suffer in some way.

If I had to give you a magic key to make this process easier for you, it would be two important things: Objectivity, on the one hand, to be totally objective, rational, logical, and sincere with the questions and answers you give yourself by analyzing your emotions or situations. Secondly, but just as important, understanding. Be understanding of yourself. Of course, you have to recognize what you have done wrong, but you also have to stop and understand why you have done it precisely so as not to repeat it. It doesn't mean that everything is justified, but you must learn to let go of that karma and that remorse if you really want to change and improve. Understand yourself and be that person who needs precisely the child crying inside you that we were talking about earlier.

All this connects to several topics I would like to talk about in the future, such as how to connect with that inner child, release that karma, and the importance of the words you use to refer to yourself and situations. Topics that will prevent you from being consumed by your own darkness.

And this was just the first step to empowering your light, or rather aspiring to become the best version of yourself. Had you already forgotten what I was talking about? It is the most complicated and requires a lot of courage.

Once you have overcome this process, you must also learn to recognize the good in you. This is very important because this is precisely what you want to enhance. The mere fact of wanting to change or improve is, in itself, something to be proud of, and it is something that a very low percentage of the human population does, either for comfort, fear, laziness, or for a thousand other reasons.

In my honest opinion, it is mostly about the comfort of pointing outside and not looking inside. Anything that makes you gentle, honest, noble, generous, kind, caring, humble, or whatever, you should be proud of. Even talking about skills, what you are good at, skilled at, cultured at, should make you proud without, of course, falling into foolishness or ego, always willing to accept the mistake and to keep on learning in order not to be wrong the next time. Every time you make a mistake, you are growing. The new perspective is always welcome to further grow your understanding of any reality, also by being willing to accept, without any fear, what you know you are ignorant about.

What will happen? You will be judged? Isn't it by asking questions that you learn new facts? Next time you'll know a little more. In fact, the very fact that you are capable of this is also something you can be proud of. Everyone wants to be right and likes to look like the one who knows, but for what? How will that make them grow? Who is growing the most?

Once you have recognized and solved or integrated your shadows, are aware of your virtues, and make them shine when the occasion calls for it, and lose the fear of being ignorant or incapable in order to keep learning, you will be able to help others in the best possible way because you will do so with knowledge, knowing what you can do for them and being totally honest. To help improve your world, you must first help yourself and work on yourself. Be warned, however, that only those who are willing to cooperate can be helped.

But all this does not solve the problem of the hostility of a world in which it is not convenient to be just a harmless little white rabbit of light. Unfortunately, you must be alert and not be fooled or stepped on by others, and keep your dignity high when necessary, with respect and with class, and again without falling into ego (and here I am referring to the negative connotation of ego).

For example, if you choose to show yourself as you are to a person, and that person ends up turning that against you in some way, don't regret it. Be discerning about who you show yourself to and what part of you, you reveal, and if it happens that you've got it wrong, it's not your fault. It is not you who is doing something wrong. You can withdraw with dignity and class and go on your way. Don't give away any more time or any more of yourself to someone who doesn't value or deserve it.

As I said before, they will probably try to make you feel bad about it, but you will use your intelligence to take care of yourself. And actually, although it sounds more interesting to say that you are using darkness to protect yourself, that's not the point because you are not doing anything wrong. In fact, you are just acting as is necessary.

Sometimes, we can find ourselves with a clear shadow in another person we care about and love. Seeing the darkness in someone we care about can be very painful, frustrating, and upsetting. You will have to have the wisdom to assess whether you should tell them and help them to detect that shadow and accompany them in the process of overcoming it, or leave them to hit the wall on their own that will make them see. That is, as long as they don't cross the line into disrespecting you, of course.

Don't forget to take care of yourself. And, above all, don't demand the world to be the way you think is right. Neither to them directly nor expect them, in general, to act in a certain way. Accept the darkness in the one who does not want to let go of it and keep working on yourself.

We define darkness as negative and light is positive. However, there are times when one protects the other. Sometimes, a person with totally dark intentions will hide under a mask of light to help them move towards their sinister goal. At other times, a person will wear a mask that allows them to move in the darkness while their ultimate goal is actually the best and brightest in the world.

This all sounds very dualistic, but I believe that it can help very well to understand some things about oneself and, above all, to integrate all that one is. Use this information wisely. For me, it is literally learning to live.

I hope to see you soon. Best regards and take heart,

Za´el of Erra

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