Interstellar Life 5C - Swaruu and Yazhi and their Starship Suzy - Anecdotes

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
April 05, 2024

Interstellar Life 5C - Swaruu and Yazhi and their Starship Suzy - Anecdotes

Swaruu´s flying mission - 2019

Gosia: How was it? Successful?

Swaruu (9): Oh! Tiresome. Always having to display air superiority. Successful but a 5h mission. Ships are back in.

Gosia: Quite long. Did anything in particular happen?

Swaruu (9): No, not today. We keep our respectful distances, but always on radar.

Gosia: Were you seen by anyone?

Swaruu (9): By all the radar stations in Anchorage. And others.

Gosia: What a thrill it must be. But you were seen as planes?

Swaruu (9): I do love flying, dodging clouds at night in moonlight! No, this time as starships. Our mission is to be seen. Present.

Gosia: Did they try to do anything about it?

Swaruu (9): No, yesterday they did want to confront us. Today, the US fighters were only maintaining their perimeter and us ours. We did not go into their airspace as a sign of respect.

Gosia: Ok, so not only you wanted to be seen by radars on the ground but by other human fighters, yes?

Swaruu (9): Yes, people on the ground, not necessary. But yes by all traffic control, especially military.

Gosia: Are you sure now this will be reported all the way to the Cabal? As that´s the ultimate goal of the mission, right?

Swaruu (9): Of course! They know where we are and who we are. And they know we will not let them pass.

Gosia: They even know who you are?

Swaruu (9): Yes, they do. They know we are bad news.

Gosia: Did you go with other ET ships?

Swaruu (9): No, only Taygetan. Six ships, all Taygetan. Devil Girl, Hungry Gunabul, Bad Karma, Black Cat, Suzy, Horus. Now there are Centauri "Black Knight" fighter ships in that area. And then we came back here to the mother ship, Toleka, code RTB, all in a nice chevron flying formation with Khila at the lead.

Gosia: After I get extracted, can I participate in those flying missions?

Swaruu (9): Yes, why not?! And I think you will want flying training, or at least to remember.

Gosia: You think I knew how to fly there?

Swaruu (9): You where the skipper of the Taygeta ship. That means you are, or were, a pilot. You cannot skip a ship not being a pilot! Even the big ones. But, remember, you were a large ship skipper, it's very different from a fighter pilot.

Gosia: I hope you are still there when I go up. And we can go on missions like that together.

Swaruu (9): Only please don't puke in the cockpit. It can get rough!

Gosia: Haha, what happens if I do?

Swaruu (9): You clean it!

Gosia: You don´t have any anti motion pills? We do.

Swaruu (9): No. What I have is inertia dampeners... but what's the fun in that?!

Gosia: No no... no inertia dampeners. I love the acceleration and all that.

Swaruu (9): They are always active to a 98%. If I turn them off, we would turn into jello mushed on to the inside of the cockpit windows! But that 2% is enough to give you the thrill and make you sick! It gets too much. I've flown at 90% but it's really demanding on your body. You start getting very heavy and you can barely hold your head up. You must contract your legs and buttocks and tighten your stomach muscles to try to press some blood up into your brain or you will pass out, and that is with the G-suit on. Without it, you will pass out!

(Swaruu showing a video of a fighter jet flying)

My world more or less. Notice the cloud cover above the hard deck (ground).

Gosia: That´s very close to the mountains. You are never afraid you could make some mistake and crash into them?

Swaruu (9): We always have that in mind! The noise is similar, only louder in a Taygetan fighter (bigger engines).

Gosia: Awesome. But what if there is some higher than normal mountain that suddenly pops up and you don´t have enough time to react.

Swaruu (9): Then you pull your stick up and make a 90° up turn and climb above it! The ship's "betty" (the computer) will indicate in audio: "Pull up. Terrain terrain terrain" right before that. Watch the entire video, it will give you a good example of my life here. It´s just the same.

Gosia: You never have a temptation to land on some remote island or location? A particularly beautiful place?

Swaruu (9): Always and we have or I have! And the sound, the noise, I love it! I really do love that turbine sound behind you. That roar of power!

Gosia: Very relaxing but also thrilling at the same time, yes! I get chills when the plane accelerates and goes up in the air in the first seconds. The sound comes on and all. The power, as you said. It´s something inexplicable.

Swaruu (9): I can never get over the acceleration and the power of light. Once you experience this, you never can leave it behind and you will continue to fly for the rest of your life or die! Must go now, sister! I will leave you in the company of a beautiful F-16C in the video.

Gosia: Ok, thanks! And thank you for stopping by. And well done on the mission!

Suzy wants to leave Swaruu - end of 2019

Swaruu (9): Suzy wants to go to look for another Swaruu from another line, she doesn't know which one yet. She is programmed to look for a Swaruu from the age of 13 and to be at her disposal. But this is breaking my heart. I tell her not to leave me alone, but she doesn't see me as alone. I really feel very distressed about this.

But, apparently, about three days ago I convinced her not to leave but I know she has that in mind, and that really hurts me. Losing my companion and friend, that's what I tell her.

Gosia: You can order her, can't you? Let another Suzy from another line go for that other Swaruu. There are many timelines and many Suzys.

Swaruu (9): It just doesn't work as a digital computer, these ships reason. I'm really going to feel very unprotected without her.

Gosia: And what happens if many Suzys go after that Swaruu? How do you know it's not already happening?

Swaruu (9): That's what I'm telling her, just focus here now. What happens in another timeline is none of our business. And whether it's today or 100 years from now, it would still get to that other Swaruu girl of 13 at the same time!

Imagine if your car said it wanted to go and find another Robert or Gosia who, according to it, "needs it more than you". What is that?! Besides, there are thousands and thousands of Suzys. Let Kaalel´s or Chiqui´s Suzys go. It's not fair and I feel angry with Suzy. It seems that she already understood but it still hurts me a lot.

Gosia: Yes. Why don't other Suzys want to go?

Swaruu (9): Because Kaal'el does pilot her as a fighter ship and Chiqui's just arrived with her this year.

Gosia: But what if hundreds of Suzys react to this call, from different timelines, and they all go for that Swaruu. Is it possible? Or do different Suzys from different timelines communicate to coordinate?

Swaruu (9): They don't coordinate other than when they cross each other's timelines. They just calculate it with their particle accelerator minds as best they can. The one with the scalar communication is Chiqui.

For every Swaruu out there in the quantum field there's a Suzy, I've told her. And she wants to leave me alone.

Gosia: She doesn´t understand or doesn't agree?

Swaruu (9): I guess she does understand and she won't leave. But she left me with the fear and the feeling angry. I felt like I was betrayed.

Besides, it's not like I abandoned it. Besides, I consider it as my little house inside. That's where my stuff from my whole life is.

Gosia: One thing though... look at it this way, on the positive side: the Suzys are so well programmed to protect you that now you never have to feel too bad... because you know that at any really difficult moment, some Suzy will feel you and come for you. Or maybe many. That all of you, Swaruus and Suzys, are connected. Never really alone.

Swaruu (9): Yes, but they have failed me in the past, as you know. They mostly seem to focus on 13-year-old girls.

I tell you, I even started taking my stuff off the ship, this in the last week. Then I talked to her and I still haven't gotten my stuff back on board. I still have boxes here in my room inside the Toleka. I felt angry. Very angry, and I yanked out my clothes and my artifacts that I keep, like my swords, my ornaments, some old masks, and computer equipment. I took everything from there and I'm still halfway returning it all on board.

Gosia: Maybe she wants to protect you from time jumps too. Maybe she knows something that she doesn't tell?

Swaruu (9): I don't know. But as of July 4 2017, I don't time jump.

Gosia: Maybe she feels a bit useless? Do you use it to fly? Does she get bored?

Swaruu (9): Yes it's true, she needs to get out more. DK took her out but he has his ship. And that one does get out to fly and maneuver. I've become sedentary and boring.

But yes, all three ships synchronized, mine, DK's and Chiqui's ship. The ships only do that, equalize, when they are together, they pass all information to each other as if they were a Google account synchronization. The same consciousness is in all 3 ships. But they are not synchronized with Toleka. Only between Suzys.

All the ships in the fleet pass information to each other like a holographic Internet cloud. But the Suzys don't do it because they are like separate, for other special operations. To put it in a different way, they have access to more sensitive or delicate information than the others.

In itself, in appearance, the DK´s one is more "impressive". Same color but with white stripes that give it a different life, and larger stabilizers, and an overall more aggressive appearance. But it is a Block 3, or so-called Super Suzy class.

Its computer engine control is even more sophisticated. Its gravity engines generate more power in TEV and, although my Suzy generates more energy, when they are at maximum power output, it is outperformed by Kaal'el's TPE-157. It is heavier in appearance with more ship up front, but it balances it out more in maneuvering. It also weighs more at 3040 tons outweighing Suzy at 3000 tons in weight.

It's ugly to accept, but it is a more advanced ship than my Suzy. Still, in most things, they are identical. And the parts are interchangeable.

And Chiqui's is identical to mine. DK's seems to be a better ship. Chiqui's and mine are the same ship just other timelines. Both in this one, both have the same serial number. Legally, they are the same ship TPT-155.

Gosia: Shouldn't Chiqui's be even more advanced? Being from the future?

Swaruu (9): It's not from the future, it's just my ship going around in time. Actually, the one from the "future" is the DK´s one. That's why it has improvements.

Gosia: Why is his from the future?

Swaruu (9): DK's is "Block 3". Mine is "Block 1". Because it was built by correcting the problems of the "Block 1 and 2" ones.

Also, the Suzy Block 1 and Block 2 have sensor problems in the back, they are blinded by the flash of the same engines. In the DK´s one, the problem is already solved.

Gosia: Is it fun, Swaruu, for you to be with people, us, who don't know anything about these things, and have so many questions for you that seem silly, or bore you?

Swaruu (9): No. Something moves me to filter everything I can there down to Earth. Nowadays, I no longer care if it looks like science fiction or not, although it makes me upset. And it's upsetting because I'd like to share more. It's just my life here. What I live every day. And I want you to understand it. What I want to share is what it's like to live here. It's all so normal here, and unbelievable from there. Unfair!

For example, finishing up here with you, I'm going to give an extra coating to Suzy's rear stabilizers that I have removed precisely because I thought it would go away. And since they are something I designed and added to her, I took them off to put them on DK's or Chiqui's ship as spares. Oh, I do still feel angry with her.

Yazhi getting a cone for Suzy - 2020

Gosia: So what did you do today?

Yazhi: I was servicing my little ship. Taking care of pneumatic systems. And checking the landing gear hydraulics. And considering a new frontal panel for the nose. (Not made yet, I'm chewing on it).

Gosia: Hahaha. I just read that to Matias. Dilemmas of a space girl!

Yazhi: Just saying! Right now I'm only thinking of a new nose cone for Suzy. Kinda like a new hat, I guess! I think she looks ordinary from the front. And this will make her look more "bad-ass", I guess.

Gosia: Are you going to paint it, Matias asks?

Yazhi: No, it's polymorphic alloy. Takes on the color you want, or none at all. You have the base dust, and you program it to the shape you designed, so it follows it and forms the part. Then the computer holds the shape, and it's solid from there on.

Gosia: So what colour will you give it? And I wish I could help you with your selections and designs there haha, but I don´t know anything about space ship noses.

Yazhi: Black or Suzy-blue, I haven't decided that yet.

Gosia: Cool! Probably black. If the rest is blue.

Yazhi: Probably! It´s got many black details any way!

The problem is that nothing comes for free and making such a thing does eat into the Toleka's polymorphic metal stock, in the parts inventory. So, if needed, there wouldn't be as much in store. And, as it is base material, you cannot replicate it. It must be smelted in zero G in a precision lab in an industrial space-station orbiting Temmer.

Think of every particle of dust in this material as a miniature spherical robot. Nano technology that sticks to one another in a programmable way, activating or de-activating connecting stations in the particle.

Gosia: And what would they need it for, the Taygetans?

Yazhi: Just about for everything. To make parts for the ship, replace or make a hull plate. Structural components of the ship should it suffer damage. So I do feel like a bit guilty to eat into the reserves of that material. I have it planned, designed and ready to make at the touch of a few buttons. But I'm holding myself back because of this I just told you. And I feel I'm making this part just because I'm kinda idle and need something to do.

Gosia: Can you haul it from another timeline, or the way you bring food?

Yazhi: I have never done so with such a complicated material before, it could work, or then again maybe not. And that part is not only for aesthetics, but I want it mainly for that. It does reinforce the ship's (Suzy's) front end alike an extra shield! But that's just an excuse. Because I would make it just because I think it's cool. But I do or would feel guilty about it!

Gosia: I think it´s a great idea and I really like that you are thinking of that, to design this, because it shows you feel better and that you feel happier. And also, that activity itself will make you even happier as a result. But maybe do ask them?

Yazhi: They said it does add up to the consumption of polymorphic metal reserve. But if I want it, I should go ahead and make the part. The part is or would be as big as a small van, I guess.

Gosia: Would it take up like 5% of their reserves?

Yazhi: No, more like 1% but, as they said, it adds up. Yet, it would look wicked cool on Suzy. It's more for me than for the ship I guess, though. Like she cares for a "new hat".

Yazhi letting Suzy go - end of 2020

Yazhi: I'm losing Suzy. Better said, I'm setting her free.

Gosia: Why?

Yazhi: I no longer need her. And she is programmed to go help another Swaruu. One at 13 in Erra. She will go there in some timeline and help her, give her all the information accumulated in her data banks. In other timelines. I know there are those Swaruus out there because they are all me. One needs Suzy now.

Gosia: But how do you know you don´t need her? You are too young to know that! You will need her when you grow older!

Yazhi: I no longer need Suzy.

Gosia: Doesn´t that Swaruu have her own Suzy? You can´t be without your ship!

Yazhi: Yes, she will, and it will be mine. This is how it has been for a very long time. You can´t be without one, the ship. I can. I've overgrown the need for a ship. As I said before, if you can manifest a ship, you don't need a ship. I can jump with mind alone now. That other Swaruu cannot. So I'm sending Suzy to her.

Gosia: But how will you teleport to unknown places? You told me you can´t jump if you don´t know the place?

Yazhi: I'm perfecting remote viewing. I will shortly. My powers are growing.

Gosia: When will she go?

Yazhi: In a few days, as soon as I remove from her all my personal stuff. I always knew that this time would come.

Gosia: What do the others say?

Yazhi: They are in shock, they don't understand. I spend hours each day in my island. And I go there and back with no ship. I've outgrown the need for a ship. It is ok.

Gosia: Swaruus are pilots though. Don´t you like flying? Even if you can teleport with mind, this is about flying the machine, for the sake of pure pleasure. Won´t you miss that in the future?

Yazhi: I can fly in Suzy, alone like Supergirl, I can fly on the back of a duck, I can fly in a WWII plane, I can fly on the back of a dragon. I don't need her any longer.

Gosia: Ok. And how do you feel about that?

Yazhi: A bit sad, but I know it is time. I'm prepared to let her go.

Gosia: Well, I am proud of you for making that decision. It´s quite mature of you!

Yazhi: For ships, I have all I need here... or I can summon a Suzy at will. I feel my powers are growing.

Gosia: Nice! In what area are they growing?

Yazhi: Everywhere.

Gosia: Give me an example of where you feel especially expanded.

Yazhi: I can manipulate matter and energy at will each time more efficiently. I can jump to my known places with total ease. I can now isolate my body from whatever is touching it, so I no longer will get into a thorny bush predicament again.

Gosia: What´s the definition of manipulating matter? Like holding a biscuit in your hand and turning it into a flower?

Yazhi: For myself yes, still working on making it visible to others. Nevertheless, Suzy is not gone yet and... she will be gone when she's gone. Not 100% certainty, but close to.

Gosia: What do you mean?

Yazhi: I'm still evaluating the other Swaruu´s need for her. But I'm quite sure she does need her. She's 13, she just lost her mother. She will leave Erra and her house to join Starfleet. And that's when and where Suzy arrives.

Gosia: And there it starts again... the spirals haha. Is she Swaruu 12, like you?

Yazhi: As she is, she is a Swaruu 7 or 8 when she gets the ship, all what is in it, and she learns all what I send her. If she understands what I do and how I do it, then she might become a 12. And there it starts again, yes.

A Suzy goes to another Swaruu when she dies. This time I'm not dead. I transcended the need for a ship. But I must let Suzy go to preserve the natural order of things. I cannot keep her as a collectors item.

Gosia: And what does Suzy say herself?

Yazhi: She's the first one to suggest it. She is ready. I'm a kid, I'm not using her as ship to fly as a fighter any way! She might come back to me when I turn 13 anyway, who knows. It is always at 13 so I'm not even supposed to have a ship yet. She was Swaruu 11's ship, my mother's. Not mine. So I'll wait for mine in any case.

UPDATE 2024: Yazhi ship has been gone for some time now.

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