Is Putin Fighting Deep State in Ukraine? Levels of Cabal and Vlash - Athena Swaruu and Yazhi

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
March 03, 2022

Is Putin Fighting Deep State in Ukraine? Levels of Cabal and Vlash - Athena Swaruu and Yazhi

Originally in Spanish

Swaruu X (Athena): I insist that I see here military attrition on purpose. I insist that the objective is to disturb the people, not only the inhabitants of Ukraine, but also those of Russia, because nobody mentions the Russian suffering, for the situation, for their relatives and friends on the front, because of the anxiety about a major war, even a nuclear one. And finally the suffering of the rest of the world, because it affects everyone and at all levels, from the psychological, to the economic because inflation will skyrocket, and there will be shortages of everything, among other things.

Now I know that theories are coming out in favor of Putin. They say that he is fighting against the Deep State, and that Ukraine was a nest of Illuminati because of the political and business connections where Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, is very involved, among other things.

The obvious truth to me is that all this is more Q-style or Q-tinged levels of disinformation. As the Cabal say: Never let a crisis go to waste. They will use it to push any agenda they can, including that of fighting the Deep State.

Deep State which I insist is not so deep, as it has controllers behind it which in turn has controllers behind it. Up to a clearly non-human level, of races that are not humanomorphs, Reptilians, Tall Greys, Orange and Malakak among other races that hide and use portals. In the end all egregores of the creative mind of the beings with soul like that of many humans.

What I can add is that Putin is not working against the Deep State, but is part of the Deep State itself that plays both sides, controls both sides of everything, as in WWII, among so many other places. Putin is just playing his role.

Although the Illuminati play both sides, there is a perverse game at this obvious level, and that is the proxy wars of the lower political strata of the Cabal, I refer in this case to the mafia control of the Biden family through Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, who has majority of control and monopoly with his family over the Ukrainian company Burisma Holdings that manages and dominates mining, oil, and natural gas among other resources.

Where Ukraine's President Volodimir Zelenski, formerly a TV comedian, lent himself as a puppet of the Biden family directly through CIA handlers.

These are firm facts. What it means is that Ukraine under Zelenski is basically a CIA state. It means that Ukraine is Biden's since Burisma Holdings, (also a banking company among other things, since it is a monopolizing monster), basically dominates Ukraine economically and that is dominating Ukraine and everything it does, including its international policy.

Where Hunter Biden, who is known as a psychopathic lout like his entire family members, receives the amount of $50,000 a month as a Lobbyist, that is, for doing nothing, just because he has the shares of the company. Virtually all of them.

So this means that Ukraine is basically an Illuminati base of the criminal Biden dynasty on Russia's doorstep, which at these levels of the Cabal's perverse game, would alarm Russia.

So this is the basis for those who say that Putin is working against the Deep State, but this is not to help the people of planet Earth, but to protect his own interests and those of his club, which is expressly called "Russia", but whose interests do not include the civilian population of Russia, but only use them as an excuse.

This ends up being one of the basis of Putin's reasons to invade Ukraine, since it is a nest of corruption and expansion of the criminal dynasty Biden against his interests of his "Russian" club.

But as a final point, Putin is only playing his role, the one dictated to him from above by his handlers, as he is just another avatar to control a region and lacks real power to the degree that the people are told.

New conversation:

Originally in English:

Yazhi: Putin is Cabal... as he has always been. Karistus know he is Cabal, to a certain degree.

Russia is fighting against non-human factions in Ukraine. Does not mean Russia is "good". It´s just "human" so enemy is fighting enemy as in Cabal against rough Reptilian forces, known in that region as Vlash. They are at the top of Earth Cabal, but under Federation. But not directly taking orders from Federation, they think they are independent but they are not.

And Vlash are related to Ukraine through Biden and his monopoly that basically makes Ukraine become his property. And having license to be there, his hybrids and direct Vlash operatives, mostly underground, take residence or move to underground Ukraine and from there they dominate not only Ukraine but the whole region, placing a mayor threat to Russia itself. And certain factions of Vlash are working with certain factions of NATO. So that is yet another level of the fight, a lot of it underground, nothing being black and white, and it is the expansion of US based Reptilian factions into Ukraine, too close to what Putin feels is his backyard.

The war is at all levels, from simple gas line monopoly, and political and strategic positions, to a more expanded non-human skirmish for territorial control. In a way, Cabal is fighting against more rotten parts of more Cabal. So the situation is very complicated. Putin is Cabal, yes, but remember Cabal also has White Hats and Black hats. But he is totally Cabal, that's a given! But the very same person, Cabal member, can do good things and then bad things. Good things that look very bad and bad things that look good.

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