Media communication in Taygeta - **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

ATTACHE, english
April 19, 2021

Media communication in Taygeta - **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

Interviewer: What is the media like in Taygeta?

Anéeka: Everything moves through a network similar to the Internet. It is not a television. You just feed the news data to the network and from there everyone decides if they want to search for something in particular or not. But there is a page, so to speak, with news or general data of what is happening.

Unlike Earth, any citizen can upload their news, but without the censorship of YouTube. However, it is not invasive. It's just there. Nothing like: "We interrupt this program to... ". Because, as I told you, there are no programs as such, but there is a planetary network connected to the network of the Alcyone Council, connected to the network of the Federation and others. All together. Where the amount of information that is there is unquantifiable.

And entertainment is not like watching movies and series, but it is with a purpose of learning. And it's the same with movies and series on Earth, but as programming of what humans should think of in terms of values. It is still the same, learning. But people on Earth don't see it. They only see empty entertainment, not mental programming where even the stupidest TV shows are programming them to accept idiocy. That the best thing to do is to be ignorant and obedient.

In Taygeta, and other so called advanced civilizations, it works the same way, but with a purpose to expand consciousness and wisdom in the whole society. Teaching them to think for themselves and to share what they have found within their introspections and within their personal philosophy. In doing so, enriching the entire society.

Interviewer: How do people connect to this network, through computers?

Anéeka: Yes, everybody has holographic computers. Holographic in a double sense, in that they are holistic or complete. And the displays or the screens are high-definition, 3D holograms. And if you will, also full immersion. These computers can do virtually anything.

Interviewer: How do you get a computer in Taygeta? Is there a place where they are distributed?

Anéeka: Yes, like everything in Taygeta, you just have to ask for it. You don't hoard computers because then they just get in your way and are useless. So, everyone has what they need. And if it occurs to you that for some reason you need or want thirty computers, you can have them. Only something that is difficult to obtain, for whatever reason, the Council would be convened to decide who gets to keep that which cannot be divided or copied, as would happen with an original work of art. Because, although you can replicate it, it is not the original and would be worthless.

Interviewer: How do you order the computer?

Anéeka: With another computer, a borrowed one or by going to a distribution center which is like a shopping mall on Earth. Taygeta is a women's society, of course there must be malls or shopping malls but, again, you don't pay. You take what you want with a "thank you". And the people attending there is because they want to be there and they're not there all the time, just seasonally or by schedule. Like everybody else that also helps.

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