MiniTopics with Gosia - Extraterrestrial Information - Yazhi, Aneeka, Athena Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
January 06, 2022

MiniTopics with Gosia - Extraterrestrial Information - Yazhi, Aneeka, Athena Swaruu

Originally in English


Gosia: Do you find Earth toys different, more/less creative than Taygetan toys?

Yazhi: Totally different. In Taygeta you mostly have to make your own. Why would anybody bother mass produce a toy if they are not getting any profit form it?!

Gosia: Not for profit. For people to enjoy. The same reason they would do anything for the community. Maybe someone enjoys making toys. Like making clothes. And another just want to go and get one?

Yazhi: Then you ask someone who is to do it for you as a favor, and you do something else for that person in any case.

Gosia: So there are people who specialize in that? Toy making?

Yazhi: Maybe, but it's unusual, never heard of one.

Gosia: Wow. And are people creative enough to make good ones themselves? Do they make the designs out of their heads or based on some catalogues or something?

Yazhi: The computers do most of the work for them anyway, then they just tweak and print. Hardly artistic, like making your toys with your hands.

Gosia: But where do they get the idea from? It´s one thing to have a computer, but you need an idea.

Yazhi: From real life, from another kid. From researching whatever is in the computers (like web). Not really a catalog, more like whatever is being shown off by the makers. On Earth, there is a lot of motivation to create to compete with others, for a profit, for survival. In Taygeta, people make things, like toys, just because.


Originally in Spanish

Magnetic problem with the Earth and electric cars

Anéeka: Some are saying that there is a magnetic problem with the Earth, with the core, because it could change poles and that is why animals are behaving out of control and dying as has been reported. It is not that, my sensors confirm deep magnetic stability, the magnetic disturbance is superficial.

And it is artificial, my sensors indicate a strong chaotic electromagnetic soup all over the surface from so many microwaves. That is what is confusing the animals and not the Earth itself, that is artificial.

Again by saying it's the Earth with that pole shift stuff, it just diverts attention from the Cabal flooding everything with magnetic waves, and HAARP-like technology. That's why they put graphene in everything, to increase the reactivity of all biology, especially human biology, to their electromagnetic grid. And that is conclusive from what my sensors tell me.

Another point about 5G. People and conspiranoids are focused on 5G as if it is the problem. That's again more distractors. And I state it completely, 5G is just a useful range of frequencies. Yes, it's true that useful range is especially harmful. But what happens is that there is a very wide range of electromagnetic ranges all harmful to one extent or another that envelop the Earth like a horrendous soup that strongly interferes with biology of all kinds. So it's the whole system not just 5G.

Robert: But in addition to that it´s to lower the frequency? I imagine it lowers your frequency because it makes you sick.

Anéeka: It's for a lot of things. For example, those frequencies look like brain frequencies. That means that they interfere with the functioning of the nervous system. And they cause a dense fog that prevents telepathy and all the knowledge that comes in with subtle energies. Leaving only those of ultra-high frequency.

The fact that it is not the Earth's core is a certainty. If there is one thing this ship has, it is magnetometers. My data is solid. It is the electromagnetic soup of human creation that causes the problems with animals, humans and the rest of biology.

Robert: And do you know where those "radiations" are coming from? Do you have the focal points?

Anéeka: From radars, from telecommunication systems, towers, satellites, military systems, weather control and manipulation systems, from radio stations, from TV stations, from the CB radios of truck drivers, from the walkie talkie of the little boy Pete, from the baby monitor of Gonzalo, from every cell phone in the pockets of millions, Wi-Fi systems, laptops, computers, TV screens, CRT, microwave ovens...

Shall I go on? There are other technologies that do not cause any of that.

Regarding carbon. To reduce carbon. With that they want to remove gasoline cars leaving only electric cars, which is just another agenda. Only very few will have them, the rest of the population will not have their own vehicles. They will be unaffordable. And the few that will have them will also be controlled because the electric cars in the first place do not have autonomy and take time to recharge, because the batteries are junk, and cause too much weight in the vehicle. Electric motorcycles are even worse, even more junk, because a motorcycle is small, then its batteries are also small, so they have no autonomy.

You are impressed by what they can do on track but for 5 minutes, then they don't run anymore. And they celebrate motorcycles and electric bicycles that do work for short trips to the store to buy, that's what they are good for.

However, it is almost a toy, it does not give you independence of movement. You can't go far, so the population is confined to farms, cities, since they can't move from city to city without going through government controls, using public transportation. So electric, and promoting it, only promotes the destruction of humanity.

They want to fight for humanity and for the planet and the ecosystems? Be ecological?

Although it sounds illogical as a result of the propaganda in the media, it is better to have an 8 cylinder car like a Mustang, or what do I know, than a hybrid or electric, since an 8 cylinder causes less environmental damage and less pollution than what it causes to generate the same amount of electricity to feed the electric Prius!

And all those environmentalists supporting electric cars are not only supporting their own destruction but also that of countless ecosystems. They should see how polluting it is to manufacture a lithium battery like the one in their cars, motorcycles or electric bicycles. Or how polluting it is to manufacture the Kilowatt of electric energy in plants that burn coal, or highly destructive atomic energy.

Robert: It´s just that people do not see it that way, Anéeka. They are told that the electric does not pollute because it does not expel gases.

Anéeka: Again, they manipulate people because the gas emission and noise of an 8 cylinder is obvious to them, and the pollution from nuclear or coal burning plants they don't see. Again, it is manipulation of perception with propaganda.

And the ways of generating "alternative" electrical energy is laughable, it is another cover to justify and launder money, because wind energy generates an amount in Kilowatts that is worse than pathetic compared to the cost of production or manufacture of those giant blades in the mountains that only turn out to be genocide level bird traps.

And solar energy is even less efficient, and again the manufacture of solar panels is highly polluting for the almost Microwatts they produce.

But of course this is someone who uses zero-point energy, so I see everything else as primitive in the extreme.


Originally in Spanish

Space and Temperature

Gosia: They say that the area where the satellites are located has a temperature of 1,500-2,000 degrees and that they can't take it. What do you say about that?

Anéeka: They confuse things. Space has no temperature, objects in space do.

-273.15°c absolute zero, is when all molecular motion stops completely. But if an object is in space or wherever, it will have its temperature depending on what it is doing or where that object is. That is, in space a satellite is receiving solar radiation, and from the Earth, electromagnetic one, and from its own internal electrical systems. By the very fact that it is in space, in a vacuum seen from low densities, 3D-5D wrongly said, but as a reference (higher up space is basically water, Ether).

But from the point of view useful to humans it is a vacuum. There by the laws of thermodynamics, in a vacuum, there can be no temperature transfer.

So for an object in space, like a spacecraft, it will not be able to radiate its temperature, so inside a spacecraft or for a spacecraft or for a satellite the real problem is that it cannot cool down.

Gosia: But from your point of view, "5D", it is also vacuum and cannot have temperature transfer?

Anéeka: From my point of view, "5D", it is still a vacuum but with the knowledge that it is water in a useful form... that is, zero-point energy. So, space is not cold. It is only inert. And the temperature of objects depends on what processes external to them or internal to them cause them to accumulate heat.

Gosia: Space is zero-point energy?

Anéeka: Not exactly, in 5D we know how to use the "high" characteristics of the space-water Ether flow, fluid in high frequency, to produce zero-point energy.

So it is true that at a certain height above the Earth, satellites and spacecraft do accumulate a lot of temperature. But it is not space that is hot, but the satellites and spacecraft. Because they receive solar radiation and radiation from the Earth that, together with the electrical processes of their own systems, can accumulate a quite considerable temperature.

And it cannot be cooled like an automobile would by radiating its extra heat with a radiator, liquid flow. So the only way to cool a ship, or whatever, in space is to convert that heat energy into more electrical energy for consumption. But these are very advanced systems. So for a ship the problem is temperature buildup, not cold, as they mistakenly tell you in the movies.

From another conversation on the same subject:

Anéeka: In orbit, it is not that space has temperature. It's not about temperature per se, but about radiation that would produce a thermal reaction. That way yes, it happens. But it is not space. Space is nothing, it is empty (from the 3D point of observation, I am not talking about Ethers). Therefore, it only is and cannot have temperature other than that of the thermometer itself.

Like any object in space, it depends on the radiation it receives on its surface or atmosphere, depending also on its ability to radiate the temperature acquired by radiation from the sun, and its ability to transfer heat into its interior. It is not easy to calculate to be able to say what its temperature is.

In the case of advanced spacecraft like this one, the solar radiation is not reaching it because the spacecraft is permanently under a series of energy shields that do not allow the hull of the spacecraft to be affected.

While on the topic, it should be clarified that the Sun does not heat the Earth nor does it heat anything but gives off radiation that reacts with objects and planets with a result compatible with the idea of "heat".

Robert: And you are in which layer now? Are you at 480 km approx., in the same layer as the satellites? The satellites are there, right?

Anéeka: In the same layer where the ISS is supposed to be, because even though it exists, it is not as they say it is. For example, you are told that there are thousands and thousands of satellites. From here I tell you that there are not so many. I do not have the number of how many, but those in operation they do not exceed a thousand by far (I don't have the number). The rest is space junk.

Although I see some sense in solar radiation (not solar heat, mind you) causing elevated temperature on exposed surfaces on satellites and spacecraft. But according to my data, it wouldn't raise that kind of temperature over a thousand degrees °C.

The only thing that makes sense to me is that since there is no way to radiate that temperature, it would accumulate at that level. That's the only way I see sense in that talk about heat, that it would be cumulative in the absence of cooling methods.

The problem with spacecraft is heat buildup, not cold. That's why we use energy shields. And even them we have problems controlling the temperature of the spacecraft. We have elaborate cooling systems that translate stored heat into electrical energy for consumption.

Robert: And about the ISS. Now I think there is another one in China. What exactly is that?

Anéeka: Yes, the Chinese ISS. Another junk can. It's the same thing, a smaller Chinese version of the ISS. But it's empty, yes, there are no astronauts there. They are giving you CGI and green screen.


Originally in Spanish

Why doesn't Anéeka send a picture of the Earth?

Anéeka: Simply because it would not pass the Federation's filters. And it would automatically be discredited by anyone. The photos are a no. We can't. Neither can NASA. See and notice that. Because it breaks the illusion of the Earth Matrix they wish to maintain.

Gosia: Why NASA can't give real pictures?

Anéeka: It cannot, only from low orbit.

Gosia: NASA can't because they don't go out there that far, right? And SSP, why don't they share? The ones going to Mars etc?

Anéeka: They can't first (NASA) because they don't go that high, secondly, the ships that can - because of the same agreements and rules with the Federation that bind us also.

The SSP does not share because if you are good observers SSP stands for Secret Space Program, that is secret, and they would not give that to people or anything that comes from them.


Originally in English

Underground Complexes DUMBs - Maps?

Gosia: Someone asked me this: "somewhere in your videos you mentioned large 12-level underground complex for ships and bases for nuclear submarines. Any sketches/maps of that?"

Swaruu X (Athena): We would have to elaborate one, and the only other one out there is the one John Lear has. His information about the underwater tunnels, from California Coast to Area 51 and beyond, is spot on accurate.

Additional answer from Yazhi:

Yazhi: There are plenty of DUMB maps available on the Internet. However, none state that although they are all connected, you can go from the California Pacific Ocean, under the entire Continental U.S., and exit the Texas Golf of Mexico coast, underwater by submarine. It's not only a series of sea water flooded passageways, but an actual entrance and usage of underground oceans, part of the hollow Earth.

And these oceans are not so deep underground, and actually connect with the surface oceans via under water deep continental canyons that are already mapped and used by the U.S. Navy for underwater operations using Nuclear Submarines.

So I cannot provide an entire map of the passage ways without revealing the exact map and shape of the underground sea water systems the US Navy is using, which, understandably so, is highly classified above Top Secret.

Yes, I have them in detail because we can see from here under the ground using our gravitometer instruments located in this ship's nose boom. And I have been following submarines maneuvering under there as recently as last night, because I was looking at the where about of one specific US Navy submarine that has clearly been shadowing my activities for over two years.

I cannot provide maps of these underground seas that are part of hollow Earth and the passageways the US Navy use because I would call out too much attention towards Robert and Gosia because as I have mentioned above, these places are highly classified, and exposing them to the public, even in a low detail level, can cause problems with the US Government.

Even claiming to have such maps, as I did here, may be enough for them to look into this, as what I just said is well above the next person who is talking about this in detail, and that person is John Lear.

He mentions all this, but does not say one important point, and that is, that you can go from coast to coast under the entire continental US using a submarine, and using natural canyon formations, natural underground hollow earth seas and oceans, and also artificially constructed underwater passageways and DUMBs. I can tell you that the operational depth of these passageways is not much, and it is on average around 600 meters, well in the capacity of a last generation Nuclear Submarine such as Virginia class Batch II and Los Angeles Class Batch II Attack Nuclear submarine.


Originally in Spanish

James Bond - the movie

Anéeka: Yes, all comes out there, there is a mine of information on various agendas. Layer upon layer of signals and messages. A lot of people criticize the movie and rightly so, but for superficial things, and they don't connect it to the vaccines.

And note something... They delayed getting that movie out to the public because of the plandemia, or so they say, so that they wouldn't lose money because people don't go to the movies. But what I see is that they delayed bringing it out to the public so that they wouldn't see the message about vaccines until it was too late

In detail they say it all there in that movie, the plan to destroy humanity, the vaccines, the nano tech.

People keep looking at the secondary agendas which are many. Like the war against masculinity. That's why they destroy James Bond because he is a male role model for the new generations. Now, I should clarify that I have nothing against women of action, considering myself one myself. And there is nothing wrong with a woman being empowered in action in that sense. The problem is that it's already an ongoing agenda film after film coupled with more things against men, all going towards the destruction of masculinity. Because there are no, or extremely few examples left for men to follow of how to be men.


Originally in Spanish


Robert: Someone asked me what happens with hermaphrodites?

Anéeka: Very rarely a hermaphrodite will have both male and female sex organs that are functional, not only because one will be better developed than the other, but because of the psychological disorders it causes.

The causes can be several, in the physical aspect, because it was about to have a sister or brother of the opposite sex, but they were largely fused since they did not become Siamese twins.

Also a disorder in the XX female and XY male chromosomes creating an X contaminated Y, to put it simply. Since the dominant chromosomes genetically speaking are the X chromosomes.

This is important because as a specie, or genetically, the female, the XX is the dominant one, since without it there is no reproduction. That is why the Swaruu’s are all females, for example.

So the male is an altered female, but based on altering a female zygote since all the fetuses or zygotes are female until the second week of gestation which is where the male sexual characteristics are formed, that is why men have nipples, because they were formed before the Y chromosome that develops masculinity came into action.

I don't want to degrade or attack men anymore because they have enough on Earth nowadays, but genetically speaking the female is the dominant one, tending with it also a stronger and more stable sexual and gender identity. I do not mean that men do not have a strong gender identity. But they may prove to be more vulnerable to the influence of the opposite gender.

Another factor that supports this is that penis erection depends on clear psychological factors, and on having a specific male-specific outlook on life. So if anything alters this psychological predisposition, you will have erectile dysfunction problems that will only further aggravate your sexual identity problem, or your self-esteem and identity or your self-perception.


Originally in Spanish


Robert: Here on Earth, there are pills called Viagra for people who have dysfunctions.

Anéeka: Yes, Viagra contains Sildenafil, a chemical compound. The problem is that it is a vasodilator, and it dilates the whole body, brain and eyes as well, and the eyes are very susceptible.

The use of Sildenafil increases the risk of retinopathy and blindness in the short or medium term, it promotes strokes as well.

But not only does it cause that, it causes the penis to stay erect too long hurting the small blood vessels inside, making the person lose the ability to have an erection naturally, making them dependent on big Pharma.

In many other serious cases the erection does not cease causing a destruction of the penile tissue with cellular necrosis. There have been cases where they have lost their member because of using Sildenafil. The use of Viagra-Sildenafil is very dangerous.

Important fact about the Sildenafil that is in Viagra, in case of Pulmonary Edema due to altitude, like the one mountaineers get, taking Viagra can save their lives, even in extreme cases, because it opens the pulmonary capillaries to greater oxygenation capacity, but only as a measure in the mountain site, while they go down to lower altitude. This serves both men and women equally.


Originally in English:

Ligation of fallopian tubes

Anéeka: In human females, ligation of fallopian tubes or cutting them to isolate the ovaries, does cause some problems because they too need an external flow out of the female body. This may cause cysts and fibromas and, in some cases, may increase the probability of ovarian cancers.

But in general, this is rare and is not really anything to be worried about if the women has been "ligated" years back. The ovaries will release an egg or two once a month and it will get stuck in the cut off fallopian tube. But the amount of eggs in a lifetime getting stuck there is very small and eggs do decompose and are absorbed with no problems. So even with no flow to the exterior this cannot compare to the male problem of having a vasectomy, because men literarily get flooded with sperm cells. Flooded to a collapse point because they are producing millions and millions each day and they all get trapped in the blood stream and all over his body with no way to get out.

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