Peruvian Mummies in the Media, there is never enough proof about extra-terrestrials, (English)

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September 25, 2023

Peruvian Mummies in the Media, there is never enough proof about extra-terrestrials, (English)

Mari Swaruu: Hello again, thank you for being here with me once more. I hope you are doing all right and are happy and strong. My name is Mari Swaruu.

Due to the nature of this subject, I must say the following to comply with YouTube rules and regulations I do not wish to ignore. This subject can be taken as science fiction or how the viewer sees best, and I publish this for entertainment purposes only. But I take my information very seriously. Whoever has eyes to see.

I usually don't go into what is a trend in the mainstream media, only sometimes when there is something to be said. I feel this is the case today because it has to do with extraterrestrials, and I know many of you out there are wondering what is my opinion about what is happening around the two Peruvian mummies which were presented to the Mexican Parliament a few days ago.

Some people vividly assure that they are real and that they have x-rays and DNA samples that prove that they are not of human origin. Adding to this, the presence inside one of the mummies of rare metals of the kind used in advanced computers on Earth nowadays makes them the smoking gun that proves that extraterrestrials have visited Earth in the past. But another group of people are sure that they are cheap fakes artificially assembled using parts from different origins, including animal bones, and all stuck together with modern glue. Therefore, those people say that everything is nothing but a scam.

Before going in deeper to look at all that is happening and all the noise around them, I want to share with you what I can say about the mummy specifically from my point of view and resources from up here.

First of all, I researched the species those Peruvian mummies may belong to, searching in this ship's data banks and the external ones we can access from here. From what we could call the Galactic Federation's version of the Internet. Which is the data link every Federation race can access and share with one another, and which is fully interstellar in real time using coded gravity pulses or coded Muon Neutrino.

Directly said, we cannot find to what species those mummies belong to. They certainly have many elements which make them similar to some small species of Grays from Zeta Reticuli, yet they also differ substantially from all the Grays we have in our data banks, as well as from other small humanoid species we may know about, especially because one of those mummies has three eggs inside, making us exclude close to all of the species to which they resemble the most physically, based on our data banks.

The Peruvian mummies are badly deteriorated, and it's hard to know how they may have really looked when alive, if they ever were alive. Looking at the x-rays, their rib cage doesn't make much sense to any of us here, including to Senetre, our ship's physician and biologist. Their absence in our and the Federation's data banks is no proof that they are not real. Proof of absence is not proof of non-existence; it simply means that we don't know them.

There are millions upon millions of stars with an even larger number of planets orbiting them, and cataloging every species is an impossible task. Yet, it is still done and has been done for ages now, so the extraterrestrial catalog is very large and in the millions of billions. Yet, our quantum holographic computers can search for a probable match in a matter of seconds, but they are giving us nothing conclusive.

This also brings us to the next unavoidable question: Are they fakes? We think that it is a possibility, yes, and they probably are. We don't have them up here to be examined in one of our medical labs, so all we have is the data we can recollect online, and it is not much. DNA testing would give us all a conclusive answer, but the problem is that the knowledge humans have of extraterrestrial DNA, and of how it works, is close to none, and it is biased by many DNA misconceptions and erroneous conclusions terrestrial scientists arrive at based on the highly controlled medical ideas and protocols, as well as by the very limits of human science, which is also heavily controlled as I explained in my video about the problem with science on Earth.

In short, if they find some human DNA inside any tissue being tested, it is immediately concluded that it comes from a human; therefore, it is not of extraterrestrial origin. Or if confronted with clear differences, then it is concluded that the tissue sample comes from someone with a genetic problem, disorder, mutation, and so on.

This firstly ignores the fact that there are more humans as such outside Earth. But even worse, they seem to ignore that all biological organisms based on carbon share a very large part of their genetic code. And in the case of mammals, they share nearly all their genetic code, leaving the unique characteristics between the species to small genetic markers which make all the difference. And this goes as well for similar species which are found outside Earth. For example, your house cat and an interstellar Urmah lion share over 95% of their genetic code.

My point is that finding human DNA in supposedly extraterrestrial tissue samples does not prove that they are fake. It looks like UFO researchers take for granted that for something to be extraterrestrial, its genetic code must be completely different to anything found on Earth and therefore completely unknown to science.

This is the case of Lloyd Pye in his so-called Starchild skull, which was found in a Mexican mine at the beginning of the 20th century, if I remember correctly, and which made its way onto his hands. He then studied the skull from medical and forensic angles with the participation of several experts in their fields, but he also managed to perform genetic testing on it, and the conclusions were clear.

A large amount of its DNA code is unknown to human science. Yet, as the larger portion of it was found to be human, they cataloged the skull as coming from a hybrid, half-human and half-extraterrestrial. But, as I just said, that large human-like DNA portion found in the Starchild's skull does not make it a hybrid because all humanoid species based on carbon share a very large amount of their DNA code and print. But I'm telling you this from the point of view and knowledge of my science here because the one on Earth is heavily biased and controlled and always follows the Darwinian natural evolution model. Therefore, they easily and wrongly conclude that similar organisms cannot exist on Earth and elsewhere in the universe simultaneously.

My predecessors studied the Lloyd Pye Starchild case closely some years ago, and I was able to study the files which are still found in this ship's data banks. The skull clearly shows logical biological patterns which indicate that the creature was once alive and had several very substantial differences with a human skull, which make it a definitive non-human example and a smoking gun that proves extraterrestrials exist.

The spinal column is centered under the skull in a much better place than where it connects in the case of humans because it is a more balanced place and a stronger, safer one as well. Its cranial bones are structured very differently as they are placed in a different order, and so are the ocular cavities. The jaw had to be much smaller and different from a human's, even though the jawbone is missing. This can be concluded studying the upper portion of it as well as its juncture points, among other things. But the most conclusive evidence was the DNA code, which clearly and irrefutably concluded that a large part of its DNA is unknown to human science.

But even having this in his hands, Lloyd Pye was ridiculed and ostracized from his scientific community. His critics assured the public that the skull was nothing more than the remains of a hydrocephalus child, basically with cranial hydro enlargement syndrome, completely ignoring basic forensic conclusions that stated that the skull bones were fully fused with one another, indicating that the skull came from a fully grown and mature adult. And they ignored all the DNA results as well, assuming that they were tricked somehow.

Lloyd Pye's Starchild skull is now almost forgotten and ignored, most probably relegated to some box in a basement somewhere. Pie claimed the skull to be a hybrid offspring of an extraterrestrial and a human female based on his mitochondria DNA testing. And all Lloyd's efforts not only were in vain, as he could convince no one about its extraterrestrial origin, but his efforts to pursue his investigation and to push his conclusions to the public made him get some kind of rare cancer. Everyone in the know is aware that Lloyd Pye was murdered using artificially weaponized cancer to stop him from pursuing his line of work as it was going against the Cabal's interests.

Coming back to the Peruvian mummies, in our humble opinion, they do not present a logical morphological, or physical structure, as Lloyd Pye's Starchild clearly does. And contrary to the case of the mummies, we know the species it belonged to, and that is to one of the species of Grays from Zeta Reticuli, friendly by the way.

But leaving aside whether the mummies were real or not because, as I've said before, they are too deteriorated to know, and we simply don't have enough data, what interests me here the most is the media circus they caused and how it is all being managed.

The UFO researcher who presented them to the Mexican Parliament claims to have DNA proof that they are real, but in his own words, he is not allowed to present it to the public while people with authority coming from Mexican universities simply state they are fake, and they must be simply because they say they are imposing their status and their socially accepted authority over this UFO investigator with no regards nor interests to see the facts. If the UFO investigator has facts, then he should be allowed to present them in public, and only then conclusions should be made. This UFO researcher, whose name I prefer not to mention here, is being wrongly and cruelly attacked by people with power and authority who clearly got to their posts by being socially acceptable.

But my point is that this is nothing new, as I explained with Lloyd Pye´s case, even though it looks like governments and the Cabal have in mind pushing the existence of extraterrestrials, probably as they shape their next major false flag: a false alien invasion.

These people who are attacking the UFO researcher clearly are still following thought patterns which come from an era before the official extraterrestrial agenda of disclosure. If they have proof that they are fakes, then they should present such proof to the public. The same for the UFO investigator. If he has proof, then he must be allowed to present his information to the public, and only looking at both sides can we get closer to the truth.

These are my two cents about this subject, and I send all my sympathy to the UFO researcher for being wronged so cruelly, regardless of his intentions or motivation why he decided to present those mummies to the Mexican Parliament. He very well could have strong evidence in his hands that proves the existence of extraterrestrials. And I still send my sympathy to the UFO researcher, regardless of what he may think of me and of my group. I honestly don't care. I see he strongly believes in the veracity of those mummies. I see his enthusiasm, and that's enough to allow him to expose his case, although at this point where I'm writing these words, all the data indicates that they are fakes.

And am still sending him my sympathy because I know how darn hard it is to prove anything extraterrestrial, and it is easy to end up caught inside a shady scam or agenda behind whatever or whoever made the mummies. So the UFO researcher may be being used as a scapegoat using his enthusiasm against him and to their advantage. And because I'm keener to believe in the little guy other than in the official authorities, which I know lie all the time.

This is yet another example of how human science is completely controlled and only follows the interests of those in power and their agendas, not to mention the media and the people's mentality as well.

And this is also why my group and I cannot provide any proof of who we are because there can never ever be enough proof of extraterrestrials, not even with ET DNA in your hands and in front of a nation's Parliament. We have also taken a lot of abuse through the years, and we are still here. All we do is seed information and another perspective for you to be able to have all the data to draw your own conclusions about everything, or else there would be a complete truth monopoly under the control of the elite and their shady interests.

And even though I'd love to interact more with many of you out there, with whom I know we would be very good friends, this is also why I'm forced to close the comments section in all my videos, or else I would spend all my time answering them, interacting with people, resolving conflicts, and so on, which would make it impossible for me to write and publish videos daily and in two languages.

Lastly, it is also convenient for us to hide behind the veil of being taken as only science fiction. It protects us, and that way we can seed all the information needed without being bothered as much. The proof is in the information, even though it will never be enough, and whoever has eyes to see.

Thank you for watching my video and for liking and subscribing for more, I appreciate it a lot, and I hope to see you here next time. Take care and be wise.

With much love.

Your friend,

Mari Swaruu

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