Positive Twist, Part One, Galactic Federation Part 5

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March 28, 2023

Positive Twist, Part One, Galactic Federation Part 5

Mari Swaruu: Hello again, thank you for joining me here. I'm Mari Swaruu.

As I said before in another video, this subject is very complicated and extensive, so no one video can contain all the information I would like to share with you all. And although each video can be watched in a separate manner, it is best to watch them all in a sequential way using the part number on the title in order to comprehend the subject as best as possible.

I've been describing the Galactic Federation from the side of the physical or from its physical side only, that is, the material world. But every material realm will always have an etheric side or an astral side. And those of you who have been following my videos and all my subjects know that I'm very conscious of what goes on in the astral side of things. For example, my paranormal videos.

There is no material side and there is no astral side, as we've said so many times before. There is only the astral side, and the material side is only a sensory-restricted perception-agreed realm that gives the soul an illusory experience of separation from Source for experience and expansion purposes. But from the experience point of view, especially while a soul is in the physical, therefore under heavy duality perception, then there can be a material side and an astral.

The astral realms, with their ghosts and entities, both positive and negative, don't only exist on Earth, as you can imagine. And all the members of the Galactic Federation in the physical are always under their influence, as we are all. And which kind of entity we may be being influenced by will only depend on our vibration and our frequency. And this is a good thing because it means that we have a lot more control than what would be expected at first.

All that I have been describing about the Galactic Federation is from the physical side's point of view. Whether people there and all those who make important decisions are only politicians with their limited perception, lives, and interests, and at least most of them are just doing their best as we all are, even though there are many shady things going on at that level, many of which are quite inexcusable.

I know there has been a lot of criticism against my group for bashing their beloved Galactic Federation of love and light, as they call it, and it's understandable because it goes against what, from their point of view, gives them hope. The problem I see here is that the concept of the Galactic Federation on Earth mixes the astral side with the physical one of it, and as I explained above, there will always be two sides of any realm while perceiving things in duality. And what follows is the positive twist I was talking about in my last video about the Federation.

As seen from higher realms, higher above from the actual physical Galactic Federation, who are really governing Earth are the souls incarnated there in it. It's not the corrupt politicians on Earth and neither the ones in the Federation.

The souls that incarnate in the Earth have a life plan designed by them while in the astral, while well outside all concepts of linear time and of the perception of space and volume. All those souls also include the starseeds and the Step Downs and all the extraterrestrials involved with Earth as well, as we all form a soup of frequencies that form and collectively manifest Earth's 3D Matrix realm.

And from Earth, all those souls as a collective as well as individually, also contribute to form other realms, cultures, and societies outside Earth, as 3D Matrix realm is a collective manifestation, but it is also a personal one where what each single individual will experience in life is under their control and whatever their frequency dictates, because we all are our frequency and our outside world is a reflection of who we are.

The Galactic Federation's representatives know this, and they do their best to respect the will and the needs of all the souls that are having an experience on Earth. They are leaving the control to the souls there, and although this sounds like a good thing, I can also see that they are using this as an excuse to be permissive towards bad things that have no excuse.

But the main concept the Federation's representatives are trying to respect is that if the people of Earth don't resolve their problems on their own, they would have learned nothing, and they would have the strong tendency to repeat what they did wrong. Knowing that everyone creates their own world, or what surrounds them, and knowing that most people on Earth are very young and inexperienced souls and very much into the physical and all that it means, and many are also of a very low vibration, low frequency of existence, therefore manifesting all kinds of nightmares for themselves and for those who concur with their frequency, the Federation needs to isolate the Earth and its Matrix.

The Federation must contain there those of low frequency and vibration because if they don't, those souls will export their manifestations to wherever they go, with it becoming very invasive towards other much more spiritually advanced cultures. The same way many third-world immigrants exported the way they behaved when in their homeland to wherever they went, with it altering, if not totally destroying, the culture of the host country, as it has happened in many places in Europe. They must advance and evolve on their own until their frequency and vibration matches that of the majority of the Federation's cultures in order to be able to coexist in a positive and nurturing way.

This sounds very logical, but there is a major problem here, and it is the same problem the law of mirrors presents. When someone is constantly manifesting anything in their lives, be it good things or bad things, as those are only points of view, that person will only manifest more of what is dominating its experience. This is why rich people only manifest more wealth, and poor people will manifest more poverty because they are immersed in a lack mentality.

The problem gets worse when we add fear and suffering into the mix. Fear is a very powerful concentrator. It brings all the subject's attention towards what it fears and it numbs the mind so the person cannot see anything else but what it fears, with this manifesting more of exactly that. This is a very strong trap, and I see it operating all over Earth. And with it, in my opinion, it is a major factor that makes people reincarnate there. This is perhaps why so many souls get trapped on Earth, not being able to overcome the experiences in that realm.

As I said before, there are no dark entities forcing people to reincarnate. It is their own frequency and their own thoughts that cause it to be so. Except for one powerful factor, as I explained in my videos about the paranormal, those dark astral entities have a low connection with Source or none at all. So, they depend on the manifesting power of those in the physical, and they do whatever is possible to keep those souls, those people, in a low vibratory state in order to exploit them for their manifestation power.

And as well as there is a strong influence from the astral side on the people living on Earth, the same exact thing is happening elsewhere in the physical universe, including with all those Galactic Federation politicians and representatives.

But the same way that there is negative influence, so there is positive influence as well. In many occasions, it may not seem like it is so because the negative one is so much noisier, but it is there, and it's strong, if not a lot stronger. We are all a match to good and bad entities depending on our vibration and frequency. But, in the end, we are all being guided from above, from high vibration realms where we have our spirit guides, and those are none other than more expanded aspects of ourselves. In other words, we are our own spirit guides, and that is exactly why they are so interested in guiding us in the first place.

They are us from a very advanced and much more expanded point of view and of understanding because while we are in the physical, we are having a limited experience within linear time and space. But our guides are outside all those limitations, and they know what they are doing. They are us from the point of view where all the decisions to incarnate and from where our life plan was developed. They are not who we were and not who we will be because linear time does not apply to them. They are simply another much more expanded version of who we are.

Many souls need the experience of limitation and of hardship and even suffering in order to develop the necessary contrast to be able to appreciate manifesting and living in peaceful, loving places, cultures, and realms. For other more advanced souls, it is not necessary to suffer to learn, as they can do so by analysis, observation, and using their empathy qualities, placing themselves in the other person's shoes or analyzing how they would react and what they would learn from any given situation, hypothetical or not.

But people who can do this are already very advanced. But others simply can't because they are too much into the "me first" mentality, service to self, with no empathy, and as they haven't experienced enough as a soul, they lack the necessary context and experience to be able to learn without the need for hardship and suffering. They simply haven't developed their internal way to know why one thing or another is or is not a good idea.

Unfortunately, most people on Earth fall into this category, and leaving that kind of people to roam the galaxy in a free way would only bring widespread chaos because people do not live in chaos, they are their own chaos, as each person, in the end, is their own density.

To be continued in the very next video.

With much love,

Mari Swaruu

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