Reverse World and Future Influencing the Past - Metaphysical Chats with Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
December 18, 2022

Reverse World and Future Influencing the Past - Metaphysical Chats with Yazhi Swaruu

Originally in English - second part of 2021

Gosia: I do feel something like that exists. The opposite side of me.

Yazhi: It does. It's like a universe or dimensional flip side, like an inside out sock.

Gosia: No way! I want to know about that!

Yazhi: It's here all around us all. We are in it. One side defining the other. Really scary place.

Gosia: Why scary? What goes on there?

Yazhi: Meaning, whenever you switch off a light it's being switched on there. But it's not as simple, as even the energetic patterns, the exact way energy flows there is reversed, even gravity is. It is reversed because it's the flip side coin of here. One side of reality feeding the other. A place where things must push against its opposite in order to even be.

See energy patterns as in a toroid, yes, again a toroid! So whenever there is energy flowing out in a perfect mathematical flux or flow, it has to have a flip side where the flux or flow is reversed. So whatever gives off energy here, like a star or a reactor, there it would absorb the exact same amount of energy. A sun here is a black hole there, and reverse.

Gosia: Ok... But where is this place? How do you get there? How did Swaruu 9 physically get there?

Yazhi: It is here, you live in it, but you are only aware of one side of things.

How to get there, it puzzles me a bit. Swaruu inverted the ships frequencies completely, but something else is missing because Swarupapriyananda couldn't get out of there.

Returning was like traversing through an energy vortex like a narrow black hole. The ship was destroyed, but not before this data came through.

Note that this place is logical. Mathematically sound even. I have ran it in the past through the computers and it has to exist, as in there cannot be this world without that world. As I said, they feed each other. They need one another to even exist. And things are normal there for whoever is there (us all), and the strange reverse place is here what we see as normal. Reverse and weird for them.

Gosia: But in what sense is it reversed? Give me some examples, please. You mean evil is good and good is evil there? Like Yazhi and Gosia there working for the Cabal because it´s something good there? Or what do you mean? It´s a physical place? People live there? What´s life there like?

Yazhi: It's not as simple as thinking people walk backwards and when you go walking backwards you un-see a broken glass on the floor and you walk two steps backwards more, and you see the glass reconstituting itself un-breaking as it un-hits the floor and then jumps up to the table to rest on it finally.

Gosia: No, I didn´t think it was that way.

Yazhi: This is partially how things act there, but it gets more complex as it's not only a reverse time event, because more complicated energy patterns do reverse as well. It's hard to understand. The pattern of energy itself is reversed, so things tend to unrust, things de-burn.

But the perception is not like time reversing, but flowing in its own way and to the point where time dilation or the temporal slip as compared to here is negative in nature, meaning that one day here is one day earlier with the consequences of it.

A Zero Point reactor would absorb the energy in the power net there, not give it off. But then that is also flow, so you also have a current there. Reverse polarity but it's there. But a wire would get very cold when it has a lot of energy flowing through it, energy that absorbs the heat... when on this side a wire that has a lot of current in it will tend to get hot.

A lot of the how energy flows there could be carefully researched from this side reversing the total flow using mathematics. This for each process involving flow, time, and whatever process, chemical or not even.

Many questions arise, and I do not pretend to hold all the answers to how things are there. But what is a fact is that that place has to exist as in a must.
Look again at this known GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) I keep.

Gosia: But Swaruu travelled there physically? She interacted with that world?

Yazhi: Yes, she did. No, she did not interact, she ran away as it was incomprehensible.

Gosia: Haha, no way! Isn´t that the idea? To venture into incomprehensible places so you can learn and comprehend?

Yazhi: She observed, took some readings and ran away, died in the process.

Gosia: At least now we know.

Yazhi: In the GIF., see the energy flowing out and as energy flows out it must flow in to be able to flow out again.

I know this is not explained and this concept or information hardly can be on Earth. They talk about Dark Matter, but this is different. So different that I'm incapable of describing it completely or effectively enough. The best way to explain it is using energy flow mathematics.

Gosia: Do you have more technical information on how she got there?

Yazhi: Inverting the frequency map, applied that inverted frequency to the ships engines and hyper jumped there. The problem with this is that it's not so simple because the frequency modulators in the engines are not designed for this kind of output. So Swarupapriyananda 3 had to had modified or tuned her Suzy's engines. I know Swarupapriyananda 2 also modified her engines.

Gosia: How did she realize she was in an incomprehensible world?

Yazhi: It was the result of an experiment. As I understand, she was looking for enlightenment using a starship as in enlightenment being a place, as well as a state of mind.

Gosia: What did she first see?

Yazhi: Gamma was inverted, that made it really scary. Meaning, what is light here is dark there and reversed, like in a photographic negative. I understand Gamma as the lighting dynamic of an image or a place.

Gosia: Wow. People´s faces must look really scary then.

Yazhi: No wonder she ran away.

Originally in English - Beginning of 2022

Yazhi: I'm seeing time as cyclical. As I've said before. Also time in reverse as things caused by other things that have not yet come to pass. As you may be looking at an event caused by something that has not happened yet. It happens all the time. You are not looking at it, that's all. Or aware of how to see those things. But they are there shaping life on Earth every day. You cannot see time as only linear, not even on Earth.

Gosia: Really? Wow. Event caused by something that hasn´t happened yet. How does that occur?

Yazhi: You see or experience a consequence of something that will happen in your future. This is common with sicknesses. People get mysterious sicknesses, usually cancers, because of reasons that have not yet come to pass. So they get the cancer and then they experience the mental cause or even the very treatment is what caused it in the first place.

So, people might get cancer because of the chemo therapy they will get 12 years from now. Because they are concurrent or they are in frequency with that event fixed in time, as I have explained, in their mental timeline.

Gosia: Wow, wild. Never occurred to me. Is there a way to "escape from it"? Switching your frequency point to another "future" situation?

Yazhi: Of course. With your thoughts! You must be in a time frame of the now, not in an eternal worry cycle!

Gosia: Insane. This is just something only you could reveal! Pure information from beyond.

Yazhi: Oh I have a lot more of that! I'm only telling you that time also moves in reverse, but I have not mentioned in reverse and backwards, in reverse and backwards mirrored. I'm very serious and this is another subject that needs to be explained.

Gosia: Oh please do! Super interesting! So not worrying diverts your attention/focus attention from that future event timeline? Hence, changing the present?

Yazhi: That! And at the same time knowing your future and your past. Because essentially they are the same thing. But people are not aware of that, meaning that their pasts define their futures. And the reasons start off as very simple (gets a lot more complicated). As in people following pre-established behaviors programmed into their being from childhood and comfort zones they are not willing to leave mostly because of crippling fear.

Many people become exactly like their parents were. And this is many times because they are the same souls re-cycling in the same family as well, mostly grandfathers and mothers.

Complicated, and simple once you get to understand it. They don't even have to be dead, the grandparents, so their grandson is them again, integrating fully into the younger one once the older dies. That's a classic. Just look at me! Who am I if not the same one, only corrected and augmented! I'm not alone in this! I only remember, that's all!

Gosia: Side question. Does this apply to people like me? In immersions? I walked in in 2017. Are my grandmothers/mother in that circle with me too?

Yazhi: Yes it can. But starseeds are quite adventurous. So from that point of view, you are or would be a first timer, introduced there.

But as time is so not linear... only in the mind of not so expanded people, always in their mind, then your grandmother is or may have been you because you entered Earth, even if that was decades after she was born. So she existed because you entered Earth as a starseed. And that is because she would be you in your future, in one of your futures where you decided to stay on Earth for another incarnation.

Gosia: Nuts! None of my grandmothers were very awakened.

Yazhi: You may see that as another experience but from your present you may see them, or you in them (not saying that you are), as de-evolving. And it may not be the case in you. I'm not saying it is. It's only an example. But many people do evolve in reverse. So the grandson may be an asshole, and he is the grandson of a great philosopher.

Evolving soul in reverse form the linear point of view of people in agreement to experience time in essentially the same direction, like you and I (obviously, or we would not be talking).

Gosia: Maybe go back to the beginning with this. Time working in reverse. Explain how this works.

Yazhi: Time is relative to the observer, so it is apparently in reverse for you, but not for him, the subject we are looking at. It is just another expression or organization of events. And it can also be seen as linear. But I have already explained this partially when I said that many events are caused by what is happening in other timelines or parallel universes. Because they are only so for the observer in this one.

Because from the point of view of a more expanded observer they are the same parallel universe or timeline. It's just more expanded. Meaning, the subject has a larger mind that can handle more information input and decipher it as a reality.

Another example of handling more and more information is language skills, where it is hard to learn another language if you only speak one, but the third is easier and the fourth even easier. Once you are in the teens learning a new one may take only a few weeks or even less, some days. This because you start to expand your mind about languages to the point where you notice that they are all structured the same way!

So they are variants of the same. But this is seen only because the mind is more expanded and can handle and process more information. And this means that the more you know, the easier it is to know more.

Gosia: Ok, so explain in a bit more detail please how a future event that hasn´t happened yet (for your observation) influences and causes the present one? That´s very intriguing.

Yazhi: I have already started to explain this. Remember my example of a singularity, and that point being each person?

Gosia: Yes, I do.

Yazhi: What I mean is that all events in all timelines converge and concentrate to create and influence what you call the now. So, even though a person studied psychology in one timeline and engineering in another, how the person is today is a combination of both timelines (and all the others as well). So that psychologist may have very good engineering skills that also shape his/her career, to the point where he/she may even come up with a neuronal structure theory thanks to his engineering skills in another.

This is because we all get our information, therefore who we are, from other planes of existence, from the ether, the afterlife, Source, where there is no time, so there is access to everything there, the badly explained Akashic Records. Each line is a timeline and they all converge and create the now, the person, the core.

And some go forwards and some in reverse and some sideways and some sideways in reverse. And even that diagram is incomplete because it should be a sphere with everything going into it from every conceivable direction.

Gosia: Sideways in reverse. Sounds funny. But Yazhi, that sucks though! Because then you as you are at this specific point are at the mercy of your other you´s and whatever mess they might be in!

Yazhi: Yes and that fuels the feeling of living in a deterministic universe. And in a way it is but of your own creation, of your other "you's". This may explain why we all feel as victims from time to time when in reality everything we are living is our fault and no one else's. As I have explained before it is all you, like it or not, understand it or not <--- <---

Gosia: And what´s the key to block that? The not so positive influence of my other "me´s” influencing me from the future?

Yazhi: You must be all at once integrated. And to do that you must be the best you can be and forget about the others. Take control over what you think, and why! Become your higher self. You can! No limits allowed. Not even in thought. Realize that it's only your thoughts what limit you always. Apprehensions and worries. No use worrying about something that might not happen. On the contrary, it aligns you to that something. Be aware of it, do not neglect nor deny it, observe it and study it. Remember the best Police Detectives are the ones that get into the minds of the criminals, understand them and predict their next moves! That's why you must face your problems and fears head on, even if you feel they will destroy you, and often will!

But more often facing them will make you stronger, and your unconscious becomes transparent to you... and there is where you gain control over it, over your unconscious, and that's when interesting things start to happen, like altering the rules of reality, walking through walls, altering the speed of time relative to others, teleporting. You suddenly realise there is no body! There is no spoon, like in "Matrix", the movie.
I must go and so do you.

Gosia: Ok, thanks! I definitely will make a video about this. Although I feel we just scratched the surface.

Yazhi: This is only a prelude. I'm trying to tell you why I walk through walls. So much resistance to such a simple thing. Make it all be a dream, a lucid dream!

Good night!

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