Space News: 4 New People Arriving on The Ship. First Part (English)

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November 06, 2023

Space News: 4 New People Arriving on The Ship. First Part (English)

Mari Swaruu: Hello again, thank you for being here with me once more. Welcome to my channel. I am Mari Swaruu.

Sorry for the voice variation but my usual system is not working. This content can be taken as science fiction or how the viewer sees best but I take my information very seriously and whoever has eyes to see.

Welcoming new crew members: Pyxis Elexa of Erra, Aydan Isar of Erra, Tar´el of Temmer, and Ami´kleth of Temmer.

As I've said before, the most important single thing to take away from all my messages is that there are more people just like you in space. There is more humanity outside Earth. The limits that define humanity are quite foggy. Far from the little green humanoids versus humans the media has been pushing for decades. Some extraterrestrials are extremely different and alien in every possible way from humankind, while others, like us here, have a foot on each world, having been human walking your streets and nonhuman by birth outside Earth, and because of where we are now, in orbit, and mingling with creatures and races that are very different from us humans and space humans, all of us part of the vast Lyrian family.

Four new people arrived here on the starship Toleka last night, two men and two women, which are two couples, meaning that they are in a relationship. They are between 20 and 24 years old, freshly out of the space academy in Temmer, using the best translation possible for all those human-sounding words.

The first interesting thing about them is that they have never been here on Earth's orbit, much less down there on the surface in any way, shape, or form. They have never been incarnated on Earth, never had a life there, and all they know about everything that is going on here and about Earth is what is taught at the space academy itself, and that is quite far from what is actually happening, as you know.

They are two couples, man and wife, who are the pilot and co-pilot of two new fighter class ships in which they arrived, each couple in each ship. We are quite short of hands here these days, as the total head count of the entire crew of Toleka is only 28 men and women. So they are coming here to help, to give us a hand.

As those of you who have been following me for some time know, the higher Galactic Federation, impersonated by the Etorthan race from Orion, is arriving at the end of December of this year to make a general auditory to every single Federation race orbiting Earth. They want to know how many there are and what exactly each one of the races is doing here, what is their purpose, and what are their activities. This is far from being the first time they are here, far from it. But the ugly part is that bad things tend to occur on Earth right after they make their auditory and leave this area.

As we are so few here, queen Alenym decided to bring four more people who will fulfill the role of fighter pilots designated to take care of the Taygetan flagship Toleka where we are. Although this could be seen as some kind of a Taygetan military buildup, it is more for what we cannot foresee and to show some independence and strength here. And in no way it means that there is going to be any kind of military aggression. Also, as the Federation is so strong, it would be ludicrous, so it is not the case.

Alenym chose them directly from flight school back in Temmer, mostly because these four are the top of their class in human words and equivalence. They are Taygetan “top guns”. Alenym also chose them because they have no ties and no relationship with Earth, much unlike the majority of this crew, as you know. And she also chose them among many other good young pilots because they are two couples in a committed relationship, as this propitiates stability and focus in them during their tour of service here in Earth's orbit.

So, these four people are fresh arrivals, complete pure Taygetans with no experience with Earth and its problems and affairs. They don't need any such experience and knowledge about what is happening on and with Earth because their role is to be intercepter fighter pilots and not experts in exopolitics and Earth politics. They will have to learn as we all go along.

Yesterday, as they arrived last night, my Taygetan team friends here suggested that it would be a good idea for me to interview them for my YouTube channel because, as they are new here, it would be interesting to hear about their ideas, reasons, and motivations to join the team here. So I asked queen Alenym for permission to do so, and she said yes if I saw it as an interesting subject to share and if it were appropriate for YouTube and all of you, my viewers.

But then Alenym turned to me and said, "Yes, interview them if you like and if they want, but there is a little bit of a problem. They are pure Taygetans, young and fresh out of the academy, and neither of them speaks a word of any human language." So I said, "Okay." So I talked to them in the Taygetan language and then I translate it into English and Spanish. The problem with this is that Taygetan is not like any human language. See, it is not just verbal; it is verbal telepathic, which means that words and sentences are used as a carrier signal for a wider telepathic load with a much wider meaning.

This means that it is impossible to translate word for word into any human language, much unlike my interview with Ari, the Urmah tiger, who does speak three or four human languages in his own feline way, of course, with pronunciation problems because his mouth and lips are different, yet it is still understandable.

So, this means that while I find a way around this problem, all I can do is describe their arrival and narrate what they said in my own words as best as possible and using human language. Please remember that they have never been here close to Earth, and everything is new to them. I find it extremely interesting to see their reactions as they go along discovering strange things and situations. Or, better said, strange things to them, common things to you and me.

We all went to Toleka main hangar when we got word that they were inbound and arriving. The main door slid open as two fighter class brand new starships came in one after the other, as they lowered their landing gears and softly descended over to Toleka flight deck. As their engines slowed their whine and turned off, the frontal access ramps of both fighter ships opened, and a few seconds later, the two first came walking out to meet Alenym, Khila, Salaphaiel, and Eridania Elena, who is the ship's captain.

The four new ones were all dressed in their black flight suits, full of emblems from the squadrons they were in while in the academy. They were walking very martially, very correctly, following every arrival protocol in the book. One of them even wearing sunglasses to look more dashing. While they arrived perfectly dressed in flight uniforms and following every rule, on the other hand, queen Alenym and company were all relaxed, wearing everyday clothes. As I've mentioned before, many of them of human origin. Alenym was wearing jeans and white tennis shoes, for example. When you are here close to Earth and looking at its entire society, you obviously get influenced by its culture, especially with its nice things such as shoes, clothes, and jewelry, although the entire culture is flabbergasting and simply amazing due to its richness of options and variance, but especially because of its heavy contrasts.

They followed Alenym and company inside the ship to Toleka CIC safe room to be debriefed, and that's all I could see of them yesterday during their arrival. It was only today in the morning when I could meet and talk to them with the rest of the crew. While they were taken away to their debriefing, we noticed a moghyay a bird inside the hangar, looking down at us from the overhead metallic catwalk. That bird shouldn't be here; it is dangerous. They are supposed to be confined in the central gardens only. We don't know how it got here.

Funny enough, it shitted the front nose of one of the newly arrived fighter ships with a white and gray large humid bird poo. Moghyay birds can't fly; they are quadrupeds with no wings, but they can climb, run, and jump quite well. So many of us swiftly climbed the catwalks above and ran after the silly bird who dashed away, climbing power duct pipes near the roof and other structures while we frantically tried to catch it, while little Yazhi Sophia laughed with all her might at the entire scene while she held a toy stuffed rabbit in her arms.

Today, the rest of us met the new crew members in the dining room during breakfast, and it is here where I start to observe and even record their reactions to unknown things and objects. After I made their acquaintance, I took my human cell phone and placed it on the table with its screen off, and I asked them if they had ever seen one of those.

Aydan looked at it and asked me if he could touch it. I answered, "Yes, of course." He looked at it for a moment and he said that it was some sort of portable computer device. I said, "Very good, please make it work, go ahead, turn it on." Aydan placed the cell phone on the table again, the screen looking down and the camera lenses looking upwards, and then he talked to the device, instructing it to activate its hologram screen. It did not respond. It did nothing.

I then took the device, turned the screen on, and showed it to Aydan and to the others while they looked at it in amazement, not understanding that the little screen is all it has, as it is not equipped with a large hologram projector as they expected because they thought the camera lenses were for that. They found it strange and primitive, as you still have to touch it with your fingers and not just talk or think to the device for it to work.

Then we talked about how to begin to understand human society, and I suggested looking at movies and studying them, besides researching everything in the ship's archives and online on the human Internet. But anyway, knowing what is going on on Earth is not their role here. Theirs is to be pilots for fleet protection, although it is more of a capacity statement rather than expecting any real trouble.

I do worry a bit for them, although I know they will be just fine. The problem is that they are truly inexperienced greenhorns, and they know close to absolutely nothing about what is going on here. But my, they can fly a fighter ship.

I asked them why they wanted this job, and they answered that it was because it was a chance to make a real difference and because they would serve their queen closely. "Make a difference," they say. Okay, that does sound like Federation trainee propaganda, I tell you that. They have a lot to learn, and that is a severe understatement.

Now we will see how they react to their first human-made movie, which will probably be the “Matrix” from 1999. Let's see how they react and what they say. I'll keep you posted on new things about this. I think it will be very interesting to see how they react to everything human and also to know more about their motivation and ideas that brought them here. For now, that will be all because this is so recent. I haven't seen them since breakfast, and that's all I interacted with them until now.

Besides being two pairs of greenhorns, they are very nice people, loving and extremely open and willing to share all their life openly with complete transparency, which may not be a good idea when interacting with humans. Needless to say, it breeds many problems. But they most probably will not anyway. They are lovable, young innocent Taygetan Pleiadians. As I said here, they are two pairs of fluffy, fluffy innocent bunnies trying to look tough in their military flight suits. We will take good care of them here, and we will guide them all along. They are great people, and they will fit right in. They will be all right.

Thank you for watching my video and for liking and subscribing for more. I appreciate it a lot. And a special thank you to all of you for your kind donations. You have helped us a lot, and I mean a lot. All of you truly made a great difference, more than what you can imagine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If everything goes well, I will go back to my usual voice if that system cooperates. Take care and be wise.

Your friend,

Mari Swaruu

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