Stellar Navigation 2 (Swaruu) (Part 3): Extraterrestrial Ship Technology Taygeta-Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
October 01, 2019

Stellar Navigation 2 (Swaruu) (Part 3): Extraterrestrial Ship Technology Taygeta-Pleiades)

Continuing with the information contained in Stellar Navigation 1 I will not describe the nature of the maps again, rather I will continue from there.

Since everything is frequencies and all frequencies manifest matter using standing waves and nodes as a consequence of their harmonics, a spacecraft uses the same method of insertion into a new place, called destiny, as the way we use to manifest a solid object using our tractor beam. This is to watch and mathematically understand not only the exact frequency of the destination, but also its frequency harmonics as well. For a spaceship to manifest itself in its destiny, what we must do is to equal the frequency and its harmonics of the matter of which our ship is composed with those of the destination so that its energy matrix and all its components accept it as part of its harmonics and this acceptance is equivalent to it being inserted there in the destination, the ship manifesting in the destination.

A ship at rest at its starting point will have a specific frequency and in energetic harmony with its surroundings. At the moment when the ship alters its frequency and its harmonics and changes them to those of the destination using the frequency map, or stellar frequency map , it ceases to be energetically compatible with its place of origin and becomes compatible with its destination.

This is the energy-frequency jump that we call quantum leap, supra-luminar flight, Warp flight, or hyper space. It is indeed a leap from a material-origin place into the ether and from the ether back to another material-destination place.

As I described in Stellar Navigation 1, we can perceive or understand our stellar map of frequencies by replacing places and objects such as planets and star systems with their numerical energy-frequency values. As I have explained before, large-mass objects obtain a high numerical frequency value and small objects have a low numerical frequency value, being that seemingly empty places such as deep space do not receive a frequency equivalent to zero, but a low frequency - energy nomenclature because space is not empty but is the medium in which the gravitational waves that will form the objects when they have a correct and sustained harmonic are transmitted.

Come with me .. accompany me to the engineering levels of a starship!

Each race has its ships, its tricks and its ways of making them and of overcoming or achieving the same. I know the functioning and variants of several interstellar races or species, but I will focus on Taygeta's not only because it is mine, and it is what I have here with me, but also because it is one of the most advanced. Not all races use the same engines or the same methods.

A Taygeta ship uses 3 ways to move. 2 are considered as propulsion modes and the third one is a manifestation based on frequency manipulation on the part of the same ship.

The first is well known to all initiates in the UFO topic:

1.- Gravitational manipulation

The second is by reaction action, as a jet or as a rocket.

2.- Jet or high energy electromagnetic plasma rocket

The third is the most interesting and is the one that favors the flight at higher than light speeds (And it is not considered as propulsion as the first two aspects)

3.- Total immersion of the ship itself in a high energy frequencies toroid controlled precisely from a computer, manipulation of the Ether.

Gravitational manipulation

What is gravity?

Gravity is nothing more than an energy flow within a potential energy medium called Ether that obeys a specific frequency. It is not easily measurable from an existential low frequency plane, such as the Earth's 3D and what can be perceived are only its effects as something that attracts large or small objects. So gravity is a specific frequency magnetic flux.

If it is a specific magnetic frequency, it would be specific to each place since the dynamics of energy interaction between objects, planets, suns, moons, for example, specific to each place is unrepeatable. Gravity is directly coupled with the frequency of transformation of the potential energy to a solid object with mass being that the amount of gravity that an object receives is directly proportional to its mass.

So to manipulate gravity or to generate artificial gravity, what we must do is first detect the base frequency of the gravitational flow of that specific point or region and with it create an electromagnetic flow of opposite values ​​that neutralize it using the destructive frequency principle .

This is if the gravitational flow of a place is 7.83 HZ then we must generate the opposite -7.83 HZ which is equivalent to zero gravity (0) or canceled gravity potential. If you have a frequency of 7.83 HZ and you generate -7.84 HZ you have a gravity percentage of +0.01 over the gravitational base frequency to be canceled, which is equivalent to your object or ship going up slowly. If your base is 7.83 but you generate -7.82 then your ship goes down slowly. You just have to manipulate the frequencies that your engines generate in order to maneuver your ship or to cancel the gravity of a place.

For that we can use precise instrumentation such as magnetic interferometers. Where we pass a specific and stable electric current known through a series of superconducting coils that have together another superconducting coil isolated by a non-conductive means of about 30 manometers.The quantum jump of each electron between both superconducting coils will be directly affected by the presence of high-energy magnetic fields equivalent to gravity. The differences in electron flow between the two poles of the interferometer due to the presence and influence of gravity on their electrons determine by computer the gravitational frequency to which the sensor is exposed.

The computer will make the necessary calculations and with them it will make a control algorithm over the motors that in turn will change or adjust their output frequency according to the instructions and the need of each moment.

Gravitational generators

They are very similar to the base generators for the tractor beam, they are basically the same, only larger. They are placed in key places of a ship along the hull and all work interwoven because they cooperate with one anther to give a total effect that envelops the entire ship.

However, unlike the supra-luminar total immersion toroid that we will see later, these small gravitational generators can alter the values ​​of electromagnetic-gravitational flow over a location, locations or specific areas of a ship.

As I described above, a gravitational generator can cancel the effect of gravity or manipulate it only by playing with its output frequencies. So if all the generators are balanced the ship remains static in flight. But if we alter the value of the front generators so that the earth's gravity affects more the nose of the ship and not the tail, we will make it lean forward. We alter the values ​​of a wing and the ship leans to that side. Gravitational generators work or act as control surfaces such as ailerons and flaps in a traditional aircraft.

Gravitational generators can alter their values ​​on the whole so that a ship moves in the desired direction, creating a gravitational gradient ahead of it. The ship literally falls in the desired direction.

I have some schematic images, they are from your Web but they can serve. They are downloaded from Earth websites, not everything applies to our ships.

As gravitational generators are found throughout the hull of a large ship, they are also reduced in number in smaller ships, illustrating with this the need to use triangle ships or the so-called TR-3 where gravitational generators are found one in each corner, as the most basic distribution. While this propulsion system is silent and allows high speeds, by itself it is not enough to enable the ship to reach the speeds close to that of light, much less overcome it.

A gravitational generator is almost the same, basically the same as that used for the Tractor Beam. In its most common configuration, it consists of several layers of rotating spheres one inside the other. Each sphere is of a non-conductive compound or material but super resistant to high temperatures and is completely filled with high pressure metallic liquid in special alloy. The closest terrestrial equivalent is enriched Mercury or Red Mercury. That itself is also used as such in some models of ships.

The spheres rotate in the opposite direction to each other at RPM between 10,000 and 100,000, the differences in speed between each of the spheres and their relationship with the others cause an internal change in the gravitational output frequency.

Remembering that Gravity is nothing more than magnetism at a very high frequency.

What is there in these schemes are very basic things regarding gravitational engines. Many of these things are known on Earth. It is known even for the normal population but they do not apply it. I do not doubt that it has been given in part by other races. And also the starseeds transmit it.

These are made by me, they are for the supra luminar flight. That is not Web, I made them. I used Web toroids, a sci-fi ship and with Photoshop I added them to illustrate the toroid in which a ship is wrapped for flight faster than light.

This is the Alcyone Ship seen from a telescope. They are real photos but augmented in contrast:

Dieslientiplex ship (Image well known):

Royal Draconian Ship:

A ship chasing a rocket:

One of our ships:

Robert: Are they golden or is it an effect of a photograph?

Swaruu: You only see the hot spots of the ship, where the sun is hitting it.

Taygetean cargo ship:

Centauri Heavy Cruise Ship:

Other Taygeteanas:

Taygeta also have ships of Scimitar class' b´ and Scimitar 'a'. The 'a' are interceptors, and the 'b' are assault. The difference is that the assault ones are heavier. Scimitar 'b' arrive at a site and bring down members of our team, vehicles, equipment, etc. The Scimitar 'a' are fast, light, designed to reach other hunting ships. The Scimitar measure 60 +3 meters with two reactors, give 2.5 to 3 TEVs of power, (the 'b') can have a crew of 7 + 1, the 'a' are only two crew members, although they can carry more.

Very good. I have already roughly described the flight by magnetic cancellers. Summarizing Gravity Cancellers. The sensors, mostly of the interferometer type, locate the precise magnetic-gravitational frequencies of the place where a ship is flying. Then the information is passed to the on-board computer, which gives the instructions to the individual generators in the hull of the ship, being that it activates all or only some according to the maneuver to be performed.

The generators will modify the exact output frequency of their high energy and high frequency magnetism (gravity) by modifying the velocity, or velocity differential between the spheres filled with superconducting liquid, this liquid is not known on Earth since it is special and of high technology but its closest equivalent on Earth is Enriched Mercury or Red Mercury (which is still used in some non-terrestrial ships). And this speed differential is modified with or using the parameters and instructions of the computer.

The spheres of gravity generators themselves are made of non-metallic composite material that is very resistant to both dynamic forces as well as high temperatures. And in itself electromagnetically speaking, its properties have been removed remaining only as liquid containers. As if they were only spheres of superconducting liquid rotating at different and counter-rotating speeds.

The means of propulsion of rotation for the spheres of the generators is electric being that the very same spheres act as a frame of "electric motor" making it unnecessary the installation of additional external motors that drive the mechanism and the typical speed of rotation oscillates between the 10,000 RPM and 200,000 RPM.

These engines alone can drive a ship to a speed close to 50,000km / sec a good part of the light speed, or a 6th part of the light speed and this system is considered as a gravitational propulsion or propulsion.

The force or amperage (for lack of a better word) of the engines is directly proportional to the total mass of the ship, this being a basic factor for the size, distribution and energy consumption of the Gravity cancellers of each ship.

The minimum number of gravity cancellers in a ship is 3. Less than that there is no way to control the ship well, with chaotic results such as that of Die Glocke Nazi who only had one that did not control its output frequencies.

Robert: With those engines, the shape of the ship doesn´t matter? It doesn't need to be aerodynamic, right?

Swaruu: It doesn't matter but yes you have to first understand what it will be used for, because if the ship does enter the atmosphere yes it still needs some aerodynamics. Although strictly speaking an electromagnetic toroid wrapping a ship would be what provides the aerodynamic shape and not the shape of the hull. Even so, very advanced ships like the Taygetan SUZY class are structurally aerodynamic.

In the case of supra-luminar flight or in the case of plasma jet or gravitational propulsion also, the 3 ways, if a ship is wrapped in its electromagnetic toroid, with a change in density compared to the external one (density differential between the ship and its surroundings) ... the shape of the hull becomes irrelevant, making it possible to fly at enormous speeds a cube ship or a brick ship without problems.

Having explained the above, in the discoidal ships or the reason why many ships have a discoidal shape, especially the small ones, it is because it is the most suitable to promote the dynamic flow of gravitational waves that are generated by its small engines of relatively low power. This dynamic gravitational flow is called Flux in a ship. With ships of greater power, the discoidal form is irrelevant.

Robert: I thought that most ships were discoidal. But when I saw an image of how Suzy is more or less, I realized that not all are discoidal or that it is not necessary.

Swaruu: What happens is that the discoidal ones are the most frequently seen, speaking of the positive ones (no longer since all forms abound). Because discoidal ships are the ones used for basic transport, they are like cars for many races, they are everywhere and everyone has one or more than one. Having said that, the most common form for an interstellar ship is...? Tell me what do you think is the most common shape?

Robert: The spherical. The toroid or it would have no form because it just manifests.

Gosia: Spherical yes. Or this typical Meier one.

Swaruu: No.

Robert: What is it?

Swaruu: The asteroid form. It is not a joke. I am very serious.

Gosia: But done like that on purpose? To look like asteroids?

Swaruu: A race captures an asteroid with the correct composition, usually metallic, they make it hollow, they put the motors in the back, cabin at the front and there they have their ship. They save on having to install the hull and this way they not only have protection from impacts in space but also camouflage. It must be clarified that this is a low-tech solution used by thousands and thousands of civilizations that are barely taking their first interstellar steps.

Robert: Oumuaoumua or whatever its name is. Image 26

Swaruu: For a developing race, making a 2 kilometer long polymorphic titanium hull, like this one, is prohibited. They use asteroids because in itself it is a "free" and in space the shape is quite irrelevant.

Although this form is common, and perfectly viable, that Oumauma thing, we do not find any sense here to what they say, because there isn´t only one ship out here, there are thousands and in interplanetary and interstellar transit. As I said before, describing or being asked what Oumauma is, it is as if they were telling you or asking you if in the street you have seen a "strange" metallic object with doors on the sides and which goes turning on a 4-wheel base.

There are so many ships / cars that it is impossible to detect to which one they have pinned that Oumauma name or however it is written. Therefore for us it is just another lie from NASA. They only see one ship about 100 meters long (quite small) and ignore other 357,000 that pass around the area every day? It is just so that humans think that NASA could detect anything that went through the solar system. There is another problem here. Many ships are not moving in an observable density from 3D, which further complicates everything.

Gosia: In theory, none should be seen. If they are supposedly in 5D, right?

Robert: But, I understand that upon entering the atmosphere under Van Allen belts, this changes the situation.

Swaruu: Yes, you can see many, because the visible from the 3D is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum (including the visible light spectrum) that the ship emits. (And not the whole ship). Partly because of this, you can't recognize many ships like the ones I've sent here. And this problem also applies to planets and distant suns alike. They only see the 3D parts of what is outside, not everything that is outside or only the 3D components of objects of other densities since a higher density such as 5D includes 60% of 3D.

I terminate the section of gravitational impulse motors.

Next part we will do: Jet propulsion of high energy elecromagnetic plasma.

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