The 3D Matrix and its Impact on Souls

Za'el and Arien - English
April 28, 2023

The 3D Matrix and its Impact on Souls

Arien: Hello, how are you? To you who are listening, I send you a big hug.

Today, I want to talk to you about how our worlds are intertwined. Because, as you know, if we are here interacting, it is because we are part of each other.

There are many reasons why we souls become compatible with Earth's circumstances and way of life: reincarnation loops, trauma and attachments, but also friends and family. Whether incarnate or not, the fact is that if we are close to it, especially in thought, we are all influenced by this planet and its frequency dynamics. And, of course, the reverse is also true.

And I say 'in thought' because it is not necessary to be orbiting or immersed in human society to be compatible with its functioning. In fact, it is a somewhat simplistic way of looking at it since this has already been explained, and under the principle of non-locality, there is no space, no distances, just an idea to be able to orient yourself and develop in a world with its own deterministic ideas.

In this way, then, it would not be necessary to be close to the Earth to be compatible with it.
You can live in Temmer, and a trigger such as a trauma can affect you in a significant enough way that your mind starts to create chains of limiting thoughts for you and consequently for your environment, causing your frequency to be depleted and lowered to very Earth-like stages.

And I make a note here: it doesn't have to be the Earth. It can be other planets with a lower vibration than average because there are some. You just need to vibrate in tune more or less intensely so that your point of attention is in a slightly lower state of mind than usual, and your being becomes more attuned to life and society on Earth than on Temmer in this case.

So, outside of it, at the same time as we become compatible with being here around it, the Earthly reality and even some customs come out as a smoky cloud that impacts on the lives of those outside. This is not something new, nor indeed something that can be seen as less extraterrestrial because precisely everything down there is a product of multi-racial design, as humanity is just a lot of extraterrestrials living their experience as humans.

Their enriched culture is due to the great diversity of beings who imbibe the terrestrial experience of the customs they lived in other times of their existence, on other planes, and in other galaxies.
Therefore, from one point of view, it could be seen as giving us back knowledge of other incarnations of ours.

There are very beautiful things on Earth, amazing and unique things that are not found elsewhere.
This is because of the illusion of limitations and with it the impulse to creativity with the few tools at one's disposal, and it is very enriching for the sou. It is said that one does not draw better by having better paints, but that one draws better by practicing and developing one's technique.

It is one of the biggest reasons why a soul decides to experience its limitation in a human biological body. It expands your creativity in the face of adverse situations and forces you to get up each time only with what you have in your hand, feeling a greater personal fulfillment or satisfaction, not having solved it with the facilities that are available to you outside of that experience. Because creativity is not only in the artistic sphere, although, of course, this also enriches the soul and benefits it in many aspects.

I am referring more specifically to creativity in making your decisions, in discovering inner things you didn't know you had inside you. Creativity in taking other paths when a door closes, or in testing yourself with circumstances that will expand your consciousness to other levels.
The Earth, with its lower vibrational gradient or misnamed 3D, presents as well as its pleasant side, another side that even to those of us who are aware of it inevitably affects us due to the emotional nature of the human race itself, as well as the Swaruunians and Taygetans.

Interaction with 3D affects us because the realities, not only between races but also of each unique individual, intermingle and influence each other, as I have said before. It affects us culturally and therefore sociability. For example, when a little human thinks something strange to him and says he doesn't know where that thought comes from because his vision is totally contrary, or he doesn't know what he has thought and asks himself, 'Why? When did I start to think like that? I don't want to reason in this way.'

Sometimes the thoughts of others filter into us through telepathy, sometimes simply by passing them in the street or hearing it repeatedly so that it stays in the subconscious, occupying a place in you that you don't want it to occupy. But this also has a lot to do with the collective unconscious.
We think things that are not ours but are ours at the same time because, by being in contact with the Earth Matrix, everything related to it congregates, forming a soup of knowledge that we all have by being linked to it.

So, even if it's not something you think about regularly and you're not used to those thoughts, the fact is that there is all that unconscious influencing you, and it's by agreement. There really is an emotional damage that the 3D Matrix generates in us as part of its unique condition.

To take a relatively recent example, we are affected by situations such as that of some helicopters dropping fireballs with the aim of setting whole forests on fire. This is just to have an excuse to blame global warming and, therefore, the population itself being the only one responsible according to governments and the news - all with a view to fulfilling the many agendas the Cabal has in place.
Or the videos that are published of people suffering in the streets without being helped, revealing a sick system in which there is a clear lack of empathy and a deterioration in human values and ethics.

By being aware of such atrocities, we can change what we manifest for our reality. Let us remember that a soul cannot enjoy and be nourished by the good without first understanding that there is, in a world of duality, the opposite. That contrast is there so that we can appreciate what we like most about the experience in the material world.

And those things that we see around us and feel that affect us in negative ways are specifically designed to generate a reaction in us. They can appear so that we learn to have greater control over our emotions, so that they do not dictate our destiny, to expand our understanding of how the universe works, its laws, and to have a more holistic view. To ask ourselves questions and find answers to them, answers to which in other ways, without having experienced the contrast of the apparently negative, we would not have arrived. I say 'apparently' because I insist that everything negative has its positive repercussions for those who know and want to face it.

Those answers help us to expand our knowledge and thus make the soul grow. Be aware that it is there, that it exists because in the universe, everything is. And decide not to give it creative attention so as not to manifest it in your reality.

Inevitably, part of the 3D Matrix remains impregnated in us as a little fingerprint. If you must wade into these waters, accept that having been compatible at some point in your existence with the 3D, you have the immense opportunity to make your heart strong again. Seize it and turn the situation to your advantage.

Your friend,


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