The Moon part 3, how it influences Earth and its 3D Matrix. (English)

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July 11, 2023

The Moon part 3, how it influences Earth and its 3D Matrix. (English)

Mari Swaruu: Hello again, thank you for joining me here once more. I hope you are very well. I am Mari Swaruu. This is the third part of my series of videos about the Moon. To be able to understand this third part, I suggest you watch parts one and two first, as this video is a direct continuation of them. I will place links to those videos in sequential order on the top right part of your screen now.

This information I'm sharing with you today comes directly from the archives of the United Federation of Planets, or Galactic Federation, the same thing. It is accepted, and it is readily available for everyone outside Earth and its 3D Matrix. From inside Earth, this information can be seen as science fiction as it conflicts drastically with what humans are told about the Moon.

From the point of view of an average person inside the Earth's Matrix, the most plausible explanation for the existence of the Moon is that it is a natural satellite that has a dusty gray surface full of craters, especially on the far side. And it is the most plausible explanation because the context, background, and knowledge an average person has been programmed with dictates it is so, and every other possibility is simply fiction.

But from the point of view of someone in space outside the Earth's 3D Matrix, what is plausible and why, the simplest explanation is that the Moon is an old battle-damaged biosphere spherical ship that was artificially placed there to help stabilize Earth's orbit around the Sun because that is the context and information the average person in space grew up with. This is another example of how realms are separated, and the people who live in one cannot easily be in contact with people in the other, as it many times causes severe perception conflicts.

After the destruction of planet Tiamat, all the planets in this Solar System were in complete chaos because their gravitational dynamics and equilibrium were drastically altered, modifying their orbits around the Sun. The Galactic Federation couldn't do much about this problem as it was so large, and the planets were allowed to reach their equilibrium mostly on their own. All that the Federation could do is counterbalance some of the planets to help them gain equilibrium. This was achieved by tractor-beaming large asteroids into the orbit of Mars and also by moving a battle-damaged biosphere ship into Earth's orbit to help it regain balance.

In the case of Earth, all its biology depended on the sunlight the extinct planet Tiamat reflected onto Earth at night. Tiamat was a large watery planet that was very bright at night, as I explained in my previous videos about the Moon. Without planet Tiamat shining at night, much of Earth's biology was also in a chaotic state, with many species going extinct, making the effects of the global flood even worse.

The logical move for the Federation was to move into Earth's orbit a battle-damaged biosphere spaceship because its metallic smooth surface was an excellent Sun-like reflector, and then they placed a high-definition hologram in front of it so it would look like a natural moon. Today, even some parts of Earth's official science accept that if the Moon were natural, it would be a lot heavier, and it would simply be too large for Earth.

The first way the Moon affects the Earth is as a mass counterbalance to maintain a more or less stable orbit. Before Tiamat's destruction, Earth's orbit was much less elliptical, which caused a much more stable environment with less drastic temperature and seasonal changes. In other words, back then, Earth was a planet that was easier and friendlier to inhabit than what it is today.

Back then, Earth was considered a super habitable planet where the climatic and biological conditions made it an ideal place to live in for people who have Lyrian or human body. Super habitable planets are those that have a set of life-sustaining conditions superior to Earth's. Two examples of super habitable planets are Pitoya, orbiting the star Arcturus 37 light years away, planet Alfrata, formerly known as Phaeton, orbiting the star Alpha Centauri at 4.36 light years, and planet Temmer, orbiting the star Taygeta in the Pleiades star system at 440.3 light years away.

The Moon affects the Earth's tides and guides biology at night, as you all know, and I'm not going to go into those details as they are widely known. But I must mention them nevertheless, also because this is one of the reasons why the Galactic Federation had to place the Moon in Earth's orbit.

The Moon is artificially transmitting high-energy beams that alter the frequency of Earth's natural magnetosphere, with this creating the Van Allen radiation belts. These high-energy beams are focused on Earth's magnetosphere using an array of special disc-shaped antennas on the Moon's surface. These antennas are exposed on the surface, but they are masked as craters using the lunar hologram.

They project an array beam with a specific frequency that adds to the natural one of the magnetosphere, creating a much stronger energy field that envelops and surrounds Earth, serving as an etheric barrier and as a high radiation shield. Although the energy beam only affects the magnetosphere directly, as a side effect it also lowers the overall frequency of Earth, as would be expected following the principle of dominant frequency, which basically dictates that the strongest frequency will tend to transform all the other ones into more of itself. This causes everything on Earth to vibrate at a lower frequency than the average one everything vibrates at outside Earth, as my predecessor stated. This causes Earth to be at a 3D slow and pasty existential vibratory rate, while everything outside Earth is considered to be vibrating at a natural 5D existential vibration.

But, as I explained in my video about 5D, it is not a place you are in, it is a level of perception and awareness, and so is 3D and all the densities as well, leaving 4D as a transitory level. In my opinion, this density with numbers description is only causing a lot of confusion. For me, living in 5D is a state of mind which comes from having a much evolved soul and consciousness and from where you manifest your positive reality.

But what is true is that the Moon does transmit a range of artificial frequencies that transform and modify the magnetosphere and also lower Earth's vibratory state and everything inside it as well.

This system is being fed by 12 reactors, of which eight are pressurized heavy water reactors, and four of them are fast neutron reactors, and it is these four which are still working. The other eight are no longer functional.

I find the fact that these reactors are very human or very similar to the ones used on Earth and with human technology very interesting if not suspicious. But at this time, I can't find any data on the reason why these are being used and not the more advanced and reliable Zero Point reactors nearly everyone uses outside Earth. When I find more data about this, I will share it with all of you.

All this means that being on Earth does not dictate how advanced you are or become mentally, spiritually, and consciously because it merely propitiates a set of experiences that are compatible with a low or primitive mentality. And it will depend on the mentality and consciousness each person or creature has while having an experience there on Earth.

The set of low frequencies Earth is immersed in makes it possible for different consciousness or souls who are at very different levels to coexist in the same realm. The slow and pasty existential frequency of Earth unites creatures, making it possible for them to share the same realm that in other more natural circumstances would be naturally separated, much like the lower astral is with the material or world of the living, mixed and affecting each other, yes, but not directly in the consciousness awareness of the average person.

With this artificial frequency modulating system being transmitted from the Moon, advanced souls can have a life experience that is hard and challenging, and which would not be compatible or in accordance with the natural existential frequency of their highly evolved souls. For this to work, a super-resistant biological body had to be used to homologize most souls into more or less equal life conditions.

The human Lyrian body was the best choice as it is not only very resistant, but it is also widely known by everyone in this space quadrant. This way, souls coming from countless different stellar species could be united into living a common incarnation experience on Earth as humans.

Souls don't have a species, they don't belong to any star race, souls are just that, souls, holographic fragments of the original Source and Source itself, but they do develop attachments and a taste for belonging to one or another species and gender after countless incarnations and reincarnations in many of them.

At least after the destruction of planet Tiamat and the artificial placement of the Moon and its frequency-lowering effects, Earth has been a school for souls so they can have a short and intense incarnation full of challenges and hardship in which so much can be learned in a short time that they advance a lot more than having several incarnations in kinder and more comfortable worlds.

With this, a soul can learn how to control emotions and challenges, as well as to learn how to do a lot with few resources, all this meaning that a soul on Earth learns fast how manifestation works and how to control and manage it. Souls on Earth learn how to manifest their positive and nourishing reality despite being in the same existential realm in which other souls are in a lower or lesser evolved stage of learning their manifestation and energy management skills.

Souls enter life on Earth in several ways, mostly directly incarnating from the space between lives. But all the data I have indicates that they all enter Earth willingly, never because someone or something forced them into doing so. Then here, I must mention the meaning of suffering in relation to the fact that souls knew what they would face while living on Earth. But I will leave this for another video, as it is a very large and extensive subject.

Another interesting piece of data is that it is said that a soul in a low vibratory state cannot pass through the Van Allen ether shields, and a highly advanced soul that vibrates a lot higher can, and with this, souls can escape the Matrix on Earth.

This is interesting, yet I cannot fully agree because, as far as I know, all souls enter and exit Earth in the afterlife as they please and as their frequency dictates. They go to wherever vibrates like them, and this means that their ideas, frequency, and attachments would be the ones that cause them to want to go back and reincarnate on Earth once more, and not a barrier like the one in a jail.

As you can see, Earth's Matrix is kept in a low-frequency vibration artificially and with full intention. You can see this as either being imposed on you in a tyrannical manner, or you can see it as a challenge and as a learning experience for your soul because you can create your own heaven on Earth, a positive reality while living there.

You are the creator of your reality and you control it, and everything else you are watching and you see happening around you there on Earth is part of the context and of the necessary frame needed to create your life learning experience. You are not a victim, take control of your life.

There is still a lot more to say about the Moon, and it will continue in the fourth part of this series soon.

Thank you for watching my video and for liking and subscribing for more. I appreciate it a lot. Thank you, and I hope to see you here next time. Be very well and take good care of yourselves.

With much love.

Your friend,

Mari Swaruu

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