The Space Situation around Earth, December 2023. (English)

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December 10, 2023

The Space Situation around Earth, December 2023. (English)

Mari Swaruu: Hello again, thank you for being here with me once more. I hope you are all doing very well. I am Mari.

This content can be taken as science fiction or as the viewer sees best, and it is posted for entertainment purposes only. But I take my information very seriously. For whoever has eyes to see.

There are countless levels and countless planes of existence, densities, and dimensions, and they all converge and influence any specific reality a point of attention is experiencing. And a point of attention is an individual with a strong connection to Source consciousness. What is real and what is not changes with the point of view or perception of each existential realm, with its densities, dimensions, and timelines. So, the perspective of the situation in space I am going to share with you today is only valid from the immediate material existential realm and timeline we all share with Earth right now in the material world where we are all incarnated in biological bodies.

As you know, my sister Sophia and I are aware of some other perspectives as well, some of which we could say are coming from a more expanded point of view like some parts of the astral side of things. But for today, I'm sharing only the physical side.

Exopolitical situation and presence of multiple races of the Galactic Federation. Main Galactic Federation headquarters are still found in the arrowhead-shaped Andromedan biosphere ship Viera, which is hiding behind the Moon as it has been for decades now. Local Federation installations, High Council halls for meetings, and main jurisdiction over everything that has to do with planet Earth are in the Viera.

Earth is still in quarantine, as they call it, and this means that no starship can exit or enter Earth's atmosphere without logging a flight plan and stating its mission and intentions to flight control and space operations headquarters, which are also found in the Viera, with a sub-station found in the deep underground bases in Antarctica.

These are nonhuman versions of aircraft flight controllers as seen on Earth, and I use human language and terminology because if I did not, you wouldn't be able to understand me. After all, we must have common grounds with words.

Even though every single starcraft flight is logged and controlled by the Galactic Federation, we still detect many craft entering and exiting Earth which come from dubious origins. We seriously doubt the Federation does not know about them, but they choose to simply avoid informing who they are to the rest of us in orbit.

The large biosphere starship Viera is Andromedan, but it acts like a multi-racial hub from where countless Federation races as well as others who are not use as a forward operating base from where they conduct their plans and affairs that have to do with planet Earth, supposedly always under Federation control and scrutiny.

In this part of space controlled by the local Galactic Federation, the star races which have the highest Galactic Federation rank are the Andromedans, the Arcturians, and the Centauri, or Alfratans, followed closely by the Antarians. Although such a multi-racial hub is Andromedan, they act in a very soft and retracted manner, always officially claiming that they do not want to create any karma. They do not want to get involved with anything that has to do with Earth because it ends up affecting and interfering with their society. Yet, they are still lending their ship as a forward operating base, or FOB for short, for other races, and they still participate in councils where the fate of the planet is being discussed. So, I do not understand what exactly is in their head as they are quite contradictory.

Then, we have the Arcturians in their three variants or flavors: the Devonians, the Korendians, and the Dieslentiplex. These last are the most active and numerous in this part of space and act like the Andromedans with whom they are best of friends. The Arcturians also tend not to want to get involved with anything that has to do with Earth and its "dirty" things, limiting their actions to giving their opinion during councils and also acting as guides for their innumerable starseeds who are in human bodies on Earth.

Next, the Centauri, or Alfratans, who come from the planets orbiting the star Alpha Centauri just 4.2 light years from Earth, or 13,000 AU, or astronomical units. One astronomical unit is the average distance between the Earth and the Sun. They are so close that with current starship technology, they are literally next door neighbors, and logically they are by far the most numerous star race found in Earth's orbit.

The Centauri are basically more humans as they are exactly the same race with no changes other than the natural ones that come from inhabiting outside Earth and in so-called high existential density space, as they call it. Although, in my opinion, high existential density space is quite a relative term as all I see is more of the same of what exists on Earth.

The Centauri are the right hand and workhorse of the local Federation, as they take orders from them and execute them obediently. The Federation decrees something and they execute it. It is their role. The Centauri also participate actively in local Federation high councils in the Viera which take place every Saturday, as they too follow human days of the week as they must coordinate with their representatives on Earth.

Then we have the Antarians who are tasked with what I would call perimeter defense, which means that they are patrolling space around Earth, everything in high orbit, as well as this part of the Solar System.

Towards December 2023, we also have a large detachment of Syrians in the Viera and on their multiple starships in high orbit. They have started to participate in local Federation councils regarding Earth affairs, although they have done so in the past as well. Their present agenda or intentions remain unknown to us at this time.

Other star races which have grown in number around here are the Tholorians, the Yayel, and the Sassani people, who are apparently only watching what is going on closely. Other worthy mentions are the Ummites with their dubious agendas and the Alpha Dracos who belong to the Orion Council and who have been in Earth's high orbit for decades now. What they are here for remains unknown as they only state that they are observers, yet their ships are fully militarized and are probably here for power and intimidation purposes in favor of the Orion Council.

From the Pleiades star cluster, we have several civilian detachments that come and go legally and who come to Earth's orbit for scientific and consciousness guidance purposes. The legal representative of the Alcyone Council which looks over the interests of all the star races in the Pleiades is the Taygetan queen Alenym who does her work using remote presence only for safety reasons.

I'm aware of several people who wish to discredit the Alcyone Council, stating that it is negative with elaborate stories and lies, and I see this as a Cabal three-letter agency attempt to distance people of Earth from such a council, surely because it has proven to be quite disobedient to Federation rules and regulations as they do not agree with how Earth is being handled. So I ask you, negative for whom and from what points of view?

This is also the case with the Urmah cats and their Avyon feline council which also does not agree with the local Federation, although they are still members of it. The Urmah are on Earth's orbit mainly to protect their interests in this part of space and to see after their numerous starseeds on Earth, as well as to protect the Taygetan heavy star cruiser Toleka, honoring their cooperation treaty with the Taygetan people. As well as the Alpha Dracos, the Urmah here are heavily militarized as well, and you know the cats like to be ready for anything, and they don't tolerate bullies. Contrary to others, the Urmah tend to be quite direct and transparent with their intentions here, as stated by their communication officer Arishah, here, through my channel.

By the end of December, the Etorthan detachment is due to arrive, representing a larger part of the Galactic Federation. The why Etorthans would represent the larger Galactic Federation remains shady and dubious. There are no changes to this, and there is nothing new to report to you about this except that Toleka's navigation systems and crew detected an Etorthan-like craft entering a service and cargo installation in the Viera last Wednesday, December 6th, 2023.

Although the craft was of the exact type used by the Etorthans, its transponder, or identification device, was transmitting a Centauri identity. As the Urmah has stated, the Etorthans tend to be tricksters, so they very well could already be here but not officially yet, using other races' transponders to avoid detection.

They are here for auditory purposes, whatever that means exactly, but also being part of the Orion Council and Federation, and also knowing that they associate with shadier races of gray aliens who also are roaming this part of space, I see no reason to trust them.

The Etorthan presence here is connected to numerous rumors of gray aliens, Maitre, or tall Grays and Orion Grays, present near Earth, which have or may have evil intentions which are not clear to us at this point, but we are studying the situation as best as we can. None of us here like their presence much less if they are making us believe that they are not here yet as they are officially due to arrive on the 31st and not before. I'll keep you posted on this as soon as I know more.

Lastly, we have the Karistus, which have been very silent lately, strangely enough, as they have a claim that states that the Earth is legally theirs and not the Federation´s. I'm not even allowed to talk about them because their representative on Earth doesn't like us to failing to see that we are all on the same side of all this complex fight, so peace brother, we are with you.

As for now, there are 927 starships of several star races in Earth's orbit at the time this video is published. 927 starships which exceed one kilometer in length and countless other smaller craft of all sizes and shapes which could be in the millions. Taygetan starship Toleka and its Urmah escort, starship Avyon 1, remain in low Earth orbit, barely following Federation rules, and plan to remain here for the time being, transmitting to you what is going on as best as we can with our limited means. As you can see, the current situation is extremely complicated and with multiple levels.

Thank you for watching my video and for liking and subscribing. I appreciate it a lot, and I hope to see you here next time.

With much love.

Your friend,

Mari Swaruu

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