Ufo Conference Finland - Mini Report - Live Online Connection with Athena Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
November 07, 2021

Ufo Conference Finland - Mini Report - Live Online Connection with Athena Swaruu

Questions answered live by Athena Swaruu at the Conference:

Question: 1. What kind of vibration beings are among us? Do they have physical body and world?

Swaruu X (Athena): All kinds of being are among you and are you, from all places you call densities and from all vibrations, from low to ultra-high. They do have a physical body, most work through a human vessel, some know, some do not know. Others keep their astral form, for lack of a better name for them. They interfere whispering in people's ears, giving inspiration, as inspiritu, or whispering of a spirit.

Question: 2. How strong is the Cabal in Finland?

Swaruu X (Athena): Hard to tell, it is said that Finland is under the control of the so-called white hats. I strongly feel although practically all the world is under Cabal control Finland is more relaxed than most other countries. So with circumstantial evidence I would say a cautious 20% as compared to other places like Spain, or Argentina where it would be a 100% for reference.

Knowing that control agendas such as CV-19 are lesser in Finland simply because the cabal does not see any use or real problem for them coming out of Finland. If they did, they would have stricter policies there against the people.

Question: 3. How the Universal Laws should be integrated to Planet Earth to help humanity?

Swaruu X (Athena): Universal Laws cannot be installed by force, they must come out of the people of Earth themselves as the media from which those Universal Laws emanate from. Such as how that happens as well with a Holographic Society.

Universal Laws will come in and be established by the people in an almost automatic manner as they grow in consciousness awareness, and in self responsibility. It will come automatically.

The people of Earth should work on 3 main things for all:

1.) Spirituality with no religion.

2.) Ethical standards fair for all.

3.) Moral standards fair for all.

All as one.

Question: 4. How is Mother Earth affecting the humanity?

Swaruu X (Athena): Mother Earth as a conscious sentient being is formed in a large way by the human conflictive unconscious, as well as other consciousness collectives such as other live kingdoms such as plants and animals, as well as the complex interactions between other sentient stellar objects such as other planets and stars.

Earth's consciousness and humans affect one another directly, cause and effect, as one.

Question: 5. Where did the aliens from Roswell 1947 come from?

Swaruu X (Athena): Zeta Grays. Friendly.

Question: 6. How does our collective "ascension" affect your race and your reality of existence there?

Swaruu X (Athena): All collectives, and all races are connected in consciousness. Many of our people, of our race are playing to be humans right now. Whatever happens on Earth is experience for us as well, as individuals and as a culture. We are kin, what affects you affects us as well.

Question: 7. What´s the purpose of controlling the growth of the population?

Swaruu X (Athena): With too many people, the Cabal cannot have full control over the population. And they also see the general population as too many for the planet, although this is highly questionable. It is all basically for total control over the human population.

Question: 8. Is unconditional love still a principle/good virtue or yesterday´s naive New Age distraction?

Swaruu X (Athena): It is an essential concept that is very true. Good virtue to follow. Not only New Age distraction. Yet, must not be confused with being permissive when others are going over your rights. Love yourself first as when you do not, you cannot love others.

Question: 9. Are we able to see and observe other space as it truly is? I was told back in the 90´s that e.g., Pleiades System, we cannot see its true form.

Swaruu X (Athena): That is true. You could see it elevating your frequency or in astral travel. From Earth and from within its average realm-frequency called 3D you can only see 60% of how things are in space in reality.

Question: 10. How is it possible that all the worlds health officials are fooled and lying with the corona hoax?

Swaruu X (Athena): Because the ones that were willing to cooperate with the agenda were placed in high places right before it all started. They placed their "chess" pieces in strategic places before it all started.

Another point is that the whole medical establishment, what is accepted as true and as false, possible, and not possible, was tailored from decades before so the medical professionals would have to conform to their institutional mandates.

This is the second time they do this vaccine agenda to kill off mass population, the first time was in 1918 with the Spanish flue. This is only a perfected re-run.

Not all medical professionals are complying, many are not falling for this hoax, but they are suppressed with Mass Media and professional shaming.

This is why in short.

Question: 11. Does a duplicate of the I (me) exist somewhere?

Swaruu X (Athena): From one point of view one duplicate of you exists per each Timeline/ Parallel Universe. From an even higher perspective there is only one of you that is multidimensionally existing in multiple Timelines and Alternative Universes. Scalar. And from even higher above the illusion of separation stops and we all become aware that we are all one, that we are Source itself.

Question: 12. How do you trade with other races? What does it look like?

Swaruu X (Athena): Trade is in kind, but it's not trade like on Earth. At a high level of technology and of advancement in general, trade is only in the form of sharing ideas and new tech that come out of ideas. Things such as ore, or anything that is considered of "value" from a human point of view, is not seen as such. Only as more things. What has more value and is not replaceable are things like art, where an original is an original and there is no replication or copy of it.

So the concept of trade as it's understood on Earth does not exist, because there is no real lack mentality as such here, not like it is on Earth.

At this level of technology and of cooperation with other cultures we all have what we need and so much of it we simply share with others all the time, just because that is the correct thing to do, and not expecting anything in return for it, same way that other culture or cultures will do the same with us and with others.

So trade as it is understood on Earth, does not exist, or in a very limited manner.

Question: 13. Can and do Taygetans stop meteorites etc? Devastating events like that?

Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, we do, and other races as well. All the time, but those are not so common events. Not as common as you are led to think on Earth. More fear propaganda.

Asteroids and meteorites are not really a problem for Earthlings.

Question: 14. What do you eat?

Swaruu X (Athena): We eat a large variety of plant-based foods, elaborated, cooked, baked or raw as well, fruits and vegetables. Our flour is sea algae based, not wheat based, we do not consume wheat as we find it to be toxic for brain and body. We have at least 10 times more variety of edible plants, vegetables, and fruits than what you have on Earth.

Other species living close to us do eat meat and animal products as it is a physical necessity for them. But they are artificially grown and not from a living animal. For humans on Earth, we do discourage eating artificial meat, or artificial anything at all.

Question: 15. Can you explain the exact process of how you connect to our internet now?

Swaruu X (Athena): We have an electrical converter to pass our electric-grid nomenclature to a human one, to feed replicated or original examples of your digital computers.

Long Range internet Access, like from Andromedan Viera:

Then the Internet signal is passed by wire to a special router we made that translates it to Muon communication method, then it goes to a special human made satellite that translates Muon back to digital, and from there into a Federation controlled server on the surface of the planet, under the control of certain governments that are complicit with the Federation, and from there into the regular internet.

Short Range Internet:

From a Starship, like above, signal is passed directly to a human made Satellite and then to Federation Servers on the surface and then into the regular Internet.

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