Unreal People becoming all Real? Yazhi Swaruu shares her opinion

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
December 30, 2022

Unreal People becoming all Real? Yazhi Swaruu shares her opinion

Originally in Spanish - second half of 2022

Gosia: Some are saying out there that something has happened and all the non-real people are now real all of a sudden.

Yazhi: I don't see it very feasible because I feel that they don't understand the concept of non-real people. Because it may be something relative, for example. I mean, a person is real from one point of view, not from another. A real person might not be real to another. It's something relative, it's not an absolute. Yet, it is assumed that most of the people there are generated by the Matrix itself and are not real to anyone. But it's unfair to decide that someone specific is or is not false. It's not up to us, it's not up to anyone specific to decide that.

That is, two real people from the point of view of the absolute, might not be real from the particular point of view of each of those two people. Being that they are both real. Because it is relative to a point of view. And that is only one of the many explanations of the concept of unreal people.

That is, if you know yourself to be real and you pass by Pedro Gutierres in the street, who you do not know and he does not know you, being that Pedro is real for himself and even knows about the concept of unreal people and has thought about it and accepted it... you will be nothing more than a street lamp for him as he is for you. So, from that point of view, you are not real to each other. Although, from the point of view of the absolute, you both are. And from the point of view of a real third person, you both wouldn't be if you didn't know each other.

There is also the concept that it is the real person that animates the unreal one. I see this as perfectly valid as well.

And you can see quite clearly that a person is not real when it is impossible for them to get out of some sort of mental program. That is to say, even if you throw advanced concepts at them, they do not process it and return to what is socially accepted. That is to say that the person that a real person can know closely does not come out of a group of pre-programmed reactions.

Like a video game NPC (non-playable character). Because that's what they are. They just have a few hundred thousand pre-programmed reactions appearing to have free will when in reality they just run within themselves a "Basic" computer language programming style program. The "If-then-Else" algorithm. It is a map of pre-made reactions like that of a computer. In other words, if you talk to me about spirituality, "IF", then I should say that I read Krishnamurti.

So it levels your spiritual knowledge by making you believe that he is a spiritually advanced person or that he is somebody, when in reality he is just a program "emulating" having a consciousness. As Mark Twain said: "You can't change an idiot no matter how many arguments you throw at him".

I am talking here about those who are not real under any point of view, 100% generated by the Matrix. Real people or not from the point of view of the absolute, as I explained above, it is a different view of the concept of non-real people. Where, although both people are real, they are not real for each other, in certain circumstances. That is why I said that non-real people subject is something subjective and relative.

However, there are people who are not real. Like a lamp post, or a traffic sign. The same. And they just follow a fixed thought pattern that they can't get out of no matter how many arguments you throw at them.

Now... even those non-real people can be portals for a "walk in" to enter the world using that "skin", so that non-real person-body can suddenly become real in that case. From a certain date of entry of the "adma or soul" of the "walk in". Which is very common.

What I am trying to say is that it is a very relative and subjective subject. So you cannot think or state absolutes here. Like what they say that everyone is real now. It's very subjective and looking at the variants they can be quite numerous. Lots of combinations.

In other words, I would say it is very difficult to decide if someone is real or not real and I leave that decision to the real people looking at the specific people they know.

Robert: Who programs the non-real ones? The real ones?

Yazhi: Yes, it is the Matrix itself, as a side effect of everything that surrounds a person. Because if biologically the bodies are the same between the real ones and the non-real ones, I mean in an autopsy for example, what differentiates them from each other is how they think and what is inside from the non-material side. So, a non-real person only follows a programming of the Matrix. That is, their reactions are programmed from childhood to react with that "if-then-else" algorithm, at school, at church, at work.

It is the Matrix itself that programs the non-real people, and the Matrix is in turn programmed by the mass of real people.

And yes, there is Matrix outside the Earth and I strongly believe that there are unreal people outside the Earth as well. And the non-terrestrial Matrix shares attributes with the terrestrial Matrix by interfering and influencing each other. Out here it is said that there are no unreal people outside Earth, but if it is also a Matrix out here, I strongly see that there must be unreal people as well since both Matrixes are structured in the same way and create each other.

Robert: Who generates these unreal people outside of 3D, the Matrix as a collective unconscious?

Yazhi: The same for both Matrixes, which in reality are the same Matrix. Real people manifest what they want, and that modifies their Matrix which in turn programs the non-real ones. I must insist that they are not two Matrixes, but they are the same, being that where one ends and the other begins is very subjective.

It is also worth mentioning that this is why many do not understand why we are "so human" or "so humanized", those of us who speak. Because we have a strong influence from both Matrixes being the same, we understand both worlds from our points of view. That's why we can relate to you and not a "space octopus". But still, you find it strange or even shocking that ET's go down to the "super" to resupply their ship. But it happens and it is the truth even if it hurts.

There is no clear separation between ET and terrestrial as I always say, it is a gray area, where the person who observes and judges will only impose their own concepts of what ET is and what is not. Because it is the same Matrix with the same rules, only bigger than the other, bigger because it includes more data, more races, more information, but it is the same, it is like a country. France and Spain are the same thing being that what makes the difference is only a quite subjective human concept-agreement.

Gosia: But what you say, I see it as that we are all part of the "original Matrix" - natural. And then on Earth there is another layer of the Matrix, more "digitalized". Where everything is "simulated", as Anéeka explained years ago (and Matrix as a manipulation of the Cabal, another thing). So I thought that those non-real people are part of that Earth simulation.

Yazhi: Ok, yes, that complicates things further, because the Matrix on Earth has that layer of digital manipulation. It does. I just don't see why that would not also apply outside, outside the Earth.

Since it is something subjective, you could also say that everything is real, because the experience is the same and because it was decided by someone real, and I don't have the reason or the way to refute that. So it's kind of up to the opinion and the point of view of each real person. Do not think in absolutes.

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