What do Taygetan Pleiadians have to say about Corona virus? (DELETED BY YOUTUBE)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
February 01, 2020

What do Taygetan Pleiadians have to say about Corona virus? (DELETED BY YOUTUBE)


Spectrometer analysis over and over again especially on the supposedly infected. Blood samples were taken as well. With the tractor beam.

We have a structure map of a hospital taken by the ship itself. Where everything is. We isolate the place of the samples after carefully observing it, and we isolate the sample, the test tube. And we pick it up with the tractor beam. Concrete walls or roof do not stop it.

After almost 12 hours of flight taking all the samples and observing everything from the air we have reached several conclusions. We did not find any disease like the one they say. We conclude they are messing with their heads, no more!

Preliminarily no evidence of such a virus is found. We have a 10 ml laboratory sample of contaminated blood. There is nothing there that is not a normal infection. The sample indicates an anemic individual with low defenses. And high sugar. Nothing conclusive.

So, although this is not final. Our conclusion with a good percentage of reliability: It seems to be virus has been invented and that everything is coordinated as publicity with perception control using the common influenza-flu virus as the basis. People die of the flu anyway. And in itself there are many viruses, it is a whole family of them that gives the same symptoms some stronger than others and how it varies it depends on who has it. That's why they use it. It is highly contagious, common, everyone has it. It is activated with stress, because it lowers the defenses.

It does not appear to be a biological laboratory weapon nor is it a strange and new virus that has come from animals. It is just a big scam of pharmaceutical companies and the New World Order.

There is still a possibility that it is there, because biological weapons do exist. However, they do not have to release a true virus to create panick, but only to isolate a current strain, from this year, from the common flu and with publicity use it as if it were a new lethal virus. It is what they have done before. That is to say; they isolate the influenza virus that is naturally in the air this year (they mutate) and that naturally goes around the world as usual.

Then the health authorities of different nations have something to pursue, and also, as it always has been, there are dozens of deaths from influenza and respiratory complications every year. They focus on that to create social anxiety.

To create a virus you don't need a disease, just advertising. Everything is media today. We have not found any viruses. But what we do see is a lot of theater and a lot of mind control through the media. They have done it before with Zika and Chikungunya that are nothing more than common Dengue. What they do is look for viruses or pathogens that humans carry anyway, so yes they appear in the lab results, but they only look for what is already there. They use the Flu because it is perfect. It creates fear, and each person gives different symptoms.

They are just playing with humans. Just more perception management. Propaganda. Fear mongering !

Y China... as always. Grand lab of the NWO.

We have followed who is giving the money. The huge hospital of 1000 beds that will be built in days, has its economic origin in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Laboratory in Great Britain that has the patent for the Corona-virus, as a vaccine is part of the Bill Gates Foundation itself. Create the problem to sell the solution. There is nothing there. More of the same.

They will be people who will come and say we have proof... I maintain what has been said, it is part of the advertising mechanism.But there isn't anything to worry about as coming from the so called virus itself. Only from the humans and what they do using the virus as an excuse. As it was back in 1918... the real killer is in the vaccines, not in the virus.

That is the danger. It is very coincidental that they already have the vaccine so quickly. Not that the virus is not there but given those who are behind ... Bill Gates is the one who is paying for vaccines for the whole world for purposes of eugenics, of destruction of humanity, Agenda 21 Agenda 2030. He is behind the Corona virus.

 The great pandemic of 1918 was also the same. They used the Flu and promoted it as great danger, inoculated the population and that's why so many died. The agenda of killing the population with vaccines is not new. It has been already implemented over 100 years.

We do not believe at this time that it is anything other than a Cabal´s game to see how people react to such a crisis. Also to know the weaknesses of the health systems of the different nations, to know how to move their pieces in the future also with the aim of selling vaccines and medicines.

Recommendation so far, is not to get vaccinated in any way. Getting vaccinated and then detoxifying the vaccine doesnt work, as others say. It can not. The concept of vaccine, how it works is very doubtful. But even with true vaccines against diseases with the true intention of preventing them is an inoculation. In this case it is even more dangerous. What they sell as vaccines "for peoples own good" is really the disease. They will have it latent for the rest of their life.

Although I do not discredit the use of some true vaccine, what these psychopaths want is to inoculate the population using vaccines and the common flu as an excuse and propaganda-lure so that people will inoculate voluntarily.

Cabal psychopaths, like Bill Gates, have compounds and substances in vaccines that are activated by coming into contact with a second substance. That is, you get vaccinated against influenza one year and the next against the Corona virus and the lethal compound is activated. What makes this worse is that they can infect the population with a compound in an alleged vaccine and then activate it with the next component activated using Chemtrails.

Or they can be 3 or more components, which they are filtering and choosing which population to infect, not only two. In other words, it will be activated in the population that was most infected / inoculated. At a minimum it weakens the immune system making the population more and more prone to get sick and depend on medical systems and the industrial consortium of "Big Farma" drugs.

And also a seemingly innocuous vaccine destined to the respiratory system can bring consequences in the future, affecting other organs which are the ones that were really intended to be attacked.

Recommendation, DO NOT get vaccinated anymore for nothing. DO NOT rely on allopathic doctors anymore. They do not have your best interests in mind and even a family friend or even family doctor, honestly does NOT know this and still believes in Matrix medicine.

Where I clearly see that vaccines DO NOT work, it is all things viral <---- They will work limitedly with bacteriological agents since if dead germs are injected into a patient yes they can develop antigens to the disease that can caused by this kind of Germs. But in the case of Viruses. This is not possible.

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