What is a Human Being to you?

Za'el and Arien - English
May 31, 2023

What is a Human Being to you?

Arien: Hello, I am very happy to be able to greet you again. We are very sorry about what happened to the channel and very grateful for all the support we received despite the circumstances. To everyone who has stayed with us, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I'm sure you have already listened to Mari´s video about what it means to be an extraterrestrial or what an extraterrestrial is for you. If you haven't, I recommend you watch it for more information and context on the subject.

Trying to define what an extraterrestrial is is very complex, and as with most things in the universe, its meaning depends on as many perspectives as there are consciousnesses. And there are so many ways in which those perspectives can evolve that we are left with an infinite number of potential answers.

The reason I am writing about this today is to provide you with a clear example of why it all depends on where one is looking and why it is so interesting to try to develop a more holistic view of things and understanding of those around us. I think it is a very broad topic and can be covered in many ways.

We have taken as a criterion, socially accepted or not within planet Earth, that the extraterrestrial differs from the human in its situation or its identification inside or outside the same planet. That is, whether they live inside or outside terrestrial society. Generally speaking, in terms of location but not in terms of life form. I will come to this later.

For both Step Downs and starseeds, it has been strongly established that if they are there on Earth, they will be considered human beings in everything they say and do, being susceptible to experience in their flesh all that that entails, both the advantages and the disadvantages. From one point of view, it is designed in this way so that souls can have that experience they need for their growth, and that is valid.

But from another, this is something that is imposed without any kind of coherence, especially knowing that it is set up this way by the United Federation of Planets, which does not make clear the rules that apply to being on or off the planet. As in many respects, they are not at all congruent.

This inconsistency comes first of all because the rules are used as it suits them without taking into consideration one's personal circumstances. Although, of course, in a context where nothing is completely black and white, there are always people within the same Federation who do not think or act in the same way. And secondly, because by focusing only on the locational aspect of the individual, we are being extremely reductionist.

The problem is that the word "human" complicates the definition of what or who someone is, for "human" can be seen as a being with adaptive and effective capacity, but it is also defined from the other side of the coin as something or someone of an imperfect nature which has its flaws, as when it is often said that "to err is human."

Then the word "human" complicates things because both the positive and the not so positive aspects of this concept are also off this planet. They are characteristics common to many races because all these races are within what is human. And these definitions are given from Earth without taking into account what lies beyond the purely terrestrial.

In your experience, you are being a human if we look at it from the criteria of locality. Yes, it is true you incarnated there because you agreed to do so. But if we speak from the approach of a consciousness with a slightly more advanced development or level of evolution, the fact that you are there, immersed in your society, does not mean that your values and your way of thinking has to be exclusively in a certain way, that is has to be subject to that society.

Remember that the conglomerate of attitudes, ethics and behaviors that are most common in that place do not dictate who you are as an independent person because you have your own criteria and form of expression. And this happens in the same way in what you would call the outside world. That's why we talk about how important it is to realize that a person is a frequency, a density, and not what surrounds them.

Everything positive that humanity has is mostly influenced by the energies that come from outside the Earth and that present a greater connection to the Source. The more negative people, who are much more difficult to deal with, are the ones who are more influenced by the soup of lower frequencies from Earth. Both being part of the same humanity. And, in turn, while the star races tend to be very loving, there are also circumstances that occur that are very much akin to the negative faction of planet Earth. It's all intermingled.

What I am getting is that I feel that, above and beyond morphological condition or locality, there is the ethics of an individual. It is from ethics and values that we can begin to better define who is who. But it also depends on the frequencies with which you are most influenced. Therefore, a person can fall into limiting or destructive ways of thinking that make them compatible with living on Earth, and at the same time, there are those who overcome all of the above to the point that they manage to free themselves from it.

In both scenarios, all may have considered themselves human at some point, but some went the right way and some went a little astray. Those who left Earth influenced by their more expanded stellar identity, those who entered Earth lowering their frequency.

I include here as an aside that there has also been much talk that what defines a human being is anyone who is influenced by the customs or the way of life there, customs or habits of a lower level of consciousness. Referring, for example, to those with a self-destructive tendency, even if the person knows that they are harming themselves. However, even here again, it is the person's level of awareness that plays an important role in understanding that these habits can make them lose their way.

If you are one of those who look at the sky and wonder what you are doing there, if you are not compatible with your surroundings, if you get bad reactions, negative feelings from other people, attitudes, and behaviors that you don't identify with and you don't understand why these things hurt you so much, if you feel in agreement with any of this, then your soul is already in the process of overcoming the 3D Matrix and is looking for a life much more in line with who you are.

Because just because you grew up in a human family doesn't mean anything. If you don't feel you are on the same level of understanding of reality or don't agree in interests or ways of proceeding, your natal circumstances do not dictate that you are conditioned to be human. If you do not consider yourself as such, it is because there is a spark, a memory, a feeling inside you that tells you that you are simply not.

Listen to yourself and make sure you take responsibility for yourself to discover your own identity. I hope that if, you wish, you will find out soon. See you in a future video.

Your friend,

Arien of Erra

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