Yazhi Swaruu talks with Rich - Metaphysical Conversation from 2021

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March 31, 2024

Yazhi Swaruu talks with Rich - Metaphysical Conversation from 2021

Originally in English - April 2021

Yazhi: A person loops because of attachments they hold. But not only. Basically, because they become a frequency match to repeating those sets of experiences.

Rich: Every time we loop, we are creating another alternate version of the original timeline, yes? Or of the prior timeline I should say?

Yazhi: Yes, although, from my point of understanding, we are never creating anything, we are just like jumping from one experience to that other repeating it as repeating something we either like or see as a failure and we feel we need to amend it.

I see frequency thoughts. So what someone is thinking, attachments, interests, everything, as being a frequency that will determine the experience it will have. Not as in 'thoughts have a frequency', more like in thoughts are a frequency.

Rich: This reminds me of something I read in the 1980s... about our entire physical universe repeating (replaying) and it was over 200 times. I could see how that could be.

Yazhi: I have come across concepts like that one. I would say that could be true but only from one or another point of view and not as an absolute. And giving precise numbers, 200 as an impossibility to calculate.

As in the Universe not repeating anything, only from the point of view of someone, but then we would go into 'souls' and... I basically don't see them existing as such. So, as far as I understand about how you see 'souls', I must say I agree with you.

The Universe just is. Only given a meaning by an observer, but not as in the Universe being apart from the observer but being the observer at the same time. So, for that observer, the Universe is only an idea, a reflection of itself. So, no, I don't see 'souls' floating around leaving bodies and weighing exactly 20 grams, as many say. Those would be for me... another body.

Rich: Well said! And about that artificial "digital" Matrix...

Yazhi: Perhaps not worded correctly by my predecessors. It is not like the 3D is computer generated and 5D and above is not. First, all those "Ds" are garbage. I don't see them, that's 'humans' trying to explain the impossible dissecting everything again as if something would be the sum of its parts and that's all. So we are all in a "digital" Matrix, whatever "D" you may live in.

Why digital? Because it is structured in a crystalline way, as seen from the perspective of potential energy becoming something. A proof that we are all in a Matrix is that we would need a basic unit. A pixel. And that pixel on Earth is understood to be Planck's constant. That is, that no distance lesser than 10 to the -35 makes any sense. There is your pixel.

We here see things in another way. We see standing waves, not particles. A standing wave will manifest in a node a particle that you could observe as the Planck's constant in Earth physics. A minimum for space, shape. Even energy.

So, from our perspective, a node in a standing wave in a potential energy medium is the minimum part of the "material world". And, in order to have a node (particle), you need a standing wave in the medium (potential energy). And that wave needs a frequency. Specific harmonics, rhythm, for it to form.

And all that harmonics and all those frequencies are not isolated, they are always inter-meshed with the ones that form other particles who in turn will form hard matter. So, when you understand the harmonics of anything, you can manifest, or produce, an object from potential energy even if the first object is only a particle.

And all this above is represented with perfect mathematical precision. You control the math, you control the frequency. You control the harmonics, you control the particle, you control physical reality. All done with holographic computers as an emulation.

But you don't need computers. It is all mental. It is consciousness and the agreements to see things one way or another. That is the field to me. And there is your Matrix. Hard to swallow but it is there. For us all.

Rich: That's amazing, well said! And it wasn't hard to swallow the way you said it. Good stuff. Consciousness creates the particle.

Yazhi: Yes.

Rich: Continuously... frequently... equals the frequency. Potential energy = off. Created particle = on. Thus digitally. Am I tracking right?

Yazhi: Yes. Harmonics. Music. With a machine, all you need is a very precise "stereo" to create the adequate harmonics to the utmost detail.

Rich: Blend the energetics of the emotions with the imagery in consciousness... looking at it from a perspective of doing so pixel by pixel, with all the other energetics, blending...

Yazhi: Inter-meshed, yes.

Rich: And ta da - material object! Yes, inter-meshed, and it becomes real or reality by virtue of the agreements. Is that right?

Yazhi: Yes, because a chair is only good and only seen as a chair by people of similar size and with asses, for an ant, it is a mountain. For a cat, it is a bed.

Rich: And Planck´s constant being the electromagnetic action (the action being done by the consciousness) as it relates to a photon´s frequency and energy... kinda? Ish?

Yazhi: Yes, as accepted by Earth science. We don't observe different particles, no elements either. All we see is frequency and harmonics in a field of potential energy.

Rich: Is it more like imagine an apple - and you get an apple - not all the atoms and molecules, you don't get those till you start looking for them, so to speak?

Yazhi: Yes, in this Universe (so to speak), it is a mathematical impossibility to look for something and not find it. May take more energy than expected, more "time", but it will come. This because it is only you who is making everything up. Because you are the one with a consciousness, self-aware that you exist. But from a higher perspective outside the perceived limitations of the physical body.

Rich: Yes. Again, well said. Thank you!

Yazhi: You are welcome! 

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