Yazhi Swaruu - Wisdom of the Extraterrestrial "Child" - Metaphysical Chat

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
August 22, 2022

Yazhi Swaruu - Wisdom of the Extraterrestrial "Child" - Metaphysical Chat

Originally in English - November 2021

Yazhi: I don't care if I'm socially acceptable or not, share all you want! I see what I see and I share that, convinced of what I can see. I'm not looking at things from a conventional point of view. So either I share all I see, or I do not share anything at all. I no longer can even see what is and what is not correct to share. What I want is to destroy the system, to make as much trouble as possible, as noisy as possible.

You mention that some people say the vaccines are ok, as it´s a souls plan coming from a "higher level". If some people align to vaccines because it is coming from a higher level, then they did not understand my point. And that is, it is not important to consider from what level things are coming from because no level is more important than another, even the very concept of a higher and a lower level or levels is also a mental construct. So the mere fact that it is incorrect, whatever they are doing, is immoral at whatever level it may be incorrect, then it means that it is incorrect and immoral at any level. And saying otherwise is only a reflection of a bias and an idea that one level is higher than another.

In other words, if the people in 3D don't want vaccines, however "good" they may be from another level, then it is wrong! So that, what many say, that from 3D you see things differently than from 5D or from whatever D, is in no way a justification for doing something seen as wrong and immoral from that level or any other.

So that wanting to experience suffering in 3D to achieve contrast and enjoy freedom in a higher level "afterlife" is, for me, just another excuse to commit immoral actions that only go against the needs of the people who are living in one or another density and must be stopped.

You need to integrate everything, all levels, into one mass, or unwanted things will occur. And I'm well aware that I'm asking too much as contrast is duality and that defines lower densities. But then, so do all the immoral and regressive things that always occur. Defining lower densities. So what I seek, when done, will equal to ascending into a higher realm and a higher density.

If they transcend the need of thinking always in duality they will automatically ascend. You understand duality, as I do. And I even use it. But I do not live in it.

The more you comprehend duality and contrast, the more you can transcend it as you integrate, and as you integrate you automatically ascend because all what defines a lower density is thinking in terms of duality. Me vs. you, black and white, good and evil. The higher a density is the less representative duality becomes. So you don't see heads and tails. What you see is a coin.

Gosia: Isn´t fighting to destroy the system still within the realm of duality though?

Yazhi: It is. But the clue is to integrate the system, not to fight it. But you need a lot of mind because if a robber comes to you, then you must fight back. If Bill Gates comes to you with a syringe, you must shove it up his place where the sun never shines!

Gosia: So in what way are you integrating? And us. What would be the way to integrate the system?

Yazhi: Fully understanding it. And simply not giving energy to the parts you understand and do not want.

Gosia: Not giving energy? Meaning not fighting against it?

Yazhi: Attention, worry, fear, relevance. As in people thinking as one, together, simply never wearing masks, never obeying anything. No one can hurt a people like that, as even the Police and the Army come from the people and are the people.

Gosia: Then why do you/we still give attention/relevance to fighting the system? Does it mean we still didn´t fully understand it?

Yazhi: As a people, as humanity at large, they do not understand the system, that is the very core of the problem. If they did, they would not react as they are today. And there would be no problem.

Gosia: But what about you? You still react, and fight. Does it mean you are still not understanding it fully? I am talking about us, people who react to fight it.

Yazhi: The system is very complex and multi-layer. I do not claim to fully understand it. I fight from one level, and I don't from another. I do integrate the system. For example what I said yesterday. I fully understand the need of the Cabal to limit drastically the entry of new borns into physicality or else the very existence of life on Earth would be under jeopardy. And I may even agree at that level.

And at the very same time I also see the street level. So I'm not fighting the Cabal, I am understanding it and with that I can know how to defuse the problem in the first place. In order to defeat an enemy, you must know it. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

Gosia: I hope I am not your enemy. You are keeping me really close.

Yazhi: Hahahaha. Not the case, don't distort things!

Gosia: Ok. So how do you defuse it?

Yazhi: The people of Earth must understand the system. But that is a big wish.
I am the monster and I am the light being. But being able to be any one of them, I chose to be the light being. Because integration and love defuse and dissolve all things regressive. You can also see there why as you move upwards in density evil dissolves itself as it simply cannot exist in a place of integration and love.

Gosia: Ok. I still don´t understand this: You say to look at things from the level we are at. Street level at this point. But the thing is... this is not your level. You are not down here. Not even in 5D (even though you say you are them all). Your main focus of perception is actually in higher realms. That´s the level you operate from. And still, you want to fight. From our street level. Where you are not.

Yazhi: I integrate, that means that I'm not only sitting on a cloud in 9D, wherever, boring by the way. It means that I must be in all densities: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. With full understanding of what happens, defines and occurs in each one of them. So I'm in 3D and in any other D myself permits me to be in. So I chose to be even in 3D because I do not see 3D as a lesser "D". I act accordingly to the best ethics possible from the point of view of any D and of them altogether. Best I can. That's why I still fight, and I fight as much as I dwell on my comfy cloud up above.

My focus is not 3D, only includes 3D. And people in 3D only see the part of me they can see. And that depends on who they are. Not on what I am. I am only their mirror.

Gosia: On the other hand, you also fight according to higher realms as well. And with higher realm´s techniques, right?

Yazhi: As best as possible yes, precisely. I fight with mind and heart, consciousness and awareness, and a sharp sword made in 19th century Japan, sharp 200 level laminated stainless steel. You can understand the expanded meaning of my sentence.

The fight is at all levels. I am at all levels, so I fight however each level needs to be fought with full intention of bettering that level to lesser the need of such senseless fighting. Meaning that I do not justify the use of the literal sword if there is a better way to solve things. And I know there is a better way because I also see above. And the more people understand this, the less conflict there will be.

Gosia: At what level does it stop to be a fight? Since there is no duality or evil in higher realms. If you still fight... it means you are leaving yourself at higher levels unattended? Isn´t that dangerous? Meaning, your attention, if it continues to be on the fight, could get "trapped". Or no?

Yazhi: With enough mental resources you can be aware of all levels at once.
At what level does it stop to be a fight? At whatever level you decide it should stop in.

Gosia: But your focus is still on levels that fight.

Yazhi: Not all my focus, only part of it, the part that holds such understanding. I work constantly on several levels, so I do not need to focus on only one. So no, I'm not bringing more of that I'm focusing on to myself. I only hold that awareness as means to know what I do not want. Understanding that sometimes you must slit throats.

See it yet another way. New Agers wants only love and peace ---> ---> that brings vulnerability in 3D and with it slavery and slaughter.

Gosia: Yes, I feel it´s the same with me. I fight, but then, I don´t. And that´s what keeps me grounded in all this, in fact. That´s why I still smile. I don´t give my all to the fight, my whole focus. I am in it wholeheartedly but also, strangely, partially.

Ok. You said: "I only hold that awareness as means to know what I do not want." Why do you still need to hold that awareness to know what you don´t want? Don´t you know it already?

Yazhi: You always hold awareness.

Gosia: To know what you don´t want? How long until it´s not necessary? And when will you decide so?

Yazhi: I, or you, do not need to be constantly thinking about something in order to be aware of it and have it as a base of knowledge to define what and who you are.

It is not a question of when. It is done altogether at once in a space outside time and space. You just are, from above, and accepting the sword and the cloud.

You cannot be only in one density in order to ascend. You need to be in all at once. Because if you only want to be love and light, you deny the lower densities that still form you, and denying them thinking only as love and light will make you vulnerable in 3D, a slave and a victim. So you must be the sword and the monster and the light being on a cloud. Thinking only love and light does not make you a 9D being. It only makes you a 3D victim <--- <---

Be an illuminated lion, with sharp teeth and a sword. Like the Urmah are. Ultimate warriors, alpha predators of the Galaxy... and loving cute fluffy big kittens. Knowing when to be a lion, and when to be a kitten.

Gosia: What about being just observant?

Yazhi: That as well, that encompasses all. That's how I am mostly. I'm only sharing points of view here.

Gosia: I feel I am mostly observant as well. Even when it looks like I am fighting. In a way I am also observing myself in that state.

Yazhi: You know what makes the most lethal warrior?

Gosia: Nope.

Yazhi: The one so prepared, so knowledgeable, that anticipates all moves of the enemy, knowing the enemy as themselves. Fights with no fear, no passion, no agenda. Just is and becomes unmovable. Invincible. That is to be observant.

Gosia: Yes! I do have one passion though. And that is the inner desire to always do what´s right.

Yazhi: The problem is that right and wrong are relative, so you can never be right nor wrong. Just be as best as you can be at any given time.

Gosia: Yes, exactly. And that´s why it bothers me that the moment I feel I am doing the right thing, if new data is added, that right thing... might not be right after all. So in a way, there is no one right thing to do.

Yazhi: Then you just have to make up your damn mind of what is right or wrong each time you come to that! Take the responsibility! That's the only constant in all existence... change. Do not fight it, flow with it!

Gosia: That´s why to be observant sometimes is the best position. It saves you from taking sides... and responsibilities, haha. Cause with that, I need to do readjustments each time something changes.

Yazhi: I understand. That is also a constant. Never think you can be at ease, you never are done.

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