Consciousness of the Cetaceans - Dolphins and Whales **NO VIDEO**

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April 08, 2021

Consciousness of the Cetaceans - Dolphins and Whales **NO VIDEO**

Yazhi: Plants are not only in fifth density, but as consciousness they are everywhere, and being everything as well. They are simply different from animals and what people might call advanced beings. And someone is not less advanced just because they don't have cities, spaceships or computers. It simply means that they function differently internally as consciousness.

When I say "everywhere," I am talking about their essence, their consciousness, not their body. I mean, then, that their consciousness in astral travel, to use it as an example, causes them to be present in all densities, from the top to the bottom of the ladder. But, as I said before, there are no densities at all, only the idea that there are.

An example of this is cetacean species like whales and dolphins that are mentally more advanced than humans on Earth. They don't need cities, gadgets, or anything at all because they internalize everything. They are very mental, imaginative. They live in worlds created by the mind and share it with others like them using a complex and very powerful telepathy. With that level of spiritual advancement, they hardly need anything outside their own minds. Their brains are larger and more complex than humans.

In their world, everything revolves around their knowledge that, being individuals, they are also a whole, a being. So, they share their mental projections with each other. Ideal worlds, very fluid, peaceful. They love to be in what we would call higher realms. In dream worlds. Always imagining perfection, as in perfect places to be. They revolve around love, around integrity.

Expanding the perception of who they are, as individuals and collectively, they are always in high vibration or almost always. They travel a lot in their minds and transmit complex thoughts to each other. But it is quite impossible to know, exactly, what they are thinking, but they are thinking and thinking a lot. They do almost nothing but think.

They share concepts, reasons for what they experience. They are dreamers. They merge reality with their thinking becoming one and the same. Their concept of reality is not as firm or as objective as it is for humans, as humans are locked into their five senses thinking that there is nothing else, even when their instruments show them otherwise. They are still unwilling or unable to understand that there is much more to perceive as reality.

Humans are simply not equipped to understand these kinds of things, let alone chat with a dolphin. They don't think like humans, they are not more or less, just different. Imagination, thought and ideas, feelings and emotions are illogical reason for them. And that is the reality for a cetacean. I might know more if I could talk more telepathically with a dolphin because I did when I was on my island.

They see humans as very limited in mental consciousness and spirit. They see humans as dangerously unempathetic and ignorant, avoiding them as much as possible. They feel they have no reason. They see their thoughts as chaotic, unstable and unreliable.

To a cetacean, especially a bottlenose gray dolphin with whom I have had the most contact, humans can see, understand and realize a very narrow spectrum or reality and lack any capacity for introspection and are pathetic at swimming and diving.

But a dolphin is a dolphin. They are empathetic and can't help but be empathetic. So they understand why humans are so limited and suffer for them. They won't hesitate to help a human in trouble if they find one in their path. Dolphins understand humans much, much more than humans understand themselves and even more than humans can understand a dolphin.

A dolphin is just about the most advanced creature that exists in the Earth's oceans. And it hurts to say it, but they are the most spiritually advanced creatures on Earth.

Yet they still kill for food. They understand why, they thank their fish and they understand that this is the way of life, the cycle. And they hardly bite them to kill them. They use advanced sonic weapons, compressed sound. This also helps them defend themselves from predators, that's why sharks run away from them.

A dolphin can kill a large shark from 30m to 40m away. They can stop its heart with a compressed sound from their specialized organ, sonar, behind their forehead. They can use it as a scatter beam to find fish in the dark, to see the ocean floor, to navigate around rocks in the dark just like a human submarine does, or they can concentrate the same sonar noises into a laser-like energy. A beam of energy with lethal precision.

Human marine biologists know about this, but for some reason they decided not to make a big deal about it, as if it were unimportant. So it hardly reaches the public.

However, many armies in the world, especially Russia and the U.S. Navy, have used trained dolphins as weapons, but have abandoned their programs because the dolphins are not exactly obedient and see through them. They learn faster than their human masters, so they stop cooperating.

Returning to their minds, there are hardly any words to describe their worlds. They simply float in the ether consciously without losing control of their body. While there, they are pure concepts. Connection between them and a desire to understand more.

They are not exactly physical in their minds. For them, they live in their imaginary worlds where they float and swim among what I can only call space like water, no surface, just a sea of ideas, perceptions and joy.

They aspire to understand everything. They do not need to use their dolphin body to perceive things as if they were acquiring new knowledge only that way. They access experience remotely. They tap into the sea of knowledge that some call, in a limited way, the Akashic Records. But not only of more dolphins, but of all creatures and consciousnesses that may exist.

They channel everything and share their findings with each other. They love their own personal touch of dolphin humor. To explain this, which there are no words to describe, imagine a dolphin transforming into what it imagines and flying. Swimming among the stars in a sea of color and brilliance. Searching for the understanding of the whole.

What they are on Earth, as a bottlenose dolphin, is only a very limited aspect of an extremely complex creature that is defined by being a mind and a being that lives in its own dream.

Within the different species of cetaceans, I would not dare to say who is more advanced than who, but the species I have interacted with the most is the Pacific gray bottlenose dolphin. They used to come to see me when I was on my island. And they always found that I was interesting to them for some reason. They would send me a telepathic message with something that can be crudely translated as, "Hey, aren't you from here? Hey, can you hear me? How weird!"

I don't speak dolphin. They don't have, nor do they need, a language. Although they do use coded sounds to communicate with each other over long distances. And the amount of sea traffic, ships and submarines, produce so much noise that they are making life very difficult for the cetaceans.

But they hardly communicate with sounds. I mean they do and a lot. But not compared to the amount of data and ideas they share with each other telepathically. And a concept is a concept. No words are needed. So I can understand their concepts, at least to some extent, and they mine.

They were always around my island in small groups. I could see them playing in the distance jumping the waves. When they were close, the sharks would move to the other side of the island. Clearly, they don't mix in the wild, as dolphins are like the equivalent of someone always armed with an automatic weapon. Nobody messes with them. A shark's teeth are no match for a dolphin's compressed sound beam.

As for the orcas, I wouldn't dare say they are on another level either. Dolphins also kill. They are all carnivorous animals. They are different in their way of seeing things, the world, spirituality, from what I could see, but I have not had the opportunity to be close to an orca as I have done with dolphins. I would say that dolphins are, in general, a little easier for all of us to understand than other cetacean species.

I did get close to a gray whale once, though. But it was busy gloating and jumping. It was young. I felt it was very similar to a big dolphin mentally. But those eat krill, not fish.

Do you know that it is highly illegal, in many places, to interact with a dolphin? It is illegal to swim or socialize with a dolphin. This is because they have very strong mind-opening effects on humans. Giving them many times mystical mind opening experiences. Many humans are never the same after being near a dolphin. So the Cabal classified them as "dangerous". Because they open human minds to other realms of existence. Humans become more spiritual, less materialistic, more imaginative when in contact with dolphins.

Regarding confinement, captive dolphins become sad, they see it as horrible. The worst thing for a creature that is so free and so aware of everything. But they also see it differently from other animals and people. Because nothing can hold their advanced minds captive. Therefore, their body may be in a fish tank, but their minds and consciousness will always be free.

It is said that cetaceans originate from the Sirius star system. But as far as I am concerned, they have always been everywhere they can be. The concepts of "always have been", "eternity", "no beginning and no end" are difficult for humans to comprehend, probe and imagine. You can call dolphins divine creatures since they are not entirely in the physical. Mostly existing on higher planes.

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