ETHER - Teachings of Swaruu of Erra (Extraterrestrial Communication)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
November 12, 2019

ETHER - Teachings of Swaruu of Erra (Extraterrestrial Communication)

Intelligence has many definitions. They say that a chicken is less intelligent than a dog. Or a bird than a cat. But it turns out that by being a bird you have all the intelligence you need, and likewise for the cat, chicken or dog.

You do not need to understand quantum physics to be intelligent, because there is no need for a hummingbird to know the string theory. But in itself, by accumulating knowledge and integrating it consciously, intelligence does develop. It goes hand in hand, one thing does not happen without the other.

We can describe it as music, because it is. It is a sequence with a time frame between each pulse of energy. Each pulse reaches the same point before it collapses. So an energy concentration point is maintained that does not go back to be only potential again. If this point is a particle of hard matter, then if we put together more same ones they join together to form more complex molecules and then objects ... planets, suns.

An object, let us say a pencil ... it has that form because it has a complicated system, dance or harmonic frequency group of a frequency that sustains them as an object. A car ... more complex harmonics. Of billions of billions of variables or pulsations of energy keeping at that specific point all the molecules to form "car". But in itself there is no matter. It does not exist. It is just another form that comes out or emanates from the standing waves within the ether.

The amount of calculations is enormous. Everything is artificially generated with pulsations and micro pulsations of electromagnetic energy. For example, inside a Taygetan computer, instead of chips, traditional silica, microprocessors or transistors, there are series of several million nano particle accelerators. In themselves they affect the field that generates the tunes or the sequence of pulsations (harmonics) that dictates the formation points of the standing waves that will form the object. Computers here do not only do mathematical calculations, they mostly draw or use probabilities within a quantum field.

And what controls the harmonics of a frequency ... if it is artificial, it is the quantum micro accelerators, and naturally it is the very thought of a conscious being that determines the order and sequence of the harmonics. Forming the law of mirrors or the law of attraction. Consciousness, your memories, your mind, your soul, all that you are is the ether itself. It is not in the body. It's just a translator that you developed yourself. You are a wave, with a crest and valley like in the sea, the sea is the ether, where everything comes from, the other waves with their crests and valleys are the other people.

You are part of the same but maintaining your individuality. You are born, you grow and live ... and you die ... but you are still there. You form another wave, and then another. All there is is ether. The rest is just ideas, a dream created in the great mind that is the whole. The rhythm of these waves, your position between them, the frequency and distance between them are the harmonics ... and together they form the sea ... and a seemingly solid reality. But it is only apparent. You are ether dreaming being a person ... indestructible and timeless ... eternal, without beginning or end.

Your table is only solid because the molecular magnetic charges that compose it repel against those of your hand. But it is only energy in an eternal dance following what the supreme consciousness that you represent as a wave in the great sea of the ether dictates.

What does not receive creative attention will become potential energy again, where it came from. An abandoned car, an abandoned house ... is destroyed and becomes something useful from the point of view of the closest creative consciousnesses that can use that potential energy. If you don't need it anymore, that house will be eaten by termites, and the forest will reclaim that area again. Only the toughest things remain, or it is those that take longer to become potential energy, because they are the ones that received the most creative energy in the first place ... stone walls still stand because in themselves they also contain the consciousness and presence of the minerals there, which are consciousness. But in the end, all will return to being only potential energy, by losing the attention of who created them.

The more attention an object received ... the longer it will dissipate that energy, but it will dissipate sooner or later, if someone doesn't pay attention to it. Harmonics of a frequency ... ordered pulsations of thoughts of a creative consciousness. In precise mathematical order, numbers between trillions of billions per object.

You created your world ... you understand why you created it that way or not.

There's nothing to worry about ever ... You're just dreaming.

Harmonics from the scientific perspective are only electromagnetic pulsations in perfect mathematical order, obeying toroidal formulas. Everything is a toroid, all matter comes from the toroid ... From an atom, molecule, apple, car, your toothbrush, to Earth, Sun and Galaxy. Everything is based on the same precise and even predictable mathematical principles once they are understood.

That is why the earth cannot be flat. It simply could not have manifested, could not exist.

What a holographic quantum computer achieves or does is to emulate or copy a brain. The brain also calculates probabilities within a quantum field. Between the seemingly material world ... and the etheric side, where you really reside, who you are.

The computer only copies it ... and captures it with greater electromagnetic intensity, in terms of voltages, amperes, joules, Ergs ... and other measures. Accelerating the process of manifestation.

It is the same from a ship in supra-luminar flight. Its high-energy toroid of controlled frequencies with extreme accuracy and precision makes it incompatible energetically and in terms of its harmonics that keep it as "existing" with its place of origin. It jumps into the ether, becoming the ship's potential energy contained in an artificial bubble that still contains all the information of the harmonics of its frequencies, that in turn maintain the energy in the form of "ship and its occupants." To change the harmonics of their frequencies artificially again ... become compatible with the destination.

There is no movement through space, there is no displacement, and there are no distances to travel, since from the ether everything is, and everything that exists, the entire universe, is all contained superimposed within the ether. By description: everything that exists occupies the same space, intertwined as a fabric.

You only change where you are compatible according to your harmonics, frequencies and vibrations. And where you are compatible, it is where you are.

Gosia: And why do the molecules of the hand repel against those of the table? Where does this come from? Did we program it this way from higher planes too, in order to "interact" with ourselves? Me with the table? To have fun this way?

Swaruu: Because they have different harmonics of a frequency, and one is invasíve for the other. That effect of repulsion is what creates the "law" of matter that says that two objects with mass cannot share the same place. If you change density, that does happen. Which explains why certain beings or certain technology, such as a tractor beam, can pass through the walls.

Gosia: But why are they different, the harmonics of a frequency? How did this difference occur?

Swaruu: First, because one harmonic or group of harmonics defines the shape of the potential energy as your hand, and another group with other harmonics define that potential energy as a table. The difference causes the molecules to repel, creating the illusion that your hand cannot move through the table because it is solid.

In itself, there is another difficult critical point to explain but of the maximum importance here. From the ether there are no distances, no time, and everything that exists in the universe from the material point of view, no matter what the density or plane, is contained within the ether without any distance one from another. They are all only superimposed there. And you can only see a place or a position in time of a place by the frequency, or the perception range of frequencies that the observer has.

The ether is the supreme creator consciousness of everything. The original source. The sum of all seemingly external individual consciousnesses, in the form of holographic fragments of the whole, which contain all the form and qualities and characteristics of the original. That intelligence is you. And all of us, as seemingly separate entities, are just the same.

Gosia: Don't you feel that the ether is still "only" the medium for something even more beyond? And that this something could be working through the ether, I perceive. I feel that there could be something further beyond even the ether itself. I don't know how to explain it but I sense it. Maybe the ether is everything but like a "bridge" with the manifested world. I'm just getting this from my distant intuitive perception now. Philosophizing and thinking. I do not say it is so.

Swaruu: The ether includes everything, and all planes and every moment on all planes, by definition it only is, and it cannot be a means to anything else since it is all inclusive. If there were more it would just be more ether. For the ether to be only an organism or person-consciousness on another plane that in itself was only one of more consciousnesses that in turn were unified to form something even bigger, a supra-ether, this would be a contradiction in terms given that the ether being all inclusive and infinite would also include a more expanded ether. The ether has to be everything. Whatever you add to it is only more ether and it is the perception of the one who adds that defines it as something extra that is not ether. The infinite cannot contain anything beyond the infinite. It's just more infinite.

Gosia: I get it. But I feel there are more things here yet to explore. Difficult to explain in words. Although I don't know what it is.

Swaruu: Those other things to explore are isolated parts within the infinite ether itself.

Gosia: You think? Yes, it could be!

Swaruu: If it is an isolated part, it is only a part of the whole, of the ether.

Gosia: Although I still feel that the "ALL" that we feel the ether is... it can also be a part of some "game" beyond. Perhaps. One day I will find out. I feel that all this never ends. Whenever we think we have reached the ALL, it is not the end. There are more things to understand about that very the ALL. Is it possible that beyond the ALL there is something that the ALL does not include?

Swaruu: Gosia, that can only be more ether. The same concept of "beyond" only includes more of the infinite. If you have something infinite, the ALL, it is just infinite. Whatever you add is included in the infinite.

Gosia: The ALL seems too small for me haha. One day I will do an expedition there. Beyond the ALL. To the borders of infinity.

Swaruu: Infinity cannot, by definition, have borders. And the ether is not small. It is only the mind that cannot comprehend the concept of something that includes everything and is everything, simultaneously. The infinite is as large as the holographic part of the ether that tries to perceive it. A person.

The problem here is that it is not something that is a theory, as one would think on Earth. This is the how and the why a ship can travel instantly thousands upon thousands of light years, and also why it can go anywhere in time. It is something already empirical for the interstellar races.

Gosia: Yes. What also amazes me is your technological ability to operate the ether as consciousness itself does. Creating matter, inserting objects etc. How did you get to this point of technological advancement? How did you get to develop all this technology?

Swaruu: Calculating probabilities within a quantum field. It is thousands and thousands of years of technology. And something else happens. This technology comes to us, or reached us from other races - and our race. By hoops or circles in the same time where strictly speaking, from the point of view of a time line which we perceive, there is no one who created that technology. It comes from the ether, because it was imported from another side, that in turn comes from another side.

Example: If you have a creative idea ... let´s use E = MC2. Einstein receives the formula given by another Einstein, and that Einstein travels to the past and gives it to himself. Who came up with the formula? There is no creative process or creative effort. But there it is.

Gosia: Is this what really happens?

Swaruu: A Taygetean ship appeared and said it came from the future ... and the person on the ship teaches those present to make another ship ... But as it is Taygeta, those people will grow and in turn give that technology to their descendants, and these to theirs ... until one day it occurs to someone to go back to the past to sow that technology. Where did it come from?

Gosia: Well, where did it come from, Swaruu?

Swaruu: The ether already contains all the possibilities, it already contains all possible situations. It contains all the technology that there might be. There is no one who created it because it comes from the ether. This defeats the matrix concept of having to work to deserve. This means that you can be and have it all if you only learn one thing. Manipulate frequencies with your mind.

And manipulating frequencies with your mind is the same thing that a starship does, only that with great voltage and force in order of several TEVs, it does it very fast. Because from the ether the ship accesses the whole and can have at your disposal everything that is contained in the ether.

Gosia: But how are frequencies manipulated with the mind? What is the process exactly? I already imagine some "techniques" but what is the exact process from your point of view?

Swaruu: Inner work, facing shadows. Why?

This is why: If you are 1000 points, your present consciousness, with which you want things and with which you think, is only 20 (2%) of everything you are as a person, holographic fragment of the source, apparently isolated from other people - who are only alternate versions of yourself.

The 980 points are your subconscious and your unconscious. It is contained in your physical body as a direct program of interpretation of the main container of your unconscious: your astral body (contained in a physical body that is nothing more than a seemingly limited solid part of your astral body, they are the same). So you say, I want to manifest a cake, and you say that with 2% of who you are, because the remaining 98% are spent rambling and constantly contradicting.

Why is this?

Because there is a contradiction or a separation between the astral body and the physical body, because it is artificially separated, even though it is the same. This physical separation IS the matrix, with its limiting frequencies preserving the apparent difference between the physical hard matter and the etheric, or astral body.

As Carl Jung said: Everything you repress will come back later as "destiny."

This is because there is a great trauma in the human being as a secondary proto-species. This trauma has created a separation, due to the need to repress the unwanted and unmanageable for the human mind. It is said on Earth that the trauma is or was caused by the cataclysms of the Earth, the great flood and then the subsequent change of magnetic poles. To me it is something more simple and painfully obvious: It is the invasive artificial separation between the physical body and the astral and etheric body caused by: the imposition of the lunar matrix 12,500 years ago.

Because it creates a clear separation between knowing oneself as something physical, hard matter, and at the same time knowing inwardly to be something eternal, indestructible and etheric. Physical body, hard matter versus spirit and eternal soul. That is the great trauma.

The Ego is what results from the destruction of the I <--- Carl Jung.

This is what destroyed the I. The I is the unification between the spirit and the body that is nothing more than a projection of limited frequency-perception range. The Unified Self is the quantum Self. The one who is unified.

We need interior work, to face fears and traumas. To accept negativity, hate and all the negative that we all possess. To integrate it into our being. To equally accept our dark sides, as they too define us, and do not worry, as the negative parts, when faced with love and acceptance, dissolve only leaving behind the unified, the I, the quantum I. What you really are. Complete and without fragments. Love is not the highest frequency, far from it. The highest frequency is INTEGRATION.

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