Exopolitics - "Space News" for JeanClaude´s Show - Conversation with Aneeka of Temmer

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
November 22, 2021

Exopolitics - "Space News" for JeanClaude´s Show - Conversation with Aneeka of Temmer

Question: from JC for the show: Do you have updates you want to share or any topics you want to revisit from your show to share to a new audience? If not, I propose a general war reporting update. Talk about ongoing operations, from Mars to Moon, to orbit, to surface etc. What is the state of affairs? Clearing of DUMB´s? Removal of negative races? Removal of bad technologies? Any holdouts? Anything we surface humans can do to help the fight etc?

Anéeka: Ok, so he wants space news. The problem is that he is being influenced by people who talk about space wars. And there isn't much information to mention with regards to that! What we see from here isn't much with regards to space wars.

We do see a lot of policing, by Alfratans and Antarians, against ships that are said to be regressive, but this is not new. Also a lot of Karistus ships on atmospheric flight operations. Mainly patrolling against Reptilian and Maitre operations, presence, they are not allowed to fly atmosphere but they do anyway, so it is an eternal cat and mouse lethal game.

And yes, sometimes they do shoot down regressive spacecrafts. As happened some days ago over the skies of Washington state witnessed by thousands, that was no meteor, it was a ship breaking up in the atmosphere.

But the reason we hardly talk about this sort of things with you and with Robert is because we do see them as hardly transcendental. That has been going on for decades at least, with no effect on anything.

Gosia: What about those famous DUMB clearings? And what is the Federation up to?

Anéeka: There is a lot of talk about them and have been for many years now, at least from the early 2000´s and more recently of course. But in reality from where we stand we see no evidence of that.

Federation is up to nothing. It's just there, sitting, monitoring. Again, this leads to the idea other people who talk to "ETs" are always saying, that help is around the corner and that the Federation is clearing everything up to liberate humanity. We don't see any of that. Not even with them occasionally shooting down a Draco ship.

We see and understand the Federation to be so powerful here that they eliminate whatever is going against what they plan. Including those Reptilian and Maitre ships, but it does not mean that they are working to save or "liberate" humanity.

Just means they are maintaining what they want so the people of Earth don't see more than what they need to see. So shooting down those ships, or even clearing out those DUMB´s, if that even happens, is just maintaining the Matrix. Nothing more. Same as always, another day at the office, that's all.

We still insist that the Federation will not come to rescue humanity as they would want them to. They would have done so already. They never have rescued humanity from the horrors they themselves brought upon themselves, as the Federation sees this. So no, they cannot stop what is coming to humanity and that is dark times.

With so many people vaccinated, the "Plandemic" and its consequences simply must run its course, simply must happen now, for better or worse. There is no going back with the effects of the vaccines. It will happen and that's that!

But the people who remain fighting must continue to do so. And even though things look grim and dark, and horrible, they must keep the spirit up and simply weather out the storm and be very strong in mind and spirit. They must know that they will see a lot of death and destruction, but it is possible to live past this. So the people who are strong enough to survive the horrors do have a fighting chance to survive.

Remember that the Illuminati, one level of this, always back down from their agendas when people say a firm NO. The problem is that now, here, this is not being controlled by the Illuminati themselves, but by much deeper levels of this control system over Earth. This has been orchestrated from non-human ET levels, using the Reptilian level, and the Maitre level of things, as part of this sick game, or agenda. This is above Reptilians. It's Federation.

Gosia: Do THOSE care about the NO?

Anéeka: They do and they must by space law. As we've mentioned before, the Federation is permissive, but both ways, that means that it would be permissive to the ones who say no and that can form a society of their own or develop strategies to fight this tyranny.

But as I see things, being that permissive both ways, is the equivalent of not only criminal negligence, but also of just about not even existing for humans by any practical terms.

But I will insist in this clearly: Federation forces appearing to save humans will not happen as such. The humans must fight this on their own. With little to no help.

Gosia: Quick clarification please. But you said Federation was just sitting there monitoring? Are they permissive or orchestrating?

Anéeka: Seeing this as an onion. To one level they orchestrate, from another they are simply permissive. Life as such is not only what the humans can see from Earth, but also the influence they receive from deeper levels of the same "game".

Gosia: Are you saying this to mean that one level of the Federation orchestrates this and another only monitors? Which level would that be that orchestrates it?

Anéeka: There is one level of reality, of things, the human perception level, then there is a deeper level where it's all run by Secret Societies, then a deeper one that is led by regressive Reptilian and Grey non-human races and yet a deeper level that is Secret Societies that run those races and then their associations with Federation levels, also placed or structured as an onion, an one level does not necessarily know what the other is doing, in compartmentalized way.

We believe it's been orchestrated from the level where Secret Societies run by humans, the deepest human level meets the Secret Societies that control the Reptilian and Maitre levels. But very possibly this may run deeper.

Gosia: Well but that´s not Federation, no?

Anéeka: They do coordinate with, but we cannot know for sure how much or how.

We suspect they communicate directly to at least Saturn Federation levels, jumping local Viera Federation level, because we know the representatives in Viera well and we do believe them, they are not making or causing or orchestrating any of what is going on, on Earth. I must insist that the local Federation authorities here are horrorised and frightened with what is going on, and do not consent, but they also have their hands tied up.

Gosia: Tied up by what?

Anéeka: By their own limitations because of space law and rules that even we abide by.

We, Taygetans, cannot help in more direct ways, like direct military action or even lighter things, because we would become the aggressors and the space invaders to Earth! Same for the rest of the Federation here.

Gosia: No, you would be counteracting the space invaders who are already being aggressors. Maitre and all those with their non-human tech.

Anéeka: We can and do argue that, but then it's a question of perspective and legal matters, making all this a nightmare. A lot of bureaucracy exists in the Federation.

So the point here is that we are quite sure this is being orchestrated by deep human and non-human levels of beings on Earth. Who is helping them from the outside? We do not know, but we are also quite sure they are getting help form Federation levels above local.

Gosia: Ok. Anything going on Mars?

Anéeka: Nothing new there.

Gosia: Any bases on the Moon being set up or set up?

Anéeka: No, but that may be distorted information, because the moon as a base as a space station of artificial origin has been receiving a lot of traffic to and from. All Federation authorized.

Gosia: Traffic? You mean before or recently? Traffic to do what?

Anéeka: For years, but I can say in the last year or so, there has been a lot of activity there. I mean it's logical as it can be a useful place if you can restore some areas.

Gosia: Why so?

Anéeka: As a place to install equipment, or to house operations from. Not minery.

But not from SSP. Or only if in coordination with Federation forces, and I doubt it's SSP. SSP has more activity around Mars. And who is running SSP? The same deep levels where the human blends with the Reptilian. It's mixed Cabal-human, with Cabal Reptilian.

Gosia: I still don´t know how they are allowed there, how they are not being kicked out of there, Mars, if humans or Reptiles are not allowed out of Earth. I mean, Alfratans (Centauri) shoot at Reptilian ships in the Earth atmosphere but there they have the whole one third of the planet suddenly?

Anéeka: This is why we know they are not acting alone, precisely because of this. This is why we know they are receiving help from Federation levels above Viera-local, because they are transiting with spacecraft in Federation space freely but far from Earth. This means Federation is with them to some level or another.

So why are those SSP allowed? Because they are under Federation control, that's the truth. We from here, do not hold all the answers. But we know that this means we have a shady Federation level and even Local Viera level accepts this.

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