High Federation - Intervention - Extraterrestrial Message (Taygeta-Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
June 04, 2020

High Federation - Intervention - Extraterrestrial Message (Taygeta-Pleiades)

Swaruu: Speaking of the Federation, the Earth, and higher planes, everything is roles, roles to be fulfilled in the cosmic dance. So accusing members of the 5D Federation as my fellow Taygeteans wish, is part of the game. To report what is not working well. Put the attention of humans on those who cause that, according to them. And it is perfectly valid. However, exposing the Federation in this way carries the concept that humans are victims, again. Victim mentality. And as I said earlier, two sides are the "guilty". Not that the 5D Federation is "the bad guys." They just are, and not necessarily by "just being" they will be aligned with what humans need.

Gosia: In this sense, that the Federation simply IS, all the criminals in the world also simply ARE? What do you think? Someone who tortures my dog ​​also just IS? Just because he has his motive?

Swaruu: That's right. People or entities with different ways of only being conflict with one another. They just are. But from a human perspective, they are criminals.

Gosia: And what is the lowest Federation from a human perspective then? Also criminal?

Swaruu: Yes, from one perspective or another it would be criminal too. As are you also criminals to other people. And me. And the Taygeteans. Having conflict with other "people" is synonymous with being someone, having a defined identity, having an "I". From his own perspective, Bill Gates believes he is doing the right thing. He believes he is saving Earth from destruction because there are too many humans. He perceives himself as a hero. Save Earth from total destruction.

However, things are not so simple in the case of people like Gates and Soros among many others. Because they don't just operate from the perspective of wanting to save Earth, that's just another level of excuse they use. If we look at them more deeply we would see that they tend to self-destruction since they worship regressive entities.

Entities created as tulpas of themselves, a reflection of who they are, and of the permissiveness and fears of the human population. Evidence of this is the ritual destruction of Australia, and of the Amazons among other places like California. With fires created by them.


Swaruu: 5D Federation fears me, my presence worries them. Federation above this one here uses me, works through me, that's why the 5D Federation fears me. 5D is not my density. I only work here, I am a starseed for them as you are for the Earth.

Gosia: So Swaruu... does the 5D Federation FEAR the Federation above? Why?

Swaruu: Because it supervises them, restricts them, monitors them and holds them accountable for their actions and the omissions of actions.

Gosia: In what way are you holding them accountable? What are these types of meetings where they are asked to be accountable? Obviously this Federation above has to be in physical bodies then.

Swaruu: Federation above only works through 5D physical bodies like the one I inhabit. From above no bodies are needed. And it asks them to be held accountable by showing them where they have failed and where they must improve, not as something imposed from above but through themselves, using cause and effect. Making them aware of the consequences of their actions. So they have to improve themselves.

Robert: And Swaruu, are you now making them aware of their consequences? How?

Swaruu: Through them, being them, and not only me, but their equivalents in other densities, as their higher self. Causing certain feelings in them, if they have them, or making them feel the need to repair what they have done wrong.

And sometimes yes, with a direct contact where it is declared that the step of the Federation that is above them is not in agreement with their actions. 5D Federation is making a serious mistake by putting non-emotional non-Lyrian races as mentors of humanity, a new and highly emotional species.

It is not the fault of "The Federation" in general but of these in control here. Non-emotional races that have no business being mentors of emotional ones. I know very well that what makes them think that they have this right is the human idea or concept of despising emotions in favor of pure logic. But this is also the work and influence of Regressive AI that tries to robotize humans.

Gosia: How to know whether or not you are the member of the high Federation? How do you know that you are for example?

Swaruu: How do you know if you are a member of the high Federation or not? I am a member because I decide so, and that is enough, because that is how it works. When you are prepared to be, you simply are, it is part of the essence of each person to be or not, a decision. It does not work with appointments, it does not work with papers, and you are not appointed because of your abilities, as is done in planes such as 5D. You are only because you are part of the whole above, you are a collective of consciousness, without losing individuality, because you know, you are and you feel the others to be only one or the same.

There are no separations like in 5D much less like in 3D. Low density concepts. So noone needs to apply to be accepted into that higher-density board.

If you are consciousness you simply are, they listen to you because your opinions are theirs, independent thoughts are those that denote one person or another, thoughts within a more unified self. From there that´s how it works. Earth mentality, separation, not integration, one applies to be a member, to be heard. Waits to be accepted, hopes that someone else is not given the job. 3D and 5D mentality. Not above.

If you are, it is by choice because you have the maturity and the perceptual and frequency-integration capacity to be so. You are them, you are integration, you do not need anyone's approval. Those concepts were left behind long ago.

Gosia: So the starseeds here can DECREE, declaring themselves members of the high Federation, to have the low Federation stop their experiments on Earth. They have to listen, will they listen?

Swaruu: The moment they don't listen, then they will be regressive. Whatever their excuses are. And like it or not, they act regressively. Without being so. No course of action can be imposed on them from above because that is their problem to solve and their learning in their growing consciousness.

Robert : So you see that it is our right to be heard?

Swaruu: Robert it is. Whether they listen or not is another matter. Taygeta feels that they are not listening.

Robert: Could the high Federation be called the "Federation of Light"?

Swaruu: Many names for the same. I deny and do not accept the term "of the Light" because on Earth it comes from the New Age, and has a direct connection to Lucifer, to the Illuminati. Light serves to blind. Light and darkness are just misused terms on Earth. I am Federation, but I do not accept the term ¨of light¨. I am a Federation but from where duality is transcended. Light and darkness are not necessary.


Swaruu: But it is not entirely the Federation's fault as an organization, but of some members in control now. It is not the fault of the Arcturians, or of the Andromedans. As races. But of some Andromedans and some Arcturians.

One cannot be responsible for the feeling and the acting of an entire race or people. However, the fact that some factions of the Federation are acting less than positively, does not excuse the acts and the actions of humans, and the Cabal they helped manifest.

Gosia: So how did those bad ones get in power and in charge of the Federation?

Swaruu: They got in charge because those are the ones that are a vibrational mach with the Cabal members and the very manifestations of the humans themselves. People as a vast majority do want the New World Order and chips and all that!

The ones who oppose are a small minority. That's exactly why things are rolling out this exact way for the world. Or else it would not be this way. So from the perspective of Federation members in 5D who are acting as-if they were higher up Federation members, they think that allowing humans´ will, is the correct thing to do.

Gosia: But how did THEY, those bad ones in the Federation, become crooked in the first place? Humans or no humans manifesting whatever, but how does that justify THEIR lack of ethics? They are supposed to be more highly evolved than humans.

Swaruu: They are not "really" crooked or lacking ethics. For example Andromedans are very much into "fearing" Karma of their own, making them prone to become guilty by omission of action with things going on on Earth. So they are still in the process of evolving past their own limiting beliefs.

For example, what they are doing is similar to letting the baby play with daddy's dynamite and a box of matches, "in the name of free will and of learning from hardship and friction.¨

They do give the baby the box of matches when they see the baby found the dynamite on their own. Because the baby exercising his free will knows that in order to make the dynamite work, it needs matches. So, in the name of free will they give them to them, as "the humans need the matches!"

Gosia: That´s a very good example. Very clear. So, according to you that is going too far or not?

Swaruu: A lot too far! That's why I cannot be part of their 5D Federation, because from my personal point of view my ethics are not in alignment with theirs. Because the Federation will always claim the baby found the dynamite on its own. And they are only "teaching" them how it works handling the matches out to them!

Gosia: So... what would be the best way to handle it according to the higher Federation?

Swaruu: Things must be stopped at once using high technology, to set the humans back on a positive track at once. Never letting them know that anyone but themselves were the ones responsible for solving the problem.

Gosia: Things must be stopped using high technology? What do you mean? Intriguing statement.

Swaruu: Turn the dynamite into a candy stick with "dynamite" hot chilly flavor! (I'm not kidding). And not letting them ever know it was about to blow up their hand and half their arm! I mean intervention, each case must be discussed carefully!

But humans must never know or else they will feel they are being protected and will start another round not only of adoration to non humans but also a stagnation comfortable point where they could stay forever. Because it is clear to me that humans tend towards stagnation a lot more than other races.

What I can tell you is at this point we are way too far off the cliff for humans to be able to solve this problem on their own with no direct intervention.

Gosia: Ok another question... if thats decided, to intervene, it would mean those higher Federation members who do it would go somehow against the lower Federation members? Wouldn´t it mean conflict in the ranks of the Federation itself?

Swaruu: Not that easy because the 5D Federation members too are going through a consciousness transformation period. So they must also realize their errors and problems and come to solve them on their own under higher Federation pressure brought on them through personal and situational hardship. This observing free will and ethics acting on the lower Federation members. So this is a multi level complicated game.

Gosia: Does the High Federation have troops too, military power? Or how does it work? I still dont understand so many elements here.

Swaruu: No, the higher Federation acts through the lower Federation. Just like the lower Federation acts through its starseeds on Earth. Higher Federation no longer holds physicality as you know it. So manifesting starships and weapons are lower concepts transcended long ago.

Gosia: Then how would they execute that intervention then? Especially if the lower Federation opposes the intervention?

Swaruu: Using their starseeds, infiltrated in their lower 5D and as the 5D Federation imposes situations upon the humans in 3D, the higher Federation will impose situations on the lower 5D Federation. Not as an imposition, but as consequences of their acts or lack of action regarding any situation at hand.

Gosia: What will be imposed on them exactly? What will it be? That consequence?

Swaruu: Mutiny in the 5D Federation. Destitution of acting Federation military members. A revolution in 5D as well. At least about this Earth subject.

Gosia: Rebellion? But you said every race almost supports them. You are alone pretty much.

Swaruu: We don't know yet and I doubt the Taygeteans are alone. We will see.


Swaruu: Although yesterday I said that the intervention could be technological, rather I want to say: as appropriate. Because I see non-technological intervention possible.

Gosia: Ok. One thing is not yet clear to me. So the idea of ​​this intervention of the high Federation is basically to influence the ranks of the low Federation? What happens if they can't be influenced?

Swaruu: As I said, we are all on different planes, from the lowest to the highest, in an eternal progression. So each member of the 5D Federation will have their guides. It is through them that the work is done, for example, but it is not the only way. And the high Federation will also intervene directly without intermediaries, but in a less open way.

Gosia: Yes but then, imagining that they are influenced enough... because the intervention will be not through intervention on Earth, but through intervention in the 5D Federation... imagining that they are already influenced. What can they do to assist humans with this situation? How to get "the matches" out of the baby's hands?

Robert: Removing people from power?

Swaruu: Removing people from power is one way. Key people who are causing the problem. What is convenient in this case is that these key people are not known to the human population. They hide behind. People like Soros and Gates are only fronts for other more powerful people behind. So by neutralizing their handlers, they will be left without power. Still they will have to answer for their crimes. But that part can be done by humans themselves.

Gosia: And the high Federation intervening without intermediaries, what do you mean? How would this be?

Swaruu: Only as guides, imposing manifestations that change the course of action on Earth. Just as the low Federation manipulates the Earth Matrix with technology, the high Federation does not need it.

Gosia: Imposing manifestations? For example?

Swaruu: Causing changes of perception in key people, and this small change of perception gives very big results. Imposing a manifestation using mind only, changing the perception of one or more people, perception about something specific that determines a positive change.

The change in perception, in itself, causes a manifestation. In the same way with the 5D Federation, changes in perception caused by their personal guides, higher self. With mind only. Giving ideas that they will take as their own. What they call epiphanies, downloads. Realizations. Confronting them with their own limitations forcing them to change.

Gosia: Wow. Can we help with this project with our minds or is it just your work from the high Federation?

Swaruu: Everyone can help and they are already helping, with their visualizations. But from the 3D plane that is very little to bring immediate necessary results.

Gosia: Ok so I leave it to you. And do you know more people in 5d like you doing this?

Swaruu: In themselves they are all integrated, because all people are one. The high Federation no longer works with people as they are known in 3D and 5D, but with energies, that is to say that they no longer have a physical form, so the only separation between people is only in the form of ideas or concepts based on what is perceived to be separate, on a lower plane. As a particular person. You just know what is logical, what is correct, always unanimously. Individuality is being lost on higher planes, people are merging into the whole, into the one.

That is why I have said that in higher councils there are no round tables, nor chairs, nor glasses with water and microphones as in the 5D council. Neither are presented those who will speak nor are introduced the topics of the day. You just are part of everything, a part because you have a memory that you are someone with separation from others in a life in a plane below. Awareness that you are all and they are you. There are no more genders, just ideas. Complete memories. The separation between members is blurred, it is not handled that way.

Robert: So from those planes you will act in 5D.

Swaruu: It is already happening. And from there, one also is beyond time. From above you know that you are all the people that exist. As you progress in consciousness that is becoming more and more evident.

Robert: And all that would not go against the free will of the Earth? This... intervention?

Swaruu: Robert: From higher planes it IS the free will of the Earth.

Gosia: And why from above it IS their free will? It is interesting that you say it.

Swaruu: Because from above, what happens is well understood. There is no interest in imposing anything on anyone in lower densities. It is what everyone wants. From above you see less and less conflict progressively, and you only know and perceive that all conflict is only part of personal integration, reflecting your own perceptions, that nothing is going on.

That everything is as it should be. Even so, the suffering is also known and it is understood why from some points of view it is necessary by contrast. And also why not.

Gosia: But you have also said in some previous video that the interests of those above 5d conflict with human interests. So it is interesting that you say that from higher planes this type of intervention IS the free will of humans.

Swaruu: From immediate higher levels there are conflicts of interest. From above seeing everything as a unit, the reason for the conflicts is known and perceived. Just as from the 5d Federation they do not see countries, nor nationalities but only humanity, from the higher Federation only people are perceived, a unity of consciousness by density, although it is not by density either, lack of words in linear languages.

Rather, an apparently separate set of beings is seen, perceiving themselves as separate races, different from one another. But all as a grand unit. All learning, doing their part as best they can. There are no conflicts but the indecisions within each one, be it person or group of souls or energy. Own indecision. Internal conflicts of the own mind. Only that.

Gosia: I understand. But it is still not clear to me why this type of intervention of higher densities IS the free will of the Earth? I'm just curious to know how you came to this conclusion.

Swaruu: Because you are in communion with what people want as a collective. Because what cannot be understood from 5D is understood. One is in alignment. No conflict of perception as between emotional races and non-emotional and logical races.

Gosia: But you said that collective WANTS NWO. And they want all those negative things. So how do they now “want” the intervention?

Swaruu: Because from higher planes both sides are integrated. It is understood why each one acts in their way. Desiring "intervention" now and not before, is a way of expressing myself with this limited language, with a concept of linear time, not before, now yes they want intervention. But from higher planes outside of time as it is known, there has always been the intervention of which I speak

Even so, from my personal position, the intervention will happen "now". And it's true that people want their NWO, but what you have to understand is that they already have it, and have had it for a long time. It is just more obvious to them now. So they are scared. And it's the time when they realize they no longer want their NWO.

Gosia: So the high Federation apart from seeing that there is this collective desire of NWO, they also perceive that humans want help, yes? So they want to intervene? Just putting pieces together

Swaruu: Correct.

Gosia: And that puzzle is very multi-level by the way. Like multi level chess.

Swaruu: And since it is very multi-level, it escapes human understanding, generalizing.

Gosia: So, do you see the positive future for humans? With all this intervention taking place?

Swaruu: From the broader context they can only have a better future.

Gosia: Why can they only have a better future? We have not hit the bottom yet I think hehe.

Robert: Why is there only one direction?

Swaruu: Because in the end they will discard what they don't want. Although it may take thousands of years. They can only expand, because that is all a consciousness can do.

Robert: Ok. A good long-term future.

Gosia: In the end yes, maybe. But to get there, it can take a lot of negative experiences.

Swaruu: The negative, which I define as a tendency to self-destruction, is only a stage. With a tendency to self-destruction, you can only reach a limit, and then only growth remains. Because regressiveness is only an idea, not something apart from everything, just contrast within duality.

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