Is there a Soul? What is it? Swaruu X explains - Direct Extraterrestrial Information (Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
July 06, 2021

Is there a Soul? What is it? Swaruu X explains - Direct Extraterrestrial Information (Pleiades)

Robert: Ok. Now what about regressive reptiles that turn positive? Do they acquire souls all of a sudden? Because this happens. You have said that many change sides.

Swaruu X: Yes, this is another subject. The acquisition of a soul. The reason why soul or consciousness is “acquired”. For example one explanation is the phenomenon of the Walk-In.

Also the point at which a tulpa acquires sufficient strength to acquire self-awareness. It begins to be self-sustained. “Sentient”. Why? As everything, this is how species manifest. We are all just a manifested idea, anyway.

It´s just that there are no souls as such. That is why you cannot acquire it, you cannot trap it, you cannot destroy it, you cannot sell it to the “Devil.”

A soul is the Source itself, the great whole that includes everything there is, what has always been and what will be. It is pure consciousness. That is the whole, and everything there is, is part of that, there are no inanimate objects, there are no living or dead things, everything is part of the same, everything is part of that great consciousness of the whole, which CANNOT be defined, because it is always much more than words can describe.

You can see a bit of its effects by looking at gravity, the ether. But soul as such does not exist, it is not something that floats around like a ghost, those are other phenomena, they are not “souls”.

What you call “soul” is a self-limitation of the consciousness of the whole, of the Source itself. It is defined by a series of memories through a temporal interpretation that is again formed in the whole. In other words, a soul is defined from where to where it remembers that it is something in particular and not part of something else bigger.

This memory definition of being someone and not someone else is given through experience within a time limitation that we call physical incarnation. Since there is no physical world either, everything is etheric. So a soul is formed by ideas, the concepts that the Whole, the Source, takes as events that are different from others.

A soul is defined by from where to where in a time frame it is experiencing events apparently external to itself. So it is the memory of what happened to it from birth to death that defines what an “EGO” or an “I” is within a framework of duality ‘I’ vs. ‘you’.

So a soul is a “stretch” from a specific point to another specific point within a larger whole. Like a section within a measuring tape, from centimeter 42 to 52 it is “a soul”, being that it is an inseparable part of a measuring tape so long that it never had a beginning and will never have an end.

So a soul is inseparable from the Whole, from the Source, and does not function independently of the Source. That is just an illusion that starts from an idea that: “I am from 42 to 52. I am not the measuring tape”, being that the separation is only a concept, not a reality, it is still a measuring tape. And there can be no measuring tape if you remove 42 to 52 because it is inseparable.

This makes a soul only a frame of memories, “the millimeters between 42 and 52”. And the more experience is acquired, the more the understanding of that “stretch” of the Source called the soul of a certain person in particular expands. Expanding its range of understanding-consciousness not only 10 cm but more, from 42 to 104. It continues to learn and so it will be from 42 to 181. And that means that what that soul includes within then are the people who are between 90 and the 105.

Making that more expanded soul be able to understand the people who are included in it, but those people included within the more expanded soul will not be able to understand that said more expanded soul. And the same will happen with the others that have even more expansion and those that have even more. To infinity.

But a soul is just a group of ideas that define what is and from where to where “that person” is. Which makes the concept of the I, the EGO, a “soul”, completely dependent on a time frame, and a set of ideas that define it. Which also means that you must have a definite frame of apparent limitation (because it's just more ideas). And that apparent limitation can only occur with an idea of being finite like Egos, like I's.

And that goes directly hand in hand with the veil of forgetfulness because if we remembered everything, we would remember that we are everything, therefore we would no longer be a person, a soul... we would be the original Source!

So if you want to be a person, you have to exist within a framework of forgetfulness that defines a limitation. This is to give you a feeling of total clarity that you are something and not the rest. Very definition of existing within Duality.

But in itself it must be taken into account that Duality as such, “something and not the other, another thing” occurs until the total integration of the whole, of the Source itself, which as it includes everything, everything is part of the same and there is no duality. So the veil of forgetfulness, the sensation of the passage of time, and the idea of finitude are inseparable parts of the concept that defines a soul.

Robert: It is understood very well, and that memory frame defines it as something with individuality that, when disincarnated, will unite with the Whole, with all “the tape”, the Source. Wow. Even the subject of the veil of forgetfulness is understood. But then there is a “veil” of forgetfulness in the other “densities”? In the "5D" for example? To be able to experience those "D´s", those mental states.

Swaruu X: Yes, there is. There is a veil of forgetfulness in other densities, there will always be until integration with the Whole, with the original Source. There will always be a veil of forgetfulness in one way or another as long as there is duality.

Even when disembodied, when dying, the mind expands, the consciousness, but even there, there is still a veil of forgetfulness. Because you only enter a point of greater expansion, but not the Source because the sensation still remains, the idea of being “something” (soul in any case) and not the whole.

So when disincarnating, let's say that a person had a memory-consciousness from 42 to 52 as in the example above, when disincarnating he will have a memory-consciousness from -2026 to 2982 but there will still be limitation. But compared to the great memory awareness from 42 to 52 that he had in life, the expansion is mind-boggling.

But the veil of forgetfulness limitation is still there.

Robert: Ok. In one way or another it is well understood, thank you. Sure, a point of greater extension than those, would define the "D´s" but not all the way to the Source.

Swaruu X: And with what I explain above there are no densities.

Robert: Yes. It is the states of consciousness of what each “soul” remembers that marks from “where to where”. What you perceive.

Swaruu X: That's again just another set of ideas. Artificial limitations of a mind that defined them using its own definitions of perceptual limitation, consciousness and time frame. Yes, exactly.

All Swaruu´s are one person. You are only observing that person within a framework of different situations and moments in her life and among the variants of possibilities of her own life by crossing the possibilities between the timelines, which in themselves do not exist. The timelines are only definitions based on ideas to try to explain the inexplicable.

Robert: Yes, I understand. So you are, for the sake of understanding, certain numbers on that tape, right?

Swaruu X: According to my example, yes.

Robert: Yes, it is just to understand each other. And then the others would be other numbers or would they be superimposed? Some would take in more numbers, others less?

Swaruu X: The measuring tape expands in other directions, but yes.

Robert: Yes, of course it is not linear.

Swaruu X: You could say that using Yázhi's ideas, Swaruu´s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 are a representation on a “measuring tape” of a temporal progression where the top number includes those below it. But it is not that simple. Because being together at a certain moment, like Yázhi and I now, tends to equalize our mind, the consciousness. So what Yázhi knows and is, is what I have in me and vice versa.

Even so, it is not that simple either. Because Yázhi is outside playing with the bicycle and I am here writing. Yázhi is a Swaruu with a body in formation, I am fully formed. They are two points of attention, where yes, priorities, needs and interests change.

Still I understand the need to play Yázhi's dolls. And she understands my need to meditate and exercise. We are the same... but at the same time we preserve individuality and with it we can enjoy a good conversation between the two of us. And end up fighting as well as happens to us often.

Robert: Very well explained. So you learn from her now and she from you, because you are the same “consciousness” in this case in two different bodies.

Swaruu X: Yes. But now it's not like 12 knows more than 10. It's the same, our mutual experiences nurture us both.

Robert: Yes. I mean, you integrate her point of attention and vice versa.

Swaruu X: Yes, and the fact that we are accessing different memories and points of view makes it “as if” we were a different person. Without being it. And this expands to all the people in the universe, it happens to them the same. This is how we all are.

And yes, she and I usually quarrel. Because we have different points of attention even understanding each other. Because as a little girl she wants to do everything but does not measure consequences. And it puts her in danger. And my role now is to take care of her as if I were her mother.

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