Mercury, Venus, and Vietnam War - What´s on Venus? Direct Extraterrestrial Information

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
July 26, 2021

Mercury, Venus, and Vietnam War - What´s on Venus? Direct Extraterrestrial Information

Swaruu: Some points to consider. I cannot detail inhabitants of Jupiter. I cannot explain inhabitants of Saturn / Uranus / Neptune. It is not a good idea that this is known yet. What you should know is that it is a large solar system with 13 planets.

The problem is that there will be a large “hole” there in terms of those planets. What happens is that it is not life as you know it or as it would be expected. If we go into it, we will enter a complicated metaphysical spiral. And those of Jupiter are among the ones who have explicitly said that they should not be mentioned. The subject is delicate.

Robert: Ok, let's go part by part, Swaruu. Why do you say this solar system is big, 13 planets?

Swaruu: Because it has more planets than what they say. It´s just that the governments hide 4 missing ones and another that we consider planet, the governments, no. Pluto.

Robert: Wow thanks. And life in all of them is the constant?

Swaruu: Yes. Only that some are “exiting”, so to speak. They had life and now they go into decline and in the process of returning to be potential energy... like Mercury or Pluto or like 3 of the 4 that are unknown on Earth. Others are in full splendor like Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Others go rising... developing complex life, accepting new from other places. Like Europe, like Titan. Jupiter is more like a sun, less like a planet. That is why for the Federation on star maps this solar system is called Sun-13.

Robert: Ok. Let´s start from the beginning. Imagine that you go out through the portal of the star Sun-13, that is the correct name, right?

Swaruu: Yes.

Robert: Ok, and you would arrive in this solar system. The first planet is Mercury?

Swaruu: Mercury. Hot planet devoid of life, only of primordial consciousness that in itself is life. But it is only the planet itself as consciousness. As an entity. It is very close to the sun, the energy there is very high. But it is not conducive to biological organic life as you know it. It is just respected. There is not much to do there. There are no bases either, the environment is too hostile. Too much radiation (not heat, radiation). There may be tech relay stations, markers, that's all. Like lighthouses. The only thing on Mercury are relay stations or repeaters of muonic signals.

Robert: Like lighthouses? Excuse my ignorance. Who built those lighthouses? And does it have artificial satellites?

Swaruu: They are like naval lighthouses. Like those on a rock in the sea so that the ships do not crash there. It has no artificial satellites, only surface devices. There are scientific sensors of various races as well, including Taygeta. They send signals to ships about solar activity and spaceships transit. That's it.

Gosia: But who has put them there?

Swaruu: Multiple races, including us.

Robert: Ok Swaruu. Let´s go to the next planet. If I remember correctly, it is Venus. How is Venus?

Swaruu: Ok, like Mars, Venus is the planet with the biggest story. What humans see from Earth with instruments is just a filtered part of a larger energy spectrum. They only see a very small part of what is here. They see Venus as a place full of acid, methane clouds, and horribly high temperatures. What you see is the, let's say, “3D” part of Venus, not all of it. Everything that is outside the Earth is 5D, as we have already said. They only see up to number 3: they see 1, 2 or 3 but they don't see components 4 and 5 of Venus, so to speak.

Venus is not a hellish planet. Venus is a tropical paradise planet ← It is comparable to Temmer, mostly made of sea with large islands. It is full of life. Especially marine life. Its climate is temperate to warm but with an average temperature of about 30°C. Full of palm trees and other trees. Venus is the friendliest planet for life as we know it in the entire solar system. Not Earth. It is Venus. And the Earth is like Erra, mostly forests, but like the Earth was before the flood because now it has more water than Erra.

Who inhabits it? More human Venusians, exactly like those on Earth. The transits were made from Earth to Venus and vice versa through the Antarctic bases with shuttle ships with fixed itineraries until the Federation blockade. Now it can only be done through portals.

Venus is a Resort-Tropical planet for the Cabal ← It is taken ←

It has the normal population there, the same problems as on Earth, just that the “New World Order” is already there. They have a monetary economy but it is the same as on Earth.

The “natives of Venus”, if there is such a thing, have been extinct or incorporated into the normal population about 50 to 80 years ago. The Federation maintains space lock on Venus also as it is part of the same Earth problem, as an “annex” to Earth. Venus is annex to Earth. Same thing with the same problem, it's as if it was more Earth.

The Federation's main base on Venus is the Varena biosphere ship, identical sister to the Viera present here in Earth orbit. Small biosphere ships only 811km long by 300km wide, shaped like wedges or large triangles (not spherical like larger biosphere ships).

(The small triangular ships that fly around the Earth and are common to see are of human origin, retroengineered and of the TR family: TR-3A, TR-3B, TR-4 and the like. But countless races use the triangle. But the one that is seen with red plasma in each of the 3 corners is of human origin).

Robert: And I imagine that the oxygen is the same as that of the Earth?

Swaruu: Oxygen is better than Earth's. Venus is the best planet for human life.

Robert: Ok. But aren't they in 5D on Venus? There are no Van Allen bands. There are no Van Allen bands on Mercury either, right?

Swaruu: No, they are 5D planets.

Robert: How can humans live on Venus? Will they have openness of consciousness and telepathy?

Swaruu: No problem. On the contrary, the “elite” go there to rejuvenate themselves.

Robert: Activated DNA.

Swaruu: Yes, naturally. In large part it is why the Rothschilds and other mummies like G. Sorrows do not die, because they go there for their “facelift.”

Gosia: Do they want to come back here later? But it has been said that after living in 5D you don't want to go back to Earth.

Swaruu: Of course not. Unless you're an arrogant billionaire who wants world dominance. Many hide there. All that “elite” that vanishes, that they say has left California... all that “elite” that mysteriously travels to Antarctica. You know now what they do!

Robert: What happened to the indigenous humans? Were they like the Scandinavians here on Earth?

Swaruu: They have intermingled with the normal population, which is not much in the millions.

Robert: And there are no reptiles there because they can't live in 5D, right? What language is spoken there? Do they have any religion? Everyone has the chip?

Swaruu: Yes, there are regressives in 5D but not the same or with the same control dynamics as on Earth. They are there using a human-vehicle (like Sorrows's body).

What language? Multiple languages but all Earth based. Mostly English ←

Religion: Same as on Earth, just twisted.

Chip: They don't need chips like the ones they are telling you about, in a form of a grain of rice under the skin. They use advanced nano-chips or smart dust (also already on Earth).

Gosia: Ok thanks. One thing is not clear to me. So they are not ETs there really... it's a planet taken over by the Cabal. Are humans imported there? Or are there also native Venusians? And how are the authentic Venusians without human influences?

Swaruu: Yes. I have omitted this information for reasons that you will gradually understand. You weren't ready for this or I thought you might believe I was crazy. Those people are more human too. They were implanted there from Earth.

There is a part here that can cause problems, and that is that the Cabal hides the data in plain light, or at least it did. This topic is highly classified. It goes hand in hand with the disappearance of many people in the 1960s.

What happens is this: the Secret Space Program or SSP was used in the late 1950s and early 1960s for invasive purposes against the Venusian population. The now top secret project with classified documents was called “Operation Venus Haven”. As a war operation by the Pentagon dated August 1959. The surface of Venus was divided into designated parts as territories with the Cabal name. The project runs until 1972-75 perhaps.

The Vietnam War was in part a cover or distractor for a more significant war in progress that was happening at the same time. The conquest of Venus. And that is why the Vietnam War needed to be very long, because it was the duration of the other war. Vietnam only justified the expenses and the lives lost. It was used as a diversion or excuse for both monetary resources and military personnel. Cover to justify expenses and deaths of soldiers.

It´s not that the Vietnam War did not happen, of course it did, but it was also a distractor-cover for operations on Venus by the SSP.

Robert: How did they allow themselves to be conquered?

Swaruu: Because as always, Cabal came with weapons that they didn't have, they weren't as advanced as Adamski makes them out to be.

Robert: Is the surface of Venus larger than that of Earth? Did they kill the Venusians?

Swaruu: No, it is the same size, but it contains more surface of seas. Yes, they were mostly killed.

Gosia: How many were there?

Swaruu: About 60,000,000.

Robert: Was it a holographic civilization?

Swaruu: Yes, but with little technological advance, vulnerable to an invasion from outside, exactly as it happened.

Gosia: What weapons were used?

Swaruu: All that were within range of the Cabal, including tanks and M16 assault rifles. More than anything the same technology that was used in Vietnam because the fight was contemporary.

Gosia: But what I don't understand is how they were able to move so many people there to 5D... soldiers etc? And then returning them back to Earth to 3D again? All activated? Because to make these wars, I imagine they had a lot of people working for them.

Swaruu: In the same way that the Apollo program was developed. Everything compartmentalized, and you cannot see the whole from a particular position. Many of the soldiers who fought there and the war supplies, aircrafts F-4 / A-6 / A-4 etc., etc., helicopters of the type HU-1 Huey and AH-1 Cobra, are classified as lost in action over Vietnam when they were taken to Venus. The population of Venus was not that large and it was not technologically developed. They were easy targets, it didn't take so many men.

Robert: How old would Venus be compared to Earth?

Swaruu: It was different, but it is comparable to attacking an advancing planet of Ancient Greece type.

Robert: But spiritually very high I would guess.

Swaruu: Yes, that's why I chose Ancient Greece. Much spiritual advance but little technology.

Robert: So humanity would be guilty of genocide with another non-terrestrial civilization.

Gosia: It's not humanity I imagine. They are reptiles.

Swaruu: It´s just that, Gosia, humanity as a race does not exist. Humanity in 3D is a compendium or mixture of countless extraterrestrial races using essentially the same bio-suit.

Robert: But how come humans shot others while in 5D?

Swaruu: Because as I have already explained to you regarding 5D, humans take 3D with them as low-frequency 3D beings, fabricating their world as they advance. Remember, people are the Matrix. If someone is the Matrix, they will take it with them wherever they go. They are the Cabal, the same ones who wage wars on Earth. The same ones.

Gosia: I have a question regarding the human bio suit. You say that human race does not exist as such, I understand... but how does this fit with the Lyrian race? I thought humans are Lyrians. Their descendants.

Swaruu: Yes, but that is the basis for the creation of the so-called “bio-suit” or human body. In themselves as 3D humanoid beings they are the only ones in existence. Genetically altered by manipulation of consciousness and by direct manipulation in the laboratory with the support of the 3D generating lunar frequencies to suppress the connection of humans with the original Source. Because if they had a total connection, they would reactivate their DNA, erasing the changes that have been made to them in the laboratory. For that the suppression of frequencies.

Gosia: What laboratory? You mean 3D Matrix from the Moon?

Swaruu: Multiple ones throughout the centuries, not just one. We have already said that mind control is how changes are made, or artificially made changes are cemented.

Gosia: So how do laboratories fit in?

Swaruu: No, not as a species. Not in the laboratory. However, throughout history, changes in the laboratory have been made, but as you know, they are naturally reversed. The only way to prevent them from reversing is to keep humans in a low vibratory state. Even today things are made in laboratories, but they do not define the entire species.

Gosia: Reptiles, yes?

Swaruu: Mostly yes. There is no doubt that changes have been made in the laboratory. But they are not the changes as defining the species. They are isolated changes here and there over thousands of years.

Robert: What changes are we talking about?

Swaruu: Changes from Lyrian to human.

Robert: That is, are we going in regression?

Swaruu: It is not regression, it is change.

Robert: But degenerative?

Swaruu: From a point of view yes, for humans yes, the change is negative. The biggest change is because the human body has been designed to be a container for multiple souls that come with different requirements according to the species they belonged to before. That's why I don't see it as a species. But as a bio-suit.

Gosia: I would like to know if other ET races participated in these laboratory projects with the Reptiles? To prepare this bio suit?

Swaruu: It is said that they mostly did NOT participate. Only when the 3D Matrix was already there, the other races began to enter Earth to have the experience of being human.

Robert: Ok. Going back to Venus, only the Earth has the Van Allen Bands, right? Not Venus?

Swaruu: Only Earth. Venus does NOT have a moon. Mars either, since Phobos and Deimos are bases, rock-shaped ships, the most common, or of the most common form.

Robert: Those from SSP “screwed” anyone else?

Swaruu: They were about to “screw” Karistus. They established bases on Mars by militarizing 1/3 of Mars. Mars is now divided into 3 highly militarized sectors with borders that make the border between North and South Korea seem pale. 3 sectors of equal size. One Reptile / Earth Cabal, the other Mantis, the last Maitre or Tall Grays.

Robert: But what implication did the Reptiles have with Venus? We know that the Reptiles are on Mars. But on Venus too? Underground?

Swaruu: They are militarily underground in DUMB´s on Venus. Yes, with technology to maintain frequency.

Gosia: Are they there trying to lower the frequency to 3D too? Or is this something that can only be done technologically from the Moon and only cementing with mind control?

Swaruu: They can't because they don't have the lunar matrix. They do it with Guen tower technology and Venusian HAARP. But it is insufficient so they can only live inside a human bio-suit, or in special DUMB´s.

Gosia: That is why they are interested in the human bio-suit. They can go out through it to other points of the Universe.

Swaruu: That's right Gosia. The human bio-suit is essential for reptiles and other retrograde or regressive races, without the human body they cannot go far or inhabit certain planets.

Robert: And on Venus, do they know anything about Earth?

Swaruu: They do not know of the existence of the Earth, as a general population. The Earth for them is a place with toxic gases and very cold because it is further from the sun. Or that kind of garbage they sell them. They have a different dynamic of mind control, because they have just been invaded and they are trying to sell the story that they were “liberated” like Iraq, Afghanistan and so on.

Gosia: This is all so strange to me... because they are still in 5D. I thought that in 5D these types of manipulations and situations are no longer possible. Or that they are not common.

Swaruu: Yes, it is possible but with a different methodology ← 5D is not a density of total love, it is a zoo.

Robert: Was the SSP interstellar? But did it have Warp technology? How did they get to Venus? Only through portals? Where were those portals?

Swaruu: They didn't have Warp at first, then on small ships. The big ones of the SSP had ionic propulsion and other forms, but that is propulsion coming at low speeds like 60% of the speed of light.

Portals are a problem and they are in many places. There are ancient ones in ruins (that's why they invaded Iraq, to seize the portals) and there are modern ones, in area S-4 51, 28, 34, below the Pentagon, below Norad Cheyenne Mountain. And even in some special buildings. They are difficult to find and to destroy. They are in the DUMB´s especially, very deep underground.

Gosia: You said they only escape through portals. But if they can “occupy” the human body... they can pretend to be the good guys and go anywhere in the Universe this way, right?

Swaruu: That's exactly right ←

Gosia: And what exactly do these Reptiles want to achieve? Why don't they stay happy in one place?

Swaruu: Because spreading is their instinct. “We need room to breathe.” Quote: Hitler 1938 ←

Robert: Ok. We said that Venus did not have moons or Van Allen bands, but I imagine that like all other planets it has a toroid shape. With its two cavities north and south.

Swaruu: All planets have that shape, because that's how they have been formed. They are like cells, also toroids. With two cavities north south, yes. Intraterrestrial life etc. Like any other planet.

Chat with Anéeka:

Gosia: Anéeka, the soldiers who went there, did they know where they were going? And did they know where they were? When they came back, wasn't it dangerous to let them loose?

Anéeka: It cannot be known for sure and I've asked myself the same thing. Most of the terrain on Venus looks like Vietnam in terms of climate and vegetation. It is very possible that they were taken there and they would think they are in Vietnam. As for the indigenous population, it is possible that they did not come into direct contact with them but that is speculating. The problem with this theory is that the population of Venus was more towards the Nordic with Alfrateano-Latino appearance and not Oriental as in Vietnam.

However, during many operations of military personnel in Vietnam, encounters with Nordic-looking enemies with strange technology are reported, but this is officially explained as encounters with advisers and Russian military aid to North Vietnam-Hanoi.

Contact is also reported with non-human-looking combatant beings, congruent to Yautija that is said to have inspired the 1986 film Predator.

It is reported that Huey UH-1 helicopters were sent to Vietnam that never arrived there and were sent to Venus. The type of military forces sent to Vietnam were not normal forces, but special operations such as Navy Seals and elite units of the army that would later become what is today: the Delta Force that was inaugurated in the early 80's. That is to say, highly trained soldiers and in small groups of 4 to 8 men. Similar in movement to Taygeta´s Hashmallim and Shinonim spec-ops.

I have it all structured and documented.

There is not much data on what happens on Venus today. It is totally dominated by the terrestrial Cabal and is like an Earth´s branch. But the command and control of the Cabal is the Earth. They are known to treat it as a summer resort for the super-elite who use jump rooms to get there (portals). And they divided up the planet Venus completely by giving Cabal names to the islands and regions there, with names like New Kamchatka, for example.

(Showing an image of a map) **Images not supported**

I'm not sure why they are different. It is possible that today they say that this is due to something else. The map does correspond to the shape of the islands, but why each region is called that is what I cannot corroborate. The shape of the map is consistent with my navigation maps. The position of the islands is correct.

Robert: Thank you Anéeka. How come the Federation allowed humans to invade Venus in the first place. How was that possible?

Anéeka: Because they themselves propitiated the invasion of Venus being only a variant of Earth kept that way for the same reasons. That is, Earth is one like a training theme park for souls, and Venus is another one, related and connected but different.

The Cabal moves in dualities at an obsessive level already, being that they see the Earth as the place where everything must be kept in low frequency-suffering and Venus must be kept in what is, for them, an idyllic place for the elites.

The Venus subject is difficult to understand as it is so extreme. Being that, for humans, Venus is only a planet of acid and high temperatures and the terrestrial scientific evidence confirms it, but in another density it is a tropical paradise planet.

Robert: Other humans lived in an “idyllic matrix” on Venus? How did humans get to Venus? Only through portals? And who provided the coordinates to access that density and place?

Anéeka: Yes, there were “natives” there, more Lyrians. Who also arrived there because of the great expansion.

They got there exclusively through portals, and among other reasons that is what the Vietnam War was for, not only to cover up the invasion of Venus, but for many things as a whole, such as the dominance of drug networks in the area and as a population control.

It is a very complex subject, Venus. These words that I say today I know that few will be able to understand them as something “possible”.

Coordinates of the place, two sources. Contained within millenary information in control of the Cabal and from Federation sources also who agreed or even planned the invasion. This is to extend the 3D Matrix, because today on Venus there are 5-star hotels and nightclubs, Jet Ski yachts, and all kinds of water sports, exactly the same as on Earth, but only people very Cabal, “elites”, can access that place. Which is incomprehensible to the average population of the Earth.

It is said that the “elite” escape underground and that is why they cannot destroy humanity because it would affect them too. They do not escape underground only, even with the large facilities that are there, but there they move through portals to their second planet Venus, and third planet (Mars).

Robert: And why don't they go to Venus instead of messing with Earth?

Anéeka: Because they want her. They are invasive.

Gosia: One more question. Venus is in 5D. How has this Cabal control managed to happen there too? The human manifestations have reached there too? Or is the Federation itself also controlling Venus?

Anéeka: That's right. The same Federation controls Venus through Earth. Mars is more complicated. Yes, it is a mess there. There is another Andromedan biosphere ship named Varena there in Venusian orbit just now the same as the Viera is here. They are sister ships, small triangular biospheres, not spherical like the great Andromedan ones.

Robert: What were the Venusians like? Were they all one race? Not like on Earth where there are many.

Anéeka: Yes, but as humans being more human. On Earth what they say to be races are only colors and variants of the same one. That, as Swaruu has explained, does not even reach to be a race because it is artificially altered but not as the Sumerian tablets say.

There was not much difference between Venusians and humans. From Earth's perspective, people see it as another planet. Venus, distant and strange. From the stellar perspective and for us, they are very close planets, extremely close, 80% or more of the plant and animal species are the same between the two. They are not far away. As you will see, everything is perception.

Even Phaethon or planet Alfrata Alpha Centauri A - 1 is almost equal to Earth. You can see it with a very expanded lens, you will see that this corner of the Galaxy is all connected and everything is very close, talking about species and their evolution, planets and suns themselves.

Out in the Galaxy there are very strange things that differ completely from what is seen as normal on Earth, there is everything, similar and different. But for different you have to move a little further. Or look inside those very planets but in secluded places. For that you don't even have to leave the Earth, just do the same, search in strange places, like inside the Amazons, the Belgian Congo or under the oceans, or in deep caverns.

Robert: Anéeka, do you know why your colleague, I think his name is Thorel or something like that...

Anéeka: The big one yes. His name is actually Thorel. But he used the name Valiant Thor. Today there is a campaign to discredit that he was real.

Robert: (continuing from last sentence=)… why do they say he is from Venus?

Anéeka: Because he said so.

Robert: And why did he say he was from Venus? For security?

Anéeka: I don't know why exactly but as a means of infiltrating the system, as part of them from the Pentagon. Yes, for security you could say.

Robert: But at that time Venus was already invaded or not yet?

Anéeka: Not yet. What happened there with Valiant Thor was from 57-58 to 60-61 and the invasion of Venus took place from 65 to 72. It is all very murky, that story. I even have detected efforts to discredit that one real photo of him. That event is in the USS Eldridge boardroom. The very same destroyer of the Philadelphia Experiment ← (!)

Robert: And what was he doing there? Did he give them technology?

Anéeka: He helped yes. Sometimes without knowing it. For believing that there is a “good” side.

Robert: Anéeka, what happened to that boat? Did it disappear? Did it go to another density? Is it true that it de-materialized?

Anéeka: The Eldridge. It was still in service, it was remodeled. And then sold for scrap. And yes, correct. It went to another density, but many times, because the first experiment was in October 1943 and there Valiant Thor is on the ship around 1960. They created a portal around it.

Robert: And something went wrong, right?

Anéeka: The first time, yes. But there were more times.

Robert: Not later?

Anéeka: Later no. The problem was that it was a low-energy portal for the unstable mass of the ship, non-uniform and with chaotic frequencies. That technology is perfected and in operation on the Los Angeles-class and Virginia-class submarines.

Yes, it went to another place, in the same way that star ships do, changing the molecular frequency, but they did it in a disorderly way and with little technology, causing a disaster and many deaths on board.

They put electromagnetism generators in it that wrapped the entire ship, like spacecraft, but they knew nothing about frequency modulation. They only created a lot of electromagnetism on it and that´s it, which caused the ship to jump to another place, it is not known where, but from what I understand it was not a single piece that went to another place but rather in parts or to different places, that´s why it is reported that there were sailors half inside the metal of the ship's deck and other horrible things.

They used the same principle of wrapping a ship in a toroidal electromagnetic cocoon so that the dominant frequency would move it from there (or give it invisibility) but they had no idea about the importance of controlled modulation of that frequency.

Robert: They say that the crew became invisible in the eyes of others.

Anéeka: Yes, in another density in a chaotic way.

Robert: Density or timeline?

Anéeka: Both are intertwined, inseparable, densities and timelines.

Robert: It's like consciousness and Ether, right?

Anéeka: Yes, you cannot travel through Ether (hyper space travel) without also traveling through time.

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