More about the Virus - New Report - LIVE with Aneeka of Temmer (Extraterrestrial Communication) **Just Text**

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
April 01, 2020

More about the Virus - New Report - LIVE with Aneeka of Temmer (Extraterrestrial Communication) **Just Text**

Anéeka: We have the complete picture about the virus situation now. Not about the possible why of it, but about the virus specifically and this is a formal statement. I, Anéeka of Temmer, I'm acting in Official manner representing Taygeta for you. This is final and it is our formal point of view, not taken lightly. People risked their lives to get this information to us and this is our position. No longer debate nor speculation for us.

There is no virus and never was one. It is all a “psyop” of total global magnitude designed and carried out in total coordination by controlled media. There never has been any weaponized version of the flu, never was any chemtrails with any flue. What you see in the news is controlled media and people falling into the whole theatre all along as they are exploiting how people think and their overall gullibility and tendency to follow mass media blindly!

The use of Crisis actors and movie sets is confirmed and used on a large scale. As well as the misleading use of countless footage of other events that have nothing to do with this one. The use of hundreds of thousands of compartmentalized agents in strategic places all having very small and specific jobs to do, so overall each one nothing!

Generalized use of old photos and footage, like stadium full of coffins detected by our intelligence as an old Iraq war era photo taken mid-2004. Of a photograph of lined up coffins in Italy, photograph taken in 2009 in a promotional brochure of a coffin manufacturing company in Turin, Italy. They think no one can connect all the dots.

All intelligence three letter agencies are either compromised or plain being misled on purpose. They are all not trustworthy. CIC Taygeta, of which I am the leader, is standing alone. Still hears its informants but is quickly sorting out who is who.

This is the biggest false flag ever to be recorded in human history exceeding the moon landings and using the same compartmentalization structure.

During the last few hours two Taygetan fighter crafts in total stealth mode over flew critical areas of the planet, and recorded critical intelligence. One of the ships was hit by very advanced technology directed energy weapon and Surface to Air Missile “SAM” system. Direct frontal impact on one of the Starships that suffered minor hull damage. This while shadowing a cargo plane full of alleged coffins destined to New York JFK airport. Ship´s sensors indicated the aircraft was empty even though the manifesto said full.


CAP flight Report:

Hospitals in northern Italy: Turin, Genova, Aosta, Bologna, Milan, Florence, Trento, and Venice, empty.

In Spain: Toledo, Madrid, Merida, Sevilla, Murcia, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valladolid, Oviedo and Santander, empty.

In the United States: New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle (hotspot) Washington DC, Houston, Santa Fe, Empty.

Cargo of respirators found sitting in a container in New York. No one claiming them and just sitting idle.

Doctors being menaced not to say anything about no patients and other simply told to go home. Apart from that, doctors all over the world in infected countries file the death of a person as whatever reason and report that the next day the documents have been shifted to coronavirus.

This occurring especially if the patient dies of any respiratory problems clearly not related to any such virus, but reported as happening as well with deaths involving accidents and other non-infectious causes. Break-ins into doctor offices in hospitals reported worldwide. Nothing removed, only the death certificates altered to Coronavirus. Corona virus detection systems and tests compromised and are a scam, they do not work and they are deliberately designed to say arbitrarily if someone is positive or not. All in order to artificially inflate the number of infected and deceased people.

We also find that the WHO leadership is compromised and part of the Cabal, this is also hard fact for us but as of now we cannot state who and how. But the WHO information is altered in favor of this massive hoax as this organization as well as the UN is part of this psychopathic organization perpetuating this.

Gosia: Thank you for this. It will be transmitted tomorrow. You did mention that there exists a possibility that your patrols flying over empty hospitals are accessing different timelines. Could that still be?

Anéeka: It still stands as a possibility but from our point of view and with a practical mind-set here, this is what we see as a collective applicable timeline for what is going on now on Earth. Our job is to maintain outmost congruency with the data available even knowing the timeline fracture and shift.

Even without our examinations, the people do know already something is not right. Doctors worldwide talking to each other about the break ins and the changed death certificates. And they see their empty hospitals where they live, but they take for granted that the other hospitals down the road are full. This is only one more reason to lock the human population down with the quarantines - so they cannot discover that and also explains the heavy censorship of all media that are not official. So this is no longer taken as theory for us TPs, but as hard fact for us!

This will continue for as long as the quarantines continue, but censorship is worse than ever. People are not heard on an individual level. Go out there with a wooden box and scream this in the park and no one will listen much less now that they are locked away! Your own family probably will not hear you.

There is no virus and never has been, it is all media, a problem to implement and impose solutions. That is still to be seen and understood. And here I'm talking only about the virus, not about the why of all this. We are talking about the objective virus not about the agenda behind its supposed existence.

We are perfectly conscious of the thousands of so-called experts in epidemiology and any other aspect that has an official opinion about this all. We are aware of million-dollar programs with expensive CGI and doctors with several nice diplomas on their walls, but we sustain our point of view as all that is only part of the extensive hoax and precisely why it is so credible for most people on Earth.

We, as many others as well, see anything Mainstream as immediately questionable and completely false until proven otherwise.

Gosia: So the way you formally see this now is that nothing was released in Wuhan? No weaponized strain that then went back to normal?

Anéeka: No weaponized strain. That was speculation based on some uncertain sources back then, our facts are harder. It is all media, what we find simply doesn´t add up. And our findings here, presented today, are the result of weeks of arduous work.

There is talk of activatable nanotechnology using 5G, that may be very possible, but we still see this as a media operation only! The 5G one is a secondary very possible explanation to conditions and events in some places like on the cruise ship Diamond Princess. 5G does have a lot to do with all this and may be the cause of many symptoms pinned or attributed to the coronavirus and reports of people who are simple citizens and who claim they had the virus, but the simple flu strains, seasonal flu, is a much more viable explanation for what they experience.

Even for the eventuality 5G caused all the symptoms the evidence suggests, it's only media created, generalizing. 5G may have been used to emulate or impose symptoms on a localized group of population. Precisely like on the Diamond Princess Cruise ship, which we think to be the case.

This False Flag operation is mainly using seasonal flu as a patsy having doctors and health organizations worldwide chasing no more than sniffles. We know that legions of alternative media experts and credible people working against this gigantic False Flag also have a lot of interesting data, like the fact that they found that the Coronavirus looks like it was specifically engineered to target certain receptors in the lungs found mostly on Asian men. We do not discredit all this, but we insist that they may be looking at the behavior of normal strands of flu and the way it targets individuals.

Dale: What can we do to help?

Anéeka: We cannot ask anything from you, but if you ask, as many people as possible must know at once and urgently that there is no virus, I don't care how many million dollar documentaries and CNN they see. Their very survival depends on that, on the fact that enough people realize it's all a very elaborate hoax.

Even the attitude of the Chinese in Wuhan does not correspond to any real virus epidemic, they are back to 93% normal too soon. That corresponds to a fake pandemic.

Final TP position: There is no virus, never has been one, they are chasing the flu and the effects of 5G using nano dust from Chemtrails and other sources. 5G can be used to activate or to produce the symptoms if the power is strong enough over the desired targets. 5G alone can even be lethal. 5G is not a telecommunications bandwidth, that is the excuse. It is a weapon against the people.

Taygetan Special Forces were in Wuhan, boots on the ground, and reported nothing going on there only police actions and repression. TP craft also snooped into close to 50 hospitals in Coronavirus hotspot cities and found them empty! We know that people will start to say that they saw the hospitals full of patients but as we see is trolls, paid or not. Our data is just too firm now.

We also have evidence that the vaccine against coronavirus contains nano-chips activatable with 5G and that can kill any one any time they decide to. Refuse vaccine at all costs. I cannot stress this enough.

Now, if this virus hoax was made by the positive ones, then they must tell more to the people at this point because they are scared, and that strengthens negative outcomes and timelines! But if there is a positive side at work here, I would be inclined to think that they may have used the negative virus hoax as a convenient cover for their operations. But I do have data that is indicative that the ones who are controlling the virus hoax are the negative ones.

The negative ones are most surely counting on panic to make things worse. That’s why people should be fearless. And yes, the problem about to hit them is not the virus. People looking at the virus is a total cover up from the real problem that is about to hit them! The virus is not the problem, focus on the why this is going on.



Question: What else can we do to help?

Anéeka: Do not panic, do not riot as that is what they want. Research this we are saying yourself, it is possible to find a lot of data on the web now. This is the time when you must learn to make up your minds about what is true and what is not.

Question: Why are they using military on streets?

Anéeka: They are expecting riots, that's why don't give them the riots, and there may other reasons like the arrests we cannot confirm at this time.

Question: Is the US president aware of it being a hoax?

Anéeka: We are sure he is, as many other presidents as well. Like for example, Mexican President also very probably does know.

Question: How can we stop ourselves from forced vaccinations?

Anéeka: I cannot give you a procedure. That does depend on you, but it is the danger and you must refuse it as firmly as you would refuse a bullet to the head, not much difference!

Question: So, all the laboratory results for the virus are false?

Anéeka: They are misled or plain false. The people and the doctors all over the world who are looking at the virus are looking at SARS normal strains and taking them all as covid-19.

They sincerely believe there is a virus and there may be one but it is normal seasonal flu virus and those also create normal hotspots in some locations causing a flue localizes epidemy, as it happens each year and the doctors are confusing it with covid-19.

So people may see people ill of a bad flu, but that is still normal, as a planetary level it is not covid-19.

Question: Are the white hats winning right now?

Anéeka: We are working on the answer, cannot answer now!

Question: Is there an energy event coming?

Anéeka: You are experiencing it, but remember it is not one, it may be many!

Question: Any changes in timelines?

Anéeka: Still severely fractured collective timeline.

People may be seeing multiple things at the same spot. Yet we must strive to be as congruent as we can for the benefit of all.

Question: **Missing...**

Anéeka: Adrenochrome is not the same as Lush. It is related. Adrenochrome looks to be a highly concentrated blood from victims in high stress and adrenaline, the negative do drink it.

Lush on the other hand is an "energy" that is released during suffering and stress while alive... but also needs to be explained in detail by Swaruu.

People are dying... but they are pinning on covid-19 all deaths especially the ones related to respiratory problems. So not from covid-19 but appearing to be from it. Also the flu does kill over 20,000 people each year. The only difference is that now it is being given press attention to perpetuate the existence of the virus.

Note this...

The negative ones would not set a real virus loose because they would not have any control over it.

But if they make it with media and lies then they can control the virus, where it hits and how lethal it is supposed to be.

To perpetuate a false flag, it is logical to manufacture it using media and mass control, stress. People may be dying of flu, may even be localized epidemics, but that happens all the time and it is normal.

This is part of the reason a flu virus was used as an excuse for this False Flag.

Question: How can they help?

Anéeka: Inform others that this is a hoax and also research it from your end, you do have the data there, you don't have to believe me! For people in places in the world where they still have an option to stay at home or go out. Stay at home as much as possible but do not fear the virus. The reason to stay at home is to minimize friction with governments. The amount of supposedly infected people in one or another place does not depend on the people as it is entirely fabricated.

Question: Incoming comet: Is it real and will it create issues?

Anéeka: Comet is just a ship, Comet / Asteroid is only a way to make people think it is something to fear. Each time you hear Asteroid especially, it means large Starship approaching.

Question: Are the probabilities of an extraterrestrial physical intervention high?

Anéeka: At this moment probabilities remain higher than normal but still not probable.

Question: Will they intervene if vaccines are forced?

Anéeka: I do not hold the answer at this time. (It is possible)

Question: Doctor has me on many prescriptions for years. Are they poison? What can we do?

Anéeka: Depends on which prescriptions. In general they are poison. Remove as many as possibly as soon as possible! If under blood cholesterol lowering drugs, remove them immediately. Do not take them. In general don't take any “Big Farma” drugs, unless there is no other option.

Question: Is Trump working on economical and financial reset?

Anéeka: Appears to be so. No more data.

Question: Can they see Earths energy, has there been a change in our energy field?

Anéeka: Yes, and it is rising fast!

Question: Why the situation in Italy is so “bad”?

Anéeka: Italians are very sensitive to flu, and always have been. Also that is fabricated and part of the big lie. TP starcraft did see empty hospitals there. There may be many flu victims there, and people may be dying, we do not deny people may be dying, but not because of covid-19. People dye of the flu all the time and remember that many other illnesses are being catalogued as caused by covid-19 when they are not.

Question: Who’s ship is approaching and what are they coming to do?

Anéeka: Antarian supply ship approaching.

Question: The internet will be down?

Anéeka: We have our doubts, but that may be so. Cannot give a definitive answer at this time.

Question: Was yesterday’s Earthquake in Idaho due to underground battle?

Anéeka: Many underground battles are occurring now. Federation vs. Negative ones. I'm aware of that Earthquake but I have no data. Probably natural.

Question: What about the internet black out? Can you tell more about that?

Anéeka: No more data. If we knew more, we would share. We are very much into deciphering this subject specifically.

Question: Is 2020 a special year for rising of consciousness?

Anéeka: Since many years ago people have been pointing to 2020 as a year when big changes start.

Question: What are the positive reptiles doing?

Anéeka: I don't hold the answer.

Question: How can starseeds help?

Anéeka: You are already helping, but share what you think! Be strong!

Question: Are Chinese deep state Manchu combined with deep state in the western countries?

Anéeka: Yes, they are working together and are part of the same Cabal.

Question: Will the virus disappear in a month?

Anéeka: What virus?

Question: Will you be there for mass meditations, on the 5th?

Anéeka: Yes.

Question: Is Schumann resonance reliable?

Anéeka: As data it is, but it is not a complete reading. But it gives you a good idea of the Earth's overall frequency.

Question: How long this quarantine is going to last? Weeks, months?

Anéeka: Too much happening now, I do not hold the answer.

Question: Is this event a trial run for another event?

Anéeka: If referring to the virus, this is a cover up for other things we are still looking into. If referring the “the event”, it is in full progress and it is not a trial.

Question: With this virus situation, what is the main thing we should focus on? What is the shared end result we should all coordinate to see? Is there something we should all be including in our meditations?

Anéeka: Focus on what you want, on love and light for everyone, on making that a beautiful world, removing fear. Be clear with what you want. Don't focus on what you don't want.

Question: Are Taygeteans rid of viruses themselves?

Anéeka: No, we are not, but they are not a problem as we see them as part of the normal process of biology and symbiosis.

Question: How is the Federation handling everything? Who is doing the dirty work?

Anéeka: Several races are hard at work as we speak, but observing no intervention protocol not to be overt or invasive.

Question: Will there be a false extraterrestrial invasion… What do you know?

Anéeka: Yes, we are aware of that. The false ET invasion may be to cover up the real ET presence here, like the Federation. But also could be part of the Cabal lies to control the people. It is a possible scenario and it is known since the 1970's (Verner Von Braun mentioned this).

Question: Are mass arrests about to happen?

Anéeka: We do believe that there will be or there are arrests, but we are on the fringe about believing if they are arrests of negative Cabal members or only arrests of people who the negative Cabal wants to get rid of! Meaning they are cleaning their ranks. Arrests may be positive or negative, we simply do not know yet.

Question: Will there be world food shortages?

Anéeka: That is part of the Negative plan, yes. Hopefully that will not happen.

Question: Are they targeting specific groups of people?

Anéeka: Targeting with what? The virus: Asian men. In general with all this, they are targeting everyone, but especially people who are middle class, and awaken ones.

Question: Are the rising souls the big event?

Anéeka: Yes.

Question: Is the virus a way to have a war without weapons of mass destruction?

Anéeka: Yes, it is precisely what is going on! It is a war against the people!

Question: Are virus tests dangerous?

Anéeka: Yes they are, because the tests are very simple and if you take them they may detect a flu virus in you and catalogue you as being infected with covid-19. Do not take the tests, they are bogus and part of the scam.

If you have flu symptoms quarantine yourself and treat it as the flu, because that is what it is.

Question: Is there a specific vaccine for 5G?

Anéeka: No, that is an electromagnetic spectrum used for communications used as a weapon, no vaccine can be developed.

Question: Is this a cover up for the ascension?

Anéeka: This is lowering everyone's vibration and frequency so we can say it is to stop ascension, yes.

Question: Will the internet and cellphones shutdown be global or just in the US and what will happen along those days?

Anéeka: For all we know, it is supposedly when the mass arrests of the Cabal will take place. If no one can move they can arrest them easily and they cannot escape. (Be it a negative or a positive arrests scenario, we don't know yet). Among other things they may be doing like implementing 5G worldwide and installation of 5G antennas with the population away.

Question: Is the army a friend or the enemy?

Anéeka: Data insists on contradictory results. It looks like we do have data that back up that the Military, US and NATO are friendly to the people. But on a negative scenario they would be the repression agents against the people. Again, we cannot know yet!

Question: Who is Q? You want to answer that?

Anéeka: Data we have insists that Q is President Trump or Trump's staff.

Question: Can you stop 5G satellites?

Anéeka: Federation has destroyed several, but they are hard to detect. Ongoing, full confirmation, Federation uses them as target practice.

Question: Are the US Navy ships on each coast really hospital ships or battle ships getting ready for something?

Anéeka: We have reports of prison ships off the coast of NY. Prison ships point to arrests of Cabal. But in general, they are warships. Not for the population as they have FEMA camps for them so prison ships make no sense unless they are for the Cabal members.

Question: Does organite & shungite shield 5G?

Anéeka: Yes they do work, if properly made. Mica the mineral also absorbs electromagnetic radiation, also try Faraday cages.

Question: Are children getting rescued from underground bases during this lockdown?

Anéeka: Yes. Cannot comment more. Ongoing operations.

Question: Have they check to see if taking the virus on board the ship changes the virus behavior or state?

Anéeka: The virus we see here in the samples is a simple SARS virus everyone has.

Question: Are you able to neutralize the 5G effects in anyway?

Anéeka: Yes, transmitting a destructive frequency, deactivating 5G

Question: So is it being deactivated as we speak?

Anéeka: Only satellite based 5G being deactivated up to now!

Question: What is the “Red Queen” thinking of all this?

Anéeka: I do not hold the answer. May be part of the control mechanism, most probably.

Question: Would they allow the New World Order or is that a reason to intervene?

Anéeka: Depends on what the people want, t does depend on the people and what they ask for as a collective. Of course that means a clear collective timeline we do not have at this time. If invasive, yes it would be a reason to intervene.


Thank you to everyone. Stay strong, research this all for yourself, and make up your mind about what to believe. Be strong and remember that they want you in fear.

And fear can manifest bad things. Concentrate on what you want. Stay positive. And love to everyone. Thank you for listening to me, to us, to Swaruu.

Lots of love to you all!!!!!

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