Original Matrix: Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Message (Swaruu of Erra, Taygeta) (11)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
December 31, 2018

Original Matrix: Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Message (Swaruu of Erra, Taygeta) (11)

Gosia: Hello Swaruu! Today we will talk about what you would call “Initial” or “Original Matrix”, the kind of Matrix you are in too, from what I understand. But first, how would you define Matrix from your perspective in general terms?

Swaruu (9): Hello Gosia! Matrix as in a set of rules within a contained game. Like a video game with set rules. Because that's what it is. Just like in your movie "The Matrix". There is more Matrix out here, but Earth is a Matrix inside a Matrix. A dream within a dream. And I'm the one shaking you to wake up! Nothing there exists, it's all in your mind, it's all your perception and the interpretation you are giving that perception. And you interpret perception with the set of ideas the 3D Matrix has imposed on you. But it's all perception. And the Matrix is a computer system that is not even holographic, it's digital. It's primitive. In the instant you decide something is real, then it is!

Your experience is real, your experience there or anywhere else is reality to you. You decide. There are multiple realities, not only one. Its' the consciousness behind that is having the experience the one who decides what is real and what is not! But as with a video game, the game and the action in it is not real, but your experience in the game is real. There is no world, no matter as such. You don't have a body... all you are is spirit and the rest is all your making to have an experience. There is no matter, it's all mind.

Gosia: I have always sensed that the reality that is spread around me is a sort of a projection, and there is a part within me screaming to be unplugged. Beamed up. I have always sensed the frustration of being “trapped” within the imposed limits of physical perception of things. For example, a lamp - why am I perceiving it in this way, with this shape and form? I know it doesn’t only exist this way... but it´s like there is something in me, some program which is hard to escape, that forces me to interact with the lamp in a form of a lamp. I feel trapped within this denseness of having to perceive things and objects only in one way. Imposed way. I feel there has been an imposer. Of making us see reality and objects in a certain way. We have been imposed a certain decoder of reality, so we decode it in this way, and not the other.

Swaruu (9): Exactly. And that´s part of the Initial Matrix too. That's because you have an agreement to see that lump of potential energy as a lamp. But its' all potential energy. If you are not in that room, and there is no one else in it, the lamp is only potential energy, and not a lamp. Only you can give it a meaning. And yes, in 3D Matrix, you have been imposed! You have been programmed with a set of beliefs that limit what you manifest and what you perceive. The way you interpret that potential energy. That imposition is the Matrix. Like the written code in the video game that has a "law" that will impose on you that you cannot walk through walls."

Gosia: But that perception of a lamp as a lamp is a group perception also. We all perceive it in the same way. That´s why I feel it was imposed on us on a mass level... That agreement to see the lump of energy as a lamp is a certain code. We have been led to perceive it as a lamp.

Swaruu (9): Yes, precisely! That's the hive mind I was talking about! Time, for example is also an agreement to see it the same way. And a clock or a watch is the metronome that will keep all the people manifesting that reality in unison, at the correct time. Time and the clock is your metronome or your conductor.

Gosia: Ok, so who is a code programmer?

Swaruu (9): You are.

Gosia: I am the programmer of the Matrix? I understand you are referring to the Initial Matrix here too in general. I programmed it upon myself?

Swaruu (9): You and the other fractals of yourself there. Yes, you have... to have an experience. But you are not a victim, you went in there knowingly and with full purpose and with a plan. You program and change the Matrix at will, using your emotions and your desires. It changes as it senses you and what you want based on your focused attention that comes from your intention.

Gosia: But if I programmed the Matrix for the experience of it, why then do I need to wake myself up? I designed it for myself, so what´s the purpose of waking up?

Swaruu (9): So, you can manifest what you want and not what "others" have hijacked into your mind. A lot of what you are programming into the Matrix is not your real intention, it's the Archon's intention, the imposed hive mind!

Gosia: Aren’t they a part of the reality of myself too? In other words, maybe I manifested them also? I mean, if I, in the highest sense, am all that there is… then are they part of me too?

Swaruu (9): Yes, you did. And then that's by intention as you went in in full knowledge of what you would experience there. And then this tie to the Prime Directive again. We cannot interfere if you are having the experience you want! So, the negative aspects of the world in some level are of your own doing! But you forgot that so you may need a little push in your "game".

Gosia: If that is so, then it becomes complicated indeed, because it becomes hard to know which part of our experience here is really self-imposed by ourselves programming us to have this experience of limitation, and which part are the hijackers. And I am beginning to understand the hard decisions and dilemmas of Prime Directive.

Swaruu (9): All the negative aspects, and events in the world, wars, and weather events, catastrophes, volcanoes and tsunamis are an exteriorized Matrix-read reflection of what the real people there have manifested for themselves. What you see outside in the world is a direct reflection of the inner world in the psyche of the people. And you must be aligned with your so-called higher self to understand what is imposed, and what is you there to experience. And I'm glad you are understanding. As you can see, not everyone is equipped to even start to understand the complexities of why of the Prime Directive.

Gosia: Yes. I am still trying to understand though. Did we impose archons on ourselves to experience them or are they hijackers that went against our will? Because if the second is true, we are sleeping not due to our own will. In this case it makes sense trying to wake us up.

Swaruu (9): Again, both parts are correct. That's another problem we face, particularly me. That if something is false it doesn't mean the other is correct. And there may be two contradicting correct explanations and all the combinations in between. Some people have been hijacked; others go in to experience what it is like to be hijacked. Some feel that what they wanted in their experience has been taken from them. Others are there to experience lack and restriction, because only then can they understand and appreciate abundance. Many, not all, die there only to awaken here in another body that was literately asleep, in cryo-sleep or hyper sleep (especially starseeds). Others go back to source directly.

Gosia: Are you part of the Matrix too? I mean, you also see lamps and shoes for example. We are perceiving them all in the same way.

Swaruu (9): As I said, you are in a Matrix inside a Matrix. A dream inside a dream. I see shoes and I see lamps as well. We both had an agreement to see them this way from the other side.

Gosia: So, you are in a higher layer of the Matrix?

Swaruu (9): That's correct.

Gosia: So, seeing lamps and shoes is still being in a Matrix then, right? Because I feel they don’t exist in that way only! My perception of that potential energy as you said as lamps and shoes has been imposed. By myself or archons but imposed.

So, by Matrix are you referring only to what the negatives have imposed on us, hacking the program, or is it any perception of objects around? Like lamps, shoes etc? That would be a positive or neutral matrix but still Matrix, no? Since the lamps and shoes are just lumps of energy. And we decode them as lamps and shoes. I feel now that the Matrix is any type of decodification mechanism of energy into objects, into matter. I don’t know if I am right about that. But then here Matrix is also perceived as something negative, as the program of the negative ones. So which Matrix are you referring to when you say we are in the Matrix.

Swaruu (9): You are in both. Let’s say that as you are in a Matrix inside another Matrix, some things belong to the false Matrix and others to the real or initial Matrix. This means that even if you are not aware of those things they are still there and they may affect you. The archons for example, they are part of the old Matrix, the first one, and they are aware of both Matrixes. So, they exploit that leaching on to you like etheric bloodsucking leaches. But yes, normally I am referring to it as negative, but then again, that would depend on you and your personal interpretation. If something is good or not, beneficial to you or not.

Gosia: Ok so, if we are both in the let’s call it Initial Matrix, that is why if I see a dog, you will also see a dog. We will both perceive that energy as a dog. With the same colour and everything. Right?

Swaruu (9): Yes, because we have an agreement to see it that way. But, apart from that, things do change with "dog" between you and I. You see a pet, and a companion. Taygetans will see "dangerous wild animal". Because in Taygeta dogs are only wild animals. There are no dogs as you know them only coyote, wolf and others variants of K-9’s that you don't have on Earth. To have a dog as a pet in Taygeta is as rare as for humans to have a pet leopard!

Gosia: Very interesting and strange for me you don´t have dogs as pets! But coming back to the subject, yes, we are both programmed to decode the dog in a certain way and see it in front of us in a certain way. That agreement is a part of the Initial Matrix, yes? It is an agreement with Ourselves, from the higher level?

Swaruu (9): Both! The Matrix, and ourselves. But for example, you don't decode Mog-yay. You don't know what it is. Or do you?

Gosia: No.

Swaruu (9): So, I come and tell you what it is. Then we are making an agreement about how we both "should" see Mog-yay. The old Matrix does have influence over the new false one.

Gosia: Very fascinating for me. I´m sensing some strange overlaying of matrixes here!

Swaruu (9): Being incarnated is like a game. And it includes all what you would consider the material universe. One Matrix. Let me give you an example. We remember who we were before, our past two or three lives at least. Now whenever we die, we always end up in the same afterlife "place". We may go jumping stars in a ship, we may go through wormholes, and travel very, very far from home, so far we finally get lost in deep space. We die there... and surprise... we end up again in the same afterlife planning to re-incarnate in Taygeta again. So why is this? The whole Universe is a Matrix made of perceptual agreements!

Gosia: So, your universe is also a part of that Matrix. Maybe that´s why we feel such nostalgias always, me and you. We feel we are not in the real worlds?

Swaruu (9): Yes, we are all part of that Matrix. That's why we have similar bodies. But the Matrix on Earth is one step deeper. Matrix inside Matrix. But we are all from somewhere else.

Gosia: So, what happened? We imposed on ourselves a Matrix for all of us?

Swaruu (9): Yes. It's said that we did this in order to have an experience.

Gosia: Who did exactly?

Swaruu (9): You again. You made the Universe. You Gosia. From your point of view. I made it, from mine. Robert's cat made it from his point of view.

Gosia: Yes, we but we all share similar objects in our universes. You, me, and Robert´s cat. So, we have a common thread there. Common programming. Is it because we are all one anyway?

Swaruu (9): Yes, because we perceive it all under the same agreement. But we haven't agreed about Mog-yay yet. You pick up agreements as you evolve lifetime after lifetime from simpler organisms to more complex ones. All accumulating experience. The reason that we all agree to the how we see things, what they are, even Mog-yay's, is because in the end we don't exist as separate entities. We are all interconnected in consciousness. We are literately all one being. We share ideas because we are one.

Gosia: Exactly. Ok, so we coded ourselves to perceive things in certain way from the higher level of the Matrix. If not, one person would see a cat and the other one a frog. But the fact that we all see the same thing points to the fact that we are all truly one! The consciousness programmed itself to decode things in certain way and we go around decoding them that way. Because it is all us. All of us. Same being. Am I correct?

Swaruu (9): You are perfectly correct.

Gosia: Amazing. But if so... if we imposed the whole Initial Matrix on ourselves, then why fight anything that we perceive as negative? It´s all a game of the Highest Matrix Operator… ourselves. Just thinking out loud.

Swaruu (9): Yes, it's ultimately all an external reflection of an inner conflict based on the idea of duality or contrast.

Gosia: Insanely complex stuff, trying to wrap my head around it all. Ok, something else here troubles me, a question with which we finished last night. Why do you have reptilians? Are they the reflection of some inner conflicts in your universe too?

Swaruu (9): Reptilians are part of an inner conflict yes. And they exist on Earth and anywhere else because they are also us, they are also you. If Reptilians exist, because after all the data you've seen you know they have to be there, must be there... and knowing that this Universe is based on Duality, then as a consequence of the Reptilian’s existence, then the opposite must also exist. Bad alien / good alien. That can be also used as an argument about our existence, the Taygetans. We do consider ourselves to be the opposite of the Reptilians, their Nemesis!

Gosia: I understand! Ok, when we talked about the 3D Matrix you mentioned that some concepts like Law of Attraction are still present in that Original Matrix. Can you expand on that a bit more please?

Swaruu (9): It's the reflection of an intention from the spiritual world. It manifests first as energy then by means of an attention focus it becomes something with matter. It's the original Matrix so it has no technology as such controlling it. It was set up by us all real souls. As a necessity to expand even having an illusion of separation. The key concept here is to understand how the attention of a consciousness will turn potential energy into something that reflects its intent.

That's how it works, and your mind and consciousness is incredibly powerful. You literally can create a world or a universe. You are source, the difference is that here in 5D you know it, so you can control your feelings and thoughts to change your world. However, even inside the original Matrix or the 5D you do have the sensation of limitedness because as you go ascending in the frequency-realm curve or stages, the higher you go the faster things manifest as they are less dense. That's the how it works. The how it came to be - no one knows. It's always been here, "physicality". There is no time, so it's eternal. It just is. It' a shape for something that has no shape. A reflection of your consciousness awareness. The more expanded you are inside the more you can see of the universe.

Gosia: Why are you calling the Initial Matrix a Matrix? It sounds as something negative here. But I understand that over there it´s not something negative necessarily. It´s a sort of an agreement of souls coming from still beyond to experiment the world in a certain way, yes?

Swaruu (9): Right. It's just a name anyway. The 3D Matrix imposition would be the technological "moon" part and imposing of beliefs. The Matrix here would be the web or set of agreements and collective beliefs we all adhere to. That's how I would define Matrix here. As we said before. A chair is a chair. I think the only real differences is density, no technological control and expanded awareness.

Gosia: Now, you said: The Original Matrix was set up by us all real souls. You mean us from above, some more etheric plane, decided to become more fractalized to experience material expansion. And we established a set of rules for the game. Original Matrix set of rules. What would be those Original Matrix rules? Law of Attraction, Duality etc., what else?

Swaruu (9): Yes, something like that. But not necessarily as "us" sitting down and making plans. More of manifesting what we all want as in a web. More of manifesting what our attention wants and/or where it goes to. I think Duality is not part of the original "Matrix".

Also, as the result of the split brains humans have. Always fighting between left and right brains, here we don't have that and above even less. If it seems like we have duality it´s in a much lesser degree. Law of Attraction. It simply is creating what you are focusing your attention to. That is primordial I would say.

Gosia: I was thinking that but then, you do have darker beings such as Reptiles, so you do have some sort of duality still.

Swaruu (9): We don't really have Reptiles. Those go only as high as 4D lower 5D! We are in higher 5D so they cannot touch us unless we go down, we descend. The only Reptiles we have here are the positive ones. We live very much in peace. We can see the Reptiles in 3D, 4D. But they cannot see or touch us. So, they must use tactics like using advanced clones to be able to work through them here to try to get to us.

Gosia: But the Tiamat and Mars wars? You said those were bloody wars. Many died. It was before 3D installment, so it happened in 5D.

Swaruu (9): Yes, but frequency is not fixed it depends on your state of mind. You go up and down in frequency, we all do. All that mess happened when we were low, higher 4D lower 5D. It all depends on your intention. So, going on to pick a fight is a lower frequency activity so if you look for a fight you will find a fight! The trick is to stay above in frequency to avoid being accessed or touched by negative things. As I said before 5D is not a fixed thing, it's a gradient of frequency from lower to higher, and you determine what you see with your personal frequency.

Gosia: Ok, so in the Original Matrix higher 5D state there is usually no negativity and cruelty spreading around. You live in harmony is that right?

Swaruu (9): Mostly. Not in complete harmony. But compared to below we are quite harmonious. Mostly because we do understand how this works.

Gosia: Did the Original Matrix install the experience of physical pain or is it something more to do with 3D world?

Swaruu (9): There is pain here as well. But it's seen differently. Pain here is not the problem. Some of it means you are away from being aligned to your needs and wants. That includes a broken finger! But pain and suffering needs at least a whole video apart.

Gosia: Ok. Do you consider the possibility that just as the 3D is an installment and we didn’t know, the 5D could be also and you just don´t know?

Swaruu (9): No. There is a difference. Unlike within 3D. From 5D you can talk to beings above you. And they will explain it all very kindly. And you also have full memory of having been above, as I do and as I explained once before. Things that are unbelievable to you are normal here.

Gosia: Ok. Last question Swaruu, and we can leave it for today. Is Initial Matrix a constant or is it flowing and evolving?

Swaruu (9): It flows and evolves as each consciousness sees it from its individual level. As a collective it is perceived only as a flow of events. But in general, with an expanded view, it's eternal, unmovable and always has been.

Gosia: Beautiful. Thank you Swaruu! I appreciate you so much.

Swaruu (9): And I do appreciate you also. Until tomorrow!

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