PCR Tests, Nanotechnology and Q Anon - Dangers of PCR Tests - Warning to Humanity-Aneeka and Yazhi

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
February 12, 2021

PCR Tests, Nanotechnology and Q Anon - Dangers of PCR Tests - Warning to Humanity-Aneeka and Yazhi

Anéeka: I know that this will be unbelievable for many, but it is the truth, we have already corroborated it with several sources. The PCR tests, the swabs that they insert into the nose, are contaminated with countless types of coronavirus, (of the usual ones, CV-19 does not exist), to cause respiratory diseases and also carcinogenic particles and active substances that change genetics human, like vaccine and other substances that cause diseases. There are also nano particles that cause Morgellons disease and they insert it all with the cotton swabs directly into the brain because when these tests are carried out they pierce the delicate nasal membrane. PCR tests are virtually as deadly as the vaccine itself and should be avoided at all costs. These tests are vaccines and are a way to insert microchips or things that cause diseases. It is part of the genocide depopulation agenda. You should avoid taking those tests at all costs, like the vaccine. People will see it as crazy or extreme. It's not. And articles are already coming out with this information.

Now it seems to us more firmly that Trump, QAnon and all that 'Patriot' movement is false and part of the same scam against humanity.

There may be a media blackout, be it local or global. It is not known for what or why exactly. Or why cell phones too. But it is part of their plan. Blackouts are promoted by the Q side as a good thing. But that Patriots thing is a smokescreen so that people see it as something positive and even celebrate it, but in reality, once again it is against the people since it is a re-boot of the internet to enforce more restrictions on them and to delete alternative channels and programs or platforms from the network. When it reloads it will not be the same, it will have absolute control and will be clean of everything alternative, except some places that may remain as controlled dissidence to listen and to analyze who are the most rebellious one, then use it against you.

So, any blackout will be against the people, nothing good, always against, for some reason or agenda. It is not known where or how long or even if it will happen or whether it is just more "meteorite" alarm to annoy and worry people.

Likewise, this reset will also be used as a resetting of the economy, but in favor of the banks and large companies, not in favor of the people. We also know that the restraints, masks and all that will not be removed, it will only get worse and worse, tightening the knot on people's necks.

So you must rebel en masse now, you must awaken or you will not survive as a species, because those who will remain will not be human, because they will be genetically modified, and with transhumanist technological mind control. The human race, from the genetic level, will cease to exist, it will go to extinct. I'm not being dramatic or over the top. It's facts.

Yazhi: This information is critical. For people to doubt it is pure ignorance. Nasal vaccines are nothing new. They have been around for many years now. This information is not only true, but probably falling short of what is in them. The way I see things, it is also a vaccine or a means to access the interior of the human body, many times causing mortal encephalitis.

Also the insertion of nano - chips that I know people on Earth seriously doubt their existence as something insane and impossible, and not as an imminent every day real threat.

Again it is the manipulation of human perception the one that makes them see things as impossible. Being only a nose swab, not a mortal insertion of chemicals and nano technology that will ultimately kill them in a short time.

It is all perception management. If you control the media, you control what is real. So people simply cannot even start to relate the PCR tests, or the vaccines, as containing technology above science fiction.

But I do warn you, all that such technology does exist, and not only. The whole way your world works is manipulated and reduced. Unawareness and skepticism to this level may and will end up killing you.

Governments have never and will never do anything in favor of the people, they will only manipulate their perception to make them think they are. It is like the old example of them increasing the cost of living 100% and then magnanimously giving people 10% back, and they are happy as brainless clams.

PCR test contains cancer producing chemicals, nano dust and nano chips designed to draw energy from your nervous system. But they not only will track the movements of people, they will also transmit what people are saying, feeding the information to a grid and then to the police where someone may be arrested only because they uttered something, or worse, perhaps as bad as getting arrested because they thought of something vaguely illegal.

And I know those nano chips also contain two-way behaviors modification frequency management and delivery of nano drugs to alter and control the reactions and responses, emotional and all, to any situation the controllers want.

This is not theory; it is in the vaccines and in the PCR test.

The problem is that one PCR test will not be equal to another as they are tailored to each country or even to each city or region. So, if nothing is found in one it does not mean that they are all the same or contain the same, as we recently have come to find out with the Moderna vaccines that have different components depending on for who they are intended.

But the very name vaccines are misleading and mind controlling as they most definitely are not vaccines, they are a genetic experiment using a totally false pandemic as an excuse to access the interior of the human body in mass and in huge numbers.

With the results they will get from the first roll outs of the vaccines, they will later tailor the next generation of them to improve their performance.

About Trump and QAnon - no one here believes in QAnon and the patriots and all that any longer. Even if Trump gets back into power, which I seriously doubt, we will still not believe in him unless he removes the Pandemic exposing what it is fully and in public using the mass media of the world. If he does not do that, he will remain as regressive for us all here.

Trump is only the noisiest clown there, the one in green pants, so people will be looking at the clown show, while they prick their behinds with the jab! *picture not shown here*

That is my warning. I know what I say is not politically correct. To decide to upload it or not is your call and work.

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