Social Networks Disconnection - Text only

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
October 07, 2021

Social Networks Disconnection - Text only

October 5 2021

Communication from Aneeka regarding the FB and other networks cut off:

Anéeka: Yesterday's event was investigated by us as much as possible, mostly by analyzing metadata and connecting the dots. We see that it was a false digital flag that is like a simulation of what would happen if social networks were down. It's like the event 201 at the end of 2019 where they did a large-scale simulation of a pandemic. So this is for us the digital equivalent of event 201.

Anonimus claimed responsibility for the attack and that they passed money on to those in need, which we see as yet another proof that Anonimus is part of their disinformation machine.

So what we predict they could do is cut social networks in the near future, days, weeks or months. Before the end of the year OR at the end of the year as they did with the pandemic. Most likely scenario that we see: they will throw out social networks (not the entire Internet) by mid-December.

What I recommend is to take precautions and to adopt alternative communication systems and platforms immediately.

Our best data and connecting the dots indicates that they would remove all the social and communication media between people or the general population that are under the control of the Cabal, that is: Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Discord, and the like.

This information obviously comes from analyzing many terrestrial sources, we have no other way, and with that we connect the dots, to reach the conclusion of how we see things combined with our knowledge of how the Cabal works. In other words, nothing is certain. We can only speculate gathering intelligence.

Several people are already saying, the conspiranoids, that this is part of the reset and that QAnon and Trump will take over social networks and tell the truth and expose the lies. What we see is more control. Cutting off people´s ability to communicate with each other and coordinate.

This is only a probability of what could happen, it cannot be known for sure, but it cannot be ignored either. There are clear signals that they want to do this, to cut off social networks, because it is logical - so that people cannot organize among themselves.

Followed by a drill comes the actual "cyber attack". Because they will say that it was a "cyber attack". So in order to use Internet, people must fully identify themselves so that it is safe, the Internet, because of that "horrible" cyber attack of December 2021, for example, where the networks went down. Create problem to sell solution. To make people lose all anonymity in the networks and so that they cannot communicate. Because we don't see them cutting off the entire internet. They will only go for social networks.

So the domains will remain without interference (probably). What they would take away are their big social media (WhatsApp, Discord, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram and the like). And why? Because people are using their platforms to organize against the Cabal. So you have to remove those means so that people cannot communicate en masse with others. That is logical and predictable.

How would they justify all this? Again, they will say that it was the work of cyber pirates and illegal hackers. The mass of the people are still asleep and they will believe that those were hackers and pirates, Ransomware, or similar excuse.

And with this:

1.) They remove social networks isolating people.

2.) They impose new rules where people will need a license and a digital identification to access the internet.

This as if it were a 911, September 11, 2001, but with the internet. Taking away people's rights.

It is not known if all this will happen or not. It is only logical. Those simulation events like yesterday precede real events. It is seen all the time. It is how they operate. Simulation --- False Flag. The same, always, and whatever kind of false flag.

But we emphasize, this is not a prediction of the Nostradamus kind. Rather, it is an estimate with the best data and the best available logic. So yes, see it as my warning, that I DO see it very possible. But it is only possible. Very possible, but we can't know.

If people organize, everything goes down for the Cabal. It is already a total war against the population. They already see it that way, that it is them, the Cabal, or the people. Because if the masses wake up and manage to organize then they would go for the Cabal and goodbye to their power, lynchings begin and all that.

That is why, by connecting the dots, I do see the danger of social media being cut off because that is what they need to be able to continue perpetuating their depopulation agenda without the awakened people interfering. Because the starseeds ARE affecting the masses. Starseeds are no small thing. The Cabal sees them as a SERIOUS problem. So, according to my data, it's time to cut off the social media. Or else people will get too organized. Remember all the marches and riots, that even if they know how to control them, are organized using their means, their platforms.

But the truth is, we don't have all the answers. It's just something that we see as a logical development. If your enemy is using YOUR server to communicate, what do you do? You ban it. Or maybe they have other plans. Not good ones for sure. We cannot know at this point. Perhaps in the next few days something more will be known. At the moment we can only speculate with the best data and by connecting the dots.

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