Spiritual Talk with Minerva Swaruu - First Chat - Welcome aboard!

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
February 03, 2022

Spiritual Talk with Minerva Swaruu - First Chat - Welcome aboard!

Originally in Spanish

Robert: Hello Minerva! Are you coming to say hello?

Swaruu Minerva (11): I don't know, hihi.

Gosia: Curious about us?

Swaruu Minerva (11): Maybe, yes.

Gosia: Wouldn't it be enough to get the information telepathically about us from Athena or Yazhi?

Swaruu Minerva (11): No, because Yazhi plays tricks with that and I don't know what is real anymore. She fuses the real with the not real, making everything real, for her.

Gosia: She plays jokes? What do you mean? About how we are?

Swaruu Minerva (11): Yazhi plays jokes with what she shares with you mentally. You ask her to describe a house in detail and she sends you the house but with windows in the shape of a cat's head and a huge bow on top. And she laughs. She's able to give that in block. It's hard enough to describe something entirely with telepathy, but Yazhi alters the mental images with a kind of cerebral photoshop. And she does it in such detail that it's confusing. It's something that can only be understood with full telepathy.

Gosia: Sounds like fun, yes. And how does she describe us then? Do tell.

Swaruu Minerva (11): I don't know how to describe that, because they are concepts. But she loves you very much.

Gosia: How does she paint us?

Swaruu Minerva (11): Having loyalty and understanding towards her. Having commitment of achieving something important together. Of importance to continue, and of what is achieved.

Gosia: Aww. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing. And how are you?

Swaruu Minerva (11): Still adjusting to being here, I'm trying to be happy. It's Yazhi who is always leaving, but me too. I mean, we are in thinking mode a lot of the time. Not quite here. Not entirely in the physical, even though we have bodies. It's hard for us to be in the physical, we leave easily.

Robert: So you have one foot here and the other there.

Swaruu Minerva (11): Rather we are on the other side, and we have a little toe in the physical. That is what Yazhi does, she lets the cork go up, goes through the wall, then forces the cork back down to be someone with a physical body again.

We love the Taygetans very much, but sometimes we need to live in our own density. Being with them is fun, they are nice, but they envelop us in their routines and with it in their existential density.

Gosia: I understand. And what do you think about Earth and all that is happening? Yazhi says it is still winnable. Do you think so?

Swaruu Minerva (11): I see everything, people winning and not. In the end it is a win-win, as a tremendously eye-opening experience for the expansion of the human mind, for the release of attachments to self-centered concepts that have caused them to manifest in self-reinforcing circles creating all the chaos. I feel it will cost a lot in lifetimes to stop all this. A lot in lifetimes.

Gosia: Yazhi said recently that she even sees the people taking control in the not so distant future. And 5G antennas could be used for bird's nests. But she also sees us losing. Nothing is fixed yet.

Swaruu Minerva (11): That is one outcome of many. It will be up to the people with minds to determine what the outcome will be. The others that follow the accepted system basically do not exist.

Robert: The reality as of today is that I think 80% of the population is vaccinated.

Swaruu Minerva (11): Then as a minimum 80% of them will die. You can see this happening as a maximum test, Boss level video game. What matters is not even surviving. It's what everyone takes away with them, what they managed to keep from their stay in life. Everyone will die, all of us will die. What matters is what they achieved in life. What they kept. Their souls.

Gosia: But the thing is that many will not keep their souls. The vaccinated ones. Souls will leave, and others will be AI robots.

Robert: Where will their souls go?

Swaruu Minerva (11): They will be assimilated into the Source consciousness soup. Also the fact that they are vaccinated means that they will no longer be able to enter those bodies, because little by little the vaccine will take them out of their bodies. Slow and progressive disconnection. But it is the same as death in the end, and they will all go to wherever it is that they are destined to go being who they truly are.

Gosia: But will they go off Earth to other places or will they come back to Earth? Or wherever their frequency dictates? But their frequency could not be very high to be vaccinated in the first place, in most cases. So they will come back to Earth? But on the other hand it was said that it is a mass exit of souls from Earth.

Robert: Yes. Their frequency couldn´t be too high if they got vaccinated, if they did not re-think things and question what they are told by the media.

Swaruu Minerva (11): Where you will go will always depend on who you are. But remember that you are not going anywhere, you are only living the reflection of who you are. So it is not only impossible to know where they will go, but it is simply not for us to say, because each person will make their own world, because they are not going anywhere, they ARE their world. Their souls do not go anywhere, they simply are, and they live what they are, not what they want.

Gosia: Although what one wants is always linked to what one is.

Swaruu Minerva (11): Yes, as a guide of possibilities to choose. But it does not have the power to determine who you are. I can think of going to throw coconuts at Tina (Athena) who is outside. But I won't do it because I don´t want to hurt her. I thought about it though, but the thought still doesn't determine who I am.

Gosia: Yes, but if it's some kind of a very strong desire, I think it does reflect who you are. In my life, whatever I wanted strongly, I did it... and I think that's what defined me too. Like, for example, I wanted to come to Barcelona, so I did. And it defines me at the same time, it's who I am. Nomadic, changeable. Explorer. But yes, there are types of passing wants too. Those don't define, or not very much.

Swaruu Minerva (11): Yes, these are others. When it is a desire that defines you strongly, if it is really strong, then it will manifest in what you call your life, and by force.

Gosia: Mari (as they call Minerva), speaking of non-linearity of souls...I have this

Question: Yazhi said that many souls will be very angry and will go after the controllers. But then, all those who will "die"... they could already be here because there is no time! So those who die now and will die in the "future" should already be here fighting from astral levels etc. Is that right?

Swaruu Minerva (11): That's right, many of those souls that were there come back to fight in different ways. Sometimes they are the ETs, sometimes they are other people who call themselves human. You see that also in the phenomenon of mirrors, people who look exactly like you, but they are on Earth. It's you down there, your past life so to speak, what remains as an echo of who you are today. Your reason for coming back.

Gosia: But I mean not only those who were here, I mean those who are still here but will die in the future. They could be here already, at the same time, hahaha! Because from the astral they could be entering "back" in time - now. So their human bodies still being here and them here fighting in other forms at the same time. No?

Swaruu Minerva (11): Exactly, because in itself everything overlaps in the now. And that explains why all the souls that exist are the same person from above. They are just imagining themselves to be one person or another. All simultaneously.

There is no time, that's just a very malleable perception. All souls that exist only exist because of slight attachments to what defines them, but they are ideas or characters within a great mind that has imagined them all. Just imagined beings. We all are that.

Robert: So, good has to win because otherwise it would self-destruct?

Swaruu Minerva (11): There is only good and it is only defined by evil as a concept from the point of view of beings who need it. Above, there is no more need for this duality.

Gosia: We have to want to be in these lower planes for something then... because we are still within good and evil. Why do we still need it? This self-definition of good versus evil? To fight against evil. Why does it define us? What if I no longer want to be defined by something like that?

Swaruu Minerva (11): You are within good and evil, because you have attachments to needing to explain things with those concepts. They are not necessary for everyone.

Gosia: That is what I mean. Why do we still have this need?

Swaruu Minerva (11): Because of attachments to what defines you. What you think defines you as an individual person is threatened by what you feel is going on around you.

Robert: I don't know what those attachments might be.

Gosia: That's what I mean. How do we let go of these attachments of what defines us?

Swaruu Minerva (11): Overcoming the Ego.

Gosia: Robert, attachments to the idea that we are liberators of the worlds against the dark ones, for example. Attachments to the ideas that we fight for justice. Etc.

Okay. But if you overcome the Ego, is there anything left that defines you? Because the Ego is just what defined you. Your self-identity. If you let go of ego, you are already Source itself, or almost.

Swaruu Minerva (11): You will no longer be you. You will be defined by other things. But you will be more expanded.

And how? By letting go, not needing to defend who you are. And that does not bring about your destruction, but defines you even more but with a more expanded set of qualities that allow you to live in a more expanded density-world, which is your self-reflection. You let go of your attachments to what defines who you are, and you expand, and with it what you call your life experience.

Letting go of who you are not only does not destroy you, it expands you. Because you insist on maintaining who you are inside a jar. You break that jar and you stop being who you are. That's scary for many. But because you have broken the jar, you are now free. Like a fish in a clear jar filled with water, which is under water, that breaks and now the fish has more room to swim.

Robert: It is understood, yes. The attachment to this "body", seeking eternal life in this "3D".

Swaruu Minerva (11): Trying to perpetuate your 3D physical body as the millionaires do, only locks them into the same circle of suffering that is being incarnated inside the 3D, being that they lock themselves inside their own prison, their Ego.

Gosia: But Mari this, the Swaruus, and not even Yazhi, can achieve at the moment, or she can but she doesn't want to. Because she's still here and kicking ass.

Swaruu Minerva (11): Yes, Yazhi can, I can, and Tina (Athena Swaruu) can. That's why we are not in the physical so much "time", but we go to other lighter realities. We only keep the concept "Yazhi", and the concept "Mari", and the concept "Tina", to be able to interact with other beings who need to see us as someone.

My face, I chose it, what defines me best, as what I want to be. So do you. But it's just something to be able to place us as someone, being so much more. It's for you, not for us.

And that's why you exist, that's why everyone exists, because you do the same as me, as us, the Swaruus. You are somebody today, so you can be with more variants of "you" who get to say that they are "other people".

Gosia: Fascinating. Yes, but coming back here to interact or do whatever for the Earth is also born out of the same kind of attachment. Attachment to something.

Swaruu Minerva (11): Yes, it is attachment. But you can also have attachments and not. Just turning your attachments on and off at will. When attachments become obsession, that is when they generate a problem of limitation.

Furthermore, it is not only attachment to the concept of who we are, but with a certain level of mastery over this, you can be several very different people at the same time. This is what Yazhi has wanted to explain you many times, why she is everywhere. Why I am everywhere. But being "everywhere" does not imply that we can know everything, although we try furiously to do so.

Gosia: I understand. Although wanting to turn them on, the attachments... this wanting, is also something that defines you, wanting to turn them on. Then it is also some attachment to something, so it seems that we are never totally free of Ego, of self-definition, and attachments and ideas, of wanting something, until we are the Source itself in the pure state (although we are always that). And, in fact, even Source itself wants something. For if it did not want anything, nothing would exist.

Swaruu Minerva (11): Turning the attachments on and off, knowing why. I am the same being that is Yazhi and that is Athena, but I manifest to you with a series of temporary attachments that define Swaruu 11 'Mari'.

Gosia: Yes, knowing why, could be the liberating factor here.

Swaruu Minerva (11): Same for all of you. Attachments are not bad. It would be wrong to say they are. They serve a purpose. As today I am 'Mari', today you are Robert, you are Gosia. But that is not all you are.

Gosia: Yes, but I still don't know why I have the attachment to the idea that I like to fight the controllers. And Yazhi likes it too. Why do we like it? How to get rid of this attachment? Not that this attachment is bad, though. It's just another experience.

Do you mean that because we want to help Earth, in this choice to help in this war, we are not free? Doesn't this sound like passivity of so many ET races then? They are "free" then because they get don't involved? This subject is not easy.

Swaruu Minerva (11): It is not one thing or the other. Like Yazhi, she is a warrior, the most warrior-like of the three Swaruuneans. But at the same time, she knows that it is not necessary from above. It is not passivity, it is acting on several levels simultaneously. Travel the astral of pure love and light, but knowing that you have a body in a lower density, take your Katana with you. And learn to use it well.

This is reflected in 19th century Japanese Zen practices on Earth, where the Katana is a spiritual instrument, which helps you enter into trance, which defines and protects you, it is not a weapon of war only, it is part of you. There is no weapon of war more spiritual and more advanced than a 19th century Japanese Katana.

Gosia: Ok. And yes, I also feel this kind of "schizophrenia", and very strongly. Wanting to fight, but also knowing that it's not necessary. Just that... knowing that it is not necessary, why from "below" I perceive it as necessary? From where this self-definition of warriors, and not carrot gardeners for the community, for example?

Swaruu Minerva (11): You are everything, you are not just one thing. Getting your attention onto planes that need your fight, and at the same time from above seeing that you no longer need it, you dissolve what to fight against, nothing to bounce against, no heads to cut off with your Katana, yet it keeps spinning around you in motion while you are in trance, while you meditate in motion.

Gosia: But not everyone is born to be a warrior. Others cook like Iror. Why is one this way, and another a different way?

Swaruu Minerva (11): Because of attachments to who we are. That is always the answer.

Gosia: But why the attachment to be a warrior and not a gardener? I do not understand. Because of previous experiences? Why I have no attachment to being a gardener?

Robert: Gosia, maybe up there you are a gardener. And here you come to experience something else. The opposite.

Swaruu Minerva (11): Even among the Swaruus, you will see the difference between the three. Athena (Swaruu X) is very down to Earth, and at the same time she flies as high as the others. Yazhi is the warrior, the one who can handle everything from all angles at her convenience, the chameleon, the one who encompasses them all.

And I am the most etheric in the sense that I don't need to fight in that same way, not because I can't, but because I choose to dissolve everything with mind, from my points of view, always from other planes.

And yes, Gosia, from previous experiences. By a series of chains of attachments to concepts that define you and have defined you incarnation after incarnation. What you accept as you today, and what you do not accept as you equally. Even if you are not interested in ships and their mechanics today, it does not mean that you were not interested in them yesterday. You outgrow that, you no longer need it, you let go of that attachment. But it still defines you.

Gosia: Yes, it's true, I'm not as interested in ships and mechanics as I was supposed to be before I got into immersion. So how is that? If it used to define me...

Swaruu Minerva (11): Because you already understood it at another time. Because today that doesn't define who you are or serve you, although it still defines you.

Gosia: Ah, not needing it, I let it go, okay. Interesting.

Robert: I am interested in ships and everything from other planets and species.

Swaruu Minerva (11): Because it defines you. Because you, whether you like it or not, you are still within what defines you with interests according to your gender. All that about ships and everything is more masculine, that's why Gosia moves away from it and you move closer to the subject. Because everyone is working inside a jar that can only include a certain amount of ideas to hold on to. You have to break the jar.

From here, we Swaruus, can treat any topic, without it defining us, or bothering us, or depending on gender or age.

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