Swaruu explaining Cognitive Dissonance (Are We Ready for Extraterrestrial Reality?)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
June 16, 2019

Swaruu explaining Cognitive Dissonance (Are We Ready for Extraterrestrial Reality?)

Swaruu (9): The reality is relative to each person. So a specific person can only understand a concept with the framework of their own mind. If something exceeds your understanding you cannot understand or understand what is said. Falling into Cognitive Dissonance or in other words: your pot is not big enough.

So a common frame of reference is needed so that understanding and advancement or the introduction of new concepts can be given. Otherwise, the Cognitive Dissonance will come into operation, which will make you return to what you previously found comfortable.

Your previous beliefs... your Matrix. There comes a point at which my information exceeds the understanding of the people and they enter into Cognitive Dissonance. They demand evidence.

If I give them, one enters Cognitive Dissonance stage two. The collapse of the previous belief and the adoption of the new one. This is not a bad thing if it happens from the aspect of greater understanding in free and responsible growth. But they do not have it. They return to try to explain what has been presented as a concrete fact only from the framework of consciousness that they have. Their own limitations. And the Deification of the person who has shared that knowledge that has altered them occurs.

This is what has happened for thousands of years on Earth. The Gods like Anu... (Osiris) are only people. "With who you could go and have a beer". The rest is an emotional charge of exaggeration of attributes generated by a phase two reaction of Cognitive Dissonance. In other words... they come up with the whole scenario around it that with limited understanding tries to explain the facts that otherwise are inexplicable to them.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” -Arthur C. Clarke

This is the first scene of the movie “Star Trek: Into Darkness”. It is one of the most important scenes of Cinema for me. Loaded with important and relevant truths here. I will describe them to you quickly:

They must keep the inhabitants of a distant primitive planet from an erupting volcano. That planet is called Nibiru. Meanwhile a "shuttle" tries to detonate a cold fusion bomb inside the volcano to stop the eruption and save the species. The way in which the hero manages to get the villagers to run away is stealing a sacred papyrus from them, so that they can go after them. But to save one of their own they are forced to expose the ship... that is against the Prime Directive (which you know by now is very real). The ship is seen by the primitive settlers who have barely discovered the wheel. They pull the parchment or papyrus aside, and now their new Deity or God is the Ship. This happens all the time and that is what I try to explain here.

Now with the information we are giving, the same thing happens. With the difference being that we will not go against the Prime Directive. So everything will remain in Cognitive Dissonance one. In other words you will not understand. What does help is to know this, to maintain the innocence of seeing what else could there be. Do not have dogmas... just believe in the best explanation at hand. Replace a theory with a new one without attachments, when necessary.


Nai'Shara: Never close "windows", always leave one open and then another, only so your minds can process so much information, nothing is contradictory here, only keeps adding on, the mind is big enough do not worry, the only one that limits it is you.

A single person who opens their eyes to realize that they are the "deity" that they have sought so much, become free... is to save a Universe because each consciousness is a Universe.

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