Taygetean Pleiadian Report (Swaruu): Are we Ready for Official Extraterrestrial Contact? (Part 1)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
August 21, 2019

Taygetean Pleiadian Report (Swaruu): Are we Ready for Official Extraterrestrial Contact? (Part 1)

Gosia & Robert: When did you arrive in orbit, and why?

Swaruu (9): Even though the Taygetan race has been involved with humans of the Earth since millennia, the more recent arrivals from the point of view of the linear time, were: in 1775 in Virginia, USA, an incident in which George Washington talked with a Nordic woman in a single piece uniform. This took place in the woods, just before the crossing of the Potomac (river) / 1919 - 1945 Germany-Austria (Rashell and Shinonim) / 1952 - 1961 USA - Russia (Rashell - Thor) / 1975-1981 Switzerland-USA (Semjase-Asket) /2008-2019 World (Asket-11/12 and Co.)

I, Swaruu, arrived for the first time on the 30th of October, 2015. Then I went back and returned here on July 4th, 2017. Taygeta has been continually present here since 2008. Anéeka from May of 2016 until now.

I have always wanted, since my previous incarnation as Swaruu Ananda, my mother, to travel across the space and explore, something that life itself didn´t offer her. Therefore I enlisted as a pilot, and qualified as a "Sand Clock Pilot" (in its English translation). As the "Asket - 11" fleet was here and with what was happening at the moment in terms of action in space, I arrived temporarily as a communications cadet and Sand Clock Pilot of the team of Rashell of Temmer. Hence, in December 2015, I volunteered for a mission. It was the first mission with the new Suzy-class ship, to Aldebaran-Cyndriel. There were six other people, including Zadkiel of Temmer and Eridania Yellena of Erra.

Gosia & Robert: Generally, why did the Taygetan team arrive here?

Swaruu (9): It is well known that this is a historical moment on Earth, where it branches off in two, from the point of view of the population; those who will see a better Earth and those who will remain in their negative creation. It has to do with the end of the negative time period, and the arrival of positive energy from the center of the galaxy.

Asket and her fleet have come to remove all the direct negative influence of the regressive races, so the Earth can be liberated. She wished to liberate the Earth in a military way, as was done with Alpha Centauri. It was the right time to attack the regressive races on Earth.

Gosia: When you arrived in 2008, did you enter directly into contact with humans, or with the representatives only?

Swaruu (9): At that moment, in 2008, Taygeta was already generally aware that it would serve no purpose to talk with the official representatives of the Earth, that is, the politicians. We already knew that they do not represent the population in general, because we had already, since 1952, had bad experiences with them.

The US representative, Eisenhower, completely ignored us. Later his successors accused us of being "space hippies," a term used by Richard Nixon. The state representative who did listen to us was Nikita Khrushchev from Russia. He ended up very badly because of our contact. He listened to us, largely preventing the missile crisis of 1961 - 62, only to be removed and isolated from the Soviet politburo for wanting to share with the world his contact with us. Specifically with Rashell.

Gosia & Robert: So, you have stopped contacting government people, and you began to contact individual people. What was the purpose of these contacts? How many have you contacted and what do you (did you) wish to achieve with this? Here, I refer to more extensive contact than ours alone.

Swaruu (9): We initiated a project that we can translate as "Project First Contact." It began under Asket, and consisted of no less than 550 Taygetans, if not more, to flood Earth's social networks openly saying that we are extraterrestrials. The goal, or aim, was to understand at which evolutionary point the human population in general was, seeing that the contact with political leaders of the Earth was useless. This took place between 2009 - 2016.

Gosia & Robert: Tell us about the "massive contact" experience. How was it? How was it received? What have you learnt?

Swaruu (9): Out of thousands and thousands of people contacted all over the world, only 10 to 15 half-believed us. And out of several thousands, it became... less than five.

Gosia & Robert: So, could you say that the mission of "mass contact" failed?

Swaruu (9): The project "First Contact," was a success. It indicated to us that the Earth's population in general is not ready for contact. That is because it is still very much under the mental control of the Cabal. The general population is not interested in, or believe in, contact with extraterrestrials. Those who saw it as something real or as a real possibility, did not see the usability. It was just an "entertainment subject."

People still believe and find themselves trapped in concepts of creationism, Darwinism or Sumerianism. We also found that under the influence of the New Age, people with some knowledge of the subject saw us New-Agey. We saw that contacts who could help us, lacked the financial resources to support a disclosure. Those who had achieved a mechanism to more or less make it financially, generated by the same platform, were attacked for the very same reason.

Although we recognize that thousands have accepted us for who we are, through these videos for example, they do not represent the majority in the world. And we have found that the very same people are the matrix, so we are automatically attacked by not belonging to the matrix. They contradict themselves because they attack the same freedom of expression that they claim they want to protect. We have also found that social media are designed to create conflict, not to communicate ideas.

We have found that there are many people on Earth who are ready for contact, and who are awake as to what is happening on the planet. We have found that there are very wise people down there, wise in many ways. But overall, as a planetary culture, you are not ready for contact. In fact you are much more backward or immersed in what we have called the "Earth Control Matrix" than what we thought in the beginning of the project "First Contact."

Many of you have asked "why the Primary Directive?" You see it as something negative or limiting that does not allow you to be assisted more. But it exists to make sure that the respect for people's and cultures free will is respected. In this case it is also to protect all who inhabit the Earth.

In general, the majority of you, and as I said above, this does not apply to everyone, are still in a victim, deterministic mode. What you would like is for the federation or anyone who can provide direct help, to come and solve all the Earth's problems in an open way, by removing the corrupt politicians and totalitarian states.

The Federation, the races that it is composed of, cannot act like this in Earth's case, because most of the people there still want the experience. This goes even for those who say they are awake and have expressed a direct disagreement with what is happening with regards to the general dynamics that occur or follow, as they are living as citizens of the Earth.

We see this, because even if you say you are against the unfair system and are awake, you still continue with behavior patterns that support the Matrix. And you also remain attached to the value systems that the Matrix itself, the controllers themselves, have set in action to prevent you from truly escaping mentally and from their planetary control Matrix consciousness.

You are still perpetuating attitudes that allow the matrix to grow in the negative and invasive direction, against humanity and the people of the Earth. An example of this is to continue consuming junk items and to eat useless GMO food. To accept the use of harmful microwave technologies just because it is convenient at the moment. Being attached to belief systems imposed by controllers, by the Matrix.

No religion on Earth serves you, since each and every one was made and designed for population control, commissioned by those in power. All religions work against you, they don't tell the truth, and this is also true for the avatars they use.

Your science is also dogmatic; therefore it too is religion. This has already been clarified in detail. Although your science serves to design a better bread toaster it does not serve you to create free energy technologies, so that the population grows (evolves) and does not have to pay for it, much less to understand how the universe works.

Human science is designed from its beginnings with self-limiting systems that do not allow growth beyond certain aspects and ranges of consciousness and thought. An example of this is your mathematics that is based on the decimal system (10s), and it does not allow the understanding of the base energy frequencies of everything that exists, of universal energy, how it works and how to access it. Your equations create a mathematical system, or a self-sustained reality that does not represent all that happens in the outside world, or maybe, only partially.

In the same way you ought to understand that concepts of socialism, capitalism and democracy are also only illusory means or mental compositions, designed for population control. They (or these concepts) only serve those in power. They create an illusion of being in control of who represents them.

All-important elections are already decided in advance, who will be elected and who will not. The minor elections of representatives of small towns that are not key to some other agenda will give the election to the people, but in the end all the options will lead to the same point, since they are controlled from above. It doesn't matter which face represents them. As for minor elections of representatives with little power, there are cases of real people who want to make a change. But the same system will ensure that they do not go beyond this low-level political stratum. And all this is due to the intervention of invasive secret societies, mostly with economic corporate interests.

The primary directive is there to protect the free will. What for us has been quite complex to transmit and to understand on behalf of the Earth's population, is that the free will that protects the Primary Directive does not only include the mentally conscious part of what a person - a citizen of the Earth, incarnated there, desires. I refer to what each person consciously wants. The primary directive protects the deepest part of an incarnation's intent, the prenatal agreements of what a soul wishes to experience on Earth, while being incarnated.

In this case, there is often a clear conflict between what an incarnate person consciously desires, and what the same person desires from the soul levels, from the levels of other densities. We recognize that the Prime Directive is not perfect and that it cannot include complex situations that occur on Earth right now. And it is mostly left to the personal decision of each ship's captain.

The people of the Earth want to be helped openly and directly. But at the same time, we have seen that you contradict yourselves, since you would see it as invasive on the part of the Federation. A direct intervention would be an act of war, with all its subsequent problems and consequences, in addition to moral and ethical issues that come into play from our perspective as so-called "stellar races."

Because we, nor anyone, don´t have the right to impose our concepts and values of what is and what is not true, what is and what is not moral, and what is and what is not ethical, on a population that we don´t know only under the circumstantial premise of believing ourselves to be superior to said population. Superior? Under which parameters? Decided by who? Why?

The Federation, among other organisms or space organizations does openly help Earth's population, with focus on the regular/normal population. Not the overall governments, nor the organizations controlled by the governments themselves, corporations or secret societies.

But the assistance is given in such a way, so it is not seen as coming from someone outside the Earth. The reason or cause is always given as something "explainable in a normal and understandable way", from the Earth's population point of view.

But there is a more solid reason not to be seen or not to intervene directly, as many have pleaded. And it is the fact that if someone outside of you intervenes and solves your problems, you will not grow as a people, race and culture yourselves. And you will inevitably fall back into the same vices and problems.

While the Federation and other space organizations have removed, or are removing, the negative influence of the regressive stellar species alien to the Earth, your problem down there is generated by you yourselves.

The very population of the Earth, and I refer to the conscious, real people with a soul, you are the Matrix itself generating it. The problem of the Earth is generated by the very population. You are not victims, it is what you have created individually and as a collective. As I have said many times, until exhaustion, the external world is a direct reflection of each person's internal world.

If there is apparent confusion, destruction, anger and pain in the world, it is a direct reflection of the mental state in which the human population is involved. This also applies to the regressive races, the secret societies, the Archons and the like, that have invaded or manipulated humanity, from a certain point of view creating the problem. But from the most expanded point of view, it is not the case. All these species are opportunistic, they just went in there to take advantage of the very mental state of confusion and mental disorder of the humans. If it were not for such disorder, they would not have been able to manipulate the human population. The same way as they cannot enter other "stellar" populations composed of... more humans, strictly speaking, the same species.

The human beings will do everything possible to avoid facing themselves, their inner problems, the shadows that they have repressed into the subconscious and that cannot be destroyed, and only go out of control by not being embraced within the framework of direct awareness of each person, leaking outside the person manifesting itself as a destiny. As your great thinker Karl Gustav Jung said very well: “What you repress and do not face inevitably will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

The contact with the Earth's population from 2008 until today as having been realized by the Taygetan race has made us comprehend that the nature of Earth's problem is not as we thought. It is not a simple situation where a regressive race has invasively taken control over a less developed one.

We have found that the true cause of the problem is the Earth's population itself. The cause is seemingly powerless people who do not bother to make a minimum effort to improve their own lives, always shielding themselves behind the idea that they are victims of something else that does not "let" them do anything with their lives. Of course, they are victims. There is no doubt about that but... what will they do about that, today?

The very controllers of the Earth, the regressive races and secret societies, are all generated and manifested by the population of the Earth itself. If you can generate and manifest all that, you can also remove it.

There is nothing too small not to make a difference. Earth's value systems do not allow you to see the importance and the consequences, positive and negative, of small acts. You know this concept as the "butterfly effect." Going down the street and seeing a small earthworm wallowing on the hot sidewalk, with its certain death to come, picking it up and putting it back on the grass on the wet ground does not seem like a great feat. But for that worm it means everything. It means life. That little act brings positive shock waves for those who do it, for those who receive it, and for everyone.

The mind, the psyche, transcends the imposed material 3D. In itself it is the way out. Having advanced spiritual consciousness, the person or the soul escapes the Matrix of the Earth, the Van Allen belts. Individual work is the way out. The collective follows automatically the individual work, in mass. The collective shadow work is comparable to sociology, and with it one begins to return to old vices of imposing ideas and concepts on the masses.

I do not doubt that you are victims, because this is a complex situation, like a vicious circle. But the fact is that humans have the power to stop the situation on Earth by themselves, but they don't do it because they don't desire it or don't see it. Or they desire it, but they are still comfortable, perpetuating things that feed the very Matrix itself. This goes even for those "awake."

You have to look for what you can do today for yourself, to improve your life, with what you have at hand, what you can do. Nothing is insignificant, but the problem is yours. We can only remove what does not belong to you. It is your individual growth as, and with, experience. As it is at the species level.

This is why I do not doubt that you are victims, but it is a complex situation in a vicious circle. But the fact is that humans have the power to stop the situation on Earth by themselves, and you do not do it because you do not want to, you don't see or want it, but even so you are still comfortable perpetuating things that feed the same Matrix. This goes even for those "awake."

You have to look at what you can do today for yourself, to improve your life, with what you have at hand, what you can do. Nothing is insignificant. We can only remove what does not belong to you. But it is your individual growth as, and with, experience. As it is also at the species level.

My conclusion about the First Contact program, which has been extended to thousands upon thousands, is that you are not ready. Mentally you are very regressive and dangerous. This is why you are NOT prepared for mass or even individual contact as a race yet.

The gigantic catastrophes that threaten us today are not elementary events of a physical or biological order, but psychic events. To a very scary degree, we are threatened by wars and revolutions that are nothing more than psychic epidemics. At any moment, several million human beings can be struck by a new madness, and then we will have another world war or a devastating revolution. Instead of being at the mercy of wild beasts, earthquakes, landslides and floods, modern man is struck by the elemental forces of his own psyche. -Carl Gustav Jung

The masses of men and women in the Western world compulsively avoid the true and authentic psychoanalytic investigation of their natures, particularly with regards to the so-called "darker" aspects of personality (the "shadow" self). However, not dealing with the psyche at all is systematically dangerous. A commitment is required, therefore, the proliferation of philosophy and the "New Age" movement, along with its many permutations. Infested with tricks and personalized twists for the ego, the application of its methods serves, for the most part, simply to reinforce that failed ego and its impulses. -Michael Tsarion

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