Vatican - Federation - Cabal - Questions (Part 2) - Yazhi Swaruu and Aneeka

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
August 28, 2021

Vatican - Federation - Cabal - Questions (Part 2) - Yazhi Swaruu and Aneeka

Yazhi: with Gosia:

Gosia: Does the deep Vatican have the direct contact with any of the ET groups? Who?

Yazhi: From our position we cannot know exactly who they are talking to, but it's quite safe to say that they are talking directly to Federation officials above local level. This is blatantly obvious to us all.

Gosia: Is the Vatican interested in working towards the New World Order? How so? Why?

Yazhi: The Vatican and the NWO are one and the same. The NWO is the Vatican's child. Although we can say that the Cabal control mechanism and tentacles go further away and include many other aspects and power structures worldwide, all the roads lead to Rome and the Vatican is the center of control over the Cabal, IS the Cabal, the head of the Cabal itself.

The reason is complex and could need several books to answer, but it all boils down to control over the population of Earth. They feel they, the Illuminati Cabal, are losing control over the planet because for their control mechanisms over the people there are too many humans, so they must thin the flock, as they say, word for word.

It's basically all for control, and for more power. All people in power and that have power want more power, simplifying things to the maximum.

Another point that I want to make here is that all those words like Illuminati, or Cabal, are over abused in the media, and are now burnt out and no longer holding the correct meaning. These power structures are better described as cryptic secret societies that are kept away from the people, and out of their sight at all cost. This means that the real control structure, society or however you want to call it, is deeper than the Illuminati, and Jesuits, Cabal, and all those that are only the first, thin layer under the people's perception of reality on Earth.

I mean that most people are still thinking that the "Illuminati" is a "conspiracy theory", debatable and pertaining to fiction. Highly probable that it does not even exist, they say. So how can they even start to fathom the existence of a much deeper structure of control that dominates and dictates everything to the Illuminati, Jesuits, Cabal and all those on a shallow level?!

There is a deeper control secret society level under those, that may or may not have a name we know about, only they know its name, if it even has any.

Gosia: Ok, thank you. Who is it they are working with to establish this NWO (New World Order)? Do you know who is behind? Any real ET´s?

Yazhi: We know they are working with several ET races, and some other Earth races that are unknown to the greater public, such as some Agarthans and, of course, Reptilian races of Earth. From off planet directly they are known to be working with Tall Whites, Tall Grays, and Oranges, among others in lesser numbers that we know exist but cannot precise.

Gosia: Any so called positive races of the Federation there?

Yazhi: Good question. Yes, they are talking to good Federation races as well. The ones everyone knows about. As we mentioned many times before, they are neither good nor bad, those just are. They are only considered as “good” because recently the New Age has imposed that attribute on to them, so the people take that as gospel. No, they are not just good, they are people with interests, you cannot judge an entire race by the actions of a few and you cannot assume they are all good and working for your interests just because they are members of this or that other so called positive race, as labeled by the CIA controlled New Age.

All moving according to interests. What is it in for each group. We know they have agreed to several treaties that basically exploit people of Earth, or consent being given by government officials and representatives for people to be taken, abused, experimented on, and plain exploited.

This is why you must stop voting and giving away your consent to politicians who many races see as a legal representative of your interests and of you in general.

They are talking to them using portals, in face to face interactions or parlez, also using tele-presence, or plain video calls. Technology as needed including Muon. Everyone not on Earth official street level civilization uses Muon of coded gravity transmissions.

Gosia: But how do they get along, Federation races with other regressives who also talk to the Vatican? How do they manage to agree on things?

Yazhi: It's not an easy interaction, it's complicated and I do not assume I know exactly how and where, it would not be possible. But I do know that things are not so black and white as in good and evil ET races as seen from the Federation level. As I have explained before, those concepts such as evil ET´s are coming from Earth and are developed on Earth and only are seen as such on Earth.

Gosia: I understand. I am sure they don´t cooperate easily though. The so called “good” ones and the “bad” ones.

Yazhi: On the direct on Earth only level. The ones behind the human Secret Society levels, behind the deepest human levels, are two main non-human races that are the ones with most of the negative influence over human society. Those are the Reptilians, and the Tall Grays.

The Federation does talk to those races, but not only. We know the Federation's officials, whoever they are because they are above local Federation level, talk to those Reptilians and to Tall Grays and also to top Secret Society human officials and also to Illuminati-Jesuit Cabal shallower levels, and also directly to street level politicians and 'elected officials' whenever they see suitable or as needed.

Especially those who remain in power for a long time, such as Putin and others like the ones in Socialist or Communist republics because they remain in positions of power for a very long time. So there is hardly any interest in talking to elected officials who will only remain in power for 4 years, 8 tops, because if they do so they will end up knowing too much and perhaps may become a problem further down the road.

Gosia: And all of those groups together have agreed on the NWO with the Vatican? As some sort of mutual plan, as in a round table meeting?

Yazhi: → → Y E S ← ← Exactly so! From the bottom they all want the same: more power. They all work by secret codes and secret meetings and are members of Secret Societies that all obey and are loyal to their higher leaders. If they do not conform to the instructions from above their level they may even face ostracism or death.

I'm talking about Earth level. But even in space, Reptilians are seen as an Earth semi-contained trouble species that has its part in the making of the mess on Earth. But know that the ‘mess’ is only seen as such from the street human level. The others only see that as the messy side of a farm. The pig's pen, or the cattle fencing.

Gosia: Ok, but let´s specify. Who participates in those “round table” meetings? I am trying to determine who is behind the NWO? If you only referred to the Earth level meeting... then what´s the Federation involvement in it if they didn´t participate directly?

Yazhi: There have been many round tables. But the ones we are referring to here are the meetings Secret Society officials have within several of their levels, especially the deeper ones, and in case of those deeper ones those round tables include non-human representatives as well.

Those meetings happen at several levels including Federation level. Impossible to precise where and who, we know they take place, however. For example, a shallow level round table meeting taking place annually on Earth is the now infamous Bilderberg group meeting. Quite shallow in the control level, I underline.

It's all compartmentalized. That means that there will be a group meeting on one shallow level, such as the G-8 meetings, then deeper as in the Bilderbergs, then deeper as in the Illuminati-Jesuits, then deeper as in the Secret Societies, then deeper as in Secret Societies with non-humans, and then even deeper as in Secret Societies, non-humans and Federation leaders or representatives.

Each level will be controlled by the one deeper. And will only be given what they need to know. So no upper level knows what is really happening.

Gosia: And the idea of NWO with the Vatican... what level is that coming from?

Yazhi: Vatican is not only one level, it's several levels. But what is called Vatican with that name may only be human-Matrix level meaning. Even they know the religion is false. Or better said, they know it's false. It's all pantomime for the people, to control them to continue exploiting them in every aspect.

Gosia: Ok, but the idea of NWO is coming from Earth level and only allowed by the Federation or the Federation is involved in wanting to implement NWO through the Vatican?

Yazhi: I think it's naive to think such a plan would only be coming from a human level. Federation IS involved. They only want it to look as if it were purely human.

Gosia: But then this goes to my previous question. If it involves them, they had to somehow come to the agreement with all those other races, “regressive” ones, who are also talking to the Vatican. And that´s surprising they would do that since they are so different. Unless it still works in another way of which I am not aware of.

Yazhi: Then that begs the question, or the assertion, are they really that different? That's where I start to say that the Federation is being regressive.

Gosia: Right. Otherwise they would not be able to cooperate. How would a Sirian cooperate with the Tall Gray with regards to Earth?

Yazhi: I say they don't, not directly. They may be acting permissively. So that means this is coming from a mainly human level, with the cooperation of non-human Earth bound races like the Reptilians and the Tall Grays. And this also has been my point for some time now.

Gosia: But you said above they ARE involved in the NWO. And before that NWO IS VATICAN. And also that Vatican talks directly to all those regressive races. So Federation somehow must be connected here THROUGH THE VATICAN to all those regressive races. Unless Vatican just talks to everyone. Not that they directly cooperate with each other, like you said, Tall Grays etc., with the Federation races.

Yazhi: Yes. As I said, this is a complicated structure and we cannot know exactly how it works, not exactly. But we can see it's there and the exact how is not necessary to know. Only that it´s there! And safe to say the Vatican do talk to just about everybody.

Gosia: Ok, let´s stop digging that for now then. I have another question. Does the Pope talk to the Federation directly? Or only Black Pope? Or neither?

Yazhi: The Pope is a high priest in his secret society but is far from being the Vatican's leader, much less a Secret Society deep leader. He is another puppet, badly parasited by non-human entities, mostly reptilian. Even at that level both, black and white Pope, talk to Federation. It's even public knowledge that some Popes have talked directly to ET´s face to face in the Vatican's premises.

Gosia: I see, ok. I have another question: Why do those at deeper levels feel so superior to other humans on Earth? I don´t understand exactly. Why entitled to commodities? Where does it come from? They ARE humans, right? Or is that to do with their genetic link with some ET´s? But all real humans are ET´s! I do NOT comprehend this at all.

Yazhi: This is a complicated question to answer, yet it's also one of the most blatantly obvious ones to see or to notice as it happens on lower levels as well. You can see this even in work place social dynamics on Earth, where the bosses diminish and pick on their employees constantly and see them as lesser individuals, sometimes even removing their real names from them while at work only because their children may have the same name as one of their employees. It's a social phenomenon. Superiority complex, bullying. The rich feeling superior to the poor.

I feel it's the same phenomena, only getting worse and worse the deeper we go. So from one level some bosses may see their employees as inferior beings, because they themselves were treated as such before, or because of whatever psychological reason, but then those bosses get the same treatment, also being seen as inferior by people living in a higher up social and economical strata. And the richer they are the more alienated they will be from the general population. Therefore seeing them as inferior beings.

An example of this is the classic Mary Antoinette saying: “Si les gens n'ont plus de pain à manger, alors pourquoi ne mangent-ils pas de gâteaux?” (If the people no longer have bread to eat, then why don't they eat cakes?) It means Antoinette has not the foggiest idea of how the people live. She has no idea of what poverty and struggle may be, or are.

The people, the humans living in elite levels of society, simply are alienated from the people, from the bulk of the population. So they see them as beggars, as stupid, as infected, and filthy! Ergo, lesser beings. And the higher up people live in the social strata, the more they will tend to despise people below them. I see this as basic human reactions.

Also, another component here is that people living in higher social strata on Earth, most of them, if not all of them come from bloodlines. That is, they are coming or descending from centuries old, or millennial, families that have always had power, social rank and money. Those families embed in their children the ideas, since they were very young, that they are different, that they come from blood (royalty) and therefore are entitled to owning whatever they own, and entitled to do whatever they want including abusing lesser people “below” them.


Short paragraph given by Anéeka some time ago

Anéeka: It can be said that the Jesuits pressure their people who they control, the secret societies with the mafias in their networks, to make contact with ET beings or with other contactees so that they can infiltrate there among those contactees, and if possible, infiltrate among the very ET´s that the Vatican knows and accepts that are here.

The Vatican controls the telescopes worldwide, even through subsidiaries and other companies as a front, but behind it is the Vatican´s financing and its control. Hence, what they find is censored, so what said telescopes discover and see never reaches the public.

It should also be noted that ground-based optical telescopes as opposed to orbitals like the Hobble, have limited range and use in terms of space exploration but serve very well to follow and track movements of spacecraft, especially large ones, in proximity to Earth or in Earth orbit, and that is the main reason, or almost the only real reason, why the Vatican spends so much money to control telescopes. It's to keep an eye on the ships in orbit and to know what to expect.

Although the Federation, yes we have verified that they are in contact with high members of the Earth's Cabal, especially the Vatican, which is the main ground command center, the Vatican is interested in following and tracking the ships and their movements, because not all non-human cultures or races in Earth's presence or orbit are friendly to them. Many races or cultures work against their interests, mostly for moral and ethical reasons of said races that are found to be in conflict with the interests of the Vatican and therefore the Cabal itself.


Yazhi with Robert:

Robert: Is it necessary for the functioning of the Earth and the development of humanity that these secret organizations exist? Is it the very humans who create this need in order to have this 3D experience? But is it necessary?

Yazhi: Without them the Earth would not be structured as it is. So from that point of view, the fact that the Earth and the experience of life on it is as it is, yes it depends on the secret societies and the socio-political and power structure as it currently is.

On the other hand, it is not necessary for the Earth to be subjected to the irrational barbarism that it is experiencing because of the direct fault of the power structure of these secret societies.

But it should be emphasized here that the secret societies behind the true powers, the deepest ones, have non-human components that do not show any mercy or any empathy towards the general population. However, this “dehumanization” on the part of human or non-human persons who are in power, is not something defined or with a clear border, as it would be a secret society of reptilian races and another of the human race.

As I have explained before, the races do not depend directly on their physical appearance, on their biological container, but on what it is that moves them behind. That is why it has been insisted that just because people see themselves as human on Earth does not mean that their “souls” are.

This also causes that, due to psychological processes, the people in power, with whatever soul, as long as it is not clearly advanced, will see the social stratum below them as inferior, treating them that way.

This phenomenon is explained very well in the grotesque Spanish movie called “The Platform” which I recommend watching to fully understand the psychology of social classes on Earth and why a high social class will see classes below them as inferior beings without the right to anything. Since this happens even within the same species, this phenomenon is even more noticeable when it involves other non-spiritually evolved species such as the reptilian races present on Earth.

Robert: You say the Vatican controls almost everything. What does it not control and why?

Yazhi: What the Vatican cannot control are first really awakened people and starseeds. It will try to limit them with its draconian rules and laws, but will not be able to control their minds. Although it also tries to control their minds with the invasive genetic and mental changes caused by the vaccine against CV-19.

Nor does it control isolated indigenous populations within very remote areas, be it within jungles such as the Amazon or within the Congo, Kalahari, Borneo and Sumatra, Siberia and isolated islands of the South Pacific, among other points far from the western world.

That it does not control entire small countries is highly controversial, although it is alleged that this is the case. Examples of this are a few countries in Africa. It does not control them simply because it has not yet entered those places with enough force, although its goal as a Cabal-Vatican is total world domination and outside of Earth as well, as their invasive plans regarding other planets and systems have shown.

Robert: Thanks. Another question. You said: “The Pope and all his priests and cardinals and all those are not Catholic. They only play at being Catholic as part of the mechanism of religious control over the human population.” So they are part of the Satanist creed? What does this “religion” consist of?

Yazhi: They all know that the Catholic religion and its variants, as well as virtually all other official religions, wherever they come from, are only mechanisms of control over and for the human population.

The official religions, all of them, are a simplistic compendium of more complex and profound concepts that only secret society initiates know well. This because they do not want to give them and they would never give the human population real and reliable knowledge because it would give the people true power and that would put those who are part of the secret societies that are in control of the Earth at risk.

So religions are just a caricature of what the controllers see as “real”. Simplistic cartoon for what they see as inferior minds, for “the foolish and easily controllable people.” They see them as mentally inferior.

However, these official religions for the people have within them strong components of rites that delegate or cause the mental energy of the population to pass towards reinforcing the beliefs and needs of those in power.

So, within the rites and beliefs imposed on the population using simplistic basic religions, there are procedures that people do that channel the mental and creative power of the normal human population to manifest realities that interest the controllers.

And this is reflected even in the New Age. Where recently people were told that the portal of the Lion opens up, during which time the “awakened” human population that follows esoteric things supposedly has more power, and that is when they recommend doing rituals etc. But what the people are not told is that the fact that they perform rites and energy work on the dates of the Lion portal, towards the beginning of August, is only to channel the human mental energy towards reinforcing their own rites, those of the controllers, because in August the Egyptian new year opens, which is when the Nile rises and the sun rises from Leo, so the New Age people, and who believe are awake, are only reinforcing Astrotheology and Atonism, solar worship, black sun, of the type created by Nefertiti and Ahkenaten, who are the basis and principle-foundation of the beliefs of the Cabal, Illuminati and Vatican.

Robert: That religion that they process is the one that guides humanity to create the reality that they want?

Yazhi: Yes. Not only do religions serve to limit and control the minds and consciousness of the human population, but incidentally, skillfully channel the energy of the population towards manifesting the reality that they, the controllers, want.

Censored on YouTube: An example of this is the false pandemic, in which the controllers impose a series of beliefs that make the entire population create something new like a tulpa, whether it is materialized or not, it doesn't matter. They create something in people's minds, something that was not there and is now at the convenience of the secret societies that control the planet.

That is why I insist that there has never been a real virus, because it is not necessary that there be one, since just inserting the idea that there is one in the population is enough, and what they look for is for the population to create it, because the collective mind is much more controllable than a real microorganism that can get out of their control.

Robert: So these priests and cardinals, based on all the hidden knowledge collected by them over more than a millennium of years, have created another parallel religion taking what interests them most from each part of ancient knowledge focusing on the “cult of the black sun” (Saturn), and that would be Satanism? Who is the Satan figure?

Yazhi: Satan and other “un-namable” names (that is, I do not recommend saying them much less repeating) is an entity or group of entities that compress the whole concept of evil in a single “person”. This I interpret again as an element of simplification of more complex concepts for the people that the controllers themselves see as too elaborate for the “foolish and illiterate people” to understand.

In other words, they say that evil is caused by an entity or group of entities presented as a specific material person with a body, being that “evil” is something much more complex. So complex that they do not want the population to understand this.

Even so, the names of demonic or regressive entities should not be pronounced, much less repeated, because they are part of, or are rites of invocation of permission of passage for entities of the lower astral that are identified or related to said names. Speaking their names, especially if repeated, is giving them permission to use you or to invade your space.

So in one way or another yes, there is an element of physicality in said evil, as they make believe in religions. However, that evil would be controlled by the same person who manifests it because it is the person who has the true power to manifest them in the first place, as tulpas or personal and/or collective egregors, and not as an agent-entity outside of themselves.

Their creed, which is complex, is based on layers below more layers of compartmentalized esoteric beliefs that serve as a religious basis to control what that level or sector must or can manifest and interpret as reality.

That is, it is not a single religion that they, the controllers, have, but it is an amalgam of ever deeper levels where a specific person will only have access to certain kinds of information and not to what they have at a deeper level.

This applies even to the level of the human population, where their official religions are the simplest and most basic layer of something more complex that develops below them and that grows in complexity as we descend through the levels or compartments of the human control system of the Earth. Where each person within the level will believe that it contains or has the absolute truth and that there is no more to learn. This is clearly seen from the basic level of the population, of the normal people of the human population.

Each level isolates itself from the simpler lower level believing it has the truth, and at the same time it is kept in the darkness of the next level that controls it. And so on. Normal religions are guided or controlled by the next level which would be the Jesuits, who create their own set of ideas as the truth, and in turn will be controlled by other successively deeper secret societies.

Another way to understand this is with another example, which would be the Masons. It has levels or compartments that are structured in exactly this way since they are part of the same system. They go from the basic levels of initiation, including levels of "Little" Masons where they involve or pull in the young people to later see if they are "worthy" to be initiated as firm Masons of degree 1. And from there they officially go from degree 1 up to level 33.

It is said that there are more levels, and there are, only that in my understanding they no longer take it as degrees with that same Masonic structure. That is, Masons officially end in the 33rd degree, since in the next deeper degrees, which would be from '34' onwards, they are no longer Masons but deeper secret societies with even more power that control the Freemasons from 1 to 33. So although technically there would be deeper degrees, from a Masonic perspective they end there.

So with this compartmentalization there are literally many religions, one for each level, all believing they have the truth and at the same time understanding those that are below them.

It is difficult to understand what their creeds are based on. They change with each level. In the shallowest stages they believe in the worship of entities that give them powers and permissions, entities of the lower astral that, as I have explained before, are the result of a tulpa or egregor created by them with the help of the population under their control using religions as means of control over reality and over what is manifested by the general population and secret societies with levels lower below them.

It is valid to say that from some level or group of levels yes, Satanism and the worship of regressive entities, the black Sun and complex Astrotheology, is observed, which again only reflects more regressive entities.

And they turn things around at their convenience to evade Karma and for it not to be on them, because they believe in Karma. A very large part of their beliefs is based on their twisted version of respect for free will to avoid being victims of their own Karma. That is why they must tell the general population their plans, what they have done and what they are doing and what they will do. For this they use series, movies, music and everything that is in the Mass Media.

Robert: Thanks. You said: “At this point, the Jesuit Illuminati Cabal and higher members know that the human species is not alone as an intelligent being in a specific model of a biological body called 'human' (Lyrian from a stellar point of view). And they are all the time in contact and making agreements with other species that reside on Earth and outside of Earth.” So you mean that they know that we are not this body, that we already have a body up there? Are they in contact and negotiating with those who “handle” these biological suits here?

Yazhi: From the point of view of what deep secret societies know, impossible to specify at what level of depth, all its members, already as part of their belief structure, know that the biological body is only a temporary container and that it is to maintain a multi-racial “soul” or stellar consciousness point of attention in 3D.

Although this is my explanation with my words, they will obviously give it in their own way and with their concepts that may or may not be aligned with mine. Where I know we differ most is in the concept of the soul itself. They still hold the concept of soul as traditionally understood and to some depth within their secret structures. Their belief structures will always tend to be a combination of the shallow ones with data and gradual modifications that add complexity as you advance in the power structure.

Robert: When you say that the Vatican is talking to Federation officials above the local level, do you mean the Federation members who are on Saturn?

Yazhi: Yes, exactly. I mean they speak directly to representatives of the Saturn-based solar system level Federation.

Robert: Okay. Is it known exactly what the Agarthans work on with the Vatican?

Yazhi: From time to time information has come out here that someone at the Agartha level spoke to someone from the Vatican. Yes, there is communication between them. What is said or at what level, it is not known.

Robert: But those races of the Federation do not see that the treatment that the “Cabal” is giving the humanity is that of contempt? Don't they see that this is belittling life? What ethics is that?

Yazhi: They do not see what happens on Earth through the same lens as those who live on Earth. They very seriously see what happens on Earth as the result of the real and deep desires of the population that lives there and therefore they must respect those wishes. Even the intervention of the regressives on Earth doing unspeakable things against the human population, and manipulating them by twisting truths so that they accept things that they would not otherwise accept, they also see it as a direct manifestation of the people, collective and individuals who live there. Therefore, the Federation only focuses on monitoring that free will is respected, they see the regressives of the Earth as a consequence and direct manifestation of the same people.

Basically that is what is happening here regarding the Federation and its policies of non-intervention with the Earth. And there is also intervention with the Earth on the part of members of the Federation but as consequences of pre-incarnation agreements with the people in question.

Robert: Is it known what role a high priest of these secret societies, like the “Pope”, plays behind the backs of the parishioners, taking into account that they have knowledge of the falsehood of religion and that they follow Satanism?

Yazhi: Yes, their role is to perpetuate and make sure that the dynamics and rules imposed by their religion as a method of control over the masses continue to be perpetuated. As he himself says, he is the shepherd who makes sure that the sheep do not go beyond what was agreed and remain within the flock. They tell people in their faces that they are cattle and that they exploit them as such, under the excuse that they “take care of” them.

The Pope is a low-level priest, of the puppet type or official front for an institution of control over the masses and has to obey his masters who are out of the public eye and above him in the scale of power. He has a role to play and that role is to perpetuate the church as a method of control by being the public front of said institution.

Robert: These humans who feel a contempt for “humanity”, who keep technology to themselves appear to be young between 20 and 25 years (when in reality they are hundreds of years old) as they would have the technologies of the Med-Pods?

Gosia: To this I would add: and why do they look old and so wrinkled? Or are those clones for the public?

Yazhi: Most of those higher levels of society members, as well as those with levels of control or power within the secret societies and the levels of the Illuminati, generally move around like normal people, with normal aging. Apparently the level that has access to the Medical Pods is even deeper and they have little or no contact with normal human society. Even so, I have wondered many times if mummies like Soros, among others with so much power and money, will not have access to those Pods. This sounds illogical to me and makes me think two things.

Either they do not have the level of power that is necessary to have access to the Pods, or they are simply public or semi-public fronts to dissociate or guide the public in another direction and away from the true beings with control and power over humanity that very well could be millionaires who always look young but apparently have no public face even though they could be seen walking through the yacht clubs of Monaco and Marseille. People just mistake them for other ordinary young people, not being aware that they may be hundreds of years old.

The truth is that this class of humans with power effectively keep their identities very undercover and I cannot be sure with total certainty what happens at what level with respect to the Medical Pods that they are known to have at some level on Earth. But reserved for whom? I can't know for sure.

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