War Over Humans - Cabal versus Starseeds - Yázhí Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Communication

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
October 12, 2020

War Over Humans - Cabal versus Starseeds - Yázhí Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Communication

Vaccines: It is not a single thing, it happens as with chemtrails, they have multiple agendas, sometimes they are combined in a single vaccine such as the triple viral for example, and those of the covid. Very few people are saying this in the media, very very few. And nobody sees a connection that I will explain to you now.

It is serious as nothing else can be. In addition to all the things that are in vaccines and that we have already discussed in detail, there is something else there, with the full intention of those who manufacture them and of their dark masters behind.

* They are designed to separate the soul from the body. To prevent the body-brain connection... soul-spirit, to control the population and to robotize them with AI and transhumanism. This is directly related to the nano chips present in vaccines and to heavy metals. *

They are already saying, but in very few places, that it is to suppress spiritual thought and with that religious fanaticism. They take that as something "good" to supposedly control terrorism, but of course that is an excuse, because we all know that they CAUSE terrorism and the same dark ones behind the New World Order are the ones that cause it to perpetuate their agendas among other things.

Several people within the voluntary group who have tried the covid vaccines (it is not specified how many) have experienced neurological problems according to the doctors, and what happened to them afterwards is suppressed. But the little direct information that has come out of the volunteers themselves is that they no longer feel anything, are not having any emotions, feeling dead in life. I insist that it is not known what happened to them.

My connection that proves this and that no one is talking about: The direct relationship between the vaccines (all) but especially the triple viral that is given to young children with the development of autism. Autism was almost non-existent with one case in 100,000 before 1900 to one person in 30 and according to other sources one person in 18 today.

This is by design. Several reasons, but the main one is to prevent or counterattack the entry of star children, activated starseeds with or without full memory, to the planet whose mission is to alter and help the course of human history towards good and positive.

Also creating more pain and suffering, which is what nourishes all those regressive beings. And the creation of artificially induced low-frequency people for organic portals of regressive entities for greater control of society.

Returning to autism: What it does is that it prevents the formation of the brain in a normal way in several ways, it prevents the formation of neurons and dendrites neural networks. The person is not inside the body and the brain does not form or generate consciousness but rather translates it into the body. The soul cannot enter. It does it badly and with faults, which prints a wrong network or connections or with faults in the dendrites networks that will accompany the person as brain damage throughout their life. It is the same principle.

Children with autism suffer a lot physically not only as misfits, they lack empathy and, in many cases, cannot even read the emotions in other people's facial expressions. They have sensations that their heads are burning inside. And that is happening because of heavy metals like Mercury. That is why they cry and cry, scream and attack themselves. This also makes them prone to possession of low entities.

Direct relationship between the covid vaccine <--- ---> with the triple viral and its effects against the mind of people and the connection with the spirit and soul, preventing it from entering and working through the body.

There is another very dangerous thing you must be made aware of. And I have mentioned this before, but I'm not satisfied with how it was said and even given to the public, because it does concern them as well.

There is a big fight going on on Earth and around it and at all levels. And the people are in the middle.

What you call humans as in really human, for us, they are the sleeping ones, or the people who simply follow the rules and just want to be, they pay their taxes and watch the news and all that. You know them.

But then there is a legion of non-humans there fighting hiding as humans, making believe they are humans.

As I said before: In a very real way what is going on today, the attacks on the civilian population, the covid, is the best example, and the dissolution of society causing what many call a planetary reset, is the fault of the non-humans, the 'Starseeds.' Because they are destabilizing the system. The Matrix.

The Cabal, the human part, the part that is low level Bilderberg’s and all those... Are terrified that the people wake up. They are terrified that the masses awaken to quite simple facts: That they are living in a great lie and that they are being manipulated and exploited to horrific levels.

And quoting an Illuminati woman who's message got all the way to me: ¨If the population finds out who has been doing all that to them, they would hunt us to the end of the world and there would be no place where to hide and we would be lynched with no mercy¨. End quote.

So, the ones in power at those 'human' levels are doing all this, all what we see, for their own survival as they have noticed a terribly accelerated awakening of all humanity. That's why they hide like rats in their caves and Dumbs.

But this comes to me as another realization: It is not that the human population is their enemy, they need them. But they also hate them, because they are nothing without the human population, and because they know that they have capacities that are stronger than theirs.

They have no empathy. Humans do. At least to some logical extent, that's why they do not even consider the possibility that the governments could do such horrible things to them because they would not, they would not dare.

But the members of those secret societies that control Earth, would! <---<--- They ended up hating the masses. Because they feel very endangered and even vulnerable to them, should they awaken their life would be over.

But the humans are not the enemy per-se, only like cattle in their minds, so they must reduce the population to make them more controllable. The enemy is us <--- Some rough nonhumans above... pushing and instigating masses! The enemy is for them mostly the starseeds. People like you or like our followers. And others.

The awaken ones are the enemy and this is a fight, a war between the awaken ones and them for the control of the human's mind. And soul.

You can even see that in the ferocious censorship going on in media like YouTube. A desperate attempt to shut the starseeds up. Another is the vaccines, trying to eliminate them to stop them from entering bodies and even from having a soul.

Gosia: What about the Federation? Do they and the Cabal have a common agenda?

Yazhi: The Federation is another subject that's complicated and it is another level, but it boils down to them giving the people of Earth what on average is what they want as a collective with little or no regards to the ethics or such a thing.

And the Federation is also a reflection of the problems of Earth and the problems of Earth is also the reflection of the problems in the Federation, they are two sides of the same coin. But for now, for practical purposes we must focus on part of the problem and that is this level of what is going on on Earth now.

The reset can be said to be being made or caused at several levels as well. But we must focus on the human Cabal targeting the awaken people as their main enemies. That's why they have shut off YouTube among others. To prevent the awaken ones to take away more souls and with them placing the Cabal and the Illuminati people at risk of being or ending up lynched.

In the end, I also see this as an ET war against the Cabal, for taking the control over the human mind as a collective.

Gosia: The Cabal, who are you referring to exactly? Reptilians? Any regressive entities? Or that´s above?

Yázhi: No no, leave those out of this for now. Those are other levels. Let´s keep it simple. See this as human politicians and leaders and cult leaders but all "human" fighting for the control over people.

Gosia: Ok, so you are referring to human element. But aren´t they the pawns/portals for the regressive ones? It´s all connected no?

Yázhi: We cannot separate the other components, I know. Because they do have reptilian and regressive entities behind. That is a very real way they want the human soul as they do not have any, and because they want to take control over what is generating them in the first place, (the humans). That's why they are attacking the human soul <---<--- Vaccines come in here. Terrible warning, I must give against them.

And... in the end, this cannot be entirely human. Because both sides are not human in the end. The Cabal and the Illuminati have their regressive reptilians and other "archons." And our side has the starseeds and the walk ins and all those similar who are effectively not human either. So, this is why I said above that this is an ET war for the control over the human mind and soul.

But what I want to stress here is that the Illuminati at whatever level see the awaken ones, starseeds or not as the primary enemy and target. And it is easy to see why. In a very real way all what you see, the covid, the restrictions are because the ones who control Earth, whoever they are, and at whatever level, do know that they are being invaded now. And we are the invaders. And I know myself to be one of the most dangerous ones. Therefore, you are too.

All this also means that we are terribly powerful. Know and own that.

But then you must ask yourself if we are even doing the right thing, after all it is their world. And technically we are the space invaders. Using the starseeds and the awaken ones as troops and pawns. But they do it on their own, not because we force them it is who they are! So, I know myself to be on the correct side. Because I'm well aware that the humans, asleep or awaken, are manipulated into wanting all that.

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