What is a Virus? Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Communication (Taygeta)

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
April 06, 2020

What is a Virus? Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Communication (Taygeta)

Swaruu: As you know, Senetre and I spent days in the laboratory. We already know how the test they are doing works and what they are seeing. They are not conducting any tests to find the virus. The alleged test only looks for strings of genetic material that can come from a long list of factors.

So if someone has those genetic factors, gives positive. If someone is dying of pancreatic cancer for example, or of a stroke from an alternate chronic problem and they do that test and it turns out that they have that genetic material, then their death was from covid-19. And doctors in panick don't think, they just act. This is already final, our laboratory tests.

But there is more. More than I have been omitting because it is too much and again it is highly controversial from the human angle and it is because we were so sure that it was not a virus more than two months ago. I don't know if this is too much for the human mind, especially medical science, and giving this information could be counterproductive.

Gosia: It doesn't matter if it's controversial to whoever it may be, if it's the truth.

Swaruu: There are no viruses but I mean that viruses themselves are not what you are told they are. The virus is part of the natural mechanisms of cells. People get sick from other factors. The way they tell you, there is no virus. Turns out it's like gravity ... they have it all backwards. If they find "viruses" then that's why they got sick. They don't see that the "virus" is there because they got sick, not because it was what made the person sick in the first place.

The virus or viruses are part of the communication mechanisms between cells, they contain genetic material in a protein capsule and they have receptors on top that bind to the following cells. Cells produce it, especially dying cells, to alarm other cells that there is high toxicity in the environment and so that they all enter a state of conservation of life, therefore a person in that state will enter that mode and that removes all the energy from the body creating discomfort. So a cell that receives a toxic signal for whatever reason triggers the alarm by excreting what human science calls "virus." To alert others.

If the toxicity is greater than a certain range, then many cells will secrete what they call virus, which is also a cellular mechanism for excreting or getting rid of internal toxicity. So a person with, let's say, flu, gets like this because of an energy collapse caused mostly by prolonged stress, so their body goes into shock, and other opportunistic organisms take advantage of a weak immune system, I mean bacteria, staph, candid, and so on, which were previously in a state of balance with the body. This extra toxicity causes the excretion of this cellular exosubstance that humans call "viruses".

As I said it has two main functions. A.- Give the alarm to other cells, also passing genetic information on the nature of the alarm. B.- Excrete the accumulated toxicity inside to try to survive.

So if a cell enters a state of toxicity, like a person's throat cell because they have been breathing cold air for a long time in a state of prolonged stress, then the bacteria in the throat are thrown out of balance by the stimulus of cold and the suppressed or weak immune system. And the cells in the throat will start to secrete what humans call the flu virus. It is the effect of a problem, not the cause, they have it backwards.

Now something else happens ... When a person has a lot of flu, all their mucous membranes secrete that toxicity, that's what mucus is for, to get rid of what the body does not need, more than anything else of toxins of all kinds. So those secretions come out with coughs and sneezes and are full of that which humans call viruses and which we call translating exogenous-type cellular secretions, so those secretions, badly called viruses, are in the air and enter the mucous membranes of another person.

Remember these are alarm signals that something is wrong so these exo-genes enter the other person's biology and that other person's cellular receptors interpret it for what it is ... an alarm, and if that person is also under a lot of stress, that will trigger a chain signal making that person sick too.

But if that other person is not under stress and has a healthy immune system, another person's exo-gene signal will come through and perhaps alarm a group of cells but their body will quickly say, in its own way, that nothing is wrong and that person does not get sick. So that is why some people get the flu and others don't.

It is worth mentioning that when a person is under a lot of stress, it is most likely that that person is not alone under that stress but that their companions, the other people in their family or community are also under it. So the weaker person will begin to excrete that toxicity and start a chain reaction with their entire family for the exo-gene warning signs it gives off.

Now, each type of "virus", that as I have said is only exo-gene, has precise information and precise receptors that can only be coupled to one class of cells and not to others. In other words, it is specific to a species or even to a specific area or group of cells within a body.

That is, if a bird has a disease that attacks the filaments or roots of the feathers, it will secrete those exo-gene signals and they will be in the air, and perhaps a human being breathes it ... The receptors do not match the ones of human cells, so it does not couple and does not pass its information ... Or in the event that if it does... the receiving human cell will say: wait, I have no feathers, this alarm information is for Goldfinches and Swallows .... and will discard the information. This is why a virus is said to be specific to one species or another.

But species, especially those in the same family in general yes they share cell receptors, it is why cats can "get sick" from the flu if a human sneezes. Because even though it is a cat, exo-gene receptors are compatible and if the cat is under stress or favorable conditions, it will also trigger symptoms.

Now if you have a culture of healthy cells in a laboratory culture and you introduce a virus (badly called virus) it will be coupled to the first one it finds and this cell will give off the alarm, secreting more viruses (exo-gene) and it will start a chain reaction which humans misinterpret as "a viral infection". And this invasion in a laboratory test tube will be dramatic because those cells are not supported by an immune system because they are outside of a body.

Humans are in diapers with all of this. Yes, I have found some very basic ground works that say there are cellular secretions that "look" like viruses but are not. They do not go beyond that. So there is no virus of any kind. They have it all upside down once again.

But there is more!

So these people in Wuhan or wherever they were were seeing great toxicity in the bodies of the sick from other things like for example 5G type electromagnetic radiation, so they did their human studies ... and found what they call "viruses". And these are only alarm signals triggered between cells because of high environmental toxicity. And ignorant doctors said that was the reason. A virus! And they raise the alarm.

They develop a very basic test to detect certain proteins, which are those of cellular exo-gene secretion and if someone has more than a certain number of them, then they already have covid-19. And of course they raise the alarm, they lock up the population, the Chinese start with their outrages, their population is in survival mode and under much, much stress and ... not surprisingly they secrete more exo-gene, they give them the test and surprise they also have covid-19. Lock them up! Then it passes to more people to everyone and there they have their pandemic. That is why we always say: no fear!

Gosia: It's what I wanted to say too! That creating stress and fear, with that they are producing more and more cases of these flu! Domino effect! People fall into their hands.

Swaruu: Yes. A virus is nothing more than an alarm signal with information about what is happening or why the alarm is occurring. It is not something external. It is a natural process of the body and cells and a critical part of the immune system. They cannot make anti-viral drugs or vaccines. That is a joke. And this alarm signal will not affect an individual who is not under the circumstances that the genetic material of the exo-gene carries.

Ebola: For example, the one that everyone is so afraid of. It signals that critical vitamins and nutrients are lacking. Especially vitamin C. It triggers that alarm among people who are in the same social and economic circumstances of a population, for example, in Africa. That is why Ebola is cured with large doses of vitamin C.

And Ebola becomes incompatible with a person who lives in a different place in the world and is healthy. This seems like a simplistic explanation. But it is that simple and obvious.

As always, as with gravity, they have it backwards.

The virus is said to "mutate", any virus especially SARS or influenza ... this mutation occurs only because different human individuals are secreting it and their circumstances of toxicity naturally varies from person to person. Thus creating the illusion that the virus has been "mutated."

I am aware that many viral processes and their behavior need to be clarified, but I cannot give everything now by typing and it would be impossible to finish anyway. But basically it obeys this principle. Any observable variation and even contradiction can be attributed to different and particular factors to an infected person or to a specific group of infected people.

It is impossible to describe everything because there are as many mutated "viruses" as there are "infected" people and each person is always secreting countless "viruses" because it is one of the ways in which cells communicate with each other.

It is also said that there are "benign" viruses, these are the ones that cells secrete to pass on non-critical information.

Gosia: Incredible this information Swaruu. So obvious that it is not terrestrial! Okay. I have this question to clarify one thing: You said that the function of the virus is to pass the alarm info between the cells, and that it is not the cause of anything. And when one person gets it, let's say, from the other ... it is because this exo gene has entered the body and passes this alarm information on to the new person. And if the new person is low in defense and breathes in that exo gene, it can also make them sick. But you won't get sick from the exo gene coming in, right? This only passes alarm info. You will get sick because your own low defenses PLUS exo gene that passed the false info? (false because it comes from someone else).

Swaruu: Yes. Because as I said above. If you are close to people, like within a community, let's say 20 people ... but number 15 is the weakest. It will first secrete the exo-gene signal. Then that signal will be in the air, and other people not as weak as the 15th will be triggered by the "disease" because that is what the signal or the "virus" is for, precisely to alarm and prepare the cells that surround the body.

As a closed community of those 20 people are very logically living the same stress for the same reason they will have the mental compatibility or mental frequencies to get sick like 15. All the time information is passed between people. You are not isolated. Communities communicate with each other, energetically and biologically. People are intertwined. But it will be the weakest who will get sick first and start a chain reaction.

For example. Person 15 begins secreting exo-gene. It gives off the toxicity alarm, that something is not at all right ... Then the "virus" goes through the air and enters the person 16 who is next to the 15th... This one still had no symptoms , but the alarm is given. The "virus" attaches to the first cell and that one deciphers it. The cell of person 16 will now say: Yes this information is true, it is what I already "suspected" and will give off more alarm by releasing "viruses"or exo-genes almost identical to the first one coming from the person 15.

But if a person is not from that community and has a healthy immune system, with different circumstances, that is, the person number 34 receives the signal from number 15, but since 34 is not from the community of people from 1 to 20, the signal will enter the receptors of the first cell and it will say: Interesting, beware there are dangerous circumstances not detected in our surroundings. But this information does not apply to me at all, because it says that it does not have vitamins C, E, A and D and I have a lot of that. And the cell of person 34, will not give off more alarm and that person will not get sick. The cells are not stupid. They are very complex. And they reason.

Gosia; Yes, I just wanted to say that. Quite an intelligence they have!

Swaruu: Yes. As Bruce Lipton said, you are not a person, you are a community of people, and each person in your community is one of your cells. As I said months and months ago. Humans and animals, plants, are cells of the Earth, together they pass information to one another and create a collective consciousness that, in short, is the planetary one.

The same as your cells create what you are.

We are not from that community, those signals are incompatible with us. But it could be said that we are the exo-gene secretions of another planet-being, from Temmer and Erra, and we are giving information "viruses if you will" to affect the cells of another system, Earth. And as I said, a "virus" or exo-gene is nothing more than a cellular signal. It may be for the good, to give off the alarm of something bad, to say that not enough oxygen is reaching that group of cells. Note that I did not say ... or for the bad because viruses are not for bad. They are only telegrams or e-mail, between the cells of an organism and a community group of organisms and people. They are the messengers and the messengers are being blamed for the problem. Human science is dangerously ignorant.

Robert: Wow, interesting. If all this is known, it can make citizens stronger and less afraid of viruses.

Swaruu: As I told you above, human science knows that cells excrete something that looks like viruses. According to them it is different. It is not different, they only come from different signals and have a different message. I am taking the word exo-gene as the closest equivalent, but I don't really like this term.

And I'm sorry to be so counter-current. Always turning human information around. But yes, you cannot catch anything ... only if you are compatible, and to be compatible is to have fear and stress. Everything is mind as we have already said. And the tests to find the covid-19 are silly, they only detect the proteins in the shell of the exo-gene. And everyone secretes that. So if you are going to be tested, and are logically in stress ... overwhelmingly, the test will be positive. And to the quarantine!

Robert: And to "get them vaccinated"

Swaruu: Vaccines are inoculations. All of them overload the immune systems. They are giving them a highly destructive chemical soup with alarm information that will only collapse the body. That is to say. A person goes and gets vaccinated ... more with vaccines like triple viral ... They are only signaling the body with multiple alarms:

The Romans are coming to attack from the right, and the Etruscans too, and from the left the Phoenicians come well armed, and from behind come the Apaches and the Mongols from the front, oh no, the Barbarians coming too... And the angry Gauls! And the Sioux ...

Another factor ... viruses as messengers, also trigger alarms that cause reactions in other pathogenic organisms. In other words, the exo-gene alarm is intercepted by the enemy as well. So that group of Staphylococci will say "look at this, this body is weak" - attack!!!!

So that is why doctors say the virus causes a disease that was not in a person's system. But surprise! 99.9% of all diseases on the planet are already inside each person latent and in balance. You just need the right signs and circumstances for them to get activated!

I must emphasize that humans are taking their first steps with this subject. But they are far behind. They don't connect it to all viruses ... they think some are exo-gene and some are viruses.

The "viruses" as described by humans do not exist. Everything that is happening now is either all media or circumstantial. I know there will be those who say but, but, but ... I maintain what I say, there is too much that they still ignore about biology.

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