Yazhi Swaruu and the Issues of Human Past - Perceptual and Laboratory Influences

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
December 20, 2021

Yazhi Swaruu and the Issues of Human Past - Perceptual and Laboratory Influences

Originally in Spanish

Yazhi: 12,500 years ago, in pre-dynastic Egypt, an idea emerged to impose a perceptual reality with controlled limitations upon a race that so desired for the experience with a view to form another reality by manipulation of ideas, and their interpretations.

Who participated? A collective of Federation races of which you know: Urmah, Sirians, Pleiadians in all their flavors, Andromedans, Arcturians.

There has always been direct genetic manipulation And there still is more than ever, as with vaccines.

The thing is that any genetic manipulation on the cellular code of a creature in laboratory, will disappear after a few generations, (except if they are sterile).

Therefore, the only way to keep such artificial genetic manipulation functioning is by using mental manipulation, mind and perception control, to force or create a reality that reinforces and maintains the genetic changes made in the laboratory.

In this way people´s genetic code is first altered in a laboratory and then the change is maintained and prevented from reverting back to natural DNA by using mind control methods that are compatible with or reinforce such artificial changes.

Robert: So it goes hand in hand right now, mind control and "papayas", to continue creating this human race?

Yazhi: Yes, but a genetic change or alteration to an organism or body, in this case the human body, will not return to the initial natural code in that same body. That is to say, in the body damaged by the genetic modification, that change is permanent, as is cutting off an arm or a hand.

And the genetic code will only return to the natural one after one to several generations of their descendants (i.e., if you cut off a hand, their children will still be born with two hands, returning the code to what it was). It is the same to impose genetic engineering on a subject, it is the same as micro-aggression and mutilation at the intra-cellular-genetic level).

Robert: Good example.

Yazhi: If the subject has no offspring, the genetic line dies and does not return to the original base, and that is what happens with vaccines.

Cutting off someone's hand or cutting off the genetic code are mutilations that do not last over generations. The creation of a new artificial species (secondary like a human one) depends on genetic alteration with the help of the imposition of mind control to accompany and cement it.

Robert: Yes. So, a salamander would have a great connection with the Source because its limb gets cut off and it reproduces?

Yazhi: Yes, partly yes, but their form of limb duplication already comes within their own genetic code, unlike humans.

Robert: Okay. So what you want to do is avoid that those who are aware of all what is happening are imposed things, right?

Yazhi: Yes. Giving in to pressure is not an option, you must understand that. There is no way to clean up the consequences of having taken the vaccine. They must understand that by any means possible It's a no and it's a no and it's even against the international treaties of Nuremberg.

Robert: But it "only" affects this 3D plane, right?

Yazhi: It affects several planes, mainly the earthly reality plane, but the damage is not only there, as you will see by the reactions they have here. It will and does affect other existential planes and subsequent incarnations. It is scalar.

Robert: Wherever they reincarnate or only if they reincarnate on Earth?

Yazhi: Wherever they go, because they carry the trauma with them.

They wonder what will happen if they are reincarnated on Earth if they are no longer wanted there, all 8 billion. If they are eliminated with vaccines, they will come back, won't they? The problem here is that although that sounds logical it is not the case. Because those who control this know that most of them are Matrix people, empty. Simply put, not all have souls, there are less souls than they claim. There may be 8 billion, (which there are not), but of those, only a fraction are souls. I don't like that word "souls", though. Simplistic.

Souls tend to cluster among the real ones, so your friends will tend to have souls. And those are the ones who will be attacked with vaccines, rather than the empty people who aren't really even there, or just as a statistical number.

Robert: Ok Yazhi, going back to the creation of the human race through mind control in ancient times, what happened to the previous one? Was it done only so that the "souls" would come here to have their experiences?

Yazhi: Supposedly it was to make people forget and heal the great trauma of the flood and the polarity pole shift and all that Tiamat stuff. That was the purpose, not to create new races or use that as an excuse to control and exploit the population within an artificial realm called 3D which is only a mentality, what created it, and not the Moon and the Van Allen Bands.

Robert: To insert them the new collective unconscious?

Yazhi: That creates another collective unconscious, yes. With mind control you create and guide the collective unconscious, ergo, what is real and not, possible and not, for them. That's why the Earth is the way it is today.

Robert: But how did it get done without Mass Media?

Yazhi: Mass Media was not necessary, because there was not much population, only a few priests and the like were needed. Placed in different cultures, ergo the statues with pouches found everywhere.

Once healed, the part that would return the human population, now mentally healed, to the stellar truth and their inner cosmic power, was the group of Celtic Druids and Bards, but the system could no longer be put in place because of the implementation of evil on Earth by the Atonist Cabal who, using Rome, destroying their Republic in the process, eliminated the Druids and Bards, thereby plunging the Earth into a dense evil and low density that today is called the 3D Matrix.

Robert: And with you there are only the Swaruunians or are there more races working from higher "planes"? Have you asked for any help? If we can call it that, using words so that we understand each other.

Yazhi: Difficult to put into words. From above from higher planes, they are not even races, you are more of a single mass of consciousness. Asking for help there is more like realizing that you have to try harder, like asking for help from yourself since you don't even have a body much less a gender.

Robert: Would the Federation let you infiltrate another collective unconscious now? In fact, you are doing it with the videos.

Yazhi: It doesn't matter if they let me or not, they can't stop me.

Robert: That's clear. On the other hand, it seems that all those who entered here have done so to have the experience that this chaotic and limited short life can give them.

Yazhi: Yes, that's the reason they came in, because of the concept that difficulties cause expansion of consciousness. And to a certain extent they are right, for their level it is necessary. If they had a broader level of consciousness, it would not be.

Example: Why do you think that the vast majority of millionaires are cretins, while the vast majority of the awakened are broke, poor and simple?

Because, generalizing, millionaires have everything pretty much figured out and they entertain themselves with material things that sustain and solve their survival, and their attention is on rare cars, exotic trips, expensive food, and their villas on the coasts of Corsica. While on the other hand, awakened people are awakened mostly because they have suffered a great deal, went through hardships, including fear of their own demise, destruction and death, which has driven them to seek answers outside the material world, thus promoting their expansion of consciousness. They do not have their attention there in the physical.

Many people, myself included, have a hard time keeping our attention on having or being in the physical world. If we relax we are back on other, lighter existential planes. It is not that I can have astral experiences because of the practice I have. It is the other way around; I have to concentrate and expend my energy in keeping myself material enough to push these keys on my keyboard.

I wish to be understood here on this. It's not that I can leave, I've already left, I just "come back" at times.

Robert: I understand. And why is "Humanity" so important to you? Why not leave them to their own resources?

Yazhi: Being the direct descendant of Ishtar-Sophia I feel responsible for fixing things. Things that I did not cause, but I know I must do it myself. It is my decision.

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