Yazhi Swaruu is back in contact - Updates - Live with Gosia

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
October 04, 2022

Yazhi Swaruu is back in contact - Updates - Live with Gosia

From Live with Gosia - Excerpts of conversations with Yazhi - 2nd of October 2022

Originally in Spanish

Robert: What do you think about eating insects?

Yazhi: That is terrible because here we already saw that they are not healthy. To begin with, their shells are porous and inside full of huge variety of toxins that are there caused or generated by those pathogenic microorganisms, and they are not destroyed by cooking them. In addition, the fiber of the insects passes through cutting the intestine inside as it is only one cell thick, causing internal leakage and blood poisoning. In English this quite serious condition is called Leaky Gut.

Another thing is that it does not provide the necessary requirements to sustain human life, in terms of protein and its type, because not all proteins are equal, that's why beans full of protein are not enough to nourish the human body.


Gosia: Some people out there have been saying that there were some big changes within the Federation, and that they are not in charge of Earth anymore. How true is that?

Yazhi: The Federation is very big and it does dominate this region. The problem is precisely that. That it is very large and with that there are communication problems among the parties even here. That lends itself to a lot of contradictions between those who talk about things concerning the Federation.

But as we have said before, the Federation directly here is NOT in control of what is going on. So the concept of "change", that they are no longer in control, does apply and that is very alarming, because it is not known who is. Only speculations, and that means they are not transparent, and that coupled with the accelerated negativity on Earth indicates that it is true that they are not the same ones as before. It may be that the people who are saying this are just realizing what we said months ago. I don't see anything new happening here. More of the same.

Gosia: Some say that Alcyone is in charge now?

Yazhi: Alcyone in charge? No, we wish Alcyone was in charge. I know that some groups controlled by the Jesuit Illuminati and three letter agencies consider Alcyone as negative. It will be negative - for them and their interests. Alcyone being in charge would mean that Alenym would be in charge here, as she represents them in this sector. And that is not the case.


Yazhi: About the nuclear bomb threats - it will not happen. First of all because nuclear bombs do not work as people are told. And secondly because there is no real conflict between countries since they are controlled by the same group. They just set them to fight each other like a boxing coach who finances both boxers in a match.

What they are interested in is mass control. So what they can do is to detonate conventional high explosives. Some make or form the famous mushroom cloud by faking the explosion itself. An example of this would be the GBU-72 Fuel Air bomb and its variants. And then sell to the public that it was nuclear.

I speculate, but I insist that things are not as people are told, and they would never use something that would contaminate everything to an unusable level for the Cabal if they have the option of faking the same event with the same results.

However, high radiation favors some non-human organisms that live at low frequencies, since ionizing radiation lowers the frequency of a site, terraforming it for such creatures.

Robert: So Hiroshima was an energy weapon?

Yazhi: There is speculation that it might not have been nuclear because the reconstruction of Hiroshima came immediately after the explosion, or almost immediately. And that is not feasible when compared to the effects and consequences of a contaminated site from the components they used.

It is also known that the babies born with defects after Hiroshima and Nagasaki (they always forget about Nagasaki) are just a collection of pictures of post war malformed babies from all over Japan that was used as propaganda against what happened in those two cities.

However, there is no way to corroborate or confirm anything I just said, but it is a very big possibility. Just as it is a very strong possibility that the explosions were by conventional warheads.

The type of explosion and damage seen in the photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki indicate an airborne explosion, i.e., the bomb detonated at a certain height and not on contact with the surface. This is consistent with what they say about the detonation height of the "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" atomic bombs that were used, but it is also consistent with a Fuel Air type bomb like the GBU-72 which is conventional and also detonates at a certain height.

There are also firm rumors that such bombs, nuclear or not, were of German manufacture <---< ---< ---

So whether Hiroshima was an energy weapon, that is also very possible. Remember that the actual technological level of the cabal is NOT remotely similar to what they show to the population.

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